Because this file contains entries from our bug tracking system, the content of this file is partly in German.

New or improved features are marked with pink background

The table describes the features and bug fixes of the priint:comet Illustrator 4.1.8 plug-ins.

Revision Case Description

v4.1.8 R31147


Last regular release of v4.1.8.

This is the last regular release of v4.1.8. The support for version 4.1.8 will continue until mid-2023, but new releases are made in case of serious errors and blockers only.

No functional changes

v4.1.8 R30871


No functional changes

v4.1.8 R30828


No functional changes

v4.1.8 R30683


No functional changes

v4.2 R30603


No functional changes

v4.1.8 R30464


No functional changes



No functional changes



No functional changes



Product Pool icons not working

Custom SOAP icons show nothing for HiDPI display mode.




No functional changes



No functional changes



Placeholder eye icon not working

The placeholder eye icons on the placeholder entries on the placeholder panel cannot be activated

[Fixed] - This was just a display error and the icon should be working again

Placeholder load button on placeholder panel not working

The placeholder load button in the lower left corner of the placeholder panel is not working.




No functional changes



Login menu entries enabled wrongfully

The edit->priint:comet menu entries for logging into SQL databases or SOAP are enabled even though a connection is already active


FogBugz 30962 - Selection of multiple image placeholders not persistent.

When I select 2 image placeholders and load product data from the product pool, one of my images becomes deselected.




New cScript functions There are new cScript functions available:



No functional changes



FogBugz 30563 - Cannot read @@SEQ, ... from local file scripts

Apparently the info @@SEQ, @@LABEL, ... which can be defined in file-based FrontRow scripts are not evaluated correctly in the Mac version of the plugins. Whatever I write, unfortunately nothing changes in the panel representation of the script.


The problem was not the Mac version. The problem was file scripts with non-UTF characters, which can occur in the Mac ASCII set. Therefore the error has been seen only here.

FogBugz 30562 - FrontRow button executes the scripts twice

When a FrontRow button is clicked, the script is executed twice always.


The error only occurs on the Mac and is fixed now.

FogBugz 30535 - Unlock Front Row panel without connection

When there is no connection the Front Row panel is locked like other panels. Since there is now the feature of offline script folders, can this panel be unlocked when no data connection is available?


FogBugz 30537 - Menu 'Insert Comet Text' not working on Mac

The menu 'Insert Comet Text' to insert HTML formated text from the paste board into the document does not work on Mac. On Windows, the same text works perfectly.


FogBugz 30536 - Set para/char styles with standard names not working on Mac

I cannot set paragraph and character styles on Mac, if they have their standard names Paragraph Style N resp. Character Style N. Under Windows this works.


FogBugz 30526 - Set Row Width/Column Height only accept integer values

Only integer values are accepted in the Row height and Column width fields of panel Tables.


With period (.) instead of comma (,) it would have worked. The specification now also accepts the comma as a decimal separator.

FogBugz 30527 - Tables panel does not show columns width and row height

In the Tables panel there are two fields for row height and column width (see screenshot below). On Windows, the values of the first selected table cell are displayed there. On Mac, the fields remain empty.


The values are now also displayed on the Mac.

FogBugz 30525 - Set row height/column width by dialog not working

On Windows, I can use the Row Height and Column Width fields of panel Tables to change the corresponding values in the selected table. On the Mac this does not seem to work.


Column widths and row heights can now also be set by the edit fields on the Mac.

FogBugz 30512 - $COMET returns the wrong path

Unfortunately, the $COMET alias path defined in cScript returns the Plug-Ins folder and not the Comet plug-ins folder.


FogBugz 30511 - Many request s when importing image

When importing images (e.g. in a graphic cell of a table), the program asks twice for the file itself and eight times for the file type. 


This was a very specific Mac file problem (who wants to know : keyword xattr). The problem is solved now.

FogBugz 30498 - Inset-chain-icon does not show the disabled state

For setting the cell insets, you can either change all 4 values at once or each value individually. For this purpose there is an icon with a chain symbol. Unfortunately, the icon does not change after changing its behaviour.

The icon is now clearly grayed out in single mode.

Cell Fonts

FogBugz 30497 

To set the font of new table cells when creating tables or inserting new rows or columns, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the text tool
  2. Select a piece of text with the desired properties
  3. Then create the table or insert rows or columns

The new cells will have the same text settings as your last text selection:

  • Paragraph Style
  • Character Style
  • Local Overrides



Table module improvements
  • FogBugz 30280 [Fixed] Illustrator Table Module: Cannot directly change custom color.
FogBugz 30399 - Placeholder values disappearing

I am encountering issues while assigning a placeholder value a custom attribute. I am able to unlock and type my value as expected, but the field clears when I alt-click the lock to accept the change. If I select a frame where a placeholder has already a value in the custom filed, I can edit it as expected, but alt-clicking the lock reverts it to the original value. 

The problem occurs with the update to Illustrator 25.3 and only on the Mac and affects all TextEdits of all panels. The implementation of the edit fields is based directly on the Mac OS core. Somehow, Adobe has managed to change this behavior. We have now adapted our implementation to this. The edit fields now work again on the Mac.

Published as Hot Fix R28684 (20. Jun 2021) too.



