Because this file contains entries from our bug tracking system, the content of this file is partly in German.

The table describes the features and bug fixes of the priint:comet 4.1.8 plug-ins. Bugfixes and features of 4.1.7 are automatically integrated into 4.1.8.

Revision    Case Description

v4.1.8 R32585


TW 2372207 - Error while downloading actions from SOAP

When downloading the actions from a SOAP (Pub Server) connection, the error -43 occurs from time to time. The error only happens on the Mac (tested with Mac OS X 10.14 - Mojave) and always affects diffferent files. Most of actions can be loaded, but in about 1 out of 100 cases this error occurs.

We have found (after a long search) a workaround that solves the problem.

v4.1.8 R31147


Last Regular Release of v4.1.8.

This is the last regular release of v4.1.8. The support for version 4.1.8 will continue until mid-2023, but new releases are made in case of serious errors and blockers only.

FogBugz 32603No content transfer for template changes

If the reorganization has to change a template, the frame content is no longer transferred correctly. The error occurs for frames with continuation only.

The problem is fixed.

FogBugz 32601 - bookmark::level not working

Using the function bookmark::level generates the cScript error "Unknown identifier".

Oh, great, an 14 years old bug. We have forgotten the internal function signature. This is fixed now. The same applies to bookmark::position.

v4.1.8 R30871


FogBugz 32528 - Templates resetting on page reorg

The content of friendly frames is no longer taken over when changing templates during reorganizations.

The problem is an unexpected side effect of the fix of case 31735 (v4.1.8 R30323, 2. march 2022) and is fixed now.

FogBugz 32506 - Still Problems with passwords in Web Image URL

We still habe problems with the encrypted passowords in URLs of Web Images. The fix of case 32406 is working: BUT : If the encrypted pwd ends with a slash itself, you will get 4 slashes and your method with the three slashes around the encrypred pwd will fail.

What a hassle. We would most like to write the password unencrypted into the document. But okay, we solved this problem too.

v4.1.8 R30828


FogBugz 32406 - cURL Error 3 while downloading Web Images

I have an Web Image URL containing a user name and a password. The password is kindly encoded when writing to the document. But apparently the encoding can contain characters that break the URL, e.g. some additional /s.

This bug is fixed now. Encoded password are enclosed in /// now automatically. Here's an example:

FogBugz 32388 - Preview Panel Crashed

The following situation leads to a crash of InDesign®:

  1. Open document with Previews panel open and select any frame
  2. Close the Preview panel
  3. Close the document
  4. Re-open the Previews panel
  5. Crash

This problem is fixed now.

v4.1.8 R30683


No Functional Changes

v4.1.8 R30603


Header Data in Web Image URLs

Sometimes it can be necessary to add further information to a URL in the so-called HTTP header. To support HTTP Headers, the handling of Web Image URLs has been extended. See here for a detailed description.

Session-IDs in Web Image URLs

Image URLs may contain session IDs and other time-limited information. To support these specifications, the handling of Web Image URLs has been extended. See here for a detailed description.

FogBugz 32265 - Hide Template Behavior may crash InDesign®

In case of empty documents, the context menu "Behavior in Template->Hide All" crashes InDesign®.


FogBugz 32175 - 'type' in URL prevents loading the web image

If the URL of a Web Image contains the word 'type', the image cannot be loaded.

The information about the Web Image is stored at the image frame in the document. Among other things, the type of the link (link or embedded) is also stored there. Unfortunately, when searching for this information, we found the 'type' in the URL and not 'our' type information.

The bug is fixed.

FogBugz 32150 - linklist::collect causes frame change in build script

Calls to linklist::collect surprisingly sometimes result in changes to document frames.

The problem is the internally resolved repair of placeholders that extend beyond table cells. This correction is not necessary in the Sync case and is not done there now. This solves the problem.

v4.1.8 R30464


Left Leaned Nails

For spreaded frames (that is, frames that go across left and right pages), it is not clear which document page their left side should align to. The frames can be oriented to the right side (the default) - then they change their position during adaptations. Or they orient themselves to the left side, then they change their sizes. There are good reasons for both.

Therefore, you can now adjust the orientation of the left frame edge by SHIFT-clicking in the nail of the left side. See here for more information.

Exchange Images by Drag And Drop

FogBugz 32126 

It would be kind of nice if I could do the image exchange of the Previews Panel also with drag and drop into the target frame. So far this is only possible with the buttons in the list.

The image exchange now also works with drag and drop :-)

Previews and Layout Rules

FogBugz 32124 

After an image of a frame has been exchanged via the Previews panel, the Layout Rules "After Load" of the frame are now executed. If necessary, the magnet distances are also corrected again afterwards.

FogBugz 32127 - Problems with @ in URLs of Web Images

If URLs of Web Images contain the @ character, the @ is misinterpreted as a separator for authentication and the image cannot be loaded. Here's an example

Unfortunately, we had overlooked this character combination. The bug is fixed.

FogBugz 32062 - hyperlink::frame_create_pagedest does not generate name from content

When creating a hyperlink using hyperlink::frame_create_pagedest and providing an empty string for the name, the name should be generated from the text content. It is however always the default name 'Hyperlink'.


FogBugz 32061 - Cannot create hyperlink from new document to other document

When trying to create a hyperlink (e.g. with hyperlink::frame_create_pagedest) from a new, unsaved document to another document, the resulting link always points to the same document instead of the provided one.


FogBugz 31710 - Image marked as "To Delete" in panel To Dos I have an image placeholder with function variables, a direct select (so no cScript) and auto-sync. The placeholder is loaded correctly (after setting the function variables). But in the panel ToDos the placeholder is always listed as TO DELETE with the indication "Contents equal".

I could have sworn we fixed that a long time ago. But somehow we overlooked the whole direct select branch in the sync call. The problem is fixed.

FogBugz 31994 - General timeout for Web Images

We need a general timeout for urllink images that can be set via the prefs cscript class. This would be the --max-time parameter of curl.

We can already set the connection timeout (--connect-timeout in curl) via prefs::set_urllink_timeout(), so ideally there would be a similar method to set the complete timeout, or an additional optional parameter.

Maybe we should keep the current default (infinite?) to ensure backwards compatibility.

I don't understand what this timeout is supposed to do. In the best case the timeout does not prevent the download of an image. And to make the waiting time for non-existing images not too long, the previous connection timeout is sufficient. After that nothing works any more anyway.

But anyway. Here's what I did:

  1. NEW. All three functions return a float with the old value:
    1. prefs::set_urllink_timeout

And, uh, of course we keep the old timeout of infinity :-)

v4.1.8 R30323


Navigate by Cursor Keys

In the panle lists of priint:comet plug-ins you can navigate with the cursor keys even before. But for that the list must have the keyboard focus. This is not always easy. (You have to place the text cursor in a search field and then press the TAB key until the list is selected - or rather, until no other control in the panel is selected.)

Yoi now can use the following (additional) key in the search fields:

  • ENTER : Start search and reload list
  • Cursor Down : Focus the list
  • Cursor Right :  Reload and focus the list

Attention : The panel Products of Document and ToDos change the document selection and still do not support list navigation via cursor keys.

FogBugz 31901 - repaginate + update crossers on book

book::repaginate does not work for all documents of the given book.

The works now.

FogBugz 31952 - Strange crashes while inserting text

The last thing I see in the log is:

# Work around tagged text import error that crashes InDesing in case of text lengths of 255s multiples.

After that, InDesign® crashes. Not always, but more and more often.

Uuh, I cannot count to 11 :-( The problem ist fixed now.

FogBugz 31913 - Crash when checking-in multiple checked out publications

InDesign® crashes reproducible when checking-in multiple checked out publications.

The problem is solved now.

FogBugz 31905 - URL-Links are falsely marked as "out of sync"

My URL images are always mark as "Out of Sync", although they have not changed at all.

The same problem as with FogBugz 31904. The problem is solved.

FogBugz 31904 - URL-Links are resized on update

If URL links are placed at > 100%, they are resized on update. This happens with the panel flyout as well as with document::update_url_links and itemlist::update_url_links.

This was a side effect of the fix of FogBugz 31509 and affects SVG and EPS images only. The problem is solved.

FogBugz 31735 - Problem with not-unique labels

If a product has several frames with the same label, the frame contents will be passed to the other frames even if the frames have no continuation set at all.

The problem is caused by the fact that labels within a product template must be unique. Nevertheless, we have built in another check so that frame content is no longer adopted in the cases mentioned above.

Please note, however, that the requirement for uniqueness of labels generally still applies!

FogBugz 31919 - hyperlink::find does not respect 'findInBook' parameter

The CScript function hyperlink::find does not seem to evaluate the 'findInBook' parameter when searching for anchors.


FogBugz 31899 - Assigned template column not showing in product pool

I was working with a customer today on a screen share and they were not seeing the blue text indicating which template is assigned in Product Pool.


v4.1.8 R30121


FogBugz 31824 - Crash while building repeating elements

Since v4.1.8 R29511 InDesign® crashes sometimes when I build up repeating elements. The problem happens only under Windows.

FXD (Internal Note : See "Turkish iI")

FogBugz 31777 - Hiding Template Behavior UI elements

I am looking for a cscript method to hide these template behavior UI elements. I searched in the frame and page classes but did not see anything that might work.

As an alternative would it be possible to have the visibility choice of these elements persistent, in the same way placeholder visibility is "remembered" when you open templates. I find myself constantly turning these off so that I can work at small scales, as they block everything.

We have added the new entry Always Hide to the Context /Show menu Template Behavior: If the menu Always Hide is activated, the display is switched off globally (and also after a restart) for ALL frames ind ALL documents. The other entries lose their meaning and remain deactivated until Always Hide is deactivated again.

Please note the following two things:

  • Always Hide is NOT a document setting but a global InDesign® setting! This is due to the fact that for technical reasons templates are not opened as documents, but are inserted into new empty documents.

  • The disabled items are removed from the submenu as long as they are disabled. This is standard InDesign® behavior and we don't need to discuss it.

FogBugz 31723 - Show number of children of a repeating element

It would be very helpful if the AreaBuild panel would show the number of elements.

