InDesign® C++ API Error Codes
Error ValueError Code NameError String
0x2 (2)Unknown Adobe Prefix + 2 (0x2)User canceled this action.
0x101 (257)kProgramErrorProgram error
0x102 (258)kDirectoryNotFoundErrorCannot find the folder “^1”.
0x103 (259)kMemoryFullErrorOut of memory
0x104 (260)kFileNotFoundThe file ^1 was not found
0x105 (261)kSharedLibraryNotFoundErrorCannot find the shared library “^1”.
0x106 (262)kMemoryLowErrorRunning low on memory. Please close document windows or quit other applications to free up memory.
0x107 (263)kMemoryFailedErrorAdobe InDesign® has run out of memory and is shutting down. Please save any necessary changes to any open Adobe InDesign® documents.
0x108 (264)kResourceFileOpenErrorCannot open resource file.
0x109 (265)kPlugInConflictErrorPlug-in ^1 conflicts with plug-in ^2. Plug-in ^1 will be ignored. Please remove one of the plug-ins and restart Adobe InDesign®.
0x10C (268)kTooManyOpenFilesErrorToo many files are open. Please close documents, shutdown other applications, disable fonts, or turn off virtual memory.
0x10D (269)kCouldntResolveAliasErrorOne or more file shortcuts could not be resolved. Please verify that the original file or files still exist and try this operation again.
0x10E (270)kItemsDontFitErrorCannot paste or place items. Items do not fit within the pasteboard. Try making the pasteboard offset larger in the Guides and Pasteboard Preferences dialog.
0x10F (271)kMissingPluginPageItemThis item is associated with a missing plug-in and cannot be changed without the plug-in.
0x110 (272)kRevertScrapFailedErrorAdobe InDesign® is running low on disk space. Please delete unnecessary files to free up more disk space, and then restart InDesign®.
0x112 (274)kSchemaConversionErrorAdobe InDesign® could not complete the conversion because data in the file did not match what was expected.
0x113 (275)kCantCreateRecoverCmdErrorAdobe InDesign® could not complete the recovery because the plug-in that contains the data was not found in the application.
0x202 (514)kCantDeleteEmptyTextErrorCannot delete empty text.
0x203 (515)kInvalidPropertyForOversetTextErrorThis property is not valid for overset text.
0x204 (516)kInvalidRequestForRootStyleErrorInvalid request on a root style.
0x205 (517)kStyleNameAlreadyExistsErrorA style with this name already exists.
0x206 (518)kCantMoveTextToAnotherDocumentErrorText cannot be moved from one document to another.
0x207 (519)kCantMoveTextToItsCurrentLocationErrorText cannot be moved to its current location.
0x208 (520)kCantCompleteOperationStorysLockedErrorCannot complete operation. Story is locked.
0x209 (521)kCantMoveStyleOrSetErrorCannot move style or group. Target does not exist.
0x20A (522)kStyleGroupNameAlreadyExistsErrorA style group with this name already exists.
0x20B (523)kEmptyStyleNameErrorA style name can not be empty.
0x20C (524)kEmptyStyleGroupNameErrorA style group name can not be empty.
0x20D (525)kReservedStyleNameErrorThe style name is reserved.
0x20E (526)kLongStyleNameErrorA style name can not have more than 255 characters.
0x20F (527)kCircularBasedOnErrorCircular based on relationship cannot be set.
0x210 (528)kStyleNameContainsBracketErrorA style name cannot contain brackets.
0x211 (529)kCannotCopyParentToChildGroupErrorA style group can not be copied in to its child.
0x212 (530)kCannotFindTextAttributeErrorCould not find text attribute.
0x213 (531)kCannotCopyStyleGroupIntoItSelfErrorA style group can not be copied into itself.
0x214 (532)kLongVariableNameErrorA variable name can not have more than 64 characters.
0x215 (533)kInvalidAnchorDestinationAnchor destination is invalid.
0x216 (534)kCannotReAnchorMemberOfGroupErrorCannot re-anchor member of group.
0x217 (535)kErrorInvalidTagInvalid tag for style mapping.
0x301 (769)kCantMoveToLayerErrorCannot move subselected items to a new layer. Ungroup the selection, or select entire group or graphic frame.
0x302 (770)kCantMoveInlineToLayerErrorCannot move an inline graphic to a new layer. Select its text frame.
0x303 (771)kCantDeleteLayerErrorCan't delete this layer.
0x304 (772)kCantDropOnLayerErrorCannot drop items onto locked or hidden layers.
0x305 (773)kLastLayerErrorA document must have at least one layer.
0x306 (774)kLockedLayerErrorCould not complete the request because the layer is locked.
0x307 (775)kLayerNameAlreadyExistsErrorA layer with this name already exists.
0x308 (776)kCantMoveLockedItemsToLayerErrorCannot move locked items to a new layer.
0x501 (1281)kCantExceedPubPageLimitErrorNumber of pages in a publication cannot exceed ^1.
0x502 (1282)kCantExceedSpreadPageLimitErrorSpread cannot have more than ^1 pages.
0x503 (1283)kLastSpreadErrorA document must have at least one spread.
0x504 (1284)kCantMoveToSpreadErrorCannot move subselected items to a new spread. Ungroup the selection, or select entire group or graphic frame.
0x505 (1285)kLastPageErrorA document must have at least one page.
0x506 (1286)kCantSetPageSizeErrorCannot set specified page size. Document page size must be between ^1 and ^2 points. Columns and margins may also be too large for specified page size.
0x507 (1287)kCantDetermineSpreadErrorCannot determine the spread this object is on. It might be an anchored object that is in overset or uncomposed text.
0x508 (1288)kObjectsNotOnSameSpreadErrorCannot select two objects on different spreads.
0x509 (1289)kCantDeleteObjectBeingDeletedErrorCannot delete an object that is already in the process of being deleted.
0x50A (1290)kPageSizeSmallerThanMarginsAndColumnsErrorThis page size does not fit with the current margin and column settings. Select the appropriate pages in the Pages Panel and then adjust using the Margins and Columns dialog box.
0xADC (2780)kInkMgrErrCantAliasProcessInkCannot alias a process ink.
0xAF3 (2803)kBleedBetPagesGTHalfSpaceBetPagesErrorThe 'Bleed Between Pages' value cannot be greater than half of the 'Space Between Pages' value. Resetting the bleed to be half of the space between pages.
0xE01 (3585)kDatabaseErrorCould not complete your request because of a database error
0xE02 (3586)kSaveToOpenFileErrorCannot save to the file “unknown document”, because it is already open.
0xE03 (3587)kNewDocFailedErrorCannot create new file.
0xE04 (3588)kOpenDocFailedErrorCannot open “unknown document”.
0xE05 (3589)kRecoverDocFailedErrorCannot recover “unknown document”. Please try to open it using the File menu.
0xE06 (3590)kSaveDocFailedErrorCannot save “unknown document”.
0xE07 (3591)kSaveAsDocFailedErrorCannot save “unknown document” under a new name.
0xE08 (3592)kReadFailedErrorCannot read from “unknown document”.
0xE09 (3593)kWriteFailedErrorCannot write to “unknown document”.
0xE0A (3594)kNewUIDFailedErrorCannot add data to “unknown document”.
0xE0B (3595)kDeleteFailedErrorCannot delete data in “unknown document”.
0xE0C (3596)kSaveACopyFailedErrorCannot save a copy of “unknown document”.
0xE0D (3597)kCannotConvertFileErrorCannot open “ ”. Please upgrade your plug-ins to their latest versions, or upgrade to the latest version of Adobe InDesign®.
0xE0E (3598)kSaveDocCouldntShowUIErrorCannot save the document. No destination file supplied.
0xE0F (3599)kSaveDocPreviewFailedErrorCould not save “unknown document” because the file is locked. Use the 'Get Info' command in the Finder to unlock the file.
0xE10 (3600)kDocHasPrereleaseContentErrorCannot open "unknown document". The document was edited by a pre-release version of InDesign®.
0xE11 (3601)kDynamicConversionFailureCannot convert "unknown document". Please upgrade your plug-ins to their latest versions, or upgrade to the latest version of Adobe InDesign®.
0x1401 (5121)kCircularMastersErrorThe master you are applying is already formatted by the master you are trying to apply it to.
0x1402 (5122)kMasterPageItemAlreadyOverriddenErrorThis master page item is already overridden on the page.
0x1403 (5123)kMasterPageItemNotOverrideableErrorThis master page item does not allow overrides.
0x1701 (5889)kImageImportFailedErrorImport image failed.
0x1702 (5890)kImagePlaceFailedErrorError encountered while reading image. Image may be damaged or incompatible. Resave the image with different settings and try again.
0x1703 (5891)kImageUnsupportedColorSpaceErrorCannot place this image. Unsupported color space.
0x1901 (6401)kCantDragDeletedTextErrorCannot drag deleted text.
0x1902 (6402)kCantDropIntoDeletedTextErrorCannot drop text into deleted text.
0x1903 (6403)kCantDragFootnoteMarkerErrorCannot drag text containing a footnote marker into the footnote associated with the marker.
0x1904 (6404)kCantDragILGMarkerErrorCannot drag text containing an anchored object marker into the object associated with the marker.
0x1905 (6405)kCantDragTableMarkerErrorCannot drag text containing a table marker into the table associated with the marker.
0x1906 (6406)kCantDragNoteMarkerErrorCannot drag text containing a note marker into a note.
0x2501 (9473)kPDFLibraryErrorPDF Library Error:
0x2502 (9474)kPDFLibraryNotPresentErrorExternal PDFLibrary Not Found.
0x250A (9482)kPDFPageReflowDrawOrderErrorPage ^1 will not reflow correctly in Acrobat 5.0. Use InDesign's® Arrange menu commands or Acrobat's order tool to fix the problem.
0x250B (9483)kPDFPageReflowTextTransErrorPage ^1 will not reflow correctly in Acrobat 5.0 because the text is affected by page item transparency.
0x250C (9484)kPDFPageReflowFigureTransErrorPage ^1 will not reflow correctly in Acrobat 5.0 because an image is affected by page item transparency.
0x250D (9485)kPDFExportFailedFailed to Export the PDF file.
0x250E (9486)kPDFPageReflowFlattenErrorPage ^1 will not reflow correctly in Acrobat 5.0 because transparency or overprint simulation is used with Acrobat 4.0 compatibility.
0x250F (9487)kPDFCreateThumbnailErrorUnable to create thumbnail images.
0x2510 (9488)kPDFAttachToTreeErrorUnable to finalize structure for PDF eBook.
0x2511 (9489)kPDFPlayDisplayListErrorUnable to display a PDF image on the page.
0x2512 (9490)kAcrobatNotFoundErrorUnable to view this file because Acrobat was not found. Check your Acrobat installation.
0x2513 (9491)kFileAlreadyOpenErrorCannot save to the file “^2”, because it is already open.
0x2514 (9492)kCannotAccessPasswordPropertyErrorCannot Access Password Property
0x2515 (9493)kPDFBookExportNoDocumentsErrorUnable to create PDF file for a book with no documents.
0x2518 (9496)kPDFExportReadOnlyJDFExistErrorError while creating JDF File. Cannot save to the file "^1". You may not have permission or the file may be in use.
0x2C01 (11265)kItemDoesNotIntersectBoundsErrorThis value would cause one or more objects to leave the pasteboard.
0x2C02 (11266)kItemTooSmallErrorRequested operation would cause one or more objects to be too small. Please check whether the stroke weight is too large.
0x2C03 (11267)kItemTooLargeErrorRequested operation would cause one or more objects to be too large.
0x2C04 (11268)kIllegalScaleValueErrorRequested value is not a legal scale value.
0x2C05 (11269)kIllegalDimensionErrorRequested value is not a legal dimension.
0x2C06 (11270)kUnableToSetBoundingBoxErrorUnable to set bounding box.
0x2C07 (11271)kPathIndexOutOfBoundsPath index out of bounds.
0x2C08 (11272)kPointIndexOutOfBoundsPoint index out of bounds.
0x2C09 (11273)kIllegalSkewValueErrorThe value must be between -360.0 ° and 360.0 °.
0x2C0A (11274)kObjectIsLockedErrorObject is locked.
0x2C0B (11275)kCantSplitThisObjectErrorCannot split path into multiple paths. Please use the Pen Tool to remove the point.
0x2C0C (11276)kPathOPResultEmptyErrorCould not complete operation. Pathfinder result describes empty region.
0x2C0D (11277)kCantMoveInFrontBehindErrorCould not move item in front of or behind another item. Items don't have same parent (layer).
0x2C0E (11278)kBadInLineMoveErrorThe requested distance would cause this inline item to exceed its container boundary.
0x2C0F (11279)kCannotConvertShapeErrorCannot convert item to the shape. Shape type unknown or the items' bounding box is too small.
0x2C10 (11280)kCannotJoinPathPointsErrorCannot join these two path points. The two points are not end points, or are the same point.
0x2C11 (11281)kGraphicAttrNotSupportedErrorObject doesn't support this graphic attribute.
0x2C12 (11282)kGraphicAttrMixedSelectionErrorThe content of this object has multiple values for this graphic attribute.
0x2C13 (11283)kNoValidPIParentFoundErrorCannot create page item. No valid parent found.
0x2C14 (11284)kImageInfoNotAvailableErrorA value is not available for this type of image.
0x2C15 (11285)kUnsupportedRotateParametersErrorCannot rotate with non-absolute and parent relative transform context at the same time. Incompatible parameters.
0x2C16 (11286)kUnsupportedShearParametersErrorCannot shear with non-absolute and parent relative transform context at the same time. Incompatible parameters.
0x2C17 (11287)kCannotUnlinkItemNotOverriddenErrorCannot unlink page item. It is not overridden on the given page.
0x2C18 (11288)kCannotTransformAgainErrorThere are no transformations to play back.
0x2C19 (11289)kCannotConvertToLineErrorCannot convert a text frame to a line.
0x2C1A (11290)kCannotConvertPointToShapeErrorCannot convert a point to another shape.
0x2C1B (11291)kCannotConvertOrthogonalLineToShapeErrorCannot convert an orthogonal line to another shape. Resulting shape would be too small.
0x2C1C (11292)kCannotConvertLineToClosedPathCannot convert a line to a closed path.
0x2C1D (11293)kCannotMoveBetweenDocsErrorCannot move item(s) between documents, they must be duplicated to target document first.
0x2C20 (11296)kInvalidOperationOnUnplacedContentErrorOperation not permitted on unplaced content.
0x2C21 (11297)kEmptySplineErrorCodeSelection contains frame(s) with no content.
0x2C22 (11298)kXMPMetadataAbsentErrorCodeSelection has content with no metadata.
0x2C23 (11299)kXMPPropertyAbsentErrorCodeMetadata property is not present on some selected content.
0x2C24 (11300)kXMPPropertyValueStructTypeErrorCodeMetadata property has a structure value type.
0x2C25 (11301)kXMPPropertyValueArrayTypeErrorCodeMetadata property has an array value type.
0x2C26 (11302)kXMLStructureAbsentErrorCodeSelection has content with no associated structure.
0x2C27 (11303)kXMLAttributeAbsentErrorCodeStructure attribute is not present for some selected content.
0x2C28 (11304)kMixedMetadataTextErrorCodeSelection has no unique metadata text.
0x2C29 (11305)kMixedStructureTextErrorCodeSelection has no unique structure text.
0x2D01 (11521)kUnknownVendorErrorUnknown vendor name.
0x2D02 (11522)kBadQuoteStringErrorIllegal quotation mark string.
0x2D03 (11523)kAddDictionaryPathErrorCannot add dictionary path.
0x2D04 (11524)kRemoveDictionaryPathErrorCannot remove dictionary path.
0x3E02 (15874)kFontStyleNotAvailableErrorThe requested font style is not available.
0x3E03 (15875)kFontFamilyNotAvailableErrorThe requested font family is not available.
0x3E04 (15876)kWorkspaceUnavailableErrorThe ScriptRequestData object could not supply a workspace context.
0x3E05 (15877)kDatabaseUnavailableErrorThe workspace context could not supply a database.
0x3E06 (15878)kCannotGetFontManagerUnable to find a FontManager on the workspace
0x3E07 (15879)kCantGetFontObjectErrorUnable to retrieve an IScript font object from the font family
0x3E08 (15880)kCorruptFeatureCodeAn OpenType feature appears to be corrupt; it has more than 4 characters.
0x3E09 (15881)kUnknownOpenTypeFeatureA requested OpenType feature is not in the known features list.
0x3E0A (15882)kCantGetFontPropertyThe requested scripting property is unavailable for the font.
0x3E0B (15883)kCantGetUsedFontsListUnable to acquire the list of fonts used in the document.
0x3E0C (15884)kCantGetGraphicsUsedFontsListUnable to acquire the list of fonts used inside graphics within the document.
0x3E0D (15885)kIndexBeyondEndOfFontListThe supplied font index is beyond the last font in the list.
0x3E0E (15886)kCantGetFontsDocumentUnable to retrieve the document using the font.
0x3E0F (15887)kCantGetDocumentFontManagerUnable to retrieve the document's font manager.
0x3E10 (15888)kCantGetFontUIDFromNameUnable to retrieve the font's UID from its name.
0x3E11 (15889)kCantGetFontFromUIDUnable to get the font family from its UID.
0x3E12 (15890)kCantGetMissingFontFromUIDUnable to retrieve missing font from its UID.
0x3E13 (15891)kUnableToIdentifyFontUnable to identify the requested font.
0x3E14 (15892)kCantGetFontFromGraphicUnable to retrieve font from list of fonts in a graphic
0x3E15 (15893)kGeneralFontEnumerationFailureUnknown error in enumerating fonts.
0x4201 (16897)kDefaultMojikumiReadOnlyErrorDefault Mojikumi is read-only.
0x4202 (16898)kDefaultKinsokuReadOnlyErrorDefault Kinsoku is read-only.
0x4901 (18689)kFindChangeInvalidClipboardErrCurrent clipboard contents cannot be used for change.
0x4902 (18690)kChangeGlyphInvalidFontGroupErrThe font group specified in the Find criteria does not match the font group in the Change criteria. Please specify the same font group or specify a single font.
0x4C01 (19457)kConflictSectionSettingErrorMust set continue numbering as false before changing page number start.
0x4C02 (19458)kDuplicateSectionErrorAnother section already exists with this prefix. Please choose another one.