Table Module Installer Special installers for Mac and Windows are now available for the Table Module. We recommend to use these installers for installation.
Table module improvements
  • Line size controls The Tables panel now has controls for row heights and column widths for selected lines
  • FogBugz 30278 [Fixed] After moving an illustrator artboard containing a table, the undo command fails to move the artboard back into the original position.
  • Fixed conversion to graphic cell silently failing
  • Fixed Table line sizes sometimes being wrong after a resize of a line
  • Fixed pt and px units being different for the Table UI elements (they are the same in Illustrator and InDesign)
  • Fixed tables being created on the topmost layer instead of the active one
  • Fixed not being able to create or modify a table when the topmost layer is locked
  • Fixed a bug causing strokes to be offset
  • Fixed a bug where header and footer rows would not properly apply cell strokes
  • Fixed a bug where manually applying cell styles with stroke settings would result in wrong stroke attribute
  • Fixed tools missing icons on Mac OS
  • Fixed Standalone mode crashing on creating a table
  • Fixed cell merge not working
  • Fixed Mac UI of panel Tables
  • Okay and Cancel buttons in dialogs on Mac swapped (Okay button is now on the right)
New cScript functions There are new cScript functions available:
FogBugz 30365 - Illustrator Comet: Layout rules disappearing

I am encountering issues trying to create and apply layout rules in the Illustrator comet plugin.
I am able to select layout rules from the dropdowns as expected, but the rules I've created disappear after I deselect the text frame.


Trial period not working

It seems the 30 day trial period has ceased working for new installations


Endless loop with fit frame

The layout rule 'Fit frame' can cause an endless loop when the text never fits

We now give up after trying to enlarge the frame by a factor of 64

Fit frame sometimes leaves an overset

The layout rule 'Fit frame' sometimes leaves a minimal overset

We now add an additional minimal margin to the text size so the overset is properly resolved

FogBugz 30248 - Missing tool icons in Illustrator Table Module The icons for Select table cells and Edit cell content are missing from the toolbar on Mac OS.

This is fixed

FogBugz 30250 - Illustrator Table Module defaults to top layer instead of active layer

When creating a new table the table is placed on the top (Z Order) layer instead of the active layer as expected. 

If the top layer has visibility off then the table is not placed and the cursor stays loaded. I saw this behavior in both the mac and PC versions.

This was actually non-trivial. The Illustrator API always creates all art objects on the topmost layer and there is no way of circumventing this behavior. Creating art on a locked or invisible layer silently fails and so does table creation and modification. We now unlock and unhide the topmost layer if necessary and restore the state after our operations are done.



Table module improvements
  • Improved handling of custom colors in styles
  • Fixed a bug causing merged table cells to have wrong fill positions when resizing the table
Suppress specific Layoutrules

We would like to selectively de-activate (and re-activate) layout rules.

For this purpose there is now the new function system::suppress_layout_rule

FogBugz 30091 - Layout rules still disabled after logout

Layout rules that are turned off are not automatically reactivated when a connection is disconnected. But actually all properties are reset when logging out?

The suppressed execution time points for layout rules are now reactivated when the data connection is disconnected.

FogBugz 30188 - Cannot place saved files in InDesign

Illustrator files saved by the cScript function document::saveas cannot be placed in InDesign because of missing PDF compatibility

We now save files this way with PDF compatibility turned on.



Table module improvements The table module has been improved:
  • The Table creation tool can now be used to create a square table when holding down the shift key while dragging
  • The Table resize tool can now be used to proportionally resize the table when dragging at one of the corner points when holding down the shift key while dragging
  • Pictures in graphic cells can now be properly replaced by converting the to graphic cells again using the Tables panel
  • Fixed placement and rotation errors when inserting rows and columns into a rotated table
  • Fixed a placement issue while inserting rows or columns next to a cell with stroke overrides
  • Added several translations to UI elements
  • Fixed german translations for fill patterns being reversed for rows and columns
  • Fixed pattern changes for fill patterns causing previews to update twice
  • Spin boxes on tables panel should now accept keyboard inputs properly
  • Improved handling of stroke overrides when inserting rows or columns
  • Fixed a potential endless loop when inserting cell text
  • Default cell and table style names are now displayed translated (for display only)
  • New cell and table styles now have localized names
  • Fixed table style dialog not properly showing the italic on override labels next to cell style application dropdowns
  • Add/Remove Header and Footer row spinboxes on tables panel are now functional
  • Fixed adding header rows when none exist yet
Local front row files Much like for InDesign, priint:comet for Illustrator now supports local script files in the front row panel
Set XCache path It is now possible to set the local XCache folder using the menu command Edit->priint:comet->Internal file cache...
FogBugz 30063 - AI: Panels are locked when logging into Pubserver

It seems that when logging into a pubserver which has panel rights configured for the user, all panels are locked regardless of configuration.
The panels also don't unlock when logging out.




