Write message in log file

Write a message in a log file with the current time as a prefix. Log files to be allocated file extension .log Log files can be opened under Mac OS X with the assistance of the tool Konsole (Double-click on the file .log). The Konsole program automatically updates the document window of the file in each case, if the file has remained unchanged.

In plug-in versions prior 3.2 R2300 the output length (after all %-markers are replaced) is limited to 9999. Longer strings may crash InDesign®.

Name Type Default Description
Return int   ignore
path char* - Path of the log file. If the path is empty, the standard log file idlog.log is used. It will only be written in the standard log file, if the log file-write in InDesign® (Menü Plug Ins -> Logfile -> Write...) is turned on.
formatStr char* - Message. The string can contain %-markes , see here to learn more. An additional parameter is expected in the (correct) sequence and with the correct type for each of these markers.
... depending on the %-markers - Values or variables according to the %-markers in formatStr

Write an error message

wlog ("", ".. %s ..\n", serror (1113));	

Version 1.1.10, 23 May 2005

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