Each installation of the priint:comet Illustrator plugins requires a license file. Licenses are bound to an Illustrator and Comet Major version and only work on one computer at a time. These are so called node locked licenses.

To order a license you have to create a license order file. This file can be created directly in the Illustrator user interface using the priint:comet Illustrator plugins. Select Help->priint:comet->Order software from the menu.

In the following dialog you will be asked to enter the information you need:

There currently exist two license types for the priint:comet Illustrator plugins:

After you have successfully ordered a license, the priint Group will send you a license file that matches the data you ordered.

A license file contains all necessary license information and must be placed in the Illustrator plugin folder - e.g.

Or in the Comet plugin folder - e.g.

Please note the information about localized folder names.

The license file has the extension .lic and must begin with w2. The most basic license file name is w2.lic

When Illustrator starts, it checks whether a license exists. If no license is available, a thirty-day test phase is automatically started (if it has never been started before). From this time on the priint:comet Illustrator plugins can be tested in full functionality - without additional partner license features.

Before the trial period expires, you can view the remaining time in the window Help->priint:comet->About CoreService

When the trial period is over, all functionality of the priint:comet Illustrator plugins will be disabled.