The number of elements is now shown at the bottom right under the element list.

FogBugz 31721 - Bad previews for staggered repeating elements

With staggered elements, the previews in the AreaBuild Panel don't look so nice : The previews are simply screenshots of the bounding boxes around the elements. But in this rectangle are of course frames of other elements. This makes it almost impossible to see the individual elements.

The problem is solved. Only the respective element frames are shown now.

v4.1.8 R30060


All previous versions of the priint:comet plug-ins contain a serious bug that can cause your entire hard drive including all mounted drives to be deleted.

Although the error only occurs in the following situations you should urgently replace older priint:comet plug-in versions.

If you can not or do not want to update the priint:comet plug-ins, you should at least remove the plug-in URLink from their installation!

The problem is solved with R30000 of the plugins, see also FogBugz 31604.

FogBugz 31005 - Grouped frames in Repeated Elements of snippets

If a repeated template contains grouped frames, the link to the parent frame is not restored correctly when snippets are inserted.

This problem is solved now.

FogBugz 31681 - list::gettext et al. not working for Page Templates

Unfortunately, the list::gettext function does not return any results for the entries of the Page Templates panel.

Yes, this is because the function is not implemented at all for this panel. We have now extended the function and list::gettext can now also retrieve information from the Page Templates panel. We have also extended the documentation - it now states which panels are supported by the function.

FogBugz 31680 - reload_panel not working for PageTemplates 

Unfortunately, the placeholder::reload_panel function does not work for the Page Templates panel.

Yes, this is because the function is not implemented at all for this panel. We have now extended the function and placeholder::reload_panel can now also reload the the Page Templates panel. We have also extended the documentation - it now states which panels are supported by the function.

FogBugz 31675 - idtypellist::alloc not working for Page Templates

The idtypellist::alloc function apparently does not support the Page Templates panel.

We have now extended the function and idtypelist::alloc can also be used for the Page Templates panel since now. We have also extended the documentation - it now states which palettes are supported by the function.

FogBugz 31637 - 
get_area_built_elements misreads grouped frames

We've have found an unexpected behavior with the elementlist::get_area_built_elements function : If the repeated element contains normal frames and InDesign® groups, the result of the function is incorrect, groups and frames are each counted individually.

This problem is fixed now.

FogBugz 31645 - Very long names for Web Images in panel

Sometimes the names of the list entries in the Web Images panel are really long. Can't you leave out the URL part after the '?'?

Yes, we can - and we do it now, the ? part of the URL is not displayed anymore. But : If this rest does not contain a dot (.), the ? part is displayed anyway (then we assume that the required part is not a name with extension).

FogBugz 31634 - file::remove with given alias removes the original instead of the alias itself

If the path for frame::remove is an alias, not the alias is deleted by mistake but the original. This is quite dangerous!

The problem occurred only under Mac OS and is solved now. Only the alias itself is deleted.

v4.1.8 R29606


FogBugz 31536 - Wrong lower/upper of Turkish İ resp. ı

The strlower and strupper functions (respectively string::lower and string::upper) return wrong results for the Turkish İ and ı. In both cases normal i's (resp. I's) are returned.

Yes, but we are (unfortunately) not alone in this. Everyone makes this mistake:

  • InDesign® (Write the word etıketlı and set its character style to "Upper Cases")
  • Illustrator ®
  • boost
  • STL
  • gLib
  • Mac/Windows SDK functions
  • Or check online with the word ETİKETLİ

We have fixed this on our side. The above mentioned functions now provide correct results for the two turkish I's.

FogBugz 31514 - Unexpected element change with row-wise build-ups

I'm filling a page element with a row-wise build-up. The first product fills the entire width of the element. The following products each fill half of the page element (minus the spacing of course). Nevertheless, product no. 3 is moved to a new page (although there would still be enough space on the right). 

If I leave out the first (wide) product, everything works as expected.

This is an unexpected side effect of the fix of bug 15521 - more than six years ago. The problem is solved.

FogBugz 31513 - Spacing in 1:N side elements is not applied correctly

In my 1:N row-wise page element, horizontal and vertical spacings are set to 10 pt each. Nevertheless, the second product has an X-distance of 0 to its left predecessor. Only the third third product of the line gets the correct spacing.

This has lasted for more than six years (since case 15521). The problem has been solved.

FogBugz 31512 - Expected min size of template ignored sometimes

I have a template with an "Expected Minimum Size" of 100 and an actual size of 150. In my page element there are still 120 points of free space at the bottom. Nevertheless, the template is moved to the next page element. What am I doing wrong?

You are not doing anything wrong.

The error occurs only with text frames with continuation. In this case, the template is first placed in the correct element and its height is adjusted. Up to this point everything is correct. But now comes the 'ResetToOriginalHeight". This call is important for the layout, but it set the height to the actual frame height (here 150pt) - and they don't fit into the page element anymore. The correct way would be to use the expected minimum height here. 

We are doing that now. This fixes the error.

FogBugz 31510 - Outdated embedded Web Images not updated

Embedded web images that have been modified on the server side are unfortunately not updated. The first status check shows the yellow cloud (outdated). But if you click the cloud again, it turns green and the image is still not updated.

The problem is fixed. It is necessary in these cases to delete the old image before, we do that now.

FogBugz 31509 - Missing embedded Web Images are not reloaded

If an embedded web images ir removed from the document, then it cannot be reloaded again. This is of course not so nice :-(

Please choose the menu Object -> Fit-> Fit Frame To Content of this frame. You will see that the end is activated - but it shouldn't be. When you execute the menu, the frame is reduced to 4x4 pt - which is also wrong, of course. This looks like a bug in InDesign®. And that's exactly the bug we're running into here too.

But we have found a workaround. This solves the reload problem of embedded Web Images.

FogBugz 31508 - frame::embed_url ignores image alignment

Images embedded with frame::embed_url are always centered in the frame, the alignment specification of the call is unfortunately ignored.


FogBugz 31504 - frame::embed_file doesn't work with URLs anymore

The frame::embed_file function generates an error for URLs. This used to work.

The problem arose as a side effect of the fix for case 31113 and is now resolved.

FogBugz 31501 - Crash while importing Korean text

I want to import Korean text into my document, but unfortunately InDesign® crashes in the process. Here is a sample text:

토크 스크류 드라이버 (아날로그

The problem is fixed. The background was a wrong bit in the evaluation of possible CESU-8 characters in the input. This caused that parts of the Korean text were wrongly recognized as CESU-8. This resulted in wrong UTF-8 strings.

FogBugz 31465 - Error while importing <ul><li class="abc">...

I have the following HML text:

%!TT_html_<ul><li class='abc'>...

The new paragraph for the <li> is created correctly. But before that, the paragraph style is also applied to the current (the old) paragraph.


FogBugz 31386 -  string::replace_all does not work with Strings

string::replace_all does not work with Strings for search and replace. These two parameter must be of type char* currently. This is a bit confusing.

FXD. You know can also use String typed parameters for search and replace.

v4.1.8 R29511


FogBugz 31354 - The Fit Image layout rule does not work with 'fill proportionally' anymore

Since R28746 the layout rule Fit Image with 'fill proportionally' does not work anymore.


FogBugz 31325 - Unknown red dots

I am looking for some more information about the red dots that have appeared in templates.

The red dots are artifacts of failed attempts for inlines while configuring the template. They should be removed! We added a new fly-out menu to panel Placeholder Options to do that: 

Remove Red Dots from Text Selection (resp. Remove Red Dots Selected Frames if you have a frame selection).

With the menu you can remove the red dots. See here for more information.

FogBugz 31307 - Text layout rules not working with 'prefixed' placeholders

If the prefix text of a placeholder is changed during loading, the text layout rules of the placeholder are no longer executed.

This is fixed.

FogBugz 31303 - How to get the text position of an inline?

With frame::parent I can ask for text frame of an inline. Also, is there any way to get the text position as well?

The frame::parent function now has an additional (optional) parameter that contains the text position (only) for inlines.

FogBugz 31286 - Some people cannot work with the 'Do NOT filter templates' menu

Since v4.1.8 R27979 the long list of templates of the Templates popup of panel Product Pool can be filtered by a script from the data pool.

Sometimes it can be necessary to see all templates anyway. Therefore there is an additional fly-out menu Do NOT filter list of templates. If this menu is checked, all templates are displayed in the popup.

We thought this would be a help for the users. The opposite seems to be the case, as the following (abbreviated) request shows:

  1. Don't call it 'filter' because the two popups on the left of the Templates popup are already filters. This confuses the users.
  2. Or, at the very least , call it 'Do Not Filter List of Templates'
  3. The menu should be the other way around, that is 'Do Filter List of Templasdtes' wiithout the 'Not'.
  4. The menu should get its last setting back after restarting InDesign®.
  5. As of PubServer 4.1.9 there is a default filter that only shows the templates shared with the current front dodument: But:
    1. I cannot find any hint in the cScript documentation that the filter does not exist in PubServer 4.1.8.
    2. If no template is shared with the current front document, all templates are shown. This
      1. is unexpected and possible wrong
      2. confuses the user
      3. not documented in the cScript documentation

Sometimes the job is really fun, hm? Here's what we did:

  1. We swaped the meaning of the fly-out menu: When the menu is activated, the filter is active too.
  2. We have renamed the menu to Show Shared Templates Only.
  3. We have made the menu settings restart-resistant.

FogBugz 31274 - Frames of a Comet group cannot be grouped together

If some frames of a Comet group are already group by InDesign® I cannot add more frames to the InDesign® group. It only happens, if I select the frames of the Comet group by the context menu Comet Group -> Select.


FogBugz 31272 - Issues with frame::insert_macro on InDesign® Server

The function frame::insert_macro works well with InDesign® (Desktop) but not with InDesign® Server.


FogBugz 31259 - table::cell::get_box returns wrong results

If a table contains cell strokes > 0 in the first row or column, the results of table::cell::get_box are unfortunately no longer correct.


FogBugz 31258 - Error in Cscript documentation: Anchor parameters

I was reading the textmodel:anchor documentation. But the examples give here afre using frame::anchor. This confuses the reader. Would it be possible to modify the example, so it uses textmodel:anchor instead?