0x4C03 (19459)kEmptySectionNameErrorPlease specify a section prefix of no more than five characters.
0x4C04 (19460)kSectionContainsSpaceErrorSection prefix contains one or more space characters.
0x4C05 (19461)kBadSectionCharacterErrorSection prefix contains one or more illegal characters (, and +).
0x4C06 (19462)kCantDeleteDefaultSectionCannot delete the default section in a document.
0x4C07 (19463)kBadSectionStartPageNumberStarting page number of a section must be between 1 and 999999.
0x4C08 (19464)kDuplicateSectionStartPageErrorAnother section already exists on this page.
0x4C09 (19465)kNoAvailablePageSectionErrorNo available page in document after last section, must provide a page start value.
0x4C0A (19466)kEmptyAlternateLayoutNameErrorAlternate layout name is blank. Please provide one for the default section.
0x4C0B (19467)kDuplicateAlternateLayoutNameErrorAlternate layout is a duplicate, it must be unique, or ends with invalid characters ('*' or ':')
0x6E01 (28161)kCantSwapActiveProxyTargetErrorUnable to switch stroke/fill proxy target type due to the current selection context.
0x7301 (29441)kNoFilterFoundErrorCannot place this file. No filter found for requested operation.
0x7302 (29442)kImportFailedErrorImport failed.
0x7303 (29443)kOpenFailedErrorOpen failed.
0x7304 (29444)kNoFilterFoundOpenErrorCannot open this file. No filter found for requested operation.
0x7305 (29445)kAlreadyOpenErrorThis file is already open by another user or another application. This file may be stored on a network server and cannot be opened until the other user closes it.
0x7306 (29446)kFileDoesNotExistErrorEither the file does not exist, you do not have permission, or the file may be in use by another application
0x7307 (29447)kCannotOpenFileErrorThe file could not be opened. You may not have permission or the file may be in use by another application.
0x7308 (29448)kIncompatibleMediaTypeErrorCannot place this file. No filter found for requested operation.
0x730A (29450)kFileInaccessibleErrorThe file is not accessible.
0x770A (30474)kReadOnlyPropertyError'^1' is a read only property.
0x770B (30475)kInvalidCollectionItemErrorThe requested member of the collection does not exist.
0x770C (30476)kObjectDeletedErrorThe requested action could not be completed because the object no longer exists.
0x770D (30477)kInvalidParameterErrorInvalid parameter.
0x770F (30479)kMissingRequiredParameterErrorMissing required parameter '^1' for method '^2'.
0x7710 (30480)kNoDataOfTheRequestedTypeErrorNo data available of the requested type.
0x7711 (30481)kOutOfRangeErrorData is out of range.
0x7712 (30482)kInvalidCreateOnCollectionErrorCannot create an additional item. Operation not permitted on this object.
0x7713 (30483)kCannotCompileScriptErrCannot compile script.
0x7714 (30484)kScriptExecutionCanceledUser canceled this action.
0x7715 (30485)kIncompatibleScriptLanguageErrorIncompatible or unsupported scripting language.
0x7716 (30486)kModalDialogOpenErrorCannot handle the request because a modal dialog or alert is active.
0x7717 (30487)kSetPropertiesFailedCompletelyErrorRequest to set properties failed to set any property.
0x7718 (30488)kGetPropertiesFailedCompletelyErrorRequest to get properties failed to get any property.
0x7719 (30489)kHandleMethodFailedCompletelyErrorRequest to handle method failed for all objects.
0x771A (30490)kNoScriptFileAvailableErrorNo file is associated with the currently active script.
0x771B (30491)kNaNErrorValue is NaN (Not a Number).
0x771C (30492)kUnrecognizedEventTypeError^1 is not a recognized event type.
0x771D (30493)kCantDeleteTargetOfActiveScriptEventCannot delete the target of an active script event.
0x7796 (30614)kInvalidScriptTargetErrorInvalid object for this request.
0x7797 (30615)kPropertyNotApplicableErrorThe property is not applicable in the current state.
0x7798 (30616)kPropertyValueLockedErrorThe property's value is locked and cannot be changed.
0x7799 (30617)kCantDeleteDefaultStyleErrorThe default style cannot be deleted.
0x779A (30618)kCantRenameThisItemErrorThe name of this item cannot be changed.
0x779B (30619)kItemWithThisNameAlreadyExistsErrorAn item with that name already exists.
0x779C (30620)kInvalidVersionNumberErrorInvalid version number.
0x779D (30621)kObjectFromDifferentDatabaseErrorRequest failed because object is from a different document or workspace.
0x779E (30622)kObsoleteScriptingRequestErrorRequest failed because the underlying functionality is no longer available in the current version of the application.
0x779F (30623)kEventIsNotCancelableErrorThis event is not cancelable.
0x77A0 (30624)kCantReplaceWithDeletedObjectErrorInvalid parameter. Cannot replace using the object to be deleted.
0x77A1 (30625)kObsoleteMethodParameterErrorRequest failed because the parameter '^1' is obsolete. The underlying functionality is no longer available in the current version of the application.
0x7C01 (31745)kNoEmbeddedProfileAvailableErrorNo embedded profile available.
0x8402 (33794)kCantSearchOnEmptyTextErrorObject contains no text for find/change.
0x8404 (33796)kInvalidSearchModeErrorInvalid Search Mode.
0x8406 (33798)kFCInvalidQueryNameErrorInvalid Query Name.
0x8407 (33799)kFCReadOnlyQueryFileErrorQuery file is locked or read-only. Unable to save the query.
0x8408 (33800)kFCQueryFileNotFoundErrorQuery file not found.
0x8409 (33801)kInvalidFindFontErrorInvalid Find Font
0x840A (33802)kInvalidFindGlyphIDErrorInvalid Find Glyph
0x840B (33803)kInvalidReplaceFontErrorInvalid Replace Font
0x840C (33804)kInvalidReplaceGlyphIDErrorInvalid Replace Glyph
0x840D (33805)kFCPrefAttributeNotPresentErrorRequested Attribute is not present in find/change preferences.
0x8C01 (35841)kNoAssociatedPageItemErrorNo page item is associated with this link.
0x8C02 (35842)kLinkMissingErrorLink missing.
0x8C03 (35843)kOPIOrDCSLinkErrorLink is an OPI or DCS link.
0x8C04 (35844)kHiddenPageItemErrorPage item is hidden or on a hidden layer.
0x8C05 (35845)kLinkFileNameErrorUnable to determine link filename.
0x8C06 (35846)kNotSystemFileLinkErrorLink is not a system file.
0x8C07 (35847)kUnableToBringAppToFrontErrorUnable to bring application to the front.
0x8C08 (35848)kEditorNotFoundErrorNo editor found for this link.
0x8C09 (35849)kInvalidParameterErrLink request failed due to invalid parameter.
0x8C0C (35852)kUnableToCreateFileErrorCannot create the file. The folder may be write protected.
0x8C0D (35853)kDiskFullErrorOut of disk space.
0x8C0E (35854)kFileLockedErrorCannot create the file because it already exists and it is write protected.
0x8C11 (35857)kLinkIsNotEmbeddedErrorUnable to unembed link. Link is not embedded.
0x8C13 (35859)kCantLinkToSnippetFileErrorCannot link to an InDesign® Snippet file. Please choose another file.
0x8C14 (35860)kLinkIsEmbeddedErrorLink is embedded.
0x8C15 (35861)kLinkFileAlreadyExistsErrorCannot copy the link. The file already exists.
0x8C16 (35862)kLinkCopyFileTypeErrorCannot copy the link. The file type doesn't match the original.
0x8C1B (35867)kInvalidChildLinkOpErrorOperation is not permitted on child links.
0x8C1D (35869)kCantCreateResourceErrorCannot create the link resource from the given URI.
0x9201 (37377)PSFilterPrefix + 1 (0x9201)The file uses an unsupported color space. Only RGB, CMYK, L*a*b*, grayscale, indexed, and bitmap formats are supported by the Photoshop filter.
0x9202 (37378)PSFilterPrefix + 2 (0x9202)Cannot place file. To place an Adobe Photoshop duotone image, you must first save it in the Photoshop EPS or PDF format.
0x9203 (37379)PSFilterPrefix + 3 (0x9203)The file uses an unsupported bit depth. Only 8 bit RGB, CMYK, L*a*b*, grayscale, indexed, and 1 bit bitmap formats are supported by the Photoshop filter.
0x9204 (37380)PSFilterPrefix + 4 (0x9204)The file contains at least one spot color that uses an unsupported color space.
0x9205 (37381)PSFilterPrefix + 5 (0x9205)The file is an unrecognized format. It may not be a Photoshop file, or may be corrupt.
0x9206 (37382)PSFilterPrefix + 6 (0x9206)Internal error.
0x9207 (37383)PSFilterPrefix + 7 (0x9207)The file contains two or more spot channels with the name "^1". Each spot channel must have a unique name.
0x9208 (37384)PSFilterPrefix + 8 (0x9208)The image's spot channel "^1" conflicts with a reserved swatch name. Please rename the spot channel in the image file and try again.
0x9240 (37440)PSFilterPrefix + 64 (0x9240)No Error.
0x9241 (37441)PSFilterPrefix + 65 (0x9241)General error.
0x9242 (37442)PSFilterPrefix + 66 (0x9242)User Cancelled.
0x9243 (37443)PSFilterPrefix + 67 (0x9243)Silent Error.
0x9244 (37444)PSFilterPrefix + 68 (0x9244)Internal error. Nil Pointer.
0x9245 (37445)PSFilterPrefix + 69 (0x9245)Internal error. Assert Failed.
0x9246 (37446)PSFilterPrefix + 70 (0x9246)An unknown error occurred.
0x9247 (37447)PSFilterPrefix + 71 (0x9247)Memory is full.
0x9248 (37448)PSFilterPrefix + 72 (0x9248)Internal error. Bad cast.
0x9249 (37449)PSFilterPrefix + 73 (0x9249)Internal error. Standard unknown error.
0x924A (37450)PSFilterPrefix + 74 (0x924a)File error occurred.
0x924B (37451)PSFilterPrefix + 75 (0x924b)File not found.
0x924C (37452)PSFilterPrefix + 76 (0x924c)Disk is full.
0x924D (37453)PSFilterPrefix + 77 (0x924d)File is locked.
0x924E (37454)PSFilterPrefix + 78 (0x924e)Disk is locked.
0x924F (37455)PSFilterPrefix + 79 (0x924f)Disk is write Protected.
0x9250 (37456)PSFilterPrefix + 80 (0x9250)No Permission to Write.
0x9251 (37457)PSFilterPrefix + 81 (0x9251)File could not be opened.
0x9252 (37458)PSFilterPrefix + 82 (0x9252)File is already open.
0x9253 (37459)PSFilterPrefix + 83 (0x9253)File is open for writing.
0x9254 (37460)PSFilterPrefix + 84 (0x9254)Illegal file name.
0x9255 (37461)PSFilterPrefix + 85 (0x9255)Duplicate file name.
0x9256 (37462)PSFilterPrefix + 86 (0x9256)Read past end of file.
0x9257 (37463)PSFilterPrefix + 87 (0x9257)Too many files are open.
0x9258 (37464)PSFilterPrefix + 88 (0x9258)Disk error.
0x9259 (37465)PSFilterPrefix + 89 (0x9259)The file is an unrecognized format. It may not be a Photoshop file, or may be corrupt.
0x925A (37466)PSFilterPrefix + 90 (0x925a)The file uses an unsupported bit depth. Only 8 bit RGB, CMYK, L*a*b*, grayscale, indexed, and 1 bit bitmap formats are supported by the Photoshop filter.
0x925B (37467)PSFilterPrefix + 91 (0x925b)The file uses an unsupported color space. Only RGB, CMYK, L*a*b*, grayscale, indexed, and bitmap formats are supported by the Photoshop filter.
0x925C (37468)PSFilterPrefix + 92 (0x925c)An unexpected value was encountered in the file. It may not be a Photoshop file, or may be corrupt
0x925D (37469)PSFilterPrefix + 93 (0x925d)File cannot be written. Disk may be locked or full.
0x925E (37470)PSFilterPrefix + 94 (0x925e)File cannot be read. File may not be a Photoshop file, or may be corrupt.
0x925F (37471)PSFilterPrefix + 95 (0x925f)File cannot be read. File may not be a Photoshop file, or may be corrupt.
0x9260 (37472)PSFilterPrefix + 96 (0x9260)Internal error. Layer not found.
0x9261 (37473)PSFilterPrefix + 97 (0x9261)Internal error. Layer could not be written
0xA401 (41985)kICMissingStoryErrorMissingStory
0xA402 (41986)kICUnableToConvertErrorUnableToConvert
0xA406 (41990)kObjectCreationLocationErrorCan't create object at this location
0xA407 (41991)kCantFindPrefsErrorCan't find preferences
0xA408 (41992)kNoTargetOrTextModelNo text target or text model
0xA409 (41993)kInvalidUserNameErrorA valid username must be provided.
0xA40A (41994)kICCheckoutErrorUnable to check out this file. It may be in use by someone else.
0xA40B (41995)kObjectNotEditableInCopyErrorThis object is not editable when this file type is opened in InCopy.
0xA40C (41996)kICCheckOutINCDErrorThis story needs to be converted to "InCopy Document" format in order to edit it.
0xB301 (45825)kCantCreateTOPOnInlinesCannot create text on a path on an inline graphic
0xB302 (45826)kTOPAlreadyExistsText on a path already exists
0xB303 (45827)kPathIsNotAvailablePath is not available
0xB603 (46595)kCantSetRowTypeErrorCannot set row type.
0xB604 (46596)kCellRotationAngleErrorValid cell rotation angles are {0,90,180,270}.
0xB605 (46597)kInvalidCellRangeErrorInvalid cell range.
0xB606 (46598)kCellsTooSmallToSplitErrorCells too small to split.
0xB607 (46599)kCantDeleteCellErrorCells cannot be deleted.
0xB608 (46600)kTableStyleAttributeNotDefinedErrorThis attribute is not defined for table styles
0xB609 (46601)kCellStyleAttributeNotDefinedErrorThis attribute is not defined for cell styles
0xB60A (46602)kCannotFindStyleByThatNameErrorCodeA style by that name cannot be found
0xBC01 (48129)kSaveReadOnlyExportPresetsErrorCannot export presets. The selected file is read-only.
0xBC02 (48130)kGenericExportPresetsErrorCannot export presets to the selected file.
0xBC03 (48131)kWrongFormatImportPresetsErrorCannot import presets from this file. It is not of the appropriate type.
0xBC04 (48132)kGenericImportPresetsErrorCannot import presets from this file.
0xBFB4 (49076)kXMLCannotTagPartialHyperlinkErrCannot tag the selected text because the text contains part of a hyperlink or cross-reference. Change the text selection to include the entire hyperlink or cross-reference.
0xBFB5 (49077)kPropertyHasNoCurrentValueErrorThis property currently has no value.
0xBFB6 (49078)kNoSuchAttributeErrorAttribute '^1' not found.
0xBFB7 (49079)kXMLCannotRelinkErrCannot change the element to be associated with this object. Try creating a new element.
0xBFB8 (49080)kLoadTagListErrA parsing error occurred. Some or all of the tags used in the XML file may not have been loaded.
0xBFBA (49082)kXMLCannotAutoTagErrThe object or the parent story is already tagged or cannot be tagged
0xBFBB (49083)kAlreadyProcessingRulesErrCan't call StartProcessingRuleSet while a rule set is still being processed!
0xBFBC (49084)kStructureIteratorInvalidErrInvalid structure iterator for the current XML rules processor detected! Please modify the rules so the structural changes happen after the children nodes have been processed (or skipped).
0xBFBD (49085)kXMLCantProcessXPathFragmentErrAdobe InDesign® cannot process^1XPath expression '^2'
0xBFBE (49086)kXMLSetContentOnNonGraphicFrameErrSet Content must be called on a XML element that is a frame
0xBFBF (49087)kXMLPlaceIntoCopyInvalidDBErrItem to copy must be in same document
0xBFC0 (49088)kXMLImportTableErrImport table failed
0xBFC1 (49089)kXMLDuplicateTagNameErrA tag with that name already exists. Please choose a different name.
0xBFC2 (49090)kXMLInvalidRubyElementErr<^1> is an invalid Ruby element or appears in the wrong order.
0xBFC3 (49091)kXMLContentAlreadyTaggedErrThis content is already tagged
0xBFC4 (49092)kXMLCannotTagFootnoteTextErrTagging of footnote text is not supported
0xBFC5 (49093)kXMLNonExistAttributeErrAttribute does not exist
0xBFC6 (49094)kXMLTableAlreadyTaggedErrThis table is already tagged
0xBFC7 (49095)kXMLInvalidAttributeNameErrThe attribute has an invalid name.
0xBFC8 (49096)kCannotPlaceContentAlreadyPlacedErrThe element you are trying to place has already been placed in the layout.
0xBFC9 (49097)kXMLPlaceElementInvalidGraphicFrameErrThe object you are placing into must be a graphic frame.
0xBFCA (49098)kXMLPlaceFrameAlreadyHasContentErrThe graphic frame you are placing into already has content.
0xBFCB (49099)kXMLElementHrefImportErrThe file specified by the href attribute cannot be found or is not importable.
0xBFCD (49101)kXMLLockedElement_ModifyErrCannot modify elements that contain locked content, or are contained by locked content. Please unlock or check out the content and try again.
0xBFCE (49102)kXMLLockedElement_DeleteErrCannot delete elements that contain locked content, or are contained by locked content. Please unlock or check out the content and try again.
0xBFCF (49103)kXMLLockedElement_MoveErrCannot move elements that contain locked content, or are contained by locked content. Please unlock or check out the content and try again.
0xBFD0 (49104)kXMLLockedElement_MoveToErrThe destination where you are moving the element is locked. Please unlock before moving.
0xBFD1 (49105)kXMLMoveElementTargetInSourceErrThe element you are trying to move contains the element you are moving to.
0xBFD2 (49106)kXMLInvalidTagNameErrThe tag you are trying to create has an invalid name.
0xBFD3 (49107)kXMLCannotTagCellContentsErrTagging of table cell contents is not supported.
0xBFD4 (49108)kXMLAttributeAlreadyExistsErrAttribute already exists.
0xBFD5 (49109)kXMLFrameContentNotTaggableErrThe content of the frame is not taggable.
