The priint:comet plug-ins provide a variety of icons that can be used in different places of your project configurations:

The publication of the icons should help you to make your projects clearer. However, a large part of the icons is also used in the interfaces of the priint:comet plug-ins. Please understand that these icons may be adapted in case of UI changes.

Icons have unique IDs in their plug-ins. To make icons unique across plug-in boundaries, they can be mapped to unique areas using a defined offset. This allows the use of all icons listed below at any point where icons can be specified. The following table specifies the offsets required for this:



Comet XML 10,000
Publications 20,000
Product Pool 30,000
Layout Rules 40,000
Settings 50,000
Templates 60,000
ToDos 70,000
Previews 80,000

So 10128 is the icon 128 of Comet XML, but 20128 is the icon 128 of the Publications.

If an icon is only used within the same plugin, the specification without the the offset is sufficient. 

If a product is to use the icon 128 of the Product Pool, it is therefore sufficient to enter 128 (instead of 30128). But if a product should use the icon 128 of the Templates, use the ID 60128 .

ID-Offset : 10,000

For Front Row Buttons the icons of this plugin can be used without offset.

ID-Offset : 20,000

Publications can use the plugin's icons without the 20,000 offset.

ID-Offset : 30,000

Product Pool entries can use the IDs without the offset 30,000.

The flags icons 1000 - 1265 are only available from InDesign® 2022! In older InDesign® versions, please use the flag icons of priint:comet version 4.1.8 here.

ID-Offset : 40,000

ID-Offset : 50,000

ID-Offset : 60,000

ID-Offset : 70,000

ID-Offset : 80,000