I replaced the examples in textmodel by links to the examples in frames.

FogBugz 31256 - Little Helpers like xmlquery not working on Mac

The so called little helpers like xmlquery and crpt cannot be started on my Mac. I always get the message that libboost_loccale.dylib has a wrong machine format.

We were able to solve this problem. We have tested the new versions of programs on different machines with different (Mac) operating systems and were able to run them successfully everywhere.

FogBugz 31227 - Long Web-Image Downloads

I use the following simple script to load a Web Image:

int main () 
    wtlog ("", "AAA-111 Start download\n");
    frame::image (gFrame, "", 5);
    wtlog ("", "AAA-222 Image ready\n");

    return 0;
On the Mac, this takes about 5 seconds, on Windows (on the same network), over two minutes. What could be the reason for that?

Of course, this can have many reasons - in this case it was due to the progress bar of the download:

The CURL download periodically calls a function where we can show the current state of the download. There you will receive the Current/Total information and we show this in a progress bar. Since the downloads run on single threads, we have to give the application (the main thread) a moment to show the new progress bar. Therefore, the current thread is sent to sleep for one millisecond at a time.

Unfortunately, the server of the requested image in the script always sends 0 as total info. Of course, we can't say why this is - but we can see that CURL calls the progress function very very often in these cases. In this image 110,000 times. Now you see where your 2 minutes are.

We now have a workaround for this Total = 0 case. The download now takes only 3 seconds under Windows too (the rest is needed by InDesign® to open, process and insert the image - which is after all a 40MB Photoshop image).

v4.1.8 R29363


FogBugz 31196 - ☢ Crash while moving a frame of a template

Frequent crashes after opening templates. Crash cause is always the URLLink plug-in.

This is fixed.

FogBugz 31005 - Multiframes "forget" their child elements when placed as a snippet

When I place a snippet with multiframes, the connections of the multiframes to their main frames are lost.

The mapping is now restored when saving and inserting templates and snippets. Please note that this fixup cannot be supported with 'normal' copy/paste or drag and drop.

Attention: Existing templates and snippets with repeating elements must be resaved!

FogBugz 31150 - Snippets with layer do not work

I want to create snippets that contain the current layer as info. Unfortunately this does not work.


FogBugz 31139 - Incomplete placeholders.xml of metadata

Unfortunately, the placeholders.xml file of my metadata is incomplete. Some text placeholders contain their texts, but others do not.

The short answer is : The placeholders.xml didn't miss any text content but there were way too many. 

PubServers normally are configured so that no text content should be exported (content:none;). So the placeholders.xml should not contain any text content. But because this server setting is the default (for performance reasons and because the texts are usually not needed) and because the export mistakenly contained a lot of content text, it was quite hard to detect and it was very easy to get the impression that the export contains the full texts.   There are two ways to solve the problem
  1.  The server is configured to export text content, e.g. content:plain; in the meta data options. The disadvantage of this solution is that elements.xml then also contains text content and becomes quite (very) large. A differentiated setting per metadata file is not yet provided on the server side.

  2. Add the following line to your publications check-in script:

server::get_placeholders (0, kScopeDocument, 0, "content:plain;");

     And the bug with the wrong superfluous text export in placeholders.xml? That is fixed now.

    v4.1.8 R29300


    FogBugz 30820 - Error: waiting for file system to finish document open operation (538628)

    Error: waiting for file system to finish document open operation (538628)


    FogBugz 30885 - table::merge_equal stumbles over already merged cells

    Unfortunately, the function still has a bug : If both neighboring cells are merged, it still does not work.

    Not so easy, but that also works now.

    FogBugz 30980 - string::token failed for UTF-8 delimiters

    The strtokencount, strtoken, string::token_count and string::token functions do not work with UTF-8 characters.

    Yes, the problem is that the functions all require a single char. But all characters above ascii 127 consist of at least two bytes. Wir haben deshalb die folgenden beiden neuen Funkionen implementiert:

    Both functions expect an delimiter string of arbitrary length and of arbitrary characters. The other functions are marked as DEPRECATED.

    FogBugz 31038 - strreverse and string::reverse return wrong results for strings containing UTF-8 letters

    strreverse and string::reverse return wrong results for strings containing UTF-8 letters . This is because the UTF-8 characters are also reversed :-(


    FogBugz 31115 - Path to original image missing after W2ML import

    My W2ML contains some embedded images (that comet_pdf shows perfectly). But when I open the W2ML in InDesign®, the references to the original image files are lost.

    This is fixed.

    FogBugz 31113 - Embedded Images missing in panel Links

    I use the frame::embed_file function to embed immages into graphic frames. This works well. But when I embed an image via the Links panel, the file continues to appear in the panel- but gets an icon mark that the file is now embedded. The cScript function does not create an entry in the panel.

    The function now also creates the entry in the panelcorrectly (or, in other words : in the background the embedded file 'remembers' its original file.)

    v4.1.8 R29209


    FogBugz 31012 - ☢ Reorganization Failed

    My reorganization suddenly does not work anymore. Various errors occur:
    • A new empty page is created at the start page of reorganization.
    • The message that the page element is too small for a product appears (although the product fit during construction and its size was not changed at all).

    The bug is a unexpected side effect of the fix of case 30830 in v4.1.8 R29013 and is fixed now. Your reorganization should work again now.

    If the reorganization does not work as expected, the products must first be rebuilt.

    FogBugz 31000 - $ALIAS not resolved in #includes of scripts

    My srcipt contains an include like this:

    #include "$DATAFOLDER/abc.c"

    Unfortunately, this path cannot be resolved, but $DATAFOLDER is defined and abc.c exists in this folder.

    This feature is supported from now on.

    FogBugz 31000 - = - placeholders disappear in the ToDo list

    I have set some placeholders as overriden in the ToDos panel (= - State). That works. But when the reload the ToDos, the placeholders are still shown as "Changed" and when I click the update button, the = status is removed again.


    FogBugz 30599 - Issue with Path Translations Using the Repository Table

    We are using the feature path translations with the repository table to translate the path between Pubserver Linux and InDesign® Server Windows and have this issue.

    I tracked this down to the InDesign SDK level and found different behaviour in the IDocumentCommands.Open method between SDK 15.x (ID 2020) and 16.x (ID 2021):

    The following C++ code works in InDesing® 2020 but not in InDesign® 2021:

    const char * 	path 	= "/Users/ChristophS/Desktop/document.indd";
    IDFile 			file 	= FileUtils::PMStringToSysFile(path);
    UIDRef 			docRef;
    ErrorCode 		status 	= Utils<IDocumentCommands>()->Open(&docRef, file);

    There is no hint in the SDK documentation, that the behaviour of the "Open" command changed, nor is there any documentation for error code 90881 (9088x errors generally seem to refer to document, file, path problems or similar). I doubt, that the automatic resolve feature in former InDesign versions is a reliable solution and widely supported in the InDesign environment. However, we will emulate this behaviour in future versions of the 2021 Plugins.

    This is done!

    FogBugz 30937 - New display name of Web Image not shown in panel

    If I create the priint_URLDisplayName attribute in the Frame Tags panel, shouldn't the associated Web Image show this name? But the name is not shown until I change the new entry again afterwards. 

    FXD. The new name is shown immediately now. By the way, it is better to change the name using the context menu (either on the frame or in the panel).

    FogBugz 30918 - No respond at frame::set_blending

    Opacity changes made by frame::set_blending function are applied only after the opacity has been manually changed once.


    FogBugz 30887 - Did table::merge_equal create any new cell range?

    Is there a way to find out if table::merge_equal has created at least one new cell range or if the table has remained unchanged?

    The new parameter counter of type int* now contains the number of newly created merges after the execution of the function.

    FogBugz 30886 - table::merge_equal only searches for equal cells starting from the start cell

    If table::merge_equal is to search for identical cells row by row, this is done in all columns of the specified range as expected. But always only starting at the start row. However, areas of same cells below the start line are no longer found. In the following example, only the both cells with 'aaa' are merged together, but the 'bbb' cells are not merged:


    The same applies accordingly to column-by-column merging.

    If the (new) parameter flags of the function contains the value 2, identical cells are now also found below the start cells. But default is the old behavior (flags = 0). 

    FogBugz 30885 - table::merge_equal stumbles over already merged cells

    If I have a merged cell with the text 'abc', table::merge_equal cannot merge this cell range with the cell 'abc' under this range.

    The function now has the new parameter flags. If the value 1 is set there, cells hidden by merges are now ignored. This solves the described problem. However, the default setting is flags = 0 (i.e. the old behavior).

    v4.1.8 R29013


    FogBugz 30820 - Error: waiting for file system to finish document open operation (538628)

    I cannot check out one of my publications. In my log I see the following message : 

    Waiting for 20000 milliseconds for file system to finish document (\\demucsrfs04...\2008720711.indd) open operation...]]


    FogBugz 30855 - Multiple 'Default' entries in function variables

    I have a function variable with the name Default.

    pragma var "configId//Config Id" "default//Default"

    In the popup of the possible values of this variable, the entry Default is displayed twice since R28004. Before, the entry was there only once.

    Yes, that is correct, see case 29078 for more information.

    I can't just remove the Default entry again, then we lose functionality. And renaming only shifts the problem : If I name the entry e.g. 'Reset' and a function variable has a value 'Reset', then I have two Reset entries in the popup. To distinguish the data we now do the following now:

    #pragma var "configId//Config Id" "default//Default"  --> results in Value of "Default" 
    #pragma var "configId//Config Id" "default2//Custom"  --> results in Value of "Custom" 
    #pragma var "configId//Config Id" "Default"  --> results in "Default" 
    #pragma var "configId//Config Id" "Custom" --> results in "Custom" 

    FogBugz 30809 - Issue with the translation of parameter of the layout rules between EN and DE

    We have given a parameter of a Layout Rule the value 'yes' in an English InDesign® version. This value is displayed as 'no' in the German InDesign®.

    The problem were conflicting definitions of 'ja' and 'nein' in the configuration of the data pool used.

