Length of a string in letters.

Length of a string in letters. This function ascertains how long a string is by searching for the concluding 0. Multibyte UTF8-letters are counted as one! If the string is not 0-terminated, the call can lead to significant errors.

This function does not give a response to how much memory is reserved for a string, this is something the script programmer should pay attention to him/herself.

Name Type Default Description
Return int   Length of the string without the concluding 0
s char* - 0-terminated string
countBytes int 0 Count letters or bytes?

0 : Letters
1 : Bytes
s must be 0-terminated
char * s = alloc (10000);
if (!s) return;
strcpy (s, "abcdefg");
showmessage ("%d", strlen (s));	// 7
release (s);


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