0xBFD6 (49110)kXMLObjectNotTaggableErrThe frame or frame content is not taggable.
0xBFD7 (49111)kXMLInvalidTableElementErr<^1> is an invalid table element or appears in the wrong order.
0xBFD8 (49112)kXMLInvalidAssetURLErrThe asset <^1> is specified with an invalid URL.
0xBFD9 (49113)kXMLInvalidCommentPIOperationErrThis operation cannot be performed on the selected element.
0xBFDA (49114)kXMLPlaceIntoInlineErrElements cannot be placed into an inline.
0xBFDB (49115)kXMLMoveMultiTaggedInlineErrThis inline element cannot be moved.
0xBFDC (49116)kXMLCannotTagWithinRubyErrTagging of Ruby contents is not supported.
0xBFDD (49117)kXMLCopyToImageSubFolderErrA file error occurred while copying ^1 to the image sub folder.
0xBFDE (49118)kXMLConvertOptimizedImageErrError Optimizing image '^1'. System may be low on memory or disk space.
0xBFDF (49119)kXMLConvertFormattedImageErrError Formatting image '^1'. System may be low on memory or disk space.
0xBFE0 (49120)kXMLParentElemCantContainChildErrPlaced graphic elements cannot contain any child elements.
0xBFE1 (49121)kXMLDTDAlreadyExistsErrA DTD already exists.
0xBFE2 (49122)kXMLCannotDeleteElementErrThis element cannot be deleted.
0xBFE3 (49123)kXMLInvalidDTDXMLReferenceErrDTD element not found.
0xBFE4 (49124)kXMLNILDTDErrDTD not found.
0xBFE5 (49125)kXMLInvalidNMTokenErrNMToken is invalid.
0xBFE6 (49126)kXMLInvalidIDNameErrThe attribute value has an invalid ID name or IDREF.
0xBFE7 (49127)kXMLBadRootElementTypeErrRoot element tag does not match DOCTYPE declaration element type.
0xBFE8 (49128)kXMLEMPTYElementWithContentErrAn EMPTY element cannot contain content.
0xBFE9 (49129)kXMLUnexpectedElementErrThis element is not valid at this position.
0xBFEA (49130)kXMLMissingElementErrA required element is missing.
0xBFEB (49131)kXMLUndeclaredElementErrThis element is undeclared.
0xBFEC (49132)kXMLMissingRequiredAttributeErrA required attribute is missing.
0xBFED (49133)kXMLExtraAttributeErrThis attribute is undeclared.
0xBFEE (49134)kXMLNotUnparsedEntityInAttValueErrThe ENTITY type attribute value does not refer to an unparsed entity.
0xBFEF (49135)kXMLUndeclaredEntityInAttValueErrThe attribute value refers to an undeclared ENTITY.
0xBFF0 (49136)kXMLUndeclaredNotationInAttValueErrThe attribute value refers to an undeclared NOTATION.
0xBFF1 (49137)kXMLAttValueNotInEnumErrThe attribute value does not match one of the enumerated values.
0xBFF2 (49138)kXMLDuplicateIDAttValueErrThis ID attribute value must be unique.
0xBFF3 (49139)kXMLFixedAttributeDefaultErr#FIXED attribute type value does not match declared default value.
0xBFF4 (49140)kXMLIDNotFoundErrID referenced by IDREF attribute value not found.
0xBFF5 (49141)kXMLMissingReplacementTagErrYou must specify a replacement tag when deleting a tag.
0xBFF6 (49142)kXMLTagNameLockedErrThis tag name is locked and cannot be changed or deleted.
0xBFF7 (49143)kXMLIllegalElementMoveErrThe element cannot be moved to the destination.
0xBFF8 (49144)kXMLNoContentModelErrNo element declarations are found in the DTD.
0xBFF9 (49145)kXMLChildrenContentModelWithContentErrThis element type cannot contain content.
0xBFFA (49146)kXMLAddElementToDocErrXML elements cannot be added to the document element. Please add XML elements to the 'Root' element.
0xBFFB (49147)kXMLInvalidENTITYNameErrThe attribute value has an invalid ENTITY name.
0xBFFC (49148)kXMLInvalidNOTATIONNameErrThe attribute value has an invalid NOTATION name.
0xBFFD (49149)kXMLLockedContent_ModifyErrThis action cannot be completed because the content it would affect is locked.
0xBFFE (49150)kXMLCannotTagDeletedTextErrTagging of deleted text is not supported
0xBFFF (49151)kXMLCannotTagNoteTextErrTagging of note text is not supported
0xD201 (53761)kUnableToDeleteActionErrorUnable to delete an application-defined action.
0xD202 (53762)kActionIsNotEnabledErrorAction is not enabled.
0xD203 (53763)kUnableToDeleteMenuErrorUnable to delete a top-level menu.
0xD204 (53764)kDismissedPreviewableModalDialogErrorThe requested action opened an asynchronous previewable modal dialog. This is not compatible with the scripting architecture, and so the dialog has been automatically dismissed using the default button.
0xD900 (55552)kTestSkippedErrorThe test was skipped.
0xD901 (55553)kPanelNotFoundErrorPanel not found.
0xD902 (55554)kCannotScrollErrorCannot scroll.
0xD903 (55555)kMenuNotFoundErrorMenu not found.
0xD904 (55556)kMenuDisabledErrorMenu disabled.
0xD905 (55557)kWidgetDisabledErrorWidget disabled.
0xD906 (55558)kWidgetNotFoundErrorWidget not found.
0xD907 (55559)kListItemNotFoundErrorList item not found.
0xD908 (55560)kInvalidWidgetTypeErrorInvalid widget type.
0xD909 (55561)kAppleScriptNotInstalledErrorAppleScript not installed.
0xD90A (55562)kCancelSuiteErrorSuite cancelled.
0xD90B (55563)kNoListItemSelectedErrorNo list item selected.
0xD90C (55564)kWidgetListItemNotFoundErrorWidget list item not found.
0xD90D (55565)kInvalidLanguageErrorInvalid language.
0xD90E (55566)kWidgetNotVisibleErrorWidget not visible.
0xD90F (55567)kQAInvalidUIDRefParameterErrorInvalid UIDRef parameter.
0xD910 (55568)kSnapshotNotFoundAndLockedSnapshot not found and locked.
0xD911 (55569)kDontRunOrLogTestErrorDon't run or log test: This test is not designed to run in the current context (application, feature set,...).
0xD912 (55570)kCantRunWithoutIdleTaskErrorCan't run without idle task: Try running headless, or use InDesign® Server.
0xD915 (55573)kParsingSuiteDescriptionFileErrorFailed to parse the suite description file.
0xD916 (55574)kDuplicateSuiteNameErrorA suite with this name is already loaded.
0xD917 (55575)kCannotAddSuiteErrorCannot add this test suite.
0xD918 (55576)kInvalidDescriptionFileSuiteNameErrorThe suite name in the description file is invalid.
0xD919 (55577)kInvalidSuiteNameErrorThis suite name is empty or otherwise invalid.
0xD91A (55578)kSuiteDoesNotExistErrorThe specified suite does not exist.
0xD91B (55579)kCannotRemoveSuiteErrorCannot remove this test suite.
0xD91C (55580)kCannotCreateSuiteErrorCannot create a test suite.
0xD91D (55581)kCannotWriteSuiteListErrorThe suite list cannot be written to. You may need to check out this file, or change its permissions.
0xD91E (55582)kCannotApplyBenchDataErrorThe suite found data for restarting benchmarking tests, but could not apply the data.
0xD91F (55583)kQAStatusExpiryOutOfRangeThe value following EXPIRES for ^1 in ^2 is later than acceptable (see MinimalStatus.txt); entry ignored.
0xD920 (55584)kQAStatusBadExpiryBad or missing value following EXPIRES for ^1 in ^2 (see MinimalStatus.txt); entry ignored.
0xD921 (55585)kQAStatusUnrecognizedTagUnknown tag following ^1 in ^2.
0xD922 (55586)kQAStatusTooManyProductTagsExcess product tags ignored following ^1 in ^2.
0xDD00 (56576)TestPrefix5 + 0 (0xdd00)QE_TestPanel cannot load this suite.
0x10004 (65540)kSaveBookFailureFail to save the book!
0x10005 (65541)kSaveAsBookFailureFail to save the book as another book!
0x10007 (65543)kOpenBookFailureFail to open the book!
0x10008 (65544)kNewBookCmdFailureFail to create a new book!
0x10009 (65545)kOpenBookCmdFailureFail to open the book!
0x1000A (65546)kSaveBookCmdFailureFail to save the book!
0x1000B (65547)kSaveAsBookCmdFailureFail to save the book as another book!
0x1000C (65548)kCloseBookCmdFailureFail to close the book!
0x1000D (65549)kAddDocToBookCmdFailureFail to add document to the book!
0x1000E (65550)kRemoveDocFromBookCmdFailureFail to remove document from the book!
0x1000F (65551)kReorderDocInBookCmdFailureFail to reorder document in the book!
0x10010 (65552)kSaveACopyBookFailureFail to save a copy of the book!
0x10011 (65553)kSaveACopyBookCmdFailureFail to save a copy of the book!
0x10012 (65554)kInvalidScriptExportDocsFailureThe book does not contain one or more documents specified for export.
0x10013 (65555)kInvalidScriptExportFormatFailureBook export is not supported by the desired export format. Expected a supported format enumeration or a string as specified in Export Dialog.
0x10014 (65556)kNoBookOpenErrorNo books are open.
0x10F01 (69377)kXMLSystemErr__E_LowBoundsSystem Error
0x10F02 (69378)kXMLSystemErr_Array_BadIndexSystem Error
0x10F03 (69379)kXMLSystemErr_Array_BadNewSizeSystem Error
0x10F04 (69380)kXMLSystemErr_AttrList_BadIndexSystem Error
0x10F05 (69381)kXMLSystemErr_AttDef_BadAttTypeSystem Error
0x10F06 (69382)kXMLSystemErr_AttDef_BadDefAttTypeSystem Error
0x10F07 (69383)kXMLSystemErr_Bitset_BadIndexSystem Error
0x10F08 (69384)kXMLSystemErr_BufMgr_NoMoreBuffersOut of memory: the buffer manager cannot provide any more buffers
0x10F09 (69385)kXMLSystemErr_BufMgr_BufferNotInPoolThe passed buffer was not found in this manager's pool
0x10F0A (69386)kXMLSystemErr_CPtr_PointerIsZeroThe pointer has not been set
0x10F0B (69387)kXMLSystemErr_CM_BinOpHadUnaryTypeSystem Error
0x10F0C (69388)kXMLSystemErr_CM_MustBeMixedOrChildrenThe content type must be mixed or children
0x10F0D (69389)kXMLSystemErr_CM_NoPCDATAHerePCDATA nodes are not valid here
0x10F0E (69390)kXMLSystemErr_CM_NotValidForSpecTypeThe ^1 operation is invalid for the specification type
0x10F0F (69391)kXMLSystemErr_CM_UnaryOpHadBinTypeThe unary operation node had a binary node type
0x10F10 (69392)kXMLSystemErr_CM_UnknownCMTypeUnknown content model type
0x10F11 (69393)kXMLSystemErr_CM_UnknownCMSpecTypeUnknown content specification type
0x10F12 (69394)kXMLSystemErr_CM_NoParentCSNThe parent element has no content specification node
0x10F13 (69395)kXMLSystemErr_DTD_UnknownCreateReasonThe creation reason has an unknown value
0x10F14 (69396)kXMLSystemErr_ElemStack_EmptyStackThe element stack is empty
0x10F15 (69397)kXMLSystemErr_ElemStack_BadIndexThe element stack index given was beyond the stack top
0x10F16 (69398)kXMLSystemErr_ElemStack_StackUnderflowThe element stack was already empty when a pop request occurred
0x10F17 (69399)kXMLSystemErr_ElemStack_NoParentPushedA parent operation was requested, but only one element is on the stack
0x10F18 (69400)kXMLSystemErr_Enum_NoMoreElementsThe enumerator contains no more elements
0x10F19 (69401)kXMLSystemErr_File_CouldNotOpenFileCould not open file: ^1
0x10F1A (69402)kXMLSystemErr_File_CouldNotGetCurPosCould not query the current file position
0x10F1B (69403)kXMLSystemErr_File_CouldNotCloseFileCould not close the file
0x10F1C (69404)kXMLSystemErr_File_CouldNotSeekToEndCould not seek to end of file
0x10F1D (69405)kXMLSystemErr_File_CouldNotSeekToPosCould not seek to required position in file
0x10F1E (69406)kXMLSystemErr_File_CouldNotDupHandleCould not duplicate the file handle
0x10F1F (69407)kXMLSystemErr_File_CouldNotReadFromFileCould not read data from file
0x10F20 (69408)kXMLSystemErr_File_CouldNotResetFileCould not reset file to beginning
0x10F21 (69409)kXMLSystemErr_File_CouldNotGetSizeCould not determine the file size
0x10F22 (69410)kXMLSystemErr_File_CouldNotGetBasePathNameCould not determine the base pathname of the file
0x10F23 (69411)kXMLSystemErr_File_BasePathUnderflowThe base path had too few levels to include the relative part of the path
0x10F24 (69412)kXMLSystemErr_Gen_ParseInProgressParse may not be called while parsing
0x10F25 (69413)kXMLSystemErr_Gen_NoDTDValidatorA DOCTYPE was seen but the installed validator does not understand DTDs
0x10F26 (69414)kXMLSystemErr_Gen_CouldNotOpenDTDCould not open DTD file '^1'
0x10F27 (69415)kXMLSystemErr_Gen_CouldNotOpenExtEntityCould not open external entity '^1'
0x10F28 (69416)kXMLSystemErr_Gen_UnexpectedEOFThe end of input was not expected
0x10F29 (69417)kXMLSystemErr_HshTbl_ZeroModulusSystem Error
0x10F2A (69418)kXMLSystemErr_HshTbl_BadHashFromKeySystem Error
0x10F2B (69419)kXMLSystemErr_HshTbl_NoSuchKeyExistsSystem Error
0x10F2C (69420)kXMLSystemErr_Mutex_CouldNotCreateSystem Error
0x10F2D (69421)kXMLSystemErr_Mutex_CouldNotCloseSystem Error
0x10F2E (69422)kXMLSystemErr_Mutex_CouldNotLockSystem Error
0x10F2F (69423)kXMLSystemErr_Mutex_CouldNotUnlockSystem Error
0x10F30 (69424)kXMLSystemErr_Mutex_CouldNotDestroySystem Error
0x10F31 (69425)kXMLSystemErr_NetAcc_InternalErrorSystem Error
0x10F32 (69426)kXMLSystemErr_NetAcc_InitFailedSystem Error
0x10F33 (69427)kXMLSystemErr_NetAcc_TargetResolutionSystem Error
0x10F34 (69428)kXMLSystemErr_NetAcc_CreateSocketSystem Error
0x10F35 (69429)kXMLSystemErr_NetAcc_ConnSocketSystem Error
0x10F36 (69430)kXMLSystemErr_NetAcc_WriteSocketSystem Error
0x10F37 (69431)kXMLSystemErr_NetAcc_ReadSocketSystem Error
0x10F38 (69432)kXMLSystemErr_Pool_ElemAlreadyExistsThe element ^1 already exists
0x10F39 (69433)kXMLSystemErr_Pool_BadHashFromKeyHashing the key returned an invalid bad hash value
0x10F3A (69434)kXMLSystemErr_Pool_InvalidIdThe passed identifier is not valid for this pool
0x10F3B (69435)kXMLSystemErr_Pool_ZeroModulusThe modulus value cannot be zero
0x10F3C (69436)kXMLSystemErr_RdrMgr_ReaderIdNotFoundThe indicated reader identifier was never found
0x10F3D (69437)kXMLSystemErr_Reader_BadAutoEncodingThe automatic encoding has an unknown value
0x10F3E (69438)kXMLSystemErr_Reader_CouldNotDecodeFirstLineCould not decode first line of entity: ^1
0x10F3F (69439)kXMLSystemErr_Reader_EOIInMultiSeqEnd of input was hit in the middle of a multibyte sequence
0x10F40 (69440)kXMLSystemErr_Reader_SrcOfsNotSupportedThe current transcoding service does not support source offset information
0x10F41 (69441)kXMLSystemErr_Reader_EncodingStrRequiredEBCDIC files must provide an encoding= string
0x10F42 (69442)kXMLSystemErr_Scan_CouldNotOpenSourceThe primary document entity could not be opened. Id=^1
0x10F43 (69443)kXMLSystemErr_Scan_UnbalancedStartEndUnbalanced start/end tags found, cannot continue
0x10F44 (69444)kXMLSystemErr_Scan_BadPScanTokenThe call to scanNext() is illegal at this time
0x10F45 (69445)kXMLSystemErr_Stack_BadIndexThe index is past the top of stack
0x10F46 (69446)kXMLSystemErr_Stack_EmptyStackThe stack is empty, cannot access members
0x10F47 (69447)kXMLSystemErr_Str_ZeroSizedTargetBufThe target buffer cannot have a max size of zero
0x10F48 (69448)kXMLSystemErr_Str_UnknownRadixThe given radix is not supported. Use 2, 8, 10, or 16
0x10F49 (69449)kXMLSystemErr_Str_TargetBufTooSmallThe target buffer is too small to accept the results
0x10F4A (69450)kXMLSystemErr_Str_StartIndexPastEndThe start index is past the end of the string
0x10F4B (69451)kXMLSystemErr_Str_ConvertOverflowThe converted value exceeds the maximum binary value allowed
0x10F4C (69452)kXMLSystemErr_Strm_StdErrWriteFailureCould not write to the standard error stream
0x10F4D (69453)kXMLSystemErr_Strm_StdOutWriteFailureCould not write to the standard output stream
0x10F4E (69454)kXMLSystemErr_Strm_ConWriteFailureCould not write to the console
0x10F4F (69455)kXMLSystemErr_StrPool_IllegalIdString pool identifier was not legal
0x10F50 (69456)kXMLSystemErr_Trans_CouldNotCreateDefCvtrCould not create a default transcoder
0x10F51 (69457)kXMLSystemErr_Trans_InvalidSizeReqThe maximum size to translate is larger than the declared block size
0x10F52 (69458)kXMLSystemErr_Trans_UnrepresentableUnicode char 0x^1 is not representable in encoding ^2
0x10F53 (69459)kXMLSystemErr_Trans_NotValidForEncodingCharacter ^1 is not valid for encoding ^2
0x10F54 (69460)kXMLSystemErr_Trans_BadBlockSizeThe requested block size is not equal to the size set during construction
0x10F55 (69461)kXMLSystemErr_Trans_BadSrcSeqAn invalid multi-byte source text sequence was encountered
0x10F56 (69462)kXMLSystemErr_Trans_BadSrcCP^1 is not a valid value for encoding ^2
0x10F57 (69463)kXMLSystemErr_Trans_BadTrailingSurrogateLeading surrogate character was not followed by trailing surrogate character
0x10F58 (69464)kXMLSystemErr_Trans_CantCreateCvtrForCould not create a converter for encoding: ^1
0x10F59 (69465)kXMLSystemErr_URL_MalformedURLThe URL was not correctly formed
0x10F5A (69466)kXMLSystemErr_URL_UnsupportedProtoThe URL used an unsupported protocol
0x10F5B (69467)kXMLSystemErr_URL_UnsupportedProto1Unsupported URL protocol: '^1'
0x10F5C (69468)kXMLSystemErr_URL_OnlyLocalHostOnly localhost is supported at this time
0x10F5D (69469)kXMLSystemErr_URL_NoProtocolPresentNo protocol prefix present
0x10F5E (69470)kXMLSystemErr_URL_ExpectingTwoSlashesExpected // after protocol
0x10F5F (69471)kXMLSystemErr_URL_IncorrectEscapedCharRef% must be followed by two hex digits
0x10F60 (69472)kXMLSystemErr_URL_UnterminatedHostComponentUnterminated host component
0x10F61 (69473)kXMLSystemErr_URL_RelativeBaseURLThe base part of the URL cannot be relative
0x10F62 (69474)kXMLSystemErr_URL_BaseUnderflowThe base part has too few levels to include relative part
0x10F63 (69475)kXMLSystemErr_URL_BadPortFieldThe port field must be a 16 bit decimal number
0x10F64 (69476)kXMLSystemErr_Vector_BadIndexThe passed index is past the end of the vector
0x10F65 (69477)kXMLSystemErr_Val_InvalidElemIdThe element identifier was invalid
0x10F66 (69478)kXMLSystemErr_Val_CantHaveIntSSWhen reusing the validator, no internal subset is allowed
0x10F67 (69479)kXMLSystemErr_XMLRec_UnknownEncodingThe passed recognizer encoding was not known
0x10F68 (69480)kXMLSystemErr_E_HighBoundsSystem Error
0x10F69 (69481)kXMLSystemErr_W_LowBoundsSystem Error
0x10F6A (69482)kXMLSystemErr_W_HighBoundsSystem Error
0x10F6B (69483)kXMLSystemErr_V_LowBoundsSystem Error
0x10F6C (69484)kXMLSystemErr_V_HighBoundsSystem Error
0x10F6D (69485)kXMLSystemErr_Ext_LowBoundsSystem Error
0x10F6E (69486)kXMLSystemErr_Ext_TranscoderProblem^1/^2: A transcoder reported an error. The U.S. English error message is: ^3
0x10F6F (69487)kXMLSystemErr_Ext_AXEProblem^1/^2: AXE reported an internal error. The U.S. English error message is: ^3
0x10F70 (69488)kXMLSystemErr_Ext_BIBProblem^1/^2: BIB reported an internal error. The U.S. English error message is: ^3
0x10F71 (69489)kXMLSystemErr_Ext_UnknownProblem^1/^2: An unknown error was reported. The U.S. English error message is: ^3
0x10F72 (69490)kXMLSystemErr_Ext_CouldNotWriteToFileCould not write data to output.