    We have built a workaround around this situation in the plugins now: If no matching key is found, a second search is performed where only the Built-In Key/Values are searched. This solves the problem.

    FogBugz 30806 - Wrong result at string::find

    string::find returns wrong results in case of UTF-8 letters.

    The function string::find expected a byte position for the parameter fromPosition and ended up in the middle of one of the characters in your example. This has been fixed and the function now expects the character position.

    FogBugz 30830 - x-position at link::left is read incorrectly

    The x-position at link::left is read incorrectly.

    The problem always arises once you have changed the page size (and remains even if you reset the page size again.) InDesign has introduced another coordinate system in the process since CS6 or so. To solve this problem, changes were needed in over 5 dozen places at that time. Now one more place has been added. Starting from this release it will work properly.

    I also took the opportunity to insert the missing offsets for frame strokes.

    FogBugz 30797 - Beep at double clicking the blue cloud symbol in the Web Images list

    Web images can be checked or updated by double-clicking the cloud symbol  in the list. But with the blue cloud I unfortunately only get a beep.

    FXD. Double-clicking the blue cloud tries to update the image now.

    FogBugz 30793 - Double clicking the cloud symbol does not update all frames with same URL

    When I click the cloud icon of a frame and thus update the Web Image, all other frames with the same URL should actually be updated as well, right? But in the list these frames keep their old status.

    Yes, that is correct. We have changed the behavior accordingly and the list entries of the same URL are now also all updated.

    FogBugz 30596 - Indesign client cannot move image frame

    Whenever I move or resize a frame with a Web Image, the image status is automatically checked and the image is reloaded from the web if necessary. This slows down 'normal' work on the document enormously.

    I have now changed the corresponding source code and deactivated the automatic reloading. This should solve the problem.

    Attention: The fix also means that static Web Images from templates are no longer automatically reloaded when inserted. But static Web Images in templates should be avoided anyway.

    v4.1.8 R28935


    Paste in Place

    FogBugz - 30646

    The following two new menus allow Comet Groups to be inserted at their original position: by Copy/Paste

    • Edit -> Paste in Place as New Comet Group
    • Edit ->Paste in Place with Analogous Comet Groups

    For more information see here.

    v4.1.8 R28902


    FogBugz 30593 - Inline images always inserted as embedded images

    Inline images are always inserted into the document as embedded images.

    Ooh, that is of course wrong. But the bug exists since v4.1 R21112 (Dec 1, 2017) - so it doesn't seem to be that bad. The bug is fixed now.

    FogBugz 30579 -Placeholder postfix not working correctly

    Applying the postfix of a placeholder does not work the first time you load the placeholder from a template. If you update the placeholder later, it works.


    FogBugz 30582 - Cannot create continuation template

    In very rare cases it can happen that no continuation templates can be created. Instead, a new template is created with the continuation. It is noticeable that the log file says the following:

    # Pageitems for new pages : NO

    But the element pageitems.pageitem.spread.continue exists for each entry.

    Very strange that this has not been noticed so far. The elements pageitems.pageitem.spread.continue are now recognized correctly. This solves the problem.

    FogBugz 30580 - About delete_parent property of multiframe

    Currently, I want to remove parent frame of multiframe after building. So, I try to put additional property for formatting string like :  post=delete_parent for the Element , but it make the ID crash.

    I even checked this with some local data and it works (nearly) as expected. The only issue I found is that only the first frame of the area chain is removed. I fixed this and the complete area chain is removed now. 

    FogBugz 30577 -Text on Front Row panel gets cut off

    Currently the name of items in the Front Row panel gets cut off if the name is longer than 12-15 characters regardless of the panel's size. This can be problematic when items have similar names.   It would be helpful for the Front Row panel to have more space for the name to be displayed —perhaps a second line, or other UI display options. 

    The labels are now somewhat wider and can be up to three lines long.  Of course, we know that the problem of identical parts of the name can also arise here - but sorry, you should do something too.

    Please note : Longer names are NOT ellipsized (... at the end). This is an InDesign bug. If this bothers you, please contact Adobe.

    FogBugz 30561 -  string::lower and string::upper convert Unicode characters to <0x00FF>

    The string::lower and string::upper functions change Unicode characters to <0x00FF> notation. The result of strupper ("äöüddd") for example is "<0X00E4><0X00F6><0X00FC><0X00DF>DDD". But I would have expected "ÄÖÜDD" (apart from the fact that <0x00E4> is a lower case ä).

    Yes, that is certainly completely correct, but wrong for years without any of you noticing that. We have changed that accordingly. The capitalization of "äöüddd" now results in "ÄÖÜDD".

    FogBugz 30546 - Make new tables as wide as the frame

    Is it possible to create the table on frame width when creating a table with table::create - like InDesign does when I create a table manually?

    You may use a call to table::broaden_to_frame to do that. But we now also interpret a column width of 0.0 as bringing the table to frame width.

    FogBugz 30545 - Table style for new created tables

    It would be nice if when creating new tables with table::create we could also specify a table style.

    The table::create function now has a corresponding new parameter. If nothing is specified, the base table style is used.

    FogBugz 30481 - Cannot set staticLink property in w2 tag

    In the w2 tag there is no possibility to set the so called Static Link property.

    The property can be set with the placeholder::change_tags function and the "StaticLink" slot. We have also extended the specification of w2 tags with the keyword static_link (0 | 1).

    FogBugz 30532 - StaticLink not shown in the Attributes popup of Placeholder Options

    With the Attributes popup at the very bottom of the Placeholder Options panel, you can view individual values of a placeholder. This all works great - only with StaticLink nothing is displayed. 

    The value is also shown at the top of panel in the Static Link checkbox - so no problem, you can see the value. But of course we fixed it for the Attributes popup too.

    FogBugz 30531 - NewsAndBugfixes dialog

    After the license order dialog, the news and bugfixes dialog is always shown. This is not bad - but a bit annoying.


    v4.1.8 R28746


    FogBugz 30440 - Cannot change Function Variables

    When I try to assign an own value to a function variable (panel Placeholder Options), the edit field appears very briefly in the line - and disappears again immediately.

    Yes. The error only occurs on the Mac and only from Mac OS Big Sur. We have been searching for the cause for a week. The problem occurs whenever the panel contains other visibleText Edit fields. The following panles are affected:

    • Placeholder Options
    • Table Composition
    • Frame Tags

    The Translations panel still works correctly because it does not contain any visible Text Edit field. We have already reported the problem to Adobe. But it is feared that the fix will firstly take a while and secondly will only be done in InDesign® 2021. We have therefore implemented a work-around that is executed exclusively in Mac OS Big Sur. In these cases, all other edit fields of the panels are hidden when a line is to be edited. At stop editing, the text edits will become visible again. This doesn't look very nice - but there is no other way until Adobe fixes the main problem.

    FogBugz 30466 - New methods for image layout rules

    In the exotic case where the clipping path is larger than the image it is supposed to clip, the "Fit Image" and "Place Image" layout rules will incorrectly scale and place images. Using the built-in InDesign® methods (e.g. Fit Content Proportionally), the images are fitted correctly.

    Yes, this is true. We intentionally did not base the implementation of our Layout Rules on the built-in InDesign® methods, because these methods themselves contain a lot of errors. But if they achieve better results in the cases mentioned, you are welcome to use this methods. We have integrated these built-in methods into the layout rules for this purpose now:

    Place Image, parameter X
      Center Content

    Fit Image, parameter Proportionally
      fill proportionally
      fit to frame width
      fit to frame height
      Fill Frame Proportionally
      Fit Content Proportionally
      Fit Content to Frame

    In all cases, the new (red marked) methods ignore the settings of all other parementers of the layout rules.

    FogBugz 30435 - Image alignment ignored for Web Images

    When placing web images, the alignment is ignored. If I use a local image in the same call, the alignment is correct.


    FogBugz 30424 -  Error with @ in the URL of Web Images

    Web images are placed in the same local file if the URLs contain an @ and are the same after the @.

    We have long searched for the reason why all the images of one were the same. The problem is now solved.

    FogBugz 30421 - Justify to/away from binding missing in cell justification

    With table::justification the cell content can be aligned horizontally. Unfortunately, the options to justify the content to/away from binding are missing.

    The possibilities already exist, they were just not mentioned in the documentation. You can use the following keywords too already:

    • kJustifyToBinding
    • kJustifyAwayBinding

    The documentation was extended accordingly.

    FogBugz 30394 - table::cell::insert image does not accept URL images

    I can easily insert images into table cells using table::cell::insertimage. But if the image is an URL, I get the error fnfErr.

    At the beginning of the function, we test whether the file exists. Of course, an URL will return 'false' in this situation. FXD.


    In the meantime you can do a simple workaround : Use table::cell::insert_taggedtext with the inline in the tagged text. Here's my test:

    #include "internal/types.h"
    int cell_image (Table T, int col, int row, char * path)
    	String		tt 		= string::alloc ();
    	float		w, h;
    	int			result 	= 1;
    	while (1) 
    		if (!string::length (path))  	{ result = -50; break;  } 	// paramErr
    		if (!table::is_valid (T)) 		{ result = 11; break; } 	// tableErr
    		result = table::cell::get_size (T, col, row, 1, &w, &h);
    		if (result) break; 
    		string::set (tt, "%%!TT<w2inline: %f, %f, '%s', 5, 0.0><w2inline:>", w, h, path);
    		result = table::cell::insert_taggedtext (T, col, row, tt);
    	string::release (tt);
    	return result;
    int main ()
    	Table  		T 		= table::alloc ();
    	table::get (T, gFrame, 0);
    	cell_image (T, 2, 1, "");	
    	return 0;

    v4.1.8 R28683


    Folder priint Resources replaced Windows Only: The recently introduced folder priint Resources folder in the priint:comet plug-ins installation folder has been removed again. The third-party DLLs contained in this folder must now be located directly next to the plug-ins.

    FogBugz 30316 - Wrong result for placeholders with inlines

    Placeholders with inlines cause errors when loading the placeholders. If I have two placeholders, each inserting an inline, the first placeholder also gets the second image.

