Display the standard dialog with a message.

Display the standard dialog with a message.

In plug-in versions prior 3.2 R2300 the output length (after all %-markers are replaced) is limited to 9999. Longer strings may crash InDesign®.

Name Type Default Description
formatStr String or char* - Message. The string can contain %-markes , see here to learn more. An additional parameter is expected in the (correct) sequence and with the correct type for each of these markers.
... Depending on the %-markers - Values or variables according to the %-markers in formatStr

Here is a message : 1,2.3000

showmessage ("Here is a %s : %d, %f", "Message", 1, 2.3);


priint:comet InDesign® Plug-Ins, comet_pdf

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