The plugin "FrameTags" provides the panel "Frame tags".

The plugin only provides the user interface and is optional.

Frame Tags are key/value pairs attached to Illustrator art objects (e.g. text frames or images). One can use this mechanism to attach meta data to elements which can be used e.g. for driving behavior inside of cScripts.

The keys are always strings - the values can be one of the following data types:

With the panel Frame tags key/value pairs can be stored on frames of inside a document. The panel always processes the first selected document frame.

  1. Name of the entry
  2. Data type of the entry
  3. Value of the entry. This display depends on the data type.
  4. Delete the selected entry.
  5. Add a new entry. When pressing this button a dialog is presented to configure the new key/value pair and the data type.

For editing an entry, doubleclick it to show the edit dialog

With the flyout menu of the panel and the menu item "Show hidden entries" you can show entries reserved by the Comet Plugins and Illustrator.

Changing these entries may cause Illustrator to behave unexpectedly or even crash!

This option is for debugging purposes only and should not be used in production!

A number of cScript functions are available for using the frame labels. The data type of the key/value pairs are currently always strings. If you fetch the value of a non-string entry, the value is converted to a string representation of that data type ("1" or "0" for data type Bool).

The panel has the ClassID 409