    It took a long time for the error to be noticed : The bug exists since v4.1.6 R26010 (Sept. 24, 2019)! The story behind this is too long to explain. The short version is: The new inline used the wrong placeholder in the text. The problem is now solved.

    FogBugz 30353 - Wrong result in Layout Rule 'Position Frame'

    With the parameters "top center" to "bottom center" the layout rule 'Position Frame' produces a wrong result. The frame is incorrectly aligned to the top edge (and not the bottom) edge of the reference frame.


    FogBugz 30245 - Trouble Opening ZIP File

    I am reaching out because I am experiencing difficulties opening one of the documents to our flyer. The messages I receive when I try are as follows: Document checkout finished with result code -42. Cannot use this document at the moment.

    To unpack zips we are using the standard tool ditto on Mac OS. But sometimes we get invalid (or better : incomplete) zip files. The problem is the ZIP creator at PubServer side - it sometimes creates incorrect ZIPS. We can not solve this problem. But we have a workaround: We make a second attempt with unzip. This works. I already fixed this problem in the past. But unfortunately the ditto error code has changed since then - whoever did it and whenever. I don't know. We now also note the new error code. This solves the problem.

    FogBugz 30326 - Multiple meaning of Control key in Placeholder panel

    Since some time a context menu for placeholders can be opened by right-clicking (or just control-clicking). This is very helpful. Unfortunately, the Control key is also necessary to limit the setting of a placeholder to the current text selection, which is no longer possible now.

    O, that's true. We have therefore removed the support of the Control key for the context menu here (So the context menu will only be opened when right-clicking. Left click + control is no longer supported here). The same applies to the following panels:

    • Publications
    • Templates
    • Page Templates
    • Products
    • Placeholders

    FogBugz 30202 - statistics.xml generates error message when starting InDesign®

    A wrong or emtpy statistics.xml generates an error message when starting InDesign®.

    The file $PREFS/werkii/statistics.xml stores the last used objects of the panels Placeholders, Templates, Page Templates, ... . With ALT-click of the magnifying glass these entries can be loaded. If the file does not exist yet, it will be created automatically. Unfortunately, however, a corrupted (or empty) file caused a read error of the XML. This error is fixed. Erroneous statistics.xml are replaced.

    v4.1.8 R28585


    Suppress specific Layout Rules

    FogBugz 30091

    We would like to selectively de-activate (and re-activate) layout rules. This way we want to prevent manual geometry changes from being preserved during reorganizations.

    For this purpose there is now the new function system::suppress_layout_rule.

    Translatable Layout Rules

    FogBugz 30094

    Names, parameter names and help texts of Layout Rules can now be specified as translatable keys. For more information see here.
    FogBugz 30165 -  Problems with Copy/Paste Since the last release R28513 sometimes strange errors occur with documents: 
    1. Crash when opening the document
    2. Copy/Paste of frames no longer works

    With previous releases everything works as usual.

    The problem was caused by the newly introduced CESU-8 support and has been solved.

    FogBugz 30160 - Infinite Loop in layoutrule Scale Text Frames that contain only a table (and no other text) can lead to an infinite loop of the layout rule Scale Text. The error occurs whenever a table row contains non-hyphenationable text that leads to an "early" overset in the cell. Then the table will not get higher any anymore - and the frame will never get an overset, no matter how big the text is scaled.

    This is fixed.

    FogBugz 30119 - Unexpected return value of string::token_count string::token_count also returns 1 if the string is empty.

    I added a new parameter, optional and with a default that keeps the old behavior. But if the parameter is set to 1, the function now returns the expected 0 for empty strings.

    FogBugz 30110 - Default and allowed situations for layout rules ignored

    In the attribute inputdocumentation of the actions one can specify a definition for which situations a layout rule is allowed. But this information is apparently not evaluated at all.

    Yes, unfortunately. But now the error is fixed.

    FogBugz 30090 - Layout rules still disabled after logout

    Layout rules that are turned off are not automatically reactivated when a connection is disconnected. But actually all properties are reset when logging out?

    The suppressed execution time points for layout rules are now reactivated when the data connection is disconnected.

    v4.1.8 R28513



    FogBugz 30072 - How to show previews in the panel Publication Information? Unfortunately, there is nothing in the documentation about how I can show previews in the Publication Information panel.

    These are the panel statements 100 - 105. We have expanded the doc accordingly.

    FogBugz 29293 - Check-in and -out documents

    Since at least R27144 we have had strange behavior with the publications context menu "Check-in all checked-out out documents".

    This is a quite clear description. And it is not made easier by the fact that the action described is a configurable script of the data connection.

    To solve the problem, we implemented the following: The script command publication::checkout_by_id now allows to convert the document automatically (without a dialog) or not automatically. The default behavior is Convert automatically. We assume that this will also be desired by the customers - especially since displaying a dialog can hardly make sense for script-controlled check-ins from a third-party application.

    Arabic and Hebrew Support

    FogBugz 30056

    There is a new menu command : Font -> Text Orientation -> Right - Left. This can be used to define paragraphs for Arabic and Hebrew.

    See here for information.

    Version of SOAP Connection

    FogBugz 30055

    The prrint:comet plug-ins and the PDF Renderer support two service versions:
    1. The elder ("Version 1") is based on SwA for binary data transmission
    2. The newer ("Version 2") is based o MTOM

    Using the new keyword service-version in the soapflags.ini file you can define you favorite service. See here for more information.

    Mirror tables

    FogBugz 30055

    Is it possible to "mirror" a table somehow - i.e. swap all columns from right to left?

    We have implemented the new function table::mirror and the layout rule "Mirror Table" for this purpose. But please note the restrictions described in the table::mirror documentation!

    Moving rows and columns

    FogBugz 30054

    In InDesign® it is possible to move rows and columns within a table. Is this also possible with cScript?

    For this purpose, you now can use the new functions

    FogBugz 29944 - file::duplicate causes problems with Mac OS X 10.14 Mojave The file::duplicate function no longer seems to work as of Mac OS X 10.4 (Mojave).

    We have completely reprogrammed the function using NextStep. Now it works again.

    UTF-8 4-Bytes Support

    FogBugz 29922

    Unfortunately, only 3-byte UTF-8 characters are supported by the plugins and the renderer. Unicode characters >= 0xFFFF are unfortunately not possible this way.

    We now support also 4-byte UTF-8s: 

    • InDesign® Plug-Ins
    • Illustrator Plug-Ins
    • comet_pdf


    • Mac
    • Windows
    • Linux
    CESU-8 Support

    FogBugz 29920

    We have a text that contains CESU-8 encoded characters. Unfortunately, the renderer runs into a PCRE error on PDF output (invalid UTF-8 character in string).

    CESU-8 is now evaluated during text input and converted to valid UTF-8. This solves the problem.

    • InDesign® Plug-Ins
    • Illustrator Plug-Ins
    • comet_pdf


    • Mac
    • Windows
    • Linux
    FogBugz 29917 - Wrong result with strstr strstr returns wrong results on Mac. I have the following script:
    int main()
    	char 	* 	buffer	= alloc (4096);
    	strcpy (buffer, ".indd");
    	if (strstr (buffer, ".w2ml") == buffer)
    		showmessage ("equal");
    	return 0;

    Surprisingly, the script always gets into the if branch and shows me the message?! What is wrong here?

    O, a big thing. The comparison of char* == char* in the cScript interpreter was wrong. This is fixed now.

    FogBugz 29912 - Wrong date format in Order Dialog In an English InDesign® the date format DD.MM.YYYY of the order dialog is unfortunately not accepted. If I use DD-MM-YYYY, it works. But the help text says DD.MM.YYYY.

    This is fixed. The required date format DD.MM.YYYY is now also accepted for other system settings.

    FogBugz 29892 - no error on publication::checkout_by_id() for document with wrong InDesign® version For our customer we are implementing a script which checks out all documents of a (sub) publication in order to convert the documents to the format for a newer InDesign® version (semi) automatically.

    For this, we use publication::checkout_by_id("12343424“). This works so far for for the newer version. Unfortunately, when the script is run with an older version of InDesign® and we try to checkout an document of a newer version, the method returns 0 (no error). Behind the scenes, the document is released on the server and the document file is deleted on the local machine, the document, however, is still marked as checked out in the local checkout.xml file.

    Calling publication::revert() or using the UI to do so afterwards fails, as there is no document file anymore (cf. fogbugz case #24397)

    This leads to the situation, that the document cannot be used on the local machine until one adds a dummy document in XCache or cleans up checkout.xml.

    Would it be possible to have the following when opening the document fails?

    Done like suggested.

    FogBugz 29890 - Wrong documentation for cScript publication::checkout The documentation for the cScript method publication::checkout(states that the second parameter documentPath is optional. This is wrong, calling the method without a path parameter leads to an error message from the cScript interpreter.

    This is fixed.

    FogBugz 29886 - Misleading documentation for cScript method publication::get_tree The documentation for the cScript method publication::get_tree is misleading, it states "Search the publication subtree ..." This reads as if the complete subtree is returned, but it actually only returns the direct children of the parent node.

    The description explicitly says : Search the subtree. For me, that is actually expressed clearly enough. It is rather the name of the function that is misleading. We have therefore renamed it to publication::get_subnodes.

    FogBugz 29885 - publication::collect_documents does not use publication id parameter The cScript method publication::collect_documents seems not to use the publication id parameter. In my sample snippet below, I want to get all the documents below a selected publication, but the call always returns all 830 documents of all publications.


    FogBugz 29943 - Is script execution inside a product build up? Can I somehow determine if a placeholder script is running during a product build up?

    There will be a new function productlist::is_in_build for this purpose

    v4.1.8 R28406


    FogBugz 29878 - cscript function to test if a variable is declared

    Is there a cScript function that can be used to check whether a variable is defined in a cScript or not?

    To do this, use the new function declared.

    FogBugz 29864 -Label for file based Front Row scripts

    Is there any way to assign custom names to the Front Row actions of local scripts?

    Currently, the file names are used as names for the actions of the panel. Using the new tag 

    @@LABEL your label

    anywhere in the script you may give them different names. See here for more information.