0x10F73 (69491)kXMLSystemErr_Ext_AXEDOMProblem^1/^2: AXE reported an internal DOM error. The U.S. English error message is: ^3
0x10F74 (69492)kXMLSystemErr_Ext_XPathProblem^1/^2: AXE reported an internal XPath error. The U.S. English error message is: ^3
0x10F75 (69493)kXMLSystemErr_Ext_XSLTProblem^1/^2: AXE reported an internal XSLT error. The U.S. English error message is: ^3
0x10F76 (69494)kXMLSystemErr_Ext_UnresolvedEncodingConflictEncoding conflict cannot be resolved. Parse terminated.
0x10F81 (69505)kXMLSystemErr_Ext_HighBoundsSystem Error
0x11601 (71169)kMissingTOCEntryInStyleErrorYou may use [Default] style without adding a TOC entry. Each TOC style should have at least 1 TOC entry.
0x11602 (71170)kDeleteDefaultTOCStyleErrorCannot delete [Default] TOC style.
0x11603 (71171)kAddDuplicateTOCEntryInStyleErrorAll the paragraph styles are picked in the TOC entries and we cannot pick a duplicate one.
0x11604 (71172)kTOCEntryIncludeStyleErrorThe paragraph style picked in TOC entries is invalid. Please pick a valid paragraph style.
0x12201 (74241)SangamServicerPrefix + 1 (0x12201)Cannot convert document. A memory error occurred during the conversion. Please close windows or applications and try again.
0x12202 (74242)SangamServicerPrefix + 2 (0x12202)Cannot convert document. An unknown error occurred during the conversion.
0x12601 (75265)kNoMetaDataAvailableErrorNo Metadata information available.
0x12602 (75266)kInvalidMetaDataErrorFile does not contain valid Metadata.
0x13001 (77825)kInvalidDataPageEntryErrorPage entry is invalid
0x13002 (77826)kInvalidDataXRefErrorTopic entry is invalid
0x13003 (77827)kInvalidRefedDataXRefErrorReferenced topic entry is invalid.
0x13004 (77828)kRecursiveXRefErrorCross reference is recursive
0x13005 (77829)kImportTopicsErrorImport Topics Failed
0x13006 (77830)kInvalidCapitalizeOptionErrorCan't use en_SelectedTopicEntry or en_IncludeSubentries when do capitalization for indexes
0x13007 (77831)kStoryLockedErrorThe index could not be updated because one or more stories are locked.
0x13008 (77832)kGenerateIndexErrorThe index could not be generated. One or more index entries contain invalid characters. Please delete any invalid characters from the index entries.
0x13009 (77833)kInvalidIndexOptionsSeparatorsErrorThe index could not be generated. One or more invalid characters were found in the index entry separators. Please correct the entries in the Entry Separators section of the Generate Index dialog box.
0x1300A (77834)kDocMissingFromBookErrorThe index could not be generated. One or more documents for the book could not be found.
0x13505 (79109)kHyperlinkWrongDocumentErrCannot set this property to an object in another document.
0x13506 (79110)kHyperlinkInvalidNameErrThis name is already in use by another object
0x13507 (79111)kHyperlinkObjectInUseErrThe object you have chosen is already in use by another hyperlink.
0x13508 (79112)kHyperlinkZeroRangeSourceErrHyperlink Text Sources cannot have an insertion point as their text.
0x13509 (79113)kHyperlinkNoMarkerErrThis hyperlink text object doesn't have a text marker
0x1350B (79115)kHyperlinkManualNameNotAllowedErrYou cannot change the name of this destination because manual names are not allowed.
0x1350C (79116)kBookmarkEmptyListErrThe list of bookmarks is empty, there is nothing to delete.
0x1350D (79117)kBookmarkMissingErrCould not delete bookmarks because one or more of them couldn't be found.
0x1350E (79118)kBookmarkEmptyNameErrA bookmark must have a name.
0x13510 (79120)kHyperlinkExternalDocsNotOpenErrSome hyperlinks couldn't be updated because the documents they point to are not open. Please open the documents or hold down Option/Alt while choosing Update Hyperlinks.
0x13511 (79121)kDocumentNotFoundErrHyperlink destination document not found. Please verify the document's location in the Hyperlinks panel before choosing this hyperlink.
0x13512 (79122)kDocumentNotSavedErrorThe destination you have specified is in another document that has not yet been saved. Please save the other document first.
0x13514 (79124)kDocumentsMayNotMatchErrorThe External Page destination requires that its database not match that of the page you are pointing to.
0x13515 (79125)kDataBaseNotFoundErrorOne or both of the databases could not be found when trying to create an External Page Destination
0x13516 (79126)kCreatingCircularBookmarkRelationshipErrCannot nest a parent bookmark under its own child bookmarks.
0x13517 (79127)kXRefFormatInUseErrOne or more formats you are deleting are used by cross-references in the document.
0x13518 (79128)kHiddenDestinationInUseErrThe destination you have chosen is a hidden destination and already in use by another hyperlink. A hidden destination cannot be shared by multiple hyperlinks.
0x13519 (79129)kCanNotChangeParaDestToNewParaErrYou are not allowed to change a paragraph destination to a different paragraph. You may create a new paragraph destination and delete the unwanted one.
0x1351A (79130)kInvalidXRefDestErrThe destination is invalid. You can only create cross-references to a text anchor or paragraph destination.
0x1351B (79131)kCharStyleNotFoundErrCharacter style name "^1" does not exist in this document.
0x1351C (79132)kUnknownBuildingBlockErrThe building block name is not recognized and will be ignored.
0x1351D (79133)kInvalidDelimiterErrThe delimiter must be a single-character.
0x1351E (79134)kCannotDeletingLastFormatErrThe document must have at least one format.
0x1351F (79135)kInvalidIncludeDelimValueErrThe attribute for including the delimiter must be "true" or "false".
0x13520 (79136)kInvalidXRefFormatStringErrIncorrect syntax: an element is not specified properly. For details and examples, see Help.
0x13521 (79137)kNoBuildingBlockErrNo building block: Insert one or more building blocks so that the cross-reference includes useful information.
0x13522 (79138)kPartialXMLInRangeErrCannot create hyperlink or cross-reference. The text selection includes only the opening or closing tag of an XML tag pair. Change the text selection to include the entire XML element.
0x13A01 (80385)kCannotCreatePreflightProfileErrorCannot create preflight profile.
0x13A02 (80386)kCannotCreatePreflightRuleErrorCannot add preflight profile rule.
0x13A03 (80387)kPreflightRuleAlreadyExistInProfileErrorPreflight profile rule already exists in the profile.
0x13A04 (80388)kPreflightRuleDoesnotExistInProfileErrorPreflight profile rule does not exist in the profile.
0x13A05 (80389)kProfileNameAlreadyExistsErrorPreflight profile name already exists.
0x13A06 (80390)kProfileNameBlankErrorPreflight profile name must not be blank.
0x13A07 (80391)kProfileNameInvalidErrorPreflight profile name contains illegal characters.
0x13A08 (80392)kDeletePresetProfileErrorCannot delete a preset preflight profile.
0x13A09 (80393)kCannotEmbedProfileErrorCannot embed preflight profile.
0x13A0A (80394)kLoadProfileOpenDocErrorCannot load profile from selected document
0x13A0B (80395)kLoadProfileActiveDocErrorCannot load profile into the same document
0x13A0C (80396)kLoadProfileFailedErrorFailed to load profile
0x13A0D (80397)kLoadProfileNoEmbeddedProfileErrorDocument does not have any embedded profile
0x13A0E (80398)kRenamePresetProfileErrorCannot rename a preset preflight profile.
0x13A0F (80399)kAggregatedResultIsNotAvailableErrorAggregated Result for this process is not available.
0x13A10 (80400)kPreflightingIsOffForDocumentErrorPreflighting is turned off for this document.
0x13A11 (80401)kCannotEmbedDefaultProfileErrorCannot embed a preset preflight profile
0x13A12 (80402)kCannotEditDefaultProfileErrorCannot edit a preset preflight profile
0x13B01 (80641)kNoPathCreatedNoPathCreated
0x13B02 (80642)kPathCreatedPathCreated
0x13B03 (80643)kPathCompletedPathCompleted
0x13B0A (80650)kInvalidSelectionErrorCannot create outlines from overset text.
0x13B0B (80651)kNoCharactersSelectedErrorPlease select one or more characters that can be converted to outlines.
0x13B0C (80652)kBadCommandDataErrorCannot create outlines due to bad data.
0x13B0D (80653)kCreateOnLockedLayerErrorCan't create page item on a locked layer.
0x13C01 (80897)PNGImport + 1 (0x13c01)Cannot place this file. Unsupported PNG format.
0x13C02 (80898)PNGImport + 2 (0x13c02).
0x13C03 (80899)PNGImport + 3 (0x13c03).
0x13C04 (80900)PNGImport + 4 (0x13c04)Cannot place this file. Please close windows or other applications and try again.
0x13C05 (80901)PNGImport + 5 (0x13c05)Cannot place this file. Invalid PNG file.
0x13C06 (80902)PNGImport + 6 (0x13c06)Cannot place this file. Internal PNG filter error.
0x13C07 (80903)PNGImport + 7 (0x13c07)Cannot place this file. Unsupported PNG image file version.
0x13C08 (80904)PNGImport + 8 (0x13c08)PNG Options
0x13C09 (80905)PNGImport + 9 (0x13c09)Use &Transparency Information
0x13C0A (80906)PNGImport + 10 (0x13c0a)Choice
0x13C0B (80907)PNGImport + 11 (0x13c0b)&White Background
0x13C0C (80908)PNGImport + 12 (0x13c0c)&File-defined Background Color
0x13C0D (80909)PNGImport + 13 (0x13c0d)Apply &Gamma Correction
0x13C0E (80910)PNGImport + 14 (0x13c0e)Gamma &Value:
0x13C0F (80911)PNGImport + 15 (0x13c0f)Error encountered while writing PNG image.
0x14003 (81923)kChangeMediaLocationFailedCould not change the movie/sound to the requested media file.
0x14006 (81926)kChangePosterFailedErrorThe poster image could not be changed to the requested image.
0x14502 (83202)kUnableToAddToStateErrorOne of the items being added is not allowed to be in any of this page item's states.
0x14503 (83203)kNoStatesAvailableErrorNo more states can be added to this item.
0x14504 (83204)kCustomStateNamesNotSupportedCustom state names are not supported on this type of page item.
0x14F02 (85762)kSoundAttrNotAvailableErrorSound attribute not available.
0x15A01 (88577)kVCCancelledErrorThe Version Cue operation was cancelled
0x15A02 (88578)kVCUnauthorizedErrorkVCUnauthorized
0x15A03 (88579)kVCNoSuchResourceErrorNo such resource
0x15A04 (88580)kVCNoContentErrorNo content
0x15A05 (88581)kVCPermissionDeniedErrorPermission denied
0x15A06 (88582)kVCLockedElsewhereErrorLocked elsewhere
0x15A07 (88583)kVCLockedByOtherErrorLocked by other
0x15A08 (88584)kVCLockedExclusivelyErrorLocked exclusively
0x15A09 (88585)kVCLockedSharedErrorLocked shared
0x15A0A (88586)kVCLockRevokedErrorLock revoked
0x15A0B (88587)kVCNoSuchReplicaErrorNo such replica
0x15A0C (88588)kVCWouldClobberLockedErrorWould clobber locked
0x15A0D (88589)kVCWouldClobberModifiedErrorThis operation would clobber a file that has been modified
0x15A0E (88590)kVCWouldClobberCurrentErrorWould clobber current
0x15A0F (88591)kVCNoSuchParentErrorNo such parent
0x15A10 (88592)kVCNoMountPointErrorNo mount point
0x15A11 (88593)kVCCantMountParentErrorCannot mount parent
0x15A12 (88594)kVCCantMountChildErrorCannot mount child
0x15A13 (88595)kVCMountPointsDifferErrorMount points differ
0x15A14 (88596)kVCNotInARMErrorNot in ARM
0x15A15 (88597)kVCCollectionAlreadyExistsErrorCollection already exists
0x15A16 (88598)kVCNonCollectionAlreadyExistsErrorNon-collection already exists
0x15A17 (88599)kVCCantCaptureUnlessCurrentErrorCannot capture unless current
0x15A18 (88600)kVCNetworkFailureErrorThe Version Cue call failed due to network failure
0x15A4F (88655)kVCUnexpectedErrorAn unexpected error occurred while working with the Version Cue server
0x15A50 (88656)kVCNotEnabledErrorVersion Cue is either not installed or not enabled
0x15A51 (88657)kVCFileNotManagedErrorThe document is not managed by Version Cue
0x15A52 (88658)kVCLinkNotManagedErrorThe link is not managed by Version Cue
0x15A53 (88659)kVCLinkEmbeddedErrorThe link is embedded in the document
0x15D01 (89345)kSaveBackWrongDocTypeThis is not a valid InDesign® Interchange document.
0x15D02 (89346)kSaveBackWrongBuildNumberThis document was exported by a different build of InDesign®.
0x15F02 (89858)kUnknownJSObjectTypeErrorUnknown object type.
0x15F0A (89866)kTargetEngineNotFoundErrorTarget engine '^1' not found.
0x15F0B (89867)kCantDeleteDefaultMainEngineThe default engine 'main' cannot be deleted.
0x16101 (90369)kUserActionStreamErrError reading or writing a file stream.
0x16103 (90371)kCannotUndoErrorUnable to undo the last command.
0x16104 (90372)kCannotRedoErrorUnable to redo the last command.
0x16105 (90373)kCannotSetPortErrorYou cannot set the port once the server is running.
0x16106 (90374)kCannotSetConfigurationErrorYou cannot set the configuration once the server is running.
0x16107 (90375)kActionsEventNotHandledErrorThe selection (or target) does not support this command.
0x16304 (90884)kNoDocumentOpenErrorNo documents are open.
0x16305 (90885)kCantCloseLastWinErrorCan't close last document window. Close the document instead.
0x16306 (90886)kNoWindowOpenErrorNo document windows are open.
0x16307 (90887)kUntitledNoPathErrorUntitled files have no path.
0x16308 (90888)kUntitledNoFullNameErrorUntitled files have no full name.
0x16309 (90889)kCantEditColorPropertyErrorCannot edit this color property.
0x1630A (90890)kCantDuplicateColorErrorCannot duplicate this swatch.
0x1630B (90891)kScriptingCannotCopyCutCannot copy/cut due to invalid selection state.
0x1630C (90892)kScriptInvalidConfigurationThe configuration was invalid or the user cancelled. Please try the same operation in the user interface to see more detailed information.
0x1630D (90893)kNoScriptIsActiveErrorNo script is active.
0x1630E (90894)kSetRegistrationInkTypeErrorCannot set ink type to registration.
0x1630F (90895)kClipboardIsInaccessibleErrorCannot access clipboard unless a document is active.