Cannot set log file without license

It is not possible to enable or disable logfile writing when no license is present, making licensing issues hard to debug


Table module improvements The table module has been improved:
  • Added a Cell select tool to ease the process of selecting table cells. For more information see here
  • Added separate table license to be able to run the table module in standalone mode
  • Performance improvements
  • Improved handling of T join strokes
  • Improved handling of custom colors in configuration
  • Fixed cell override settings sometimes not getting properly applied
  • Fixed wrong indication of wether a value was overridden in the cell setup dialog
  • Fixed table resize tool allowing to scale the table below minimum size
  • Added several translations
  • Added icons for cell and table styles panel
The Nails and Magnet tools have been removed for technical reasons for now since they were not functional



New cScript functions There are new cScript functions available:
Table module improvements The table module has been improved:
  • Preliminary documentation (Work in progress!)
  • Cells styles should now be properly reapplied on change
  • Performance improvements accross the board
  • Strokes can no longer be set to 0 width (which left them in an invalid state). If you want 0 width strokes, choose 'None' as the color.
  • Cell stroke overrides have been reworked and are now applied per stroke part and are properly resolved when using the cell setup dialog.
    You will have to reapply your stroke overrides
  • Table edit tool now gets disabled when changing the active document, preventing errors and document corruption.
  • Improvements to how stroke joins are handled
FogBugz 29536 - AI: Logfile path is incorrectly migrated when switching AI versions

When installing a new AI version, the preferences from the old version can be migrated. It seems the logfile path is migrated entirely, including the old version number which is confusing since e.g. ILLU 25 then writes to illulog_24.log.


FogBugz 29535 - AI: Function variable dynamic definition cache is not cleared

It seems that when using dynamic definition for function variables, the cache for the called actions is never cleared, not even on login/logout, so AI has to be restarted.


We now clear the cache for function variable dynamic definition actions on login, logout and when pressing the 'clear cache' button on the Placeholder Values panel

FogBugz 29476 - AI: Crash when displaying comet groups

It seems AI immediately crashes when enabling the display of comet groups in the document.


FogBugz 29475 - AI: creating comet groups not possible

It seems the menu entry Object->priint:comet->Comet groups->Create is always greyed out, making creating new comet groups only possible through scripting.


FogBugz 29443 - cScript function excel::read yields wrongly colored text

When using the cScript function excel::read to get styled text out of an Excel cell as HTML, the color values sometimes contain invalid values like rgb(0, 144, 3464575665)




α-Version of Table Module The table module now is in α state.

There is a new way of inserting HTML text into the document.

The prefix %!T+_html_ now inserts text while preserving all overrides at the insertion point.

The prefix %!TT_html_ now removes all overrides from the insertion point and applies the default values when the insertion text is unformatted.

See here for more information

Insert Comet Text

There is a new menu function under Type->priint:comet->Insert comet text which inserts text into the document at the current caret, or replacing the current selection. Styled text can be inserted using the usual prefixes like %!TT_html_ .

New cScript functions There are new cScript functions available:
FogBugz 29379 - cScript function dialog::listen always crashes

The following text script always crashes Illustrator:

#include "internal/types.h"

int handleOkButton(char * id)
    return 1;

int main ()
    String dialogSpec = string::alloc();
    StringList dropDownEntries = stringlist::alloc();
    int index = 0;
    char *resolution = alloc(100);

    xml::get_document_attribute(gDocument, "imageResolution", resolution);
    if (strcmp(resolution, "loRes") == 0)
        index = 1;

    stringlist::append(dropDownEntries, "hiRes");
    stringlist::append(dropDownEntries, "loRes");

    dialog::title(dialogSpec, "Bildauflösung setzen");
    dialog::size(dialogSpec, 360.0, 150.0);
    dialog::label(dialogSpec, "label1", "Auflösung:", 40.0, 20.0, 80.0, 30.0);
    dialog::dropdown(dialogSpec, "dd1", dropDownEntries, index, 120.0, 20.0, 200.0, 30.0);
    dialog::listen("kOk", handleOkButton);


    return 0;




Deprecation of Illustrator < 24.3 We found a pretty serious bug in Illustrator which remains to this day. A workaround is possible but only with Illustrator versions starting at 24.3

For this reason we no longer support Illustrator verions below 24.3!

New cScript functions There are new cScript functions available:
FogBugz 29220 - gStart, gLen

We use gStart and gLen in some of our existing actions. While these are not available in Illustrator since we don't have any text placeholders, could they be provided for compatibility reasons?

We now provide both variables, but the values are always -1.

FogBugz 29219 - Panels not properly updated

It seems some panels like document attributes, placeholder, etc.. do no longer get properly updated when the front document changes since Illustrator 24.




FogBugz 29110 - Plugin Adjust renamed into priint_Adjust

In the English version of Illustrator there is already a plugin called Adjust. This results in a conflict with our Adjust-plugin. When Illustrator is started, the Adobe plug-in and our plug-in are started alternately. We have therefore renamed our plugin priint_Adjust.



FogBugz 28482 - frame::replace crashes when insert at position 1 with end == -1

The cScript function frame::replace crashes for non-empty text frames when inserting at position 1 and replacing the entire text.

Also when using other indices, the behavior function inserts texts at unexpected points.


When inserting formatted text via HTML, the overrides at the insertion point should be applied to the entire text. Currently every override seems to be removed, resulting in unformatted text unless explicitly stated in the input.


When inserting formatted text via HTML, character styles are not properly reset after a closing </span>.


FogBugz 28785 - frame::replace does not replace all text for linked frames

The cScript function frame::replace does only replace text in the provided frame. When the frame is part of a chain and we want to replace the entire text (0, -1), only the text from the provided frame is deleted.