    FogBugz 29793 - Sort order of file scripts

    Is there any way to sort the file script in the front row panel?

    As of the next release, the following keywords can be defined in the file:

    @@SEQ : sequence number (after the buttons of the data pool)

    See here for more information.

    FogBugz 29858 - Layout rules moved to fly out menu

    One can see it immediately and it was described in the New Features and Bug Fixes dialog, but there was criticism that the change is not described in this file. What has been done with this. The spelling error Texte instead of Texts in the Engllish version was also worth a BUG message of level important to someone. Also corrected.

    FogBugz 29767 - Wrong frame positions after page::masteritems_load

    We have a document with single sided masterspreads and documents spreads with facing pages. In this case, localized master frames are shifted by half the page width .

    This is solved for the cases 1:2 and 2:1. Other combinations like 1:3, 3:2 or 5:8 are not supported - for document spreads wider than 2 pages you have to use master spreads of the same width (or you fix the horizontal shift of these special cases yourself).

    v4.1.8 R28315


    FogBugz 29581 - lower-case and upper-case for XPATH Can the lower-case and upper-case functions be used in XPATH?

    Our implementation of XPATH supports version 1.0. These two functions are not normally included in this version. We have implemented them anyway, see here for more information.

    FogBugz 29580 - Is an XMLNode an attribute or an element?

    Can I somehow find out whether an XMLNode is defined as an element or as an attribute in the XMLTree?

    Implemented as xmlnode::is_attribute.

    FogBugz 29579 - How to get the root element of an XMLTree? Is there any way to get the root element of an XMLTree? I need the element for the XMLNode functions.

    Implemented as xmlnode::root.

    FogBugz 29608 - License Order in log file Can you please write possible license orders to the log file too?

    Yes we can. Licene orders are written to log too now.

    FogBugz 29577 - Problems with file::remove on Mac Sometimes I can't use file::remove on the Mac to delete a folder that I created just before. I get the error "Folder in use".

    Das ist gefixt

    FogBugz 29446 - cScript: Get Excel cell colors

    Is it possible to get the color information for an Excel cell using cScript? e.g. border colors and background colors?

    Implemented as excel::get_color.

    FogBugz 29443 - cScript function excel::read yields wrongly colored text

    When using the cScript function excel::read to get styled text out of an Excel cell as HTML, the color values sometimes contain invalid values like rgb(0, 144, 3464575665).


    FogBugz 29442 - cScript: Get Excel column size differently

    We have the cScript function excel::get_colwidth - however the results are not precise and only yield a relative size to the entire table. Is it possible to get an absolute width for a column?

    This is now possible using the cScript function excel::get_colwidth_pt.

    FogBugz 29441 - cScript: Get merged cell area of Excel

    Is it possible to determine the area of a merged cell from an Excel sheet inside cScript?

    This is now possible using the cScript function excel::get_merge

    FogBugz 29571 - < and > in placeholder values lead to incorrect TaggedText export

    If placeholder values such as Infos1, layout rules or function variables contain the characters < or >, incorrect TaggedText will result during export. It does not matter whether the text is exported using standard or Comet methods.

    Yes, this seems to be a misbehavior of the InDesign® TaggedText import : Also in strings of tag attributes the characters < and > have to be escaped with \:

    Wrong <w2: ... 'functionvariables ''checker" "id>0" "3"' ...>
    Ok    <w2: ... 'functionvariables ''checker" "id\>0" "3"' ...>

     We therefore now also escape these characters during export.

    FogBugz 29569 - Setting func var values creates second placeholder

    After a call to placeholder::set_funcvar_val my placeholder becomes two placeholders.


    v4.1.8 R28200


    Release Info

    When you start a new release for the first time, a dialoge with the current new features and bug fixes is now shown. We hope this information is helpful. Please note that the headlines are clickable hyperlinks to the according descriptions in documentation.

    XCache Preference

    You now can set the XCache by preference even for InDesign® Desktop. See here for more infomation.

    CometTests missing

    The latest release lacks the Mac version of the Comet Tests.

    The CometTests plugin is now included in the installers again.

    FogBugz 29337 - Cannot create Smart Template

    Every attempt to create a Smart-Template in the PubServer fails. It simply does not work!

    The problem has existed since v4.1.8 R27515 (15/09/2021) - so quite a long time without anyone noticing it. It#s fixed now and you can create Smart Templates even on PubServer again.

    FogBugz 29380 - cScript function dialog::listen does not properly work with dialog::dialogbuttons

    When using the example for dialog::listen from the documentation, it does not work - the listener callback is never called:

    dialog::listen("kOk", handleOkButton);

    However, it does work with:

    dialog::listen("kOK", handleOkButton); //Uppercase K in 'kOK'

    Thats fixed now.

    FogBugz 29365 - URLs with the phrase URL inside doesn't work

    I have an URL like http://aaa.bbb.ce/imageURLabcdefg. Since the last version, this URL no longer works. It only ever tries to load abcdefg. The text in front of it is obviously cut off.

    Thats fixed now.

    FogBugz 29381 - Cannot edit Comet Test scripts

    I have a Comet Test which uses tokens in the script and document path, e.g.


    When I try to edit this script through the edit dialog, nothing happens.


    v4.1.8 R28101


    Name your Web Images

    Web Images can now be given their own names that are independent of the image address. See here for more information.

    Local files as scripts

    You can now use local files as script files for the panel Front Row. This saves the cumbersome insertion of test scripts into the current data environment. You can find more information here.

    Line Height 23

    All priint:comet panels with standard lines now have a uniform line height of 23 points. This corresponds to the line height that Adobe uses for their panels.

    Help texts moved

    Whenever it was possible and made sense, we moved the help texts from the list entries to the list heading. This way, these texts do not always flicker when you move the mouse over the list.

    Re-Design of To Dos

    Web Images in ToDos

    In the hope that the panel is now clearer and easier to use, the To Dos panel has been completely redesigned. In addition to placeholders, the panel can now also check and update the document's Web Images. The so-called database tasks have been removed from the panel. The remaining functions have been completely retained.

    FogBugz 29235 - Column with for Comet Test names to small

    There is only one little thing: the column for the names of the Comet Tests could be a little wider.


    FogBugz 29234 -  Comet Test crashes InDesign® 2021

    Running a Comet Test reliably crashes InDesign® 2021 / Mac.

    The problem was a change in an internally used library on the Mac, which had to be renewed for ID 2021. In the next release, Comet Tests will also work in ID 2021 Mac.

    FogBugz 29223 -  Web Images crashing on InDesign® 2021 Mac

    InDesign® 2021 / Mac crashes reproducibly when loading a URL image into a frame.

    The problem was a change in an internally used library on the Mac, which had to be renewed for ID 2021. In the next release, web images will also work in ID 2021 Mac.

    FogBugz 29222 - Placeholder Variante : Name missing in About Placeholder ...

    In the new context menu of the placeholder panel there is an About menu. That is nice. For variants, could the name of the variant be added there?

    Ui, nobody knows the variants, but of course, yes, we add the variants names now.

    FogBugz 29190 - Deleting all hyperlinks creates a new layer

    The function hyperlink::delete_all always creates the new layer $$_Comet-Testebene_4011961_$$.

    In fact, that is not necessary. The problem is eliminated.

    FogBugz 29178 - Error when updating image placeholders with URLs

    If an image placeholder contains a Web Image and the image from the placeholder is to be replaced by a local image file, an error occurs. The image is replaced shortly, then the web image is loaded again. The same happens when the image is removed: The image is removed for a short moment, then the web image is loaded again.

    The error is fixed.

    FogBugz 29151 - W2ML import does not properly restore multiframe parents

    When importing W2ML into InDesign®, multi frames do not properly get their RepetitionParent set. The 'Area Build' panel does not show the established frames. When inspecting the RepetetionParent attribute using the Placeholder values panel, it seems there is a UID mismatch.

    We now properly sort the layout frames before the elements and restore the repetition parent in the import order.

    FogBugz 29150 - W2ML import crashes on multiframe import

    When importing a W2ML which has established multiframes, InDesign® crashes.

    This was just a wrong error message which occured during Multiframe import (See case #29151). Both the import and the error message are fixed.

    FogBugz 29181 - cscript function to clear cell overrides

    Is there a cScript to clear overrides from cells and tables?

    As of now, yes:

    FogBugz 29160 - InDesign® Server 2021 Mac does not start

    InDesign® Server does not start with priint:comet plugins.

    FXD. The Server IDs 2021 Mac now starts properly.

    FogBugz 29148 - Table and cell infos1/2 invisible

    Using cScript I can set some information into tables and table cells (table::set_info1/2, table::cell::set_info1/2). But I can't find a place in the plugins where these values are displayed.

    The information is now shown in the Table Composition panel - and can also be changed there.

    FogBugz 29147 - table::set_cellinfo should update the panel

    If I change a cell property using table::set_cellinfo and the cell is currently displayed in the Table Composition panel, the panel should update afterwards, right?

    The function now has an additional parameter that activates the updating of the panel (if the panel is currently displaying the corresponding table). The same applies to all similiar fuinctions working on the table composition.

    ATTENTION: Due to backwards compatibility, the parameter is switched off by default.

    FogBugz 29146 - table::set_cellinfo : New  "groups" not visible in panel

    I set new group memberships for a table cell using table::set_cellinfo. The result is apparently correct when I compare it with a following call to table::get_cellinfo. But I don't see the new groups in the Table Composition panel.

    Groups must also be entered in the table itself. This was omitted until now. The error is now fixed.

    FogBugz 29139 - Layout rule fit frame doesn't work for inline frames

    As of R27722 (10 Nov. 2020), the fit frame layout rule no longer works for inline frames. The same applies, of course, to the function frame::fit_better and frame::fit.

    This is fixed.

    v4.1.8 R28004


    FogBugz 29127 - page::move across documents

    Is it possible to move pages across another document with page::move?

    From now on - yes.

    FogBugz 29126 - page::duplicate to another document

    Is it possible to insert pages from another document with page::duplicate?

    From now on - yes.