0x16310 (90896)kNoSwatchNameErrorSwatch must have a name. Please supply one.
0x16311 (90897)kNoUniqueSwatchNameErrorSwatch name is already in use. Please choose another.
0x16312 (90898)kCantDeleteColorErrorThis color cannot be deleted.
0x16313 (90899)kColorNameExistsErrorA color with the same name exists.
0x16314 (90900)kInvalidColorValueErrorOne or more of the color values is invalid.
0x16315 (90901)kIncorrectNumberColorValueErrorAn incorrect number of color values was given.
0x16316 (90902)kNoUniqueTintErrorThis tint value already exists for this color. Please choose another.
0x16317 (90903)kCreateSpotCopyErrorThe spot color "^1" already exists in this document. If you create a copy of this spot color you will add an additional separation plate to this document. Create the copy?
0x16318 (90904)kReplaceSpotErrorA spot color named "^1" already exists in this document. The spot color you are copying will add an additional separation plate to this document. Replace the copied color with the document's color instead?
0x16319 (90905)kDuplicateSwatchExistsErrorA swatch named "^1" already exists in this document, and its color values are identical to the swatch you are copying. Create the copy?
0x1631A (90906)kSameNameSwatchExistsErrorA swatch named "^1" already exists in this document, but its color values differ from the swatch you are copying. Replace the copied swatch with the document's swatch?
0x1631B (90907)kCantEditColorErrorThis color cannot be edited.
0x1631C (90908)kCantEditColorWithLibGradientErrorCannot replace color swatch with a gradient swatch. Please choose a color swatch.
0x1631D (90909)kCantEditTintWithLibTintErrorCantEditTintWithLibTinttError
0x1631E (90910)kDeleteInkAliasErrorDeleting a spot color that is an alias ink for another. Continuing will reset ink alias to default.
0x1631F (90911)kChangeSpotInkAliasErrorChanging from a spot to a process color resets any alias defined for the spot color.
0x16320 (90912)kPantoneOldNewOverlapErrorThe swatch named "^1" is equivalent to an existing swatch named "^2". Continuing with new "^1" will replace "^2".
0x16321 (90913)kCantMergeSwatchErrorCannot merge this swatch with the one specified.
0x16323 (90915)kReservedSwatchNameErrorReserved swatch name. Please choose another.
0x16324 (90916)kMixedInkSwatchCreationErrorMixed ink swatches must contain at least two inks and at least one spot ink.
0x16325 (90917)kExceedMaxMixedInkSwatchesInGroupErrorMaximum number of mixed ink swatches for a mixed ink group is 1000.
0x16326 (90918)kMixedInkParentMustHaveTwoInksErrorYou must enable two or more inks in the ink list to define a mixed ink swatch.
0x16327 (90919)kMixedInkParentProcessInksOnlyErrorRemoving spot colors will convert all mixed inks in this group to individual process colors and eliminate the mixed ink group. Convert inks anyway?
0x16328 (90920)kMultiSwatchLibSelectionErrorDuplicate swatch name(s) and duplicate swatchbook names already exist in the document. Swatches with duplicate names will not be added.
0x16329 (90921)kMultiSameSwatchNameErrorDuplicate swatch name(s) already exist in the document. Swatches with duplicate names will not be added.
0x1632A (90922)kMultiPantoneOldNewOverlapErrorDuplicate swatchbook names already exist in the document. The existing swatches will be replaced.
0x1632B (90923)kMultiSameTintSwatchNameErrorOne or more selected tint swatches already exist and will not be added.
0x1632C (90924)kExceedMaxInksInInkGroupErrorMixed inks can have no more than 27 spot color inks and no more than 31 inks total.
0x1632D (90925)kDeleteSpotInMixedInkErrorDeleting a spot color that is a component in a mixed ink group or swatch will change the affected mixed ink definitions. Delete the spot colors anyway?
0x1632E (90926)kDeleteSpotInMixedInkDestructErrorDeleting spot colors will remove the mixed ink swatch or group. Click OK to delete swatches.
0x1632F (90927)kCantEditSpotWithMixedInkErrorCannot replace a spot color swatch used in a mixed ink with another mixed ink swatch. Please choose a color swatch that is not a mixed ink swatch.
0x16330 (90928)kCantEditTintWithMixedInkErrorCannot replace a color swatch used in a tint swatch with a mixed ink swatch. Please choose a color swatch that is not a mixed ink swatch.
0x16331 (90929)kCantDuplicateSwatchErrorCannot duplicate the selected swatch.
0x16332 (90930)kLoadSwatchesActiveDocErrorYou cannot load swatches into same document.
0x16333 (90931)kLoadSwatchesOpenDocErrorCannot load swatches from selected document. Either this is not InDesign® document or the document is damaged.
0x16334 (90932)kLoadSwatchesNotSwatchbookErrorThe file "^1" could not be opened because it is an unknown swatch format.
0x16335 (90933)kSaveSwatchesErrorError while saving swatches.
0x16336 (90934)kInvalidExportFormatForObjectErrorThe specified object does not support the desired export format.
0x16337 (90935)kScriptCantPasteErrorUnable to paste current scrap item
0x16338 (90936)kInvalidSwatchNameErrInvalid swatch name. Please choose another.
0x16339 (90937)kUnsavedNoPathErrorUnsaved documents have no path.
0x1633A (90938)kUnsavedNoFullNameErrorUnsaved documents have no full name.
0x1633B (90939)kCantCloseDocumentWithActiveEventsErrorCannot close document because it is the target of an active event.
0x1633C (90940)kCantSaveDocumentWithOpenTransactionErrorCannot save document because there are open transactions in process on the database.
0x1633D (90941)kCantSaveDocumentInUseByBGTasksErrorCannot save document because it is in use by one or more background tasks.
0x1633E (90942)kCantSaveAsDocumentInUseByBGTasksErrorCannot save document to another file because it is in use by one or more background tasks.
0x1633F (90943)kCantSaveACopyDocumentInUseByBGTasksErrorCannot save a copy of document because it is in use by one or more background tasks.
0x16340 (90944)kCantRevertDocumentInUseByBGTasksErrorCannot revert document because it is in use by one or more background tasks.
0x16341 (90945)kCantCloseDocumentInUseByBGTasksErrorCannot close document because it is in use by one or more background tasks.
0x16342 (90946)kCantQuitWithBGTasksErrorCannot quit because of one or more tasks running in the background.
0x16343 (90947)kFileInUseByBGTasksErrorCannot save to the file "^2" because it is in use by one or more background tasks.
0x16344 (90948)kAsynchronousExportUnsupportedFormatErrorThis file format cannot be exported asynchronously
0x16401 (91137)kInvalidPaletteWorkspaceFileErr'^1' is not a valid workspace file.
0x16402 (91138)kCantToggleAppBarErrorCan't change Application Bar state when Application Frame is turned on.
0x16403 (91139)kRemoveFromNotSupportedError'Remove From Selection' option not supported for this object type.
0x16404 (91140)kMenuFileFormatIncompatibleMenu set is incompatible or corrupt.
0x16405 (91141)kScriptInvalidWorkspaceFileErrThe specified workspace does not exist or is not a valid workspace file.
0x16406 (91142)kScriptInvalidMenuSetFileErrThe specified menu set does not exist or is not a valid menu set file.
0x16407 (91143)kDeletePaletteWorkspaceErrCould not delete workspace '^1.'
0x16408 (91144)kPaletteWorkspaceFileFormatIncompatibleOld or incompatible workspace version.
0x16409 (91145)kScriptInvalidShortcutSetFileErrThe specified shortcut set does not exist or is not a valid shortcut set file.
0x1640A (91146)kSetKeyObjectNotSupportedError'Set Key Object' option not supported for this object type.
0x17602 (95746)kMalformedURLDownload failed due to malformed URL.
0x17611 (95761)kUnsupportedProtocolErrorURL not found. The address specified may be invalid or unavailable.
0x17614 (95764)kURLToContentTypeIsNotSupportedURL does not reference a recognized movie type.
0x17617 (95767)kInvalidOrUnsupportedSoundFormatSound format is invalid or unsupported.
0x17618 (95768)kPosterSelectionIsNotAvailablePoster from movie selection is not available for QuickTime VR movies.
0x1761B (95771)kPosterSelectionFailedCould not get the poster. The movie format may be corrupted or unsupported, or a QuickTime component may be missing.
0x1761C (95772)kCouldNotFindServerCould not access the URL because the server could not be found.
0x17C01 (97281)kXMLParserErr_W_LowBoundsParser Error
0x17C02 (97282)kXMLParserErr_NotationAlreadyExistsNotation '^1' has already been declared
0x17C03 (97283)kXMLParserErr_AttListAlreadyExistsAttribute '^1' has already been declared for element '^2'
0x17C04 (97284)kXMLParserErr_ContradictoryEncodingEncoding (^1, from XML declaration or manually set) contradicts the automatically detected encoding; ignoring conflict and continuing
0x17C05 (97285)kXMLParserErr_UndeclaredElemInCMElement '^1' was referenced in a content model but never declared
0x17C06 (97286)kXMLParserErr_UndeclaredElemInAttListElement '^1' was referenced in an ATTLIST but never declared
0x17C07 (97287)kXMLParserErr_W_HighBoundsParser Error
0x17C08 (97288)kXMLParserErr_E_LowBoundsParser Error
0x17C09 (97289)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedCommentOrCDATAExpected comment or CDATA
0x17C0A (97290)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedAttrNameExpected an attribute name
0x17C0B (97291)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedNotationNameExpected a notation name
0x17C0C (97292)kXMLParserErr_NoRepInMixedRepetition of individual elements is not legal for mixed content models
0x17C0D (97293)kXMLParserErr_BadDefAttrDeclBad default attribute declaration
0x17C0E (97294)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedDefAttrDeclExpected default attribute declaration
0x17C0F (97295)kXMLParserErr_AttListSyntaxErrorAttribute list syntax error
0x17C10 (97296)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedEqSignExpected equal sign
0x17C11 (97297)kXMLParserErr_DupAttrNameDuplication attribute name
0x17C12 (97298)kXMLParserErr_BadIdForXMLLangAttrParser Error
0x17C13 (97299)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedElementNameExpected an element name
0x17C14 (97300)kXMLParserErr_MustStartWithXMLDeclMust start with an XMLDecl
0x17C15 (97301)kXMLParserErr_CommentsMustStartWithComments must start with <!--
0x17C16 (97302)kXMLParserErr_InvalidDocumentStructureInvalid document structure
0x17C17 (97303)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedDeclStringExpected a 'version=', 'encoding=', or 'standalone=' declaration
0x17C18 (97304)kXMLParserErr_BadXMLVersionBad XML version string
0x17C19 (97305)kXMLParserErr_UnsupportedXMLVersionUnsupported XML version, '^1'
0x17C1A (97306)kXMLParserErr_UnterminatedXMLDeclUnterminated XML declaration
0x17C1B (97307)kXMLParserErr_BadXMLEncodingBad XML encoding declaration, '^1'
0x17C1C (97308)kXMLParserErr_BadStandaloneBad standalone declaration
0x17C1D (97309)kXMLParserErr_UnterminatedCommentUnterminated comment
0x17C1E (97310)kXMLParserErr_PINameExpectedProcessing instruction name expected
0x17C1F (97311)kXMLParserErr_UnterminatedPIUnterminated processing instruction
0x17C20 (97312)kXMLParserErr_InvalidCharacterInvalid character (Unicode: 0x^1)
0x17C21 (97313)kXMLParserErr_UnexpectedTextBeforeRootUnexpected text before root element
0x17C22 (97314)kXMLParserErr_UnterminatedStartTagUnterminated start tag, '^1'
0x17C23 (97315)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedAttrValueExpected an attribute value
0x17C24 (97316)kXMLParserErr_UnterminatedEndTagUnterminated end tag
0x17C25 (97317)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedAttributeTypeExpected type (CDATA, ID, NMTOKEN, ..) for attribute '^1' of element '^2'
0x17C26 (97318)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedEndOfTagXExpected end of tag '^1'
0x17C27 (97319)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedMarkupExpected tag name, comment, PI, or other markup
0x17C28 (97320)kXMLParserErr_NotValidAfterContentNot valid after content
0x17C29 (97321)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedCommentExpected comment
0x17C2A (97322)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedCommentOrPIExpected comment or processing instruction
0x17C2B (97323)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedWhitespaceExpected whitespace
0x17C2C (97324)kXMLParserErr_NoRootElemInDOCTYPENo root element in DOCTYPE
0x17C2D (97325)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedQuotedStringExpected quoted string
0x17C2E (97326)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedPublicIdExpected public identifier
0x17C2F (97327)kXMLParserErr_InvalidPublicIdCharInvalid character in public identifier (Unicode: 0x^1)
0x17C30 (97328)kXMLParserErr_UnterminatedDOCTYPEUnterminated DOCTYPE declaration
0x17C31 (97329)kXMLParserErr_InvalidCharacterInIntSubsetInvalid character in internal subset (Unicode: 0x^1)
0x17C32 (97330)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedCDATAExpected CDATA section
0x17C33 (97331)kXMLParserErr_InvalidInitialNameCharInvalid initial name character
0x17C34 (97332)kXMLParserErr_InvalidNameCharInvalid name character
0x17C35 (97333)kXMLParserErr_UnexpectedWhitespaceUnexpected whitespace
0x17C36 (97334)kXMLParserErr_InvalidCharacterInAttrValueInvalid character in attribute value (Unicode: 0x^1)
0x17C37 (97335)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedMarkupDeclExpected a markup declaration
0x17C38 (97336)kXMLParserErr_TextDeclNotLegalHereText declaration not legal here
0x17C39 (97337)kXMLParserErr_ConditionalSectInIntSubsetConditional section in internal subset
0x17C3A (97338)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedPENameExpected parameter entity name
0x17C3B (97339)kXMLParserErr_UnterminatedEntityDeclUnterminated entity declaration, '^1'
0x17C3C (97340)kXMLParserErr_InvalidCharacterRefInvalid character reference
0x17C3D (97341)kXMLParserErr_UnterminatedCharRefUnterminated character reference
0x17C3E (97342)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedEntityRefNameExpected entity name for reference
0x17C3F (97343)kXMLParserErr_EntityNotFoundEntity '^1' was not found
0x17C40 (97344)kXMLParserErr_NoUnparsedEntityRefsUnparsed entity references, '^1', not valid here
0x17C41 (97345)kXMLParserErr_UnterminatedEntityRefUnterminated entity reference
0x17C42 (97346)kXMLParserErr_RecursiveEntityRecursive entity expansion
0x17C43 (97347)kXMLParserErr_PartialMarkupInEntityPartial markup in entity value
0x17C44 (97348)kXMLParserErr_UnterminatedElementDeclUnterminated element declaration, '^1'
0x17C45 (97349)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedContentSpecExprExpected content specification expression for element '^1'
0x17C46 (97350)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedAsteriskExpected asterisk
0x17C47 (97351)kXMLParserErr_UnterminatedContentModelUnterminated Content model
0x17C48 (97352)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedSystemIdExpected system id
0x17C49 (97353)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedSystemOrPublicIdExpected system or public id
0x17C4A (97354)kXMLParserErr_UnterminatedNotationDeclUnterminated notation declaration
0x17C4B (97355)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedSeqChoiceLeafExpected ',', '|', or ')' characters
0x17C4C (97356)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedChoiceOrCloseParenExpected '|' or ')' characters
0x17C4D (97357)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedSeqOrCloseParenExpected ',' or ')' characters or close parenthesis in content model of element '^1'
0x17C4E (97358)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedEnumValueExpected enumeration value for attribute '^1'
0x17C4F (97359)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedEnumSepOrParenExpected | enumeration separator, or closing paren
0x17C50 (97360)kXMLParserErr_UnterminatedEntityLiteralUnterminated entity literal
0x17C51 (97361)kXMLParserErr_MoreEndThanStartTagsThere are more end tags than start tags
0x17C52 (97362)kXMLParserErr_IllegalRefInStandaloneReference to external declaration in standalone document. Entity=^1
0x17C53 (97363)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedOpenParenExpected an open parenthesis
0x17C54 (97364)kXMLParserErr_AttrAlreadyUsedInSTagThe attribute '^1' is already used in element '^2'
0x17C55 (97365)kXMLParserErr_BracketInAttrValueA '<' character cannot be used in attribute '^1', except through &<
0x17C56 (97366)kXMLParserErr_Expected2ndSurrogateCharA leading surrogate character was not followed by a legal second character
0x17C57 (97367)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedEndOfConditionalExpected ']]>' to end a conditional section
0x17C58 (97368)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedIncOrIgnExpected INCLUDE or IGNORE here
0x17C59 (97369)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedINCLUDEBracketExpected [ to follow INCLUDE or IGNORE
0x17C5A (97370)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedTextDeclExpected a TextDecl here: <?xml ...
0x17C5B (97371)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedXMLDeclExpected a XMLDecl here: <?xml ...
