Remove multiple characters from a string.

Remove multiple characters from a string. The function replaces all repetitions of each character in repl in str. With the repl string "abc", all "aa", "bb", "cc" "aaa", "bbb", "ccc", ... are shortened to one character each.

Name Type Default Description
Return char*   str ist returned for your convinience
str char* - source string
repl char* 0 Replace all multiples of all letters of this string. Only ASCIIs are allowed here!

0 : Replace are multiple blanks ( ) by single blanks.

Here's an example of a string compare script

char * prepare_string (char * str)
    char		*	result = alloc (strlen (str)+10);
get_netweight_str (result, str, 1, 1); strreplace (result, "\t", " "); strreplace_multis (result, " \t");
return result; }
int main () { return strcmp (prepare_string (gDocumentValue), prepare_string (gDataPoolValue)); }

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