    Template Filter

    In the panel Product Pool, there is a pop-up menu at the top right with the available templates. This list can quickly become confusingly long. With a script, this list can now be shortened so that only those templates are shown that are defined for the document and make sense. See here more information.

    FogBugz 29124 - dialog::setenabled and dialog::setvisible don't work for default buttons

    Default buttons added to a dialog using the csript function dialog::dialogbuttons sometimes cannot be set visible, invisible, enabled or disabled with e.g. dialog::setenabled("kOk"); Instead, dialog::setenabled("kOK") must be called.

    Though this isn't particularly a bug, the behaviour is other than documented and handling different IDs on cscript side depending on, which button is the default, involves unnecessary complexity.

    Therefore, on cscript side "kOk" and "kOK" can be used as synonyms. The same applies for "kCancel" and "kCANCEL".

    FogBugz 29115 - Web-Images : Show local file in Finder

    Is there any way to show me the local file of a web image in Finder/Windows-Explorer?

    This can now be done with the context menu (right click) of the panel now.

    FogBugz 29114 - Web-Images : Copy URL/Local path to clipboard

    Is there a way to copy the image path and the local file path of a web image to the clipboard? Maybe with right click - like in the other panels?

    You can do that now.

    Copy IDs to Clipboard

    FogBugz 29102 -  Copy IDs to Clipboard

    In the templates panel there is the fly out menu Copy ID to Clipboard. This is very helpful. Can you do something like that in the other panels too?

    The following panels now support a right-click menu to copy the IDs to the clipboard:

    • Placeholder

    • Templates

    • PageTemplates

    • Product Pool

    • Publications

    FogBugz 29086 - Functionvariables : State not changed while editing

    In the list of function variables in panel Placeholder Info the state of each variable is shown in the first column (+, √, !). When I edit a variable, however, this status remains unchanged and is only updated when I Alt-click the red lock button. Could the icon not be updated directly?

    It can :-) The icon is now adjusted immediately when changes are made.

    FogBugz 29081 - 'More Help' points to old

    The entries of the menu Help -> More Help still pointing to the old pages. But these pages are apparently no longer updated.

    Yes, these pages are no longer updated. The menu items now open the current docu at

    FogBugz 29079 - Slot FunctionVariables of Placeholder Info doesn't work

    In the lower area of the panel Placeholder Info you can see the current values of a placeholder. The "FunctionVariables" slot, however, always remains empty (and is not called FunctionVariables but FunctionVariables Grid).

    FXD. The slot now shows the correct values.

    Default value of Funcvars

    FogBugz 29078 - Reset Func Vars to default

    Is there a way to reset the value of a function variable to the default? Until now, all default values are transferred to the placeholder when the lock is pressed once. The background is that my placeholder calculates the value of the variable in a script (here 1234)

    #pragma var "myVariable" "##1234"

    But if the placeholder already has a configured value, this value is used of course and not the new value of the script.

    We have changed two things:

    1. There is now a new entry "Default" in the values pop-up. This can be used to reset the value.
    2. Values are only transferred to the placeholder if a value has actually been changed (automatic transfer of all values has been removed!).
    FogBugz 28061 - Multiframe placeholder always shows "kChanged" even with initial loading

    Multiframe placeholder always shows "kChanged" even with initial loading.

    We fixed the problem now

    Add the following line add the end of your build script: placeholder::set_state (1);

    FogBugz 29038 - Updating template doesn't work (SOAP)

    Recently, it has happened again and again that a template can no longer be saved on the SOAP/PubServer. Can you please check this?

    Phew, this problem is solved. Saving templates should now work permanently again.

    FogBugz 29035 - Problems while saving the template

    We have a template and unfortunately I can't identify what is causing the InDesign® to crash when saving. Unfortunately it’s very urgent and we would loose a lot of work.

    The problem is a frame that consists of several paths. This is not a problem in itself. But the problem is that one of these paths has 0 (zero) points. The graphic designer has gone to a lot of trouble (and InDesign® has also saved this nonsense). Thde problem is fixed now.

    FogBugz 29030 - Crash while loading Publications

    When loading publications from a PubServer, InDesign® crashes reproducibly under Mac OS Catalina.

    The problem has been solved. Publications can now be loaded without errors again.

    FogBugz 29028 - Function variables: Read in names via cScript

    I read in a list of function variables from the PIM via a cScript with the call

    #pragma var "attribute name" "##900"

    Where "900" is the action that triggers a server script in the PIM.

    I noticed that this script is not only called when assigning the the value to the function variable via the "Placeholder Info" panel (which is understandable), but also every time the placeholder is loadedf. I would have expected that the parameter would be stored somehow in the placeholder inside the document and a renewed call of the the action 900 is no longer necessary.

    You are absolutely right - when loading the placeholders, the values only have to be read if they are not configured in placeholder values. If the value have been set manually, the value from the placeholder is sufficient now and the script in not called anymore in this situation.

    FogBugz 29002 - Saving a page template empties the list

    When I save a template, the list of templates is (almost) empty afterwards.

    The problem was the double use of the ALT key for Save and Recent Entries. The problem has been solved.

    FogBugz 28998 - Scrollbar for ToDoList details not correct

    The scroll bar of the Doc/DB texts in the ToDo list scrolls the text way too far up. 


    FogBugz 28990 - Re-Design of column headers for panel lists

    The column headers of the priint:comet panels have been redesigned a bit:

    1. Slightly higher
    2. Help texts in the column heading and, if possible, no longer in the list
    3. New arrows for the sorting direction

    FogBugz 28972 - Wrong date format in License order

    The licence order automatically sets an expiry date in three years, e.g. 04.01.2024. With an English Windows operating system, this date is rejected as "Incorrectly formatted".


    FogBugz 28875 - Re-Design of Panel Products of Documents

    The panel Products of Documents was re-designed a little bit:

    1. The selection for page templates / templates of the panel is now activated and filled according to the list selection. This hopefully makes the panel a little easier to understand.
    2. The settings for loading the list are now buttons (and no longer checkboxes).
    3. The Special Cases part can now be hidden

    We hope this has made the palette clearer - less would be empty. More information can be found here.

    FogBugz 28855 - Warning for Basic licence

    In the grace period and with a Basic licence, only one page can be set up or reorganised at a time. It would be nice if a warning is shown for this. Otherwise, you might spend a long time looking for a mistake.

    When trying to build or reorganise products over several pages, a warning is shown now.

    Attention : In order not to be unnecessarily annoying, this warning is only shown once per InDesign® start.

    FogBugz 28851 - Please remove the 'Save placeholders' button from the Product Pool

    The button to save the placeholders at the bottom of the Product Pool is firstly totally rarely used and secondly also quite dangerous. Besides, the action can be performed via the fly-out menu "Save the products ...". So the button can go away.

    I removed the button now. You may use the fly-out menu Save the products ... to save your placeholders.

    FogBugz 28846 - ask string dialog with multiline should be resizable

    The askstring dialog should be resizable, hm? Especially with multiline edits.

    For multilines, the dialoge can now be resized.

    FogBugz 28845 - Save search method in Product Pool removes all labels of the search fields

    If I save a search method in the Product Pool panel, all search field labels are lost. And that means that all search fields become deactivated/invisible.


    FogBugz 28841 - Product Pool : +/- of search methods is mostly unused

    The button + and - next to the search methods popup of the Product Pool are slightly unusewd and can be removed therefor.

    The buttons are removed now. To save your own searches, use the fly-out menus of the panel:

    • Search Methods ->
    •     New Method...
    •     Change Name...
    •     Save Search Values
    •     Edit Statement...
    •     -
    •     Remove
    •     Remove All

    See here for more information.

    FogBugz 28839 - Crossref-Button of Product Pool is mostly unused

    Crossref button of Product Pool is mostly unused and should be removed therefore.

    The button is removed now. You still can insert cross references by using the menu Miscellaneous -> Insert Cross Reference at the panel fly out and at Plug-Ins -> Produkt Pool.

    Hide Search Fields

    FogBugz 28838

    The search fields of the Product Pool are now automatically hidden if all four search fields are unused.

    FogBugz 28829 - prefs::set_urllink_folder doesn't handle $ALIASSES

    Calls to prefs::set_urllink_folder does not handle $ALIASSES at the beginning of the folders path. The same applies to gDestFolder in panel statement 141 (the statement to set the urllink folder by script).

    It's done now (for both cases).

    v4.1.8 R27901



    FogBugz 28810 - Prevent unnamed Comet Notes templates from being saved

    Currently I can store unnamed Comet-Notes as templates for Comet Notes. But of course that's not such a good idea. Is it not possible to prevent the saving of unnamed notes as templates?

    Yes. we now check that all notes have a name before saving.

    FogBugz 28814 - How to delete templates of Comet Notes?

    Is there a way to delete templates for Comet notes (other than editing the xnotetypes_notes.xml file)?

    We now have the menu Delete Comet Note template in the flyout of the panel.

    FogBugz 28809 - Customized Comet-Notes types reside in the plug-ins folder

    The file xnotetypes_notes.xml containig the templates for Comet Notes is located in the same folder like the plug-ins. Users may not have write permission for this folder.

    The file is now stored in the user preferences ($PREFS/werkii). Any existing file is automatically taken over. You can find more information here.

    FogBugz 28695 - Web-Image removes frame color

    When the clouds of Web Images are displayed in the document, the image frame loses its background and frame colour. If you hide the cloud symbols, the colour appears again.


    v4.1.8 R27830



    FogBugz 28638 -  Dot (.) in where clause of xmlquery not working anymore

    I have the following xmlquery statement 

    xmlget label
       node layoutorder.spread.offer.stylepromotion where comet_id = 228056984
       node keyattribute where . = \"A_FURNITURE_TYPE\"

    This used to work in the past and now unfortunately not anymore, now I get the error 

    # Error in condition parser : 'syntax error'

    Yes, this has to do with case 27165. There we have extended the notation for XML names with some effort. Unfortunately, the single point (.) as a self-reference to the value of the current element has been overlooked. That's fixed.

    FogBugz 28628 - Panel PlaceholderValues Info is no longer required

    The Placeholder Options Info panel is no longer needed and can be removed.