FogBugz 28758 - stringlist::get sometimes yields errorneous string on Mac

The cScript function stringlist::get sometimes adds strange text to the result string, e.g. '<0x04>' before the actual text. This only happens on Mac.




HiDPI support on Windows We have an experimental update to HiDPI support with heterogenous monitor settings. DPI Scales should now be respected when moving panels between monitors and widgets should remain responsive.
This feature is experimental!

Plugin identifiers for logging purposes in the Illustrator 2021 plugins still have the old 2020 identifiers, e.g. 'com.priint.illustrator2020.coreservice'


cScript function document::open does not evaluate the parameter 'appendToRecent'




New cScript functions There are new cScript functions available:
FogBugz 28482 - AI: frame::replace crashes when insert at position 1 with end == -1

The cScript function frame::replace crashes for non-empty text frames when inserting at position 1 and replacing the entire text.
Also when using other indices, the behavior function inserts texts at unexpected points.




FogBugz 28448 - Order dialog : Wrong expired date

The default expiration date for license orders is 103 years into the future where it should be 3 years.


Illustrator 2020 and 2021 won't start. Error messages about missing entry points.


The document attributes panel doesn't show any entries.




Batch mode improvements

The batch mode now handles every file inside the input folder, instead of just Illustrator files.

This way you can use e.g. product data files as batch inputs instead of the input being document centric.

Since the batch mode now handles all file types, the files are no longer automatically opened in Illustrator.
If you want to use Illustrator files as batch input, you have to adapt your batch actions to properly open and close the input files!

For more information see here

New cScript functions There are new cScript functions available:
FogBugz 28317 -  itemlist::allframes_of_doc parameters have no effect

It seems the cScript command itemlist::allframes_of_doc does not evaluate any of it's parameters except for docRef.


FogBugz 28316 - itemlist::allframes does not take current front document into account

When using the cScript function itemlist::allframes it seems only the document which was the front document when the script was started is taken into account instead of the current front document.

This makes the function unusable in the newly updated batch process.


The function now takes the current front document into account at the moment it is called.

FogBugz 28315 -  No info about missing cScript functions in logfile

There is no information when a non-implemented cScript function is called in Illustrator. It would be nice if we got a message in the logfile.


We now get additional info in the logfile, e.g. Missing cScript function 'frame::count_columns' called, returning -1199.




A new plugin is available: Settings

The plugin provides a panel for managing global variables for scripts and statements.

For more information see here

New cScript functions There are new cScript functions available:
FogBugz 28232 - Tooltips are difficult to read

In the dark UI the tooltips have a black text on a dark grey background. This is a bit hard to read.

White font is now used in dark UI mode.

FogBugz 28247 -  frame::moveto does not work for compound paths

It seems the cScript function frame::moveto does nothing when using a compound path as an input, and it ignores any compound path children when they are beneath a group which is being moved.


FogBugz 28236 - itemlist::allframes parameters have no effect

It seems the cScript command itemlist::allframes does not evaluate any of it's parameters.


FogBugz 28231 - frame::duplicate parameters x and y do not work for groups

When duplicating a group with the cscript command frame::duplicate, the parameters 'x' and 'y' do not seem to do anything.


FogBugz 28229 -  itemlist::get crashes

The cscript function itemlist::get seems to yield a wrong result when it is explicitly used, e.g.

frame = itemlist::get(frames, frame, 0);

It works when the result is not used directly, e.g.

itemlist::get(frames, frame, 0);


FogBugz 28212 - Funcvar name missing in list

No names are shown in the function variable list if the variables do not have localized names:

#pragma var "color//Farbe" ok
#pragma var "color" does not work


FogBugz 28213 - Funcvar controls in list not removed

Apparently, the edit fields of the function variables are not completely deleted from memory.


FogBugz 28219 - Tooltips on panels not working

It seems several controls on the Illustrator panels are missing their tooltips.


FogBugz 28211 - Mac : Script editor does not work properly

It is the same as in the single line edits: Copy/Paste and Select All unfortunately do not work.

Yes, we have now also completely converted this edit field natively to Mac. Unfortunately, the implementation is completely different than in single line edits. Furthermore, and we are especially proud of this, the editor can now highlight syntax for cScript, xmlquery, SQL and SOAP.

FogBugz 28160 -  Mac only : Copy/Paste do not work properly in line edits

The single-line text entries of the panels do not work properly under Mac OS. Select All/Copy/Paste always go to the current document - but not to the edit field. With the context menu of the fields you can insert text somehow - but only at the end of the text.

This is apparently a very old bug in the used UI framework (Qt). In any case, you can find questions about it on the net that are more than 6 years old. Obviously nothing has fixed that. We have therefore recreated these input fields natively on Mac OS. This will hopefully solve the problem.

FogBugz 28157 -  frame::get_nth_script_tag does not work properly

Apparently the script command frame::get_nth_script_tag does not work properly with Illustrator. Could you please check this?


FogBugz 28116 - Cannot set frame label of type bool by cScript

With the cScript function frame::set_script_tag it is not possible to create a Frame Label entry of type bool.

Yes, that is correct in principle: we use the same working method here as in InDesign. And there only strings are allowed.

Nevertheless, we have added a parameter to the function to define the data type of the entry. (See the documentation of frame::set_script_tag).