0x17C5C (97372)kXMLParserErr_UnexpectedEOEUnexpected end of entity ^1
0x17C5D (97373)kXMLParserErr_PEPropogatedA PE propagated out of the int/ext subset. Discarding extra text
0x17C5E (97374)kXMLParserErr_ExtraCloseSquareAn extra ] character was found and ignored
0x17C5F (97375)kXMLParserErr_PERefInMarkupInIntSubsetParameter entity references are not allowed inside markup in the internal subset
0x17C60 (97376)kXMLParserErr_EntityPropogatedAn entity propagated out of the content section into Miscellaneous
0x17C61 (97377)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedNumericalCharRefExpected &# to be followed by a numeric character value
0x17C62 (97378)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedOpenSquareBracketExpected an open bracket ('[') here
0x17C63 (97379)kXMLParserErr_BadSequenceInCharDataThe sequence ']]>' is not allowed in character data
0x17C64 (97380)kXMLParserErr_IllegalSequenceInCommentIllegal sequence '--' in comment
0x17C65 (97381)kXMLParserErr_UnterminatedCDATASectionUnterminated CDATA section
0x17C66 (97382)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedNDATAExpected NDATA
0x17C67 (97383)kXMLParserErr_NDATANotValidForPENDATA is not legal for parameter entities
0x17C68 (97384)kXMLParserErr_HexRadixMustBeLowerCaseHex radix character references must use 'x', not 'X''
0x17C69 (97385)kXMLParserErr_DeclStringRep'^1' has already been set. Ignoring redundant setting
0x17C6A (97386)kXMLParserErr_DeclStringsInWrongOrderThe XMLDecl strings must be in the order: version, encoding, standalone
0x17C6B (97387)kXMLParserErr_NoExtRefsInAttValueExternal entities cannot be referred to from attribute values
0x17C6C (97388)kXMLParserErr_XMLDeclMustBeLowerCaseThe XML or Text declaration must start with '<?xml ', not '<?XML '
0x17C6D (97389)kXMLParserErr_ExpectedEntityValueExpected a literal entity value or PUBLIC/SYSTEM id
0x17C6E (97390)kXMLParserErr_BadDigitForRadix'^1' is not a valid digit for the indicated radix
0x17C6F (97391)kXMLParserErr_EndedWithTagsOnStackThe input ended before all started tags were ended. Last tag started was '^1'
0x17C70 (97392)kXMLParserErr_AmbiguousContentModelThe content model for element '^1' is ambiguous
0x17C71 (97393)kXMLParserErr_NestedCDATANested CDATA sections are not allowed
0x17C72 (97394)kXMLParserErr_UnknownPrefixThe prefix '^1' has not been mapped to any URI
0x17C73 (97395)kXMLParserErr_PartialTagMarkupErrorThe start and the end tag were in different entities
0x17C74 (97396)kXMLParserErr_EmptyMainEntityThe main XML document cannot be empty
0x17C75 (97397)kXMLParserErr_CDATAOutsideOfContentCDATA is not allowed outside the root element
0x17C76 (97398)kXMLParserErr_OnlyCharRefsAllowedHereOnly numeric character entities or special character entities are legal here
0x17C77 (97399)kXMLParserErr_Unexpected2ndSurrogateCharGot an unexpected trailing surrogate character
0x17C78 (97400)kXMLParserErr_NoPIStartsWithXMLNo processing instruction starts with 'xml'
0x17C79 (97401)kXMLParserErr_XMLDeclMustBeFirstThe XML or Text declaration must start at line/column 1/1
0x17C7A (97402)kXMLParserErr_XMLVersionRequiredThe 'version=' string is required in an XMLDecl
0x17C7B (97403)kXMLParserErr_StandaloneNotLegalThe 'standalone=' string is only allowed in the main XML entity
0x17C7C (97404)kXMLParserErr_TooManyColonsInNameWhen namespaces are enabled, a name can have only one colon character,
0x17C7D (97405)kXMLParserErr_InvalidColonPosWhen namespaces are enabled, the colon cannot be the first or last character
0x17C7E (97406)kXMLParserErr_ColonNotLegalWithNSColons are not allowed in this name when namespaces are enabled
0x17C7F (97407)kXMLParserErr_SysExceptionA system exception occurred during processing
0x17C80 (97408)kXMLParserErr_XMLExceptionParser Error
0x17C81 (97409)kXMLParserErr_UnexpectedEOFUnexpected end of file exception. Message: ^1
0x17C82 (97410)kXMLParserErr_E_HighBoundsParser Error
0x17C83 (97411)kXMLParserErr_V_LowBoundsParser Error
0x17C84 (97412)kXMLParserErr_ElementNotDefinedUnknown element '^1'
0x17C85 (97413)kXMLParserErr_AttNotDefinedAttribute '^1' not defined
0x17C86 (97414)kXMLParserErr_NotationNotDeclaredNotation '^1' was referenced but never declared
0x17C87 (97415)kXMLParserErr_RootElemNotLikeDocTypeRoot element different from DOCTYPE
0x17C88 (97416)kXMLParserErr_RequiredAttrNotProvidedRequired attribute '^1' was not provided
0x17C89 (97417)kXMLParserErr_ElementNotValidForContentElement '^1' is not valid for content model: '^2'
0x17C8A (97418)kXMLParserErr_BadIDAttrDefTypeID attributes must be #IMPLIED or #REQUIRED
0x17C8B (97419)kXMLParserErr_InvalidEmptyAttValueThis type of attribute cannot have an empty value
0x17C8C (97420)kXMLParserErr_ElementAlreadyExistsElement '^1' has already been declared
0x17C8D (97421)kXMLParserErr_MultipleIdAttrsElement '^1' has more than one ID attribute
0x17C8E (97422)kXMLParserErr_ReusedIDValueID '^1' has already been used
0x17C8F (97423)kXMLParserErr_IDNotDeclaredID attribute '^1' was referenced but never declared
0x17C90 (97424)kXMLParserErr_UnknownNotRefAttrAttribute '^1' refers to an unknown notation '^2'
0x17C91 (97425)kXMLParserErr_UndeclaredElemInDocTypeElement '^1' was used in the DOCTYPE but never declared
0x17C92 (97426)kXMLParserErr_EmptyNotValidForContentEmpty content not valid for content model: '^1'
0x17C93 (97427)kXMLParserErr_AttNotDefinedForElementAttribute '^1' is not declared for element '^2'
0x17C94 (97428)kXMLParserErr_BadEntityRefAttrAttributes of type ENTITY/ENTITIES must refer to an external, unparsed entity
0x17C95 (97429)kXMLParserErr_UnknownEntityRefAttrAttribute '^1' refers to an unknown entity '^2'
0x17C96 (97430)kXMLParserErr_NotEnoughElemsForCMNot enough elements to match content model : '^1'
0x17C97 (97431)kXMLParserErr_NoCharDataInCMNo character data is allowed by the specified content model
0x17C98 (97432)kXMLParserErr_DoesNotMatchEnumListAttribute '^1' does not match its defined enumeration or notation list
0x17C99 (97433)kXMLParserErr_AttrValNotNameThe values for attribute '^1' must be names or name tokens
0x17C9A (97434)kXMLParserErr_NoMultipleValuesAttribute '^1' does not support multiple values
0x17C9B (97435)kXMLParserErr_NotSameAsFixedValueAttribute '^1' has a value, '^2', that does not match its #FIXED value, '^3'
0x17C9C (97436)kXMLParserErr_RepElemInMixedElement types cannot be duplicated in Mixed content models
0x17C9D (97437)kXMLParserErr_V_HighBoundsParser Error
0x17CA1 (97441)kXMLParserErr_NO_MEMORYOut of memory
0x17CA2 (97442)kXMLParserErr_SYNTAXSyntax error
0x17CA3 (97443)kXMLParserErr_NO_ELEMENTSNo element found
0x17CA4 (97444)kXMLParserErr_INVALID_TOKENNot well-formed
0x17CA5 (97445)kXMLParserErr_UNCLOSED_TOKENUnclosed token
0x17CA6 (97446)kXMLParserErr_PARTIAL_CHARPartial character
0x17CA7 (97447)kXMLParserErr_TAG_MISMATCHMismatched tag
0x17CA8 (97448)kXMLParserErr_DUPLICATE_ATTRIBUTEDuplicate attribute
0x17CA9 (97449)kXMLParserErr_JUNK_AFTER_DOC_ELEMENTJunk after document element
0x17CAA (97450)kXMLParserErr_PARAM_ENTITY_REFIllegal parameter entity reference
0x17CAB (97451)kXMLParserErr_UNDEFINED_ENTITYUndefined entity
0x17CAC (97452)kXMLParserErr_RECURSIVE_ENTITY_REFRecursive entity reference
0x17CAD (97453)kXMLParserErr_ASYNC_ENTITYAsynchronous entity
0x17CAE (97454)kXMLParserErr_BAD_CHAR_REFReference to invalid character number
0x17CAF (97455)kXMLParserErr_BINARY_ENTITY_REFReference to binary entity
0x17CB0 (97456)kXMLParserErr_ATTRIBUTE_EXTERNAL_ENTITY_REFReference to external entity in attribute
0x17CB1 (97457)kXMLParserErr_MISPLACED_XML_PIText declaration not at start of external entity
0x17CB2 (97458)kXMLParserErr_UNKNOWN_ENCODINGUnknown encoding
0x17CB3 (97459)kXMLParserErr_INCORRECT_ENCODINGEncoding specified in the XML declaration is incorrect
0x17CB4 (97460)kXMLParserErr_UNCLOSED_CDATA_SECTIONUnclosed CDATA section
0x17CB5 (97461)kXMLParserErr_EXTERNAL_ENTITY_HANDLINGError in processing external entity reference
0x17CB6 (97462)kXMLParserErr_NOT_STANDALONEDocument is not standalone
0x17CB7 (97463)kXMLParserErr_UNEXPECTED_STATEUnexpected parser state.
0x17CB8 (97464)kXMLParserErr_ENTITY_DECLARED_IN_PEEntity declared in parameter entity
0x17CB9 (97465)kXMLParserErr_FEATURE_REQUIRES_XML_DTDRequested feature requires XML_DTD support in expat
0x17CBA (97466)kXMLParserErr_CANT_CHANGE_FEATURE_ONCE_PARSINGCannot change settings once parsing has begun
0x17CBB (97467)kXMLParserErr_UNEXPECTED_DOCTYPE_NAMEUnexpected DOCTYPE name
0x17CBC (97468)kXMLParserErr_USER_HANDLER_ABORTUser abort from limit handler
0x17CBD (97469)kXMLParserErr_UNBOUND_PREFIXUnbound namespace prefix
0x17CBE (97470)kXMLParserErr_NUM_GENERIC_ERROR_MESSAGESGeneric parser error
0x17CC9 (97481)kXMLParserErr_CaseMismatchExpected keyword '^1', found a match with the wrong case, please correct
0x17CCA (97482)kXMLParserErr_NUM_X_PARSER_ERRORSGeneric extended parser error
0x17E02 (97794)kIllegalRadioButtonIndexErrInvalid radio button index
0x19333 (103219)kXMLXPathErr_INVALID_EXPRESSION_ERRXPath expression error
0x19334 (103220)kXMLXPathErr_TYPE_ERRXPath type error
0x19335 (103221)kXMLXPathUnknown_ERRUnspecifed XPath error
0x19338 (103224)kXMLDOMErr_INDEX_SIZE_ERRDOM transformation error: Invalid index.
0x19339 (103225)kXMLDOMErr_DOMSTRING_SIZE_ERRDOM transformation error: Invalid string size.
0x1933A (103226)kXMLDOMErr_HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERRDOM transformation error: Invalid Hierarchy.
0x1933B (103227)kXMLDOMErr_WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERRDOM transformation error: Wrong document.
0x1933C (103228)kXMLDOMErr_INVALID_CHARACTER_ERRDOM transformation error: Invalid character.
0x1933D (103229)kXMLDOMErr_NO_DATA_ALLOWED_ERRDOM transformation error: No data allowed.
0x1933E (103230)kXMLDOMErr_NO_MODIFICATION_ALLOWED_ERRDOM transformation error: No modification allowed.
0x1933F (103231)kXMLDOMErr_NOT_FOUND_ERRDOM transformation error: Item not found.
0x19340 (103232)kXMLDOMErr_NOT_SUPPORTED_ERRDOM transformation error: Instruction not supported.
0x19341 (103233)kXMLDOMErr_INUSE_ATTRIBUTE_ERRDOM transformation error: Attribute is in use.
0x19342 (103234)kXMLDOMErr_INVALID_STATE_ERRDOM transformation error: Invalid state.
0x19343 (103235)kXMLDOMErr_SYNTAX_ERRDOM transformation error: Syntax error
0x19344 (103236)kXMLDOMErr_INVALID_MODIFICATION_ERRDOM transformation error: Invalid modification.
0x19345 (103237)kXMLDOMErr_NAMESPACE_ERRDOM transformation error: Invalid namespace.
0x19346 (103238)kXMLDOMErr_INVALID_ACCESS_ERRDOM transformation error: Invalid access.
0x193CA (103370)kStylesheetEntityNotResolvedThe external entity '^1' can not be found. Encountered in style sheet
0x193CB (103371)kStylesheetNotFoundErrStylesheet '^1', specified in the XSLT processing instruction can not be found. File was exported without any transformations performed.
0x193CC (103372)kStylesheetIncludeNotFoundErrxsl:include file '^1', can not be found
0x193CD (103373)kStylesheetImportNotFoundErrxsl:import file '^1', can not be found
0x193D1 (103377)kStylesheetNotFoundOnImportErrStylesheet '^1', specified in the XSLT processing instruction can not be found. File was imported without any transformations performed.
0x193D2 (103378)kXMLDTDValidityErr_MultiNotationElement '^1' has more than one NOTATION attribute specified.
0x193D3 (103379)kXMLDTDValidityErr_NotationOnEmptyElementAn attribute of type NOTATION must not be declared on an element declared EMPTY.
0x193D4 (103380)kXMLDTDValidityErr_DuplicateTokenThe notation names in a NotationType attribute declaration, and the NmTokens in an enumeration attribute declaration must all be distinct.
0x19400 (103424)kXMLTransformerErr_NoErrorNo Error
0x19401 (103425)kXMLTransformerErr_NOT_OKGeneric Error
0x19402 (103426)kXMLTransformerErr_XMLkAXEXSLTransformerErr_XML
0x19403 (103427)kXMLTransformerErr_BAD_CHARIllegal character for encoding '^1'
0x19404 (103428)kXMLTransformerErr_FILE_OPENCannot open file '^1'
0x19405 (103429)kXMLTransformerErr_MEMORYNot enough memory to open processor
0x19406 (103430)kXMLTransformerErr_UNSUPP_XSLUnsupported XSL instruction '^1
0x19407 (103431)kXMLTransformerErr_BAD_XSLNon-XSL instruction
0x19408 (103432)kXMLTransformerErr_REQ_ATTRMissing required XSLT attribute
0x19409 (103433)kXMLTransformerErr_BAD_ATTRUnexpected attribute '^1'
0x1940A (103434)kXMLTransformerErr_UNKNOWN_AXISUnknown axis '^1'
0x1940B (103435)kXMLTransformerErr_EXPR_SYNTAXWrong expression syntax
0x1940C (103436)kXMLTransformerErr_BAD_NUMBERNumber in bad format
0x1940D (103437)kXMLTransformerErr_BAD_VARIllegal variable name
0x1940E (103438)kXMLTransformerErr_INFINITE_LITERALMissing right delimiter of a literal
0x1940F (103439)kXMLTransformerErr_LPAREN_EXP'(' expected
0x19410 (103440)kXMLTransformerErr_RPAREN_EXP')' expected
0x19411 (103441)kXMLTransformerErr_LPARCKET_EXP'(' or '[' expected
0x19412 (103442)kXMLTransformerErr_RBRACKET_EXP']' expected
0x19413 (103443)kXMLTransformerErr_EMPTY_PATTPattern empty
0x19414 (103444)kXMLTransformerErr_BAD_TOKENToken '^1' not recognized
0x19415 (103445)kXMLTransformerErr_BAD_AXIS_IN_PATTERNIllegal axis in pattern
0x19416 (103446)kXMLTransformerErr_BAD_PATTERNInvalid pattern
0x19417 (103447)kXMLTransformerErr_VAR_IN_MATCHMatch pattern contains a variable reference
0x19418 (103448)kXMLTransformerErr_BAD_PREFIXInvalid namespace prefix '^1'
0x19419 (103449)kXMLTransformerErr_EXTRA_COLON'^1' contains two colons
0x1941A (103450)kXMLTransformerErr_ELEM_MUST_EMPTYXSL element '^1' must be empty
0x1941B (103451)kXMLTransformerErr_ELEM_CONT_TEXT_OR_LREXSL element '^1' can only contain XSL elements
0x1941C (103452)kXMLTransformerErr_ELEM_CONTAINS_ELEMElement '^1' cannot contain element '^2' at this point
0x1941D (103453)kXMLTransformerErr_ELEM_MUST_BE_PCDATAElement '^1' must contain PCDATA only
0x1941E (103454)kXMLTransformerErr_ELEM_TOPLEVELElement '^1' can only be used at top level
0x1941F (103455)kXMLTransformerErr_BAD_ELEM_CONTENTBad element content
0x19420 (103456)kXMLTransformerErr_DUPLICATE_RULE_NAMEDuplicate rule name '^1'
0x19421 (103457)kXMLTransformerErr_DUPLICATE_ASET_NAMEDuplicate attribute set name '^1'
0x19422 (103458)kXMLTransformerErr_NONEX_ASET_NAMENon-existent attribute set name '^1'
0x19423 (103459)kXMLTransformerErr_CIRCULAR_ASET_REFCircular reference to attribute set '^1'
0x19424 (103460)kXMLTransformerErr_DUPLICIT_KEYDuplicate key '^1'
0x19425 (103461)kXMLTransformerErr_KEY_NOT_FOUNDKey '^1' not found
0x19426 (103462)kXMLTransformerErr_FORMAT_DUPLICIT_OPTIONOption '^1' specified twice
0x19427 (103463)kXMLTransformerErr_FORMAT_OPTION_CHAROption '^1' must be a single character
0x19428 (103464)kXMLTransformerErr_FORMAT_DUPLICIT_NAMEDuplicate decimal-format name '^1'
0x19429 (103465)kXMLTransformerErr_FORMAT_NOT_FOUNDDecimal-format '^1' not defined
0x1942A (103466)kXMLTransformerErr_FORMAT_INVALIDInvalid format string
0x1942B (103467)kXMLTransformerErr_NUMBER_LEVELValue '^1' invalid for attribute level of xsl:number
0x1942C (103468)kXMLTransformerErr_NUMBER_LETTER_VALUEValue '^1' invalid for attribute letter-value of xsl:number
0x1942D (103469)kXMLTransformerErr_CIRCULAR_INCLUSIONCircular inclusion of '^1'
0x1942E (103470)kXMLTransformerErr_VAR_NOT_FOUNDVariable '^1' not found
0x1942F (103471)kXMLTransformerErr_VAR_CIRCULAR_REFCircular reference to variable '^1'
0x19430 (103472)kXMLTransformerErr_CONTEXT_FOR_BAD_EXPRExpression is not a node set
0x19431 (103473)kXMLTransformerErr_BAD_ARGS_NInvalid number of function arguments
0x19432 (103474)kXMLTransformerErr_BAD_ARG_TYPEIllegal argument type
0x19433 (103475)kXMLTransformerErr_FUNC_NOT_SUPPORTEDFunction '^1' not supported
0x19434 (103476)kXMLTransformerErr_RULE_NOT_FOUNDCalled non-existent rule '^1'
0x19435 (103477)kXMLTransformerErr_MULT_ASSIGNMENTConflicting variable bindings '^1'
0x19436 (103478)kXMLTransformerErr_ATTR_YES_NOAttribute '^1' must have a yes/no value
0x19437 (103479)kXMLTransformerErr_ATTRIBUTE_TOO_LATEAttribute '^1' created after a child has been added
0x19438 (103480)kXMLTransformerErr_ATTRIBUTE_OUTSIDEAttribute '^1' created with no parent element
0x19439 (103481)kXMLTransformerErr_BAD_CHAR_IN_ENCCharacter '^1' is illegal in the output encoding
