Replace a substring of a string with another string.

Replace a substring of a string with another string.

Name Type Default Description
Return char*   Pointer to the entry string. The entry string will be changed. There must be sufficient memory available.
str char* - String, in which the replacement(s) are to be made.
search char* - Character string to be replaced

since v3.2.3 R2600, 08.08.2011 The search string may be a regular expression. Use prefix "regexp:" to mark a search string as a regular expression.

since v3.3 R4000, 4. Jul 2013 With prefix "pcre:" a new machine for regular expressions is used. We recomment using this machine!

Since v3.4 R9000 and CS5 only PCRE is used for regulare expressions. The prefix regexp: is still allowed but will use PCRE too. Only CS4 still uses the old GNU compatible implementation.

replace char* - Character string to be entered
doAll int 1 0 : Only replace the first occurrence
1 : Replace all occurrences
startPos int 0 Start position for replacings, only valid for regular expressions.
compile_options int 0 Additional options while compiling regular expression, see here
study_options int 0 Additional options while studying compiled regular expression, see here
exec_options int 0 Additional options while executing regular expression, see here
strcpy (str, "Matthias");
strreplace (str, "tt", "t") returns "Mathias" strreplace (str, "a", "aAa") returns "MaAathiaAas"

Find all 3-digit substrings enclosed by letters and swap this letters.

int main ()
    char		regex	[200];
    char		repl	[200];
    String		str		= string::alloc ();
    char		txt		[20000];
// Regular expression strcpy (regex, "pcre:"); strcat (regex, "([a-z])([1-9]{3})([a-z])");
// Replace strcpy (repl, "\\3\\2\\1");
// Text frame::gettext (gFrame, str); strcpy (txt, string::get (str));
// Real work strreplace (txt, regex, repl); frame::replace (gFrame, txt);
return 0; }

Color all tags of a given tagged text.

int main ()
    String		str	= string::alloc ();
    char		tmp	[20000];
    char		col	[500];
    int			r	=255, g = 0, b = 0;
    int			ro	= 8;
    int			go	= 16;
    int			bo	= 24;
textmodel::gettext (str); strcpy (tmp, string::get (str));
strreplace (tmp, "pcre:(<[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9_]*\\:(<)?)((([^><])|(\\\\>)|(\\\\<))*)(>)*", "\nccccColorRot\\0ccccColor"); strreplace (tmp, "<", "<0x003C>");
while (strstrpos (tmp, "ccccColorRot") >= 0) { sprintf (col, "<cColor:%d, %d, %d><cFont:Verdana,Italic>", r, g, b);
if (r+ro > 255 || r +ro < 0) ro = (-1)*ro; if (g+go > 255 || g +go < 0) go = (-1)*go; if (b+bo > 255 || b +bo < 0) bo = (-1)*bo;
r = r + ro; g = g + go; b = b + bo;
strreplace (tmp, "ccccColorRot", col, 0); } strreplace (tmp, "ccccColor", "<cFont:><cColor:>");
textmodel::replace (tmp);
return 0; }

Here you will find a InDesign® test document (CS5.5):

Test document

Regular expression working with "pcre:" but not with "regexp:"

int main ()
    char		str [512];
strcpy (str, "abc11188888#defgh11177777#hijklmn11166666#opqäöü55555#qwertzu11144444#XYZ");
wlog ("", "PRE : '%s'\n", str);
strreplace (str, "pcre:([0-9]{6})(#)", "\\2\\1", 1); wlog ("", "POST : '%s'\n", str);
return 0; }

Version 1.2.1 (12 September 2005) Regular expressions since v3.2.3 R2600, 08.08.2011
Regular expressions since using "pcre:" since v3.3.1 R4000, 4. Jul 2013 compile_options, study_options, exec_options since v4.0.5 R20456, 10. Oct 2017

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