Attention: The key values must still be passed as strings. For bool the following specifications are supported: "true", "kTrue", "yes", "1", "false", "kFalse", "no", "0". Also the function get_script_tag will still return string values, in the bool case these are "0" or "1".

FogBugz 28116 - Cannot set frame label of type bool by cScript

With the cScript function frame::set_script_tag it is not possible to create a Frame Label entry of type bool.

Yes, that is correct in principle: we use the same working method here as in InDesign. And there only strings are allowed.

Nevertheless, we have added a parameter to the function to define the data type of the entry. (See the documentation of frame::set_script_tag).

Attention: The key values must still be passed as strings. For bool the following specifications are supported: "true", "kTrue", "yes", "1", "false", "kFalse", "no", "0". Also the function get_script_tag will still return string values, in the bool case these are "0" or "1".

FogBugz 28115 - Cannot change the state of bool entries in panel Frame Labels

The checkboxes of the bool entries of the panel Frame Labels cannot be clicked.

Yeah, that's right. Also, the text fields cannot be edited directly in the list. Therefore we now show the checkboxes in a disabled style.

FogBugz 28114 - AI Mac : Check box at wrong position in panel Frame Labels

For entries of the panel Frame Labels of type bool, the checkbox is always displayed in the upper left corner of the panel, instead at the according line of the list. This only happens on Mac.


FogBugz 28112 - AI Mac : Crash when deleting a frame tag

Deleting an entry from the panel Frame Labels causes Illustrator to crash. This only happens on Mac.


FogBugz 28099 - AI Mac : Panels missing after installing

After installing the AI plugins for Mac, some plugins like Batch and ToDo List are missing.

The installers  are fixed and complete now.

FogBugz 28094 - Mac : AI License order : Problems with 'Expire' date

The Expired date of the order file for the licenses under Mac OS is wrong. It always uses "Now".


FogBugz 28029 - Mac : AI 24 writes log file illulog_23.log

The log file for Illustrator 2020 is apparently called illulog_23.log. But shouldn't that be 24? This only happens on Mac.


Yeah, that's right. The log file is now correctly named illulog_24.log.

FogBugz 28076 - Mac : Frontrow panel not reloaded after re-start

The entries of the panel Front Row are lost when Illustrator is restarted and the panel is empty again. This only happens on Mac.


FogBugz 28075 - Mac : cscript function beep missing

The cScript function beep does not work on Mac.


FogBugz 28102 - AI License order: Dialog blocks file selection

When ordering a license and selecting a save location using the license order dialog, the dialog is still active when the file picking dialog comes up, blocking the new dialog.


FogBugz 28096 - AI Front Row actions are executed too often

It seems that when executing a Front Row action when a group is selected, the action is executed several times too often.


Front Row actions are now executed once per leaf of the selection. In case of groups, they are executed once for each group member instead of the group and members.

FogBugz 28095 - AI Front Row new buttons disappear after restart

When adding new front row entries, the new buttons and other changes seem to disappear after a restart. The issue first appears in Illustrator 24


There is a new bug in the Illustrator SDK regarding storing preferences. The Front Row entries are now stored in the user preferences.

Unfortunately this requires recreating all buttons.

Front Row can sometimes contain invalid buttons


cScript function image::snapshot_frame undoes changes to the document done in the same script


cScript function frame::get_rotate does not properly return rotation for path objects


cScript function frame::get_size does not properly return size for rotated path objects




[Fixed] Line edits on panels cannot be properly focused

[Fixed] Deleting a frame tag through the panel can result in deleting multiple ones

[Fixed] Modal dialogs can disappear underneath panels



No functional extensions or bug fixes. We are working on a world novelty that will inspire you. But that will take some more time.





The table describes the features and bug fixes of the priint:comet Illustrator 4.1.7 plug-ins.

Revision Case Description



No functional extensions or bug fixes. We are working on a world novelty that will inspire you. But that will take some more time.



Improved HiDPI support

We have improved HiDPI support for Windows. Fractional interface scalings like 1.25, 1.75 etc.. should now work better.

Some known issues remain




The plugins for Mac OS are now completely notarized by Apple. The statement

sudo spctl --master-disable

to switch off the checking of third-party software (gatekeeper) is no longer required. Please choose App Store and identified developers in your Security & Privacy of the System Preferences:

The Gatekeeper requires an active Internet connection the first time new plugins are started. Unfortunately, the so-called staple procedure (with which the gatekeeper can check new software even without an Internet connection) can not be performed with plug-ins because stapeling is not supported for plug-ins by Apple.

Please note: The process of notarization is very complex and can take up to 4 days. Hot fixes and intermediate builds can therefore not notarised. Similarly, plug-ins that you receive before the actual release date may not yet be notarized.



No functional extensions or bug fixes



Login dialog improvement

Deleting history entries now requires the ALT key to be pressed instead of the ALT key deleting every entry

Global variables in cScript

cScripts now support global variables from datafiles.xml (XML Offline, SOAP) or the 'globals' table (SQL).

These variables are read-only for now

[Fixed] Deleting login history entries is not possible

[Fixed] Storing a new login history entry selects the wrong one afterwards

[Fixed] Potential crash with placeholder panel when changing connections

[Fixed] Several unimplemented cScript functions which should return nullpointers returning -1199 instead (makes error checking impossible)

[Fixed] Custom product pool icons no longer work

[Fixed] cScript function placeholder::load does nothing

[Fixed] Images lose their comet group after loading

[Fixed] ToDoList panel does not properly synchronize the selection when multiple todo entries are from a single frame




A new plugin is available: URLLink

This plugin provides the ability to link document images to URLs, including automatic downloading and checking for updates.