0x1943A (103482)kXMLTransformerErr_PI_TARGETInvalid processing instruction target '^1'
0x1943B (103483)kXMLTransformerErr_ELEM_IN_COMMENT_PIElement created inside a comment, processing instruction or attribute
0x1943C (103484)kXMLTransformerErr_XSL_MESSAGE_TERMxsl:message '^1' terminating
0x1943D (103485)kXMLTransformerErr_URI_OPENCannot open document ^1
0x1943E (103486)kXMLTransformerErr_URI_CLOSECannot close document ^1
0x1943F (103487)kXMLTransformerErr_URI_READCannot read from document ^1
0x19440 (103488)kXMLTransformerErr_URI_WRITECannot write to document ^1
0x19441 (103489)kXMLTransformerErr_ARG_NOT_FOUND'arg:^1' not found
0x19442 (103490)kXMLTransformerErr_DUPLICATE_ARGDuplicate argument '^1'
0x19443 (103491)kXMLTransformerErr_UNSUPPORTED_SCHEMEUnsupported URI scheme
0x19444 (103492)kXMLTransformerErr_INVALID_HLR_TYPEInvalid handler type
0x19445 (103493)kXMLTransformerErr_UNKNOWN_ENCUnknown encoding '^1'
0x19446 (103494)kXMLTransformerErr_SDOMA DOM exception was reported: '^1' The U.S. English error message is: ^2
0x19447 (103495)kXMLTransformerErr_NONENo error
0x19448 (103496)kXMLTransformerErr_EX_NAMESPACE_UNKNOWNExcluded prefix '^1' is not bound to any namespace
0x19449 (103497)kXMLTransformerErr_INVALID_DATA_IN_PIInvalid sequence in PI data
0x1944A (103498)kXMLTransformerErr_UNSUPPORTED_EXELEMENTExtension element '^1' not supported
0x1944B (103499)kXMLTransformerErr_ATTR_MISSINGRequired attribute '^1' is missing
0x1944C (103500)kXMLTransformerErr_JS_EVAL_ERRORkAXEXSLTransformerErr_JS_EVAL_ERROR
0x1944D (103501)kXMLTransformerErr_W_UNSUPP_LANGFunction lang() not supported, returning false
0x1944E (103502)kXMLTransformerErr_W_NO_STYLESHEETThe included or imported stylesheet '^1' contains no xsl:stylesheet or xsl:transform element
0x1944F (103503)kXMLTransformerErr_W_HLR_REGISTEREDConflicting registration of a '^1' handler ignored
0x19450 (103504)kXMLTransformerErr_W_HLR_NOT_REGISTERED'^1' handler not registered
0x19451 (103505)kXMLTransformerErr_W_OLD_NS_USEDThe obsolete XSLT namespace URI '^1' not recognized
0x19452 (103506)kXMLTransformerErr_W_XSL_NOT_XSLNamespace URI '^1' bound to 'xsl' is not the current XSLT URI
0x19453 (103507)kXMLTransformerErr_W_OUTPUT_ATTRConflicting attribute '^1' on xsl:output, using last
0x19454 (103508)kXMLTransformerErr_W_DISABLE_OUTPUT_ESCOutput escaping cannot be disabled on a non-text node
0x19455 (103509)kXMLTransformerErr_W_UNSUPP_OUT_ENCODINGOutput encoding '^1' not supported, using 'UTF-8'
0x19456 (103510)kXMLTransformerErr_W_UNSUPP_XSLIgnoring unsupported XSL instruction '^1'
0x19457 (103511)kXMLTransformerErr_W_XSL_MESSAGE_NOTERMNon-terminating xsl:message '^1'
0x19458 (103512)kXMLTransformerErr_W_SORT_DATA_TYPEUnknown data type '^1', sorting as text
0x19459 (103513)kXMLTransformerErr_W_SORT_ORDERInvalid sort order '^1', using ascending sort
0x1945A (103514)kXMLTransformerErr_W_SORT_CASE_ORDERInvalid case order '^1', using default
0x1945B (103515)kXMLTransformerErr_W_LANGUnsupported language '^1' on xsl:sort
0x1945C (103516)kXMLTransformerErr_W_NO_WCSXFRMInternational sorting unavailable on this system - sorting natively
0x1945D (103517)kXMLTransformerErr_W_BAD_STARTDocument starts with unrecognizable sequence
0x1945E (103518)kXMLTransformerErr_W_NUMBER_GROUPINGNo valid value of attribute grouping-size or grouping-separator of xsl:number -- ignoring
0x1945F (103519)kXMLTransformerErr_W_NUMBER_NOT_POSITIVENumber is not positive -- using absolute value or 1
0x19460 (103520)kXMLTransformerErr_W_ATTSET_REDEFAttribute '^1' redefined in attribute set '^2'
0x19461 (103521)kXMLTransformerErr_W_ALIAS_REDEFAlias '^1' redefinition
0x19462 (103522)kXMLTransformerErr_W_INVALID_QNAME'^1' is not a valid QName
0x19463 (103523)kXMLTransformerErr_W_INVALID_NCNAME'^1' is not a valid NCName
0x19464 (103524)kXMLTransformerErr_W_DOC_FRAGMENTFragment identifiers are not supported in the document() function (uri: '^1')
0x19465 (103525)kXMLTransformerErr_W_NONEWarning - no error
0x19466 (103526)kXMLTransformerErr_PI_SYNTAX_ERRORxml-stylesheet PI Syntax error: '^1'
0x19467 (103527)kXMLTransformerErr_W_UNSUPP_OUTPUT_METHUnsupported xsl:output method '^1'; using xml output
0x19468 (103528)kXMLTransformerErr_DUPLICATE_ATTRIBUTEDuplicate attribute '^1'
0x19469 (103529)kXMLTransformerErr_INVALID_OPERAND_TYPEInvalid operand type in comparison
0x1946A (103530)kXMLTransformerErr_INVALID_DOM_OUTPUT_METHText format specified by 'xsl:output method=' is not appropriate for a DOM.
0x1946B (103531)kXMLTransformerErr_NO_CLIENT_ENTITY_RESOLVERUsage Error: Client failed to provide entity resolver.
0x1946C (103532)kXMLTransformerErr_NOSUPP_STYLESHEET_IN_STYLESHEETUnsupported feature: embedded stylesheet in xml-stylesheet PI.
0x1946D (103533)kXMLTransformerErr_DUPLICATE_OUTDOCDuplicate output document URI '^1'
0x1946E (103534)kXMLTransformerErr_ATTRIBUTE_MISPLACEDAttribute '^1' misplaced
0x1946F (103535)kXMLTransformerErr_USER_ABORTClient Error: User Handler Abort.
0x19470 (103536)kXMLTransformerErr_NUM_ERRORSAXE XSLT generic error
0x19901 (104705)kCantLoadTypeLibraryErrorUnable to load ^1 (Version ^2).
0x19902 (104706)kArgumentsAreReadOnlyErrorArguments passed to scripts are read-only.
0x1A202 (107010)kDMMissingDataSourceThe data source file cannot be found. Choose the Select Data Source command again to find the data file.
0x1A204 (107012)kDMErrItemsOnMasterPageOne or more master pages include placeholder fields. You cannot merge or preview data records until you delete all placeholders from master pages.
0x1A205 (107013)kDMErrorFieldMismatchThere is at least one data placeholder that cannot be found in the data source. Make sure all the placeholders correspond to the fields in the data source.
0x1A206 (107014)kDMMissingPlaceHoldersMissing Placeholders
0x1A207 (107015)kDMCannotPlaceOnMasterErrYou cannot place a data field on a master page.
0x1A208 (107016)kDMMultpleRecordDeniedMultiple records per page not allowed for a multi-page document.
0x1A209 (107017)kDMScriptingOpDeniedData merge scripting operation denied. Either the Data Merge panel is closed, or it is minimized and preview is on.
0x1A20A (107018)kInvalidRecordRangeStringKeyOne or more of the records specified are not valid record numbers.
0x1A20C (107020)kDMEmpty_File_ErrorThis data file is not a text file. Choose the Select Data Source command again and then select a comma-separated or tab-delimited text file.
0x1A20D (107021)kDMOpen_ErrorThe data source cannot be opened. Confirm that the file exists and that you have rights to open it, then choose the Select Data Source command again.
0x1A20E (107022)kDMNo_Records_ErrorThe data source file you selected has no records. Please fix the file or select a file that contains records.
0x1A20F (107023)kInvalidDataSourceTypeErrorThe data source file you selected either has no records or is not a supported file format. Please fix the file, select a file that contains records, or select a supported file type.
0x1A210 (107024)kDMCannotPlaceOnMasterPageErrorData merge objects cannot be on both document and master pages. Please place all data merge fields either on document pages or on master pages.
0x1A211 (107025)kDMCannotPlaceOnRegularPageErrorData merge objects cannot be on both document and master pages. Please place all data merge fields either on document pages or on master pages.
0x1A212 (107026)kDMCannotMergeMixedFieldsErrorThere are data fields on master pages and document pages. You cannot merge or preview data records until you position data fields either on master pages only, or on document pages only.
0x1A213 (107027)kDMNoPlaceholderOnRegularPagesErrorCannot create merged document because no placeholders are present. Please add items from the Data Merge panel to the document pages and try again.
0x1A214 (107028)kDMPlaceholderInMasterFootnotesErrorOne or more data placeholders are in a footnote on a master page. The merged document may be incomplete or incorrect.
0x1A401 (107521)kBNCharAndTypeRequiredErrorBoth bullet character and bullet type must be specified or neither should be specified
0x1A402 (107522)kBNFontReqdForUnicodeWithFontErrorFont must not be text font for bullets of type Unicode with font
0x1A403 (107523)kBNFontReqdForGlyphWithFontErrorFont must not be text font for bullets of type glyph with font
0x1A404 (107524)kBNTextFontStyleForNonTextFontErrorFont style must not be text font style when the font is not text font
0x1A405 (107525)kBNMissingFontStyleForFontErrorThe font style does not exist for the specified font
0x1A406 (107526)kBNNegativeLeftIndentErrorLeft indent cannot be less than zero
0x1A407 (107527)kBNNeedLIAndFLIErrorBoth left indent and first line indent should be specified
0x1A408 (107528)kBNNegativeLIPlusFLIErrorThe sum of left indent and first line indent should not be less than zero
0x1A409 (107529)kBNNeedTabBetweenLIAndFLIErrorWhen the first line indent value is negative, the tab must be positioned between the first line indent and left indent
0x1A40A (107530)kBNNeedTabAfterFLIErrorThe tab must be positioned to the right of the sum of left indent and first line indent
0x1A40B (107531)kBNLIMustBeAtLeast18pErrorLeft indent must at least be 18 points
0x1A40C (107532)kBNInvalidNumberingStyleErrorThe specified numbering format does not exist
0x1A40D (107533)kBNFindChangeListNoneErrorCannot set bullets or numbering properties in Find/Change if the list type is none or not set
0x1A40E (107534)kBNFindChangeListBulletErrorCannot set bullet properties in Find/Change if the list type is numbered
0x1A40F (107535)kBNFindChangeListNumberErrorCannot set numbering properties in Find/Change if the list type is bulleted
0x1A412 (107538)kBNDeleteDefaultListStyleErrorDefault list cannot be deleted.
0x1A413 (107539)kBNModifyDefaultListStyleErrorDefault list cannot be modified.
0x1A414 (107540)kBNInvalidTextAfterTabSpaceErrorA tab character in the Text After field is not in a valid location. Please delete the tab or make it the last character in the field.
0x1A415 (107541)kBNInvalidNumberLevelPlaceholdersErrorNumber field specifies a level that is lower than the current list level. Change the Level setting, or change the Number field to use levels equal to or higher than the current level.
0x1A416 (107542)kBNInvalidNumberFormatNoneErrorThe format is None but number placeholders are specified. Please select a number format other than None, or remove the number placeholders from the Number field.
0x1A417 (107543)kBNInvalidNumberTabSpaceErrorA tab character in the Number field is not in a valid location. Please delete the tab or make it the last character in the field.
0x1A418 (107544)kBNEmptyListStyleNameErrorThe list must have a name.
0x1A419 (107545)kBNExistingListStyleNameErrorA list with the specified name already exists.
0x1A41A (107546)kBNChapterNumberNotUserDefinedErrorChapter number of the document is not user defined. Can't Modify Chapter Number. Please assign ChapterNumberType.userDefined to chapterNumberPreferences.chapterNumberType before this statement.
0x1A41B (107547)kBNDocIsNotContentOfBookErrorThe Document is not part of active book. Chapter Number can't depend on previous document in Book.
0x1A41C (107548)kBNInvalidListErrorThe list specified is not valid.
0x1B40A (111626)kINXCoreWrongDocTypeThis is not a valid InDesign® Interchange document.
0x1B40B (111627)kINXCoreWrongBuildNumberThis InDesign® Interchange document was exported by a different build of InDesign® .
0x1B40C (111628)kINXCorePrereleaseFileThis InDesign® Interchange document was exported by a pre-release build of InDesign®.
0x1B40D (111629)kINXCoreWrongFeatureSetThis InDesign® Interchange document was exported by a different version of InDesign® (Feature Set is different).
0x1B40E (111630)kINXCoreWrongLanguageThis InDesign® Interchange document was exported by a different version of InDesign® (Language is different).
0x1B40F (111631)kINXCoreSetAttrFailedCould not assign an attribute value.
0x1B410 (111632)kINXCoreCreateChildFailedCould not create a child object.
0x1B411 (111633)kINXCoreNotCompactStyleThis InDesign® Interchange document does not have the "compact" format.
0x1B412 (111634)kINXCoreImportFailedAn attempt to import InDesign® Interchange data has failed due to an unspecified error condition.
0x1B413 (111635)kINXCoreNotIntendedReaderThis file contains data that cannot be read by this version of Adobe InDesign®. Adobe InDesign® version 0.0 or later is required.
0x1B414 (111636)kINXCoreInvalidDOMInformationThe InDesign® Interchange document contains invalid version information.
0x1B415 (111637)kINXCoreNotExpandedStyleThis InDesign® Interchange document does not have the "expanded" format.
0x1B416 (111638)kINXCoreUnknownElementTypeThe InDesign® Interchange document contains an unknown type of XML element.
0x1B417 (111639)kINXCoreInternalErrorInDesign® has encountered an unexpected condition while importing this file.
0x1B418 (111640)kINXCoreCantOpenSubFileThis InDesign® Interchange document does not have all of its components. The UCF component file "^1" could not be found.
0x1B419 (111641)kINXCoreSubFileAlreadyOpenedThis InDesign® Interchange document cannot be opened. The UCF component file "^1" cannot be opened more than once.
0x1B41E (111646)kINXCoreExportFailFailed to export the file. File cannot be written. Disk may be locked or full.
0x1B432 (111666)kINXCoreInvalidComponentName^1 is not a valid IDML component name.
0x1BE02 (114178)kBadEnumErrAn invalid enumerated value was encountered.
0x1BE03 (114179)kAssignmentExistsErrorAn assignment with the specified file path already exists.
0x1BE04 (114180)kNoAssignmentPathErrorA unique assignment file path is required to create an assignment.
0x1BE05 (114181)kCantDeleteUnAssignmentErrThe Unassigned InCopy Content assignment cannot be deleted.
0x1BE08 (114184)kAcquireMailServiceErrAn error occurred while acquiring the email service.
0x1BE09 (114185)kCreateMessageErrAn error occurred while creating the email message.
0x1BE0A (114186)kSendMessageErrAn error occurred while sending the email message.
0x1BE0B (114187)kAddAttachmentErrAn error occurred while adding an attachment.
0x1BE0E (114190)kAssignmentFileNotFoundErrThe assignment file could not be found.
0x1BE14 (114196)kAssignmentWrongDocTypeErrThe selected package file requires an InDesign® document that cannot be opened.
0x1BE15 (114197)kAssignmentExplodeForOpenErrAn error occurred opening the package file.
0x1BE1A (114202)kCreatePkgNoPackagePathErrorA path is required to create an assignment package.
0x1BE1B (114203)kCreatePkgUnassignmentNotAllowedErrThe Unassigned InCopy Content assignment cannot be packaged.
0x1BE1C (114204)kCreatePkgAlreadyPackagedErrThe assignment is already packaged.
0x1BE1D (114205)kCreatePkgCheckedOutByOtherErrOne or more stories in the assignment are checked out by another user.
0x1BE1E (114206)kCancelPkgNotPackagedErrThe assignment is not packaged.
0x1BE1F (114207)kCreatePkgSubmitBeforePackageFailedErrAn error occurred while submitting a story before package.
0x1BE20 (114208)kCreatePkgCheckedOutErrOne or more stories in the assignment are checked out, please submit them before packaging.
0x1BE21 (114209)kCreatePkgNotPackagedErrThe assignment is not packaged.
0x1BE22 (114210)kCreatePkgSaveAsnErrThe assignment could not be saved. The package operation failed.
0x1BE23 (114211)kCreatePkgJobBagErrThe assignment package manifest file could not be created. The assignment file location may be locked.
0x1BE24 (114212)kCreatePkgFailureThe package operation failed.
0x1BE25 (114213)kGetUpToDateNotPackagedErrThe assignment is not packaged.
0x1BE26 (114214)kCreatePkgCheckOutAfterPackageFailedErrOne or more stories could not be checked out, please check the path for these stories and try again.
0x1BE27 (114215)kPackageAssignmentNameErrThis assignment cannot be packaged because the assignment name includes one or more of these characters: / \ ? | * : " < >
0x1BE28 (114216)kCreatePkgDocNotSavedErrThe assignment cannot be packaged because the InDesign® document is not saved.
0x1BE29 (114217)kCreateAssignmentDocNotSavedErrThe assignment cannot be created because the InDesign® document is not saved.
0x1BE2A (114218)kStoryFormatNotCompatibleErrThe story format is not compatible with this assignment.
