Run an AppleScript.

Run an AppleScript. The functions expects the complete script text, not a path to an existing script file.

Although the function is defined under Windows it returns an error code here, of course.

Name Type Default Description
Return int   0 or ErrorCode

-1753 : syntax error in script text
-1199 : not implemented (Windows only)
script String or char* - complete script text (AppleScript of course!)
resultString String or char* 0 allocted result string for the scripts return value

The script expects a complete file path in the current text frame and duplicates this file. The full path of the result file is than written to the log file.

int create_duplicate (char * script)
    *script = 0;
strcat (script, "set p to \"$MyPath\"\n"); strcat (script, "set a to POSIX file p\n"); strcat (script, "\n"); strcat (script, "tell application \"Finder\"\n"); strcat (script, " set r to duplicate a\n"); strcat (script, "end tell"); strcat (script, "\n"); strcat (script, "set res to POSIX path of (r as string)\n"); strcat (script, "return res"); return 0; }
int main () { String txt = string::alloc (); char script [4000]; char resString[4000]; int res;
textmodel::gettext (txt); create_duplicate (script); strreplace (script, "$MyPath", file::uncurtain (string::get (txt)));
res = run_applescript (script, resString); wlog (   "",   "Duplicate returned %d with message '%s'\n",   res, resString);
return 0; }

... and vice versa cScript executed from AppleScript:

 	Open the products panel, login and load all products.
tell application "Adobe InDesign CS5"
 	set visible of panel "Product Pool" to 1
  set CT to comet 1 -- Die 1 ist wichtig!!   tell CT   set sc to ""   set sc to sc & "int main () {"   set sc to sc & "datapool::login (1, \"mysql\", \"root\", \"\", \"tablemodule\", \"\", 0, 0);"   set sc to sc & "list::reload (3, 1);"   set sc to sc & "return 0;}"
  eval cscript sc argument "" options ""
  end tell end tell

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