For more information see here

URLLinks can also be checked using the To Do List

Excel and CSV support

Starting with this release we support Excel and CSV files as data sources for placeholders. (See the new cScript functions excel::~ and csv::~ for more information.)

New cScript functions There are new cScript functions available:

Illustrator constantly claims that plugins have changed and a restart is needed at program start


Illustrator crashes when trying to use gFrame as a function argument when nothing is selected


License key is wrongly displayed in about dialogs


cScript functions prefs::add_w2ml_to_snippets, prefs::snippet_match and prefs::snippet_filter raise error messages when called e.g. during login scripts.

[Fixed] These functions are now no-ops which do nothing but no longer cause error messages



New licensing

With v4.1.7 new license numbers are required. All previous plugin and comet_pdf license numbers will not work anymore!

In the license order dialog (Help->priint:comet->Order software) you can now order new licenses:

  • priint:comet Illustrator basic : Full access but feature restricted for coming features

  • priint:comet Illustrator pro : Full access but editing of scripts not possible in the UI

  • priint:comet Illustrator developer :Full access including editing of scripts

Placeholder write actions We now have support for placeholder write actions.
Write actions can be configured in the Placeholder values panel and be triggered by placeholder::store or through the comet control bar.
New cScript functions There are new cScript functions available:
Product pool double click actions

We now support doubleclick actions in the product pool

[Fixed] Text frames which are rotated land at a wrong location after fitting
[Fixed] Frame tags panel does not properly synchronize when front document changes
[Fixed] Changing the document selection reapplies placeholders

The table describes the features and bug fixes of the priint:comet Illustrator 4.1.6 plug-ins.

Revision Case Description Date



Fixed a crash when loading embedded images 21.02.2020
Fixed frame tags panel now showing frame tags for embedded images properly - now always shows the frame tags for the first valid selected frame 21.02.2020



HiDPI Support on Windows We now have experimental support for Windows interface scaling. Please report any issues you may find. 29.01.2020
Fixed a bug where Illustrator would crash on startup when no license was present 21.12.2019
Dialog framework The cScript Dialog framework is now available: 15.01.2020



Nested flyout menus We now support nested flyout menus for custom panel actions 07.01.2020
New cScript functions There are new cScript functions available: 07.01.2020
Light UI support We now support 'light' Illustrator user interfaces 06.01.2020
Fixed a bug where the topmost entries in the placeholder panel were not properly loaded 20.12.2019
Bounding box drawing should now be a lot faster 18.12.2019
Fixed a bug where panels would have a grey border and not be properly filled when interface scaling from the OS was active.
Note: We still do not scale widgets according to the interface scaling factor, but instead now take all available space.
Nails and Magnets There is now a preliminary implementation of nails and magnets.
This is in a very experimental state and may be removed in future releases, depending on how well we can work around the Illustrator SDK. No further documentation is provided at this point



FogBugz 26234 - HTML import does not correctly unescape all entities

When using the cscript function html::to_tagged et al., some HTML entities like "&OpenCurlyQuote;" etc.. are not properly replaced and stay like they are.

We now support replacement of all html entities listed at

html::raw_text now properly skips the first line break if the text begins with a <p> tag 15.11.2019
ToDoList panel There is a new panel available for synchronizing documents with the data pool and doing preflight checks: ToDoList panel 14.11.2019
Layout rules panel improvements Added additional execution options for situations and selections to the layout rules panel flyout menu 11.11.2019
Fixed being unable to hide comet control bar when no license is present 11.11.2019
Fixed an error message when opening a panel flyout menu but choosing no item to execute 11.11.2019
Fixed a bug where panels could disappear when UI scaling was never changed for the Illustrator installation 05.11.2019
Illustrator 2020 Plugins We now support the newest Illustrator 2020 version from Adobe. 05.11.2019
Mac Plugins We are very proud to announce the availability of the priint:comet Illustrator plugins for Mac! 05.11.2019



New cScript function There is a new cScript function available: html::raw_text 04.11.2019
Japanese translations Japanese translations are now available. Thanks to our colleagues at priint Japan! 04.11.2019
cScript improvements Calling cScript functions which are not implemented for Illustrator no longer causes error messages, but instead writes a notification to the logfile and returns invalid or 0-values 30.10.2019
Fixed a bug where the resulting image from cScript function image::snapshot_page would sometimes have a black background instead of white 29.10.2019
Licensing documentation There is a new documentation page which contains information about licensing and license ordering here 28.10.2019
Fixed a bug where loading all placeholders of a document while the text cursor was active would cause image placeholders fail to load. 24.10.2019
The batch panel should now properly update when the state of the batch operations changes. 23.10.2019
UI Rework All user interfaces have been completely reworked and reimplemented, removing the need for Adobe's error-prone CEP extensions. Please refer to the Installation guide on how to get rid of old extensions.

You may have to redo your saved workspaces if any of these use our panels, since the panels are considered new by Illustrator



French translations French translations are now available. Thanks to our colleagues at priint France! 11.09.2019
Show or reset XML Data folder

FB #25843
You can now show the currently stored XML Data folder path by holding ALT when pressing

    Edit->priint:comet->Data folder.