0x1C201 (115201)kDTEmptyFieldNamesErrorThe selected data source has one or more empty field names. Please fix the file or select another file.
0x20200 (131584)kMissingCellStylePropertyErrorCodeCould not find matching property!
0x20201 (131585)kMissingWorkspaceErrorCodeCannot find the workspace to add the cell style to!
0x20203 (131587)kCantGetNthCellStyleErrorCodeCould not get the Nth cell style!
0x20204 (131588)kCantRedefineCellStyleErrorCodeCould not redefine cell style!
0x20205 (131589)kCantGetCellStyleEventDataErrorCodeCan't get event data! Aborting!
0x20206 (131590)kCantGetStyleErrorCodeCan't get cell style!
0x20207 (131591)kCantCreateCellStyleBasedOnExistingErrorCode CantCreateCellStyleBasedOnExisting
0x20208 (131592)kCantGetCellStyleNameErrorCodeCannot get style name!
0x20209 (131593)kCouldntCreateCellStyleErrorCodeCould not create cell style!
0x2020A (131594)kCantGetFileToLoadCellStylesErrorCodeCould not get the name of the file to load styles from!
0x2020B (131595)kCouldNotGetLoadCellStylesOptionErrorCodeCould not get load options!
0x2020C (131596)kCouldNotLoadCellStylesErrorCodeCould not load cell styles!
0x2020D (131597)kCouldNotGetCellStyleToApplyErrorCodeCould not get style to apply!
0x2020E (131598)kNoCellSelectedErrorCodeNo cells selected!
0x2020F (131599)kCouldNotApplyCellStyleErrorCodeCould not apply cell style!
0x20210 (131600)kCouldNotGetCellStyleToDeleteErrorCodeCould not get style to delete!
0x20211 (131601)kCouldNotDeleteCellStyleErrorCodeCould not delete style!
0x20212 (131602)kCouldNotGetCellsToApplyToErrorCodeNo cells to apply to!
0x20213 (131603)kCouldNotGetNamedCellStyleErrorCodeCould not get cell style with the given name!
0x20214 (131604)kInvalidCellStyleRealNumberPropertyErrorCodeInvalid real number property!
0x20215 (131605)kCannotFindCellStyleColorErrorCodeCannot find specified color!
0x20216 (131606)kCantGetCellStyleGradAttrErrorCodeCannot get value for gradient property!
0x20217 (131607)kCantGetCellStyleParentErrorCodeCannot get parent cell style!
0x20218 (131608)kCannotGetCellStyleVertJustErrorCodeCannot get vertical justification!
0x20219 (131609)kCannotGetCellStyleFirstBaselineErrorCodeCannot get first baseline!
0x2021A (131610)kCannotGetCellStyleStrokeErrorCodeCannot get stroke property!
0x2021B (131611)kCannotGetCellStyleBoolValErrorCodeCannot get Boolean value!
0x2021C (131612)kCannotGetCellStyleInt32ValErrorCodeCannot get integer value!
0x2021D (131613)kCantGetReplacementCellStyleErrorCodeCannot get replacement style name!
0x2021E (131614)kCouldNotGetRemoveCellOverridesParamErrorCodeCannot get remove overrides parameter!
0x20300 (131840)kCouldNotAppendTableStylesErrorCodeCould not append table styles!
0x20301 (131841)kMissingTableStylePropertyErrorCodeMissing table style property!
0x20302 (131842)kCouldNotAppendNthTableStyleErrorCodeCould not get nth table style!
0x20303 (131843)kCantGetTableStyleEventDataErrorCodeCan't get event data!
0x20304 (131844)kCantGetTableStyleErrorCodeCan't get table style!
0x20305 (131845)kNoTablesErrorCodeNo tables!
0x20306 (131846)kCouldNotApplyTableStyleErrorCodeCould not apply table style!
0x20307 (131847)kCouldNotCopyTableStyleErrorCodeCould not copy table style!
0x20308 (131848)kNoTableSelectionErrorCodeNo table selection!
0x2030A (131850)kCouldNotCreateTableStyleErrorCodeCould not create table style!
0x2030B (131851)kCouldNotGetFileToLoadTableStylesErrorCodeCould not get file to load table styles from!
0x2030C (131852)kCouldNotLoadTableStylesErrorCodeCould not load table styles!
0x2030D (131853)kCouldNotGetLoadTableStylesOptionErrorCodeCan't get load table style option!
0x2030F (131855)kCouldNotGetTableStyleErrorCodeCould not delete table style!
0x20310 (131856)kInvalidTableStyleRealValueErrorCodeInvalid real value!
0x20311 (131857)kCouldNotGetTableStyleFootersBreakErrorCodeCannot get footers break!
0x20312 (131858)kCouldNotGetTableStyleHeadersBreakErrorCodeCannot get headers break!
0x20313 (131859)kCouldNotGetTableStyleStrokeOrderErrorCodeCould not get stroke order!
0x20314 (131860)kCouldNotGetTableStyleStrokeErrorCodeCould not get stroke!
0x20315 (131861)kCouldNotGetTableStyleColorErrorCodeCannot get specified color!
0x20316 (131862)kCouldNotGetTableStyleBoolValErrorCodeCannot get Boolean value!
0x20317 (131863)kCouldNotGetTableStyleInt32ValErrorCodeCannot get integer value!
0x20318 (131864)kCouldNotGetTableStyleNameErrorCodeCannot get table style name!
0x20319 (131865)kCouldNotGetParentTableStyleNameErrorCodeCannot get parent table style!
0x2031A (131866)kCouldNotGetTableStyleHeaderRowsErrorCodeCannot get header rows
0x2031B (131867)kCouldNotGetTableStyleFooterRowsErrorCodeCannot get footer rows!
0x2031C (131868)kCantGetRemoveTableOverridesParamErrorCodeCannot get remove table overrides parameter!
0x2031D (131869)kCantGetReplacementTableStyleErrorCodeCannot get replacement table style!
0x2031E (131870)kTableStyleHeaderRowsInvalidErrorCodeHeader rows are invalid!
0x2031F (131871)kTableStyleInvalidInt32ErrorCodeInvalid integer value!
0x20320 (131872)kTableStyleFooterRowsInvalidErrorCodeFooter rows are invalid!
0x20321 (131873)kTableStylePropertyNotDefinedErrorCodeTable style property is not defined!
0x20322 (131874)kCantRedefineStyleErrorCodeCannot redefine style
0x20501 (132353)kDynDocs_ExportFailureErrorFailed to export the file.
0x20502 (132354)kDynDocs_FlatteningFailureErrorAn error occurred while flattening.
0x20503 (132355)kDynDocs_OpenFileErrorFailed to open file for writing.
0x20507 (132359)kDynDocs_ImageConvertErrorAn error occurring converting a raster image.
0x20508 (132360)kDynDocs_RasterizeErrorAn error occurring while rasterizing content.
0x20509 (132361)kPageTrans_CannotFindErrorCannot find the requested page transition.
0x2050A (132362)kPageTrans_SettingErrorCannot set page transition information.
0x2050B (132363)kPageTrans_BadDirectionErrorThe specified direction is not supported by the page transition.
0x2050C (132364)kMotion_OpenPresetFileErrorFailed to read motion preset file.
0x2050D (132365)kMotion_BadPresetFileErrorThe file selected is not a motion preset, please choose another.
0x2050E (132366)kMotion_MotionXMLErrorAn error occurring while converting motion preset XML.
0x2050F (132367)kMotion_BadPresetDescriptionErrorThe XML description for the motion preset is invalid.
0x20510 (132368)kMotion_CannotDeleteLockedPresetErrorCannot delete locked motion preset.
0x20511 (132369)kMotion_CannotEditDefaultPresetErrorCannot edit default motion preset.
0x20512 (132370)kMotion_RenameDefaultPresetErrorCannot rename a default motion preset.
0x20513 (132371)kMotion_PresetNameEmptyErrorMotion preset name must not be blank.
0x20514 (132372)kMotion_PresetNameAlreadyExistsErrorMotion preset name already exists. Please choose a different name.
0x20515 (132373)kMotion_PresetNameInvalidErrorMotion preset name contains illegal characters.
0x20516 (132374)kMotion_CannotEditPresetErrorCannot edit locked motion preset.
0x20517 (132375)kMotion_PresetExistsReplaceErrorA preset file named '^1' already exists. Do you want to replace it with the one you are importing?
0x20519 (132377)kMotion_AnimationMotionPathErrorFailed to set animation motion path.
0x2051A (132378)kMotion_AnimationSetPropertyErrorFailed to set animation properties.
0x2051C (132380)kMotion_AnimationSaveCopyErrorFailed to save a copy of animation settings as motion preset file.
0x2051D (132381)kMotion_AnimationSaveCustomErrorFailed to save animation settings as custom preset.
0x2051E (132382)kMotion_DETimingListErrorTiming list scripting error.
0x2051F (132383)kMotion_DEFailToRemoveEventErrorFailed to remove an event trigger from timing list.
0x20520 (132384)kMotion_DEFailToSetDelayErrorFailed to set time delay for a target item.
0x20521 (132385)kMotion_DENotOnSameSpreadErrorTarget must be on the same spread.
0x20523 (132387)kMotion_DETargetAlreadyExistsErrorTarget already exists for this event trigger.
0x20524 (132388)kMotion_DESelfTriggerMoveTargetErrorCannot move a self-triggered target.
0x20525 (132389)kMotion_DESelfTriggerAddTargetErrorCannot add target to self-triggered event.
0x20526 (132390)kMotion_DESelfTriggerReplaceTargetErrorCannot replace target for a self-triggered event.
0x20527 (132391)kMotion_DESelfTriggerUnlinkTargetErrorCannot unlink target from a self-triggered event.
0x20528 (132392)kMotion_DEInvalidTriggerEventErrorInvalid triggering event.
0x20529 (132393)kMotion_CannotDeleteUsedPresetErrorCannot delete this motion preset. It is applied to one or more page items.
0x2052A (132394)kMotion_CannotCreateDefaultAnimationErrorFailed to create an empty animation preset.
0x2052B (132395)kMotion_DEMediaNotAllowedInPageClickEventErrorMovies and Sounds are not allowed in page click event.
0x2052C (132396)kMotion_AnimationUnknownEaseTypeErrorUnsupported ease type.
0x2052D (132397)kMotion_DECantDeleteButtonTimingListErrorCannot delete button timing list directly. To delete, remove button action list.
0x2052E (132398)kMotion_DEAddTargetErrorFailed to add target to the timing list.
0x2052F (132399)kMotion_DECannotMoveTargetErrorFailed to move or reassign target.
0x20530 (132400)kMotion_DECreateDynamicTargetErrorInternal Error: Failed to create a dynamic target.
0x20531 (132401)kMotion_DEFailToRemoveTargetErrorFailed to remove target from a event trigger.
0x20532 (132402)kMotion_CustomPresetNameAlreadyExistsErrorThis preset name already exists. Selecting OK will replace the existing preset.
0x20533 (132403)kMotion_PresetFilesFailedToLoadErrorOne or more of the preset files selected failed to load.
0x20534 (132404)kMotion_DECannotMoveGroupErrorFailed to move or reassign timing group.
0x2053C (132412)kDynDocs_UnableToCopyRequiredResourceErrorFailed to export the file. A media file could not be overwritten in the Resources folder. The media file may be opened or in use by a web browser or other application.
0x2053D (132413)kDynDocs_MissingLinkForResourceErrorFailed to export the file. A media page item has a missing link, so its file could not be copied to the Resources folder.
0x20701 (132865)kConditionTag_NameExistsAlreadyErrA condition with that name exists already.
0x20702 (132866)kConditionTag_DoesntExistErrThe condition does not exist.
0x20703 (132867)kConditionTag_ReplacementDoesntExistErrThe condition to use in place of the deleted condition does not exist.
0x20704 (132868)kConditionTag_InvalidColorErrThe specified color is invalid.
0x20705 (132869)kConditionTag_LockedContentErrThe content is locked and cannot be modified.
0x20706 (132870)kConditionTag_HiddenTextErrThe content is hidden and cannot be modified.
0x20707 (132871)kConditionTag_LoadSameDocErrYou cannot load conditions or sets into the same document.
0x20708 (132872)kConditionTag_LoadOpenDocErrCannot load conditions or sets from this file. The file may be in use or an unsupported format.
0x20709 (132873)kConditionTag_EmptyNameErrA condition name cannot be empty.
0x2070A (132874)kConditionTag_HiddenTextAnchorErrYou cannot apply conditions to a selection of hidden text anchor(s).
0x21A01 (137729)kBookMasterDocMissingStyle source document in book is missing.
0x21B01 (137985)kInvalidArticleParameterErrorInvalid Article passed. Article is not part of this document.
0x21B02 (137986)kInvalidMemberParameterErrorInvalid member passed. Member is not part of this article.
0x21B03 (137987)kParentGroupNotPartofArticleErrorThe parent group of the member is not part of this article.
0x21B04 (137988)kItemsBelongToDifferentGroupsErrorThe items belong to different groups within this article.
0x21B05 (137989)kInvalidChildParameterErrorInvalid page item passed. Item is not part of any group.
0x21D01 (138497)kPlaceAndLinkFailedErrorPlace and Link Failed.
0x21D02 (138498)kPlaceAndLinkInlineErrorCannot handle the request because the target or source of place and link cannot be an anchored object.
0x21D03 (138499)kInvalidSourceMappingNameParameterErrorThe source mapping name '^1' is invalid.
0x21D04 (138500)kInvalidDestMappingNameParameterErrorThe destination mapping name '^1' is invalid.
0x22101 (139521)kInvalidAlternateFlowsInLayoutErrorIDHTML Pagination Error. More than one story spans multiple pages.
0x22102 (139522)kNoEligibleExpansionPageForLayoutErrorIDHTML Pagination Error. Cannot find a master page with a primary text frame for use as an expansion page.
0x22300 (140032)ContentDropper + 0 (0x22300)Content Place Failed
0x22301 (140033)ContentDropper + 1 (0x22301)Content Load Failed
0x3CD00 (249088)kQATestThreadingBadDataTestThreading couldn't retrieve its parameters.
0x3E001 (253953)kQAScriptVantive356564Test-scripting response for verifying Vantive 356564.
0x3E002 (253954)kQAScriptBroadcastFailedTest-scripting couldn't broadcast.
0x3E003 (253955)kQAScriptBadDataTest-scripting couldn't retrieve any parameters.
0x3E004 (253956)kQAScriptUnknownTestTest-scripting couldn't find test.
0x3E005 (253957)kQAScriptTestMgrNotFoundTest-scripting couldn't find ITestMgr.
0x3E006 (253958)kQAScriptRunningTestNotFoundTest-scripting couldn't find running test.
0x3E007 (253959)kQAScriptUnregisteredTestSuiteNotFoundTest-scripting couldn't find kUnregisteredTestSuiteBoss.
0x3E008 (253960)kQAScriptTestSuiteTreeViewMgrNotFoundTest-scripting couldn't find ITestSuiteTreeViewMgr.
0x3E009 (253961)kQAScriptTestPathNotFoundTest-scripting couldn't find test path.
0x3E00A (253962)kQAScriptTestSuiteNotFoundTest-scripting couldn't find test suite.
0x3E00B (253963)kQAScriptTestPrefsNotFoundTest-scripting couldn't find test ITestPrefs.
0x3E00C (253964)kQAScriptAutoUIPrefsNotFoundTest-scripting couldn't find test IAutoUIPrefs.
0x3E00D (253965)kQAScriptFailedSettingTestPrefsTest-scripting failed setting ITestPrefs.
0x3E00E (253966)kQAScriptFailedSettingBenchPrefsTest-scripting failed setting IBenchPrefs.
0x3E00F (253967)kQAScriptUnknownTopicTest-Scripting doesn't recognize this topic.
0x3E010 (253968)kQAScriptTopicNotImplementedTest-Scripting recognizes this topic, but support hasn't been implemented.
0x3E100 (254208)QAScriptTestPrefix + 0 (0x3e100)The requested operation failed.
0x3E101 (254209)QAScriptTestPrefix + 1 (0x3e101)Test-scripting couldn't find the specified plug-in.
0x3E102 (254210)QAScriptTestPrefix + 2 (0x3e102)Test-scripting couldn't find this plug-in information.
0x3E103 (254211)QAScriptTestPrefix + 3 (0x3e103)Test-scripting didn't recognize this purge level.
0x3E104 (254212)QAScriptTestPrefix + 4 (0x3e104)The test suite is busy. Try running separate tests from separate scripts.
0x3E105 (254213)QAScriptTestPrefix + 5 (0x3e105)Test-scripting couldn't acquire IServerSettings.
0x3E106 (254214)QAScriptTestPrefix + 6 (0x3e106)Test-scripting didn't recognize this coverage operation.
0x3E107 (254215)QAScriptTestPrefix + 7 (0x3e107)Test-scripting found coverage in the wrong state for this operation.
0x3E108 (254216)QAScriptTestPrefix + 8 (0x3e108)Test-scripting expected a number but did not find one.
0x3E109 (254217)QAScriptTestPrefix + 9 (0x3e109)Test-scripting received a value that was out of range.
0x3E10A (254218)QAScriptTestPrefix + 10 (0x3e10a)The specified file does not exist.
0x3E10B (254219)QAScriptTestPrefix + 11 (0x3e10b)The specified file is invalid.
0x3E10C (254220)QAScriptTestPrefix + 12 (0x3e10c)The specified suite description file cannot be loaded onto the local list, because it has already been loaded onto the default list.
0x3E10D (254221)QAScriptTestPrefix + 13 (0x3e10d)The specified suite description file cannot be loaded onto the default list, because it has already been loaded onto the local list.
0x3E10E (254222)QAScriptTestPrefix + 14 (0x3e10e)Test-scripting can't print to QASessionAssertLog.txt. Are asserts being logged?
0x3E10F (254223)QAScriptTestPrefix + 15 (0x3e10f)The supplied string is not in the form, nameOfSuiteA:nameOfSuiteB.
0x3E110 (254224)QAScriptTestPrefix + 16 (0x3e110)Test-scripting could not open the document.
0x3E111 (254225)QAScriptTestPrefix + 17 (0x3e111)Test-scripting could not save the document.
0x3E112 (254226)QAScriptTestPrefix + 18 (0x3e112)The specified location does not exist.
0x3E401 (254977)kPrefabScriptMakeFailedPrefab couldn't make the specified model.