When holding SHIFT and ALT together, this preference is deleted and you are logged out of the XML Data folder.
Windows users may have to hold down their Mouse buttons while accessing the menu with ALT or SHIFT buttons pressed.
Fixed cScript function list::alloc not working. 05.09.2019
Fixed a bug where creating comet groups would sometimes not properly assign the group ID to all members. 04.09.2019
Fixed a bug where layout rules would not be executed for non-cScript placeholders on load. 29.08.2019
Fixed a bug where frame::image would not apply rotations, leaving the new image unrotated, even if the old one was rotated. 29.08.2019
Frame tag types

Frame tags can now be stored as different data types: String, bool, double, int. This is reflected in the panel and eases inputting values by providing checkboxes, int boxes etc.. depending on the selected data type. For now the cScript functions remain the same and return the string representation of the value.
Front row icon preview When adding front row actions, you can now properly select an icon with a preview.

Fixed a bug where front row would show actions which were not meant for front row. 21.08.2019
Panel overhauls We have completely reworked some panels to improve performance and fix several bugs, also eliminating the need for several CEP extensions. Please follow the installation instructions found here and make sure to delete all CEP extensions for your Illustrator version beforehand.
You will have to redo your self-defined workspaces for these panels!
The reworked panels include:
  • Front Row
  • Products
  • Document attributes
  • Frame tags
More panels will follow in future releases!
Placeholder sync

Work has begun on implementing placeholder sync functionality. For this release there is no panel to show unsynched placeholders, but you can specify sync actions on the placeholder values panel and show placeholders with sync states when you enable placeholder highlights through the new Comet control bar. For now there are only two states: Synched (Green Highlight) and Unsynched (Red Highlight). Both are shown in the bottom right corner of the placeholder highlight.
Expect more changes and improvements to this feature in the coming releases
Document attributes panel should now properly update when setting a document attribute through a script. 16.08.2019
Fixed a bug where frame::image would cause the new image to lose the comet group ID. 16.08.2019
New layout rule "Position frame" There is a new layout rule "Position frame", which can be used to position a frame relative to a comet group member with a certain frame label. 07.08.2019
Behavior panel We introduced a new panel called "Behavior". This panel can be used to inspect comet group members and set frame labels for now. Frame labels can be useful to identify frames inside a comet group 05.08.2019
Comet control bar

We are introducing the comet control bar, a toolbar to dock in Illustrator and access quick functionality which is often needed. This replaces the buttons on the tool panels which were removed due to Illustrator SDK bugs.
Access via Window->priint:comet->Comet control bar



We found yet another bug in the Illustrator SDK regarding the placeholder tools in the tool bar. It turns out loading placeholders via the toolbar does not cause the document to go into a dirty state, making the operation impossible to undo. For this reason we had to remove the tools again for now. 19.07.2019
Fixed a problem where long connection labels would supplant the rightmost button on the bottom of the product pool panel 18.07.2019
Fixed a bug where function variables in placeholder statements like <Unquoted_gLanguage> would not be properly replaced with the actual value 18.07.2019
Fixed a bug where incorrectly all character attributes would be copied to the entire text when inserting html text 18.07.2019
Fixed a bug where batch actions could not be edited using the dropdown panel with held ALT-Key when there was only one batch action. You can now hold the ALT-Key while clicking the dropdown to be able to edit the action if you have a partner license. This also applies to the layout rules panel. 16.07.2019
Image placement enhancements
  • frame::image now respects the 'boundingBox' parameter, no longer always placing the image at maximum size
  • Images loaded through placeholders without cscript are now always placed to proportionally fit the size of the replaced image
Fixed a bug where ID values (RecordID, StringID, etc...) in tags would not be properly replaced for placeholder load actions, resulting in invalid calls. 11.07.2019
Tag replacements in statements (e.g. Publishing server calls) should now properly work for document attributes. For more information see here. 11.07.2019
The placeholder panel should now always fully reload when performing a search instead of using cached entries 10.07.2019
New cScript functions There are new cScript functions available: 10.07.2019
Fixed a bug where clicking a link with pressed shift button on a panel would cause the panel to go into an undefined state 09.07.2019
Document attributes enhancement The document attributes panel now allows multi-line values when editing and adding key/value pairs 08.07.2019
Frame tags There is a new panel available for setting metadata key/value pairs on art objects. For more information see here 04.07.2019
Performance enhancements There have been major performance enhancements in comet functionality when working with multiple open documents which contain a big amount of art. 03.07.2019
Front Row actions should no longer execute for art objects of type kPathArt 02.07.2019
frame::bbox should now properly return coordinates in artboard space instead of global, which mimics the InDesign® behavior 02.07.2019
itemlist::bbox should now handle the spreadrelative parameter properly, returning coordinates in artboard space 02.07.2019



Fixed a bug where the layout rules panel would sometimes lose the selection when the document changed. 01.07.2019
Layout rules for geometry changes We implemented a first version of geometry change based layout rules triggers. This feature is an experimental work in progress! See here for more information. 01.07.2019
Fixed a bug where the variable gRun was not properly initialized during execution of Front Row scripts 27.06.2019
New layout rule "Scale text" There is a new default layout rule "Scale text" available. See here for more information. 27.06.2019
New cScript functions There are new cScript functions available: 26.06.2019
Comet groups We now have a first implementation of comet groups. This feature is an experimental work in progress! For working on and displaying comet groups in the Illustrator UI see here:
  • Object->priint:comet->Comet groups
  • View->priint:comet->Comet groups
HTML import improvements Character/Paragraph styles and local overrides at the insertion point now are applied to the whole text unless they are explicitly overridden in the HTML content. This mimics the InDesign® plugin behavior. 19.06.2019



Layout rules panel overhauled The layout rules panel has been overhauled with a set of improvements:
  • Dynamic list properties are now available
  • Layout rules which are no longer available for the current connection are disabled from editing and displayed in red
  • Layout conditions now display the situations of their child rules
  • Custom layout rules are now available for all situations when the parameter is not explicitly set

For more information see here

Fixed a bug where ordering a license through Help->priint:comet->Order software was not possible when the trial period is over 07.06.2019
Tools for placeholder loading reintroduced The tools on the tools panel which were removed prior to release due to a bug have been reintroduced. There are now tools available for setting a context for working on placeholders and loading them 03.06.2019
New cScript functions There are new cScript functions available: 22.05.2019
Fixed a bug where cScript function frame::replace would not take position and length parameters into account 21.05.2019



Fixed cScript function textmodel::is_textframe returning the wrong result for parameter firstFrame 20.05.2019
Fixed cScript functions frame::move_to_ilayer and frame::move_to_layer always returning kFailure (1) 20.05.2019
Stored passwords in the login history are now properly loaded when they were saved from InDesign®. Vice versa, stored passwords from Illustrator can now be properly loaded in InDesign®. 20.05.2019
New cScript functions There are new cScript functions available: 17.05.2019

Fixed a bug where pressing buttons which bring up a dialog multiple times in quick succession would cause the dialogs to be scrambled. This was fixed for the following occasions:

  • Adding new Front Row entries
  • Editing Front Row scripts
  • Adding new document attributes
  • Editing scripts in the Placeholder values panel
  • Adding a new history entry in the login dialog
It is no longer possible to add Front Row buttons without a name 16.05.2019
Front Row global buttons The front row panel now supports global buttons for data connections. Any existing local buttons may have to be recreated! For more information see here. 14.05.2019
Front Row actions now have gRun as an additional global variable 14.05.2019
Batch There is new batch processing functionality available for processing multiple Illustrator input documents sequentially. For more information see here. 13.05.2019
When adding front row buttons, the action name displayed in the dropdown menu is now properly cleaned, removing domain and hotkey markers 13.05.2019
Fixed a bug where snapshot creation would not work when the xcache temp folder did not exist. 09.05.2019
Fixed a bug where every drop down entry appeared twice when adding a new front row button. 08.05.2019
Selection should now be properly restored after loading an image placeholder 07.05.2019
When locking a panel through prefs::enable_panel the lock message was scrambled when it contained non-ASCII characters. This is fixed. 06.05.2019
Fixed layout rules "set frame size (proportionally)" not correctly interpreting the reference point 30.04.2019
The UI of the layout rules panel has been improved (fixed wrong spacing, column widths and intersections) 30.04.2019



Panel selections should now flicker much less when placeholders are loaded 17.04.2019
HTML import now uses text formatting at insertion point when no formatting is set in the input HTML 16.04.2019
cScript command document::open now uses the flag kSuppressUI for preventing dialogs like missing fonts on open 16.04.2019
Placeholder and frame edge highlights should no longer be drawn for indirectly hidden art items 16.04.2019
Login dialog is now properly locked when a login is in progress, preventing triggering of multiple logins 11.04.2019
Fixed a potential startup crash with Illustrator 2019 (v23) 11.04.2019
Login dialog title should now be properly translated 11.04.2019
image::snapshot_page now should properly snapshot the entire page and not only the frames on the page 11.04.2019
Fixed a crash involving frame::image 11.04.2019
New cScript functions There are new cScript functions available: 11.04.2019



Login dialog overhaul The login dialog has been overhauled:
  • Now is colored the same as the user interface
  • Can now store, delete and change history entries
  • Input fields are now properly labeled depending on the dialog context (ODBC/SOAP)
  • Login history now is loaded from the same file as in InDesign®, effectively sharing login histories
  • Performance enhancements
Fixed a possible startup crash introduced with a recent Illustrator update 20.03.2019
Fixed cScript function frame::is_textframe not properly filling parameter "firstFrame" 20.03.2019
New image cScript functions There are new cScript functions available for creating document snapshots: 19.03.2019



Release candidate 2 01.03.2019
Fixed wrong display of grace period when a license is present in the 'About...' window 28.02.2019
Allow login actions are now supported 28.02.2019
Custom layout rules are now supported 27.02.2019
Fixed layout rule Set frame size proportionally not working when parameter other side maximum was empty 28.02.2019
Partner licenses should now work properly 26.02.2019
Custom layout rules are now implemented 26.02.2019
After Login actions are now supported 26.02.2019
Fixed errorneous data loading when logging into and out of data pools multiple times 26.02.2019
Fixed a crash when trying to create a placeholder image without an open document 26.02.2019



Release candidate 1 This is the initial release candidate of the priint:comet Illustrator plugins 19.02.2019