    Done. The panel is removed.

    FogBugz 28620 - Dialog framework labels not translated

    The labels of the cScript dialog framework are not translated automatically. It would be nice if this would be done.

    The labels of labels and buttons in the framework dialog are now automatically translated. Contents of text input fields are of course still not translated.

    FogBugz 28574 - run_javascript with 'invokeDebugger' crashes InDesign®

    If you call the run_javascript function with the invokeDebugger option, InDesign® falls into an infinite loop.

    This is because Adobe has finished the support for ExtendScript Toolkit. The fact that InDesign still tries to run this tool is an error of InDesign®. We therefore ignore the invokeDebugger option now.

    FogBugz 28560 - Web Images : Cannot load image with self signed certificate

    Images that require a Self Signed Certificate are sometimes not loaded from Web Images.

    Yes, the certificates sometimes require a check of the host address (i.e. the address stored in the certificate must match the URL). We have solved this problem.

    FogBugz 28443 - Problem with self signing certificates - Supplement file::download only supports a shortcut for insecure downloads. Is there a shortcut for secure downloads too?

    Yes, we habe it now. We support the following shortcuts:

    • "-", "INSECURE" : Insecure download
    • "+", "SECURE" : Secure download

    Regardless of how the download options are set, shttps can be used to force a secure download.


    v4.1.8 R27777



    FogBugz 28533 - frame::get_anchor gets undefined return values

    If frame::get_anchor does not find an inline frame, the out parameters of the function (out_type, out_frameRef, ...) are filled with apparently random results.

    That's fixed. If no inline is found, only the parameter out_pos is changed now.

    FogBugz 28523 - Disable search fields in Product Pool

    Is there a way to disable unused search fields in the Product Pool?

    Currently not. But we changed the behaviour a little bit: Search fields with the following labels (untranslated) labels are disabled automatically now:

    • Unused
    • unused
    • -
    • Empty string
    FogBugz 28522 - Search field labels in Product Pool are not translated

    I have configured my Product Pool search so that the search fields have their own labels. Unfortunately the labels are not translated into the current InDesign language.

    This is done now. We supporting the following languages:

    • German
    • English
    • French
    • Japanese

    English is automatically used for other language versions.

    FogBugz 28516 - layer::name always returns an empty string

    The function layer::name (index, str) always returns the empty string.


    FogBugz 28483 - Enlarging inline images

    Is there a possibility to scale inline images larger than 100%. It seems that 100% is the maximum scaling.

    Yes, this is possible with the following information in the <in:> tag

    <in: ... , i_final_align fitcontent>

    This allows the image to be enlarged as desired. Wenn die Skalierung auf einen bestimmten Maximalwert begrenzt werden soll, kann das neue Schlüsselwort fitimage verwendet werden:

    <in: ... , i_final_align fitimage iPlacement fSize fMaxScale>

    See here for more information.

    FogBugz 28505 - Script function to get the Pubserver connection sessionId

    Is there a cScript function that can be used to request the SessionId of the current pub server connection?

    We have implemented the function system::session_id for this.

    FogBugz 28504 - Tag <sessionId>

    It would be nice if we had an instruction tag that gets the SessionId of the current PubServer connection.

    <sessionId> will do the job. If no PubServer connection is active, the value is empty (""). See here for a complete list of supported tags.

    FogBugz 28503 - system::macid crashes InDesign ®

    The script functions system::macid and system::tcpip are crashing InDesign® if they are called with String parameters (and not with char*).


    FogBugz 28497- W2ML export crashes InDesign® 2021

    The W2ML export of even an empty document leads to an immediate crash of InDesign® 2021.

    Unfortunately this is a bug in InDesign® 2021 - but we were able to find a workaround. The W2ML export works again now.

    FogBugz 28443 - Problem with self signing certificates

    file::download fails if the requeseted downloads needs a self signing certificate.

    Yeah, that's right. In the used functions of the respective operating systems such information cannot be set. We have therefore extended the function file::download so that CURL and its options can be used. More information can be found here.

    file::download ("",
    	"your_path", 1,
    	"CAINFO", "$DESKTOP/my_certificat.pem");
    FogBugz 28448 - Order dialog : Wrong expired date

    In the order dialog of the Windows plugins, the Expired-Date always shows a strange date, e.g. 12.04.2123.

    FXD. The Expired date is now always set automatically three years later.

    FogBugz 28439 - W2ML import warning : Unknown font 'Textschriftart Textschnitt'

    When importing a W2ML, I get a message that the font 'Textschriftart Textschnitt' is missing. What does this message mean?

    If no extra font is specified for bullet points in a bullet list, InDesign® enters in that the font of the paragraph should be use for the bullet points. This is correct so far - unfortunately this specification is translated into the current user language (hää?)

    We circumvented this problem with a workaound and keep the font attributes empty in this case.

    FogBugz 28437 - W2ML-Import warning "Missing font"

    When importing W2ML, a warning is shown if fonts are missing. This warning is also in English with a German InDesign®.

    FXD. The warning is now translated.

    FogBugz 28423 - Page breaks in the product lists lead to infinite loop

    I want to insert page breaks in my product builds. For this purpose I have inserted some page templates into my list of products. This works perfectly. But if I have a document with single pages and the PageTemplate is supposed to create a left (or right) page, I fall into an infinite loop. More and more new pages are created - probably because none of the new pages has the matching page type.

    This problem is fixed now. In single page documents a new page is now simply created and the page type is ignored.

    FogBugz 27967 - publication::checkout error

    The function publication::checkout produces an error if it has only one call parameter. But the documentation says that the second parameter is optional.

    We have changed the parameter check according to the documentation. The function may now also be called with one parameter only. The same applies to publication::checkin, publication::revert, publication::aftercheckout and publication::aftersave.

    FogBugz 28422 - docu missing for publication::revert

    I cannot find any documentation for the function publication::revert Does this function not exist?

    The function exists and is now also described in the documentation.

    v4.1.8 R27722


    CC Libraries Support

    We proudly present the support of Adobe CC Libraries through the priint:comet plugins in this release. To place an image from a CC Library in the document, you only have to define the image path (e.g. in frame::image) accordingly:

    "CC Libraries: libraryName/imageName"

    You can find further information here.

    FogBugz 28234 - Cannot call stored procedures of MSSQLSERVER

    Die Funktionen sql::call und sql::calln funtionieren nicht unter Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina) mit MSSQLSERVER.

    Dieses Problem ist gelöst.

    FogBugz 28234 - Problems with MSSQLServer Unicode on Mac

    With Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina) I cannot connect to a MSSQLServer Unicode.

    The problem is solved.

    We recommend the ODBC driver version 8 from OpenLink for connections to MSSQL.

    Please note: On the OpenLink page, the supported operating system is Mac OS X 10.7. A newer version is not available, but in our tests this version also worked on Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina).

    FogBugz 27975 - InDesign® Crash after Idle-Time

    With an active PubServer InDesign® crashes if you let InDesign® rest for a few minutes. The problem occurs on the Mac only and only since Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina).

    The problem are connections to a server that disconnects after an idle time specified by the server. We could solve this problem.

    Insert the following line into your soapflags.ini


    FogBugz 28418 - Documents can no longer be created with with German Umlauts

    We have documents that were created with German Umlauts in 4.1.6. This has worked very well so far without problems. Now with Comet 4.1.8 the folders are created correctly with umlauts, but the InDesign® document is not. The problem occurs only on the Mac.

    In other words : file::duplicate does not work with German Umlauts on Mac - instead of Ä we get √Ñ. This problem is fixed now.

    v4.1.8 R27672


    FogBugz 28255 - Create QR Code by cScript

    I know we can create QR Code with image::barcode. Is there also a function to generate QR Codes directly from InDesign® (like in the menu Object -> Generate QR Code... )?

    You can now use the new functions

    FogBugz 28228 - get_url_filedate crashing InDesign®

    Some of the URL functions like frame::get_url_filedate are crashing InDesign®.

    You are absolutely right: get_url_filedate, get_url_importdate and get_url_importresult returning char*-strings. The parameter description was correct, but the function signature is wrong. But because the signatures come directly from our source code, it is also wrong there - and the functions lead to a crash. This is fixed in the next release (see below).

    FogBugz 28234 - MSSQL Unicocde connection on Mac OS Catalina does not work

    Using Mac OS Catalina I can no longer connect to a MSSQL Unicode database.

    The problem was a changed byte width of the text characters. The problem is fixed. Under Catalina, the ODBC driver Lite Edition (single-tier) ODBC Driver Installer Archive for Sybase 10.x, 11.x, 12.x, 15.x and Microsoft SQL Server 6.x - 2017 on Mac OS X 10.7.x (Universal) and Higher -- Amazon S3 HTTP Depot version 8 can be used.

    FogBugz 28172 - Javascript function app.comet.getElements does not work

    It seems that the app.comet.getElements function is not executed at all.

    Yes, for some mystical reasons the command does not work under this name anymore.  But obviously nobody was missing that. Therefore the command will be called app.comet.getElementsXML in the future.

    FogBugz 28162 - cscript docu document.html incomplete

    The docu of the cScript module document is incomplete and stops at "Number of pages in the document"

    This docu file is fixed now, see here.

    FogBugz 28120 - Find out UID of inline frame

    In some mysterious circumstances inline frames are so small that they are not visible (0.01 pt). Is there any way to get the UID of these frames out?

    If the text cursor is placed on an inline, the UID of the inline is now shown in the panel Comet Admin -> Comet:

    And, by the way, the mysterious circumstances are not mysterious: But you should avoid adding wide tables in three-column pages with the option Layout -> Margins and Columns : Fit Layout turned on.

    FogBugz 28086 - MacOS file download by Applescript leads to a crash

    When downloading many images for the icons of the Product Pool by URLs, InDesign® crashes. Unfortunately there is no system crash log for this. InDesign® is simply terminated.

    Once (out of more than 20 tests) the Mac OS delivered us a crash log after 12 hours (!) after all (see above). This log shows that the problem is apparently caused by extended security checks of the Mac OS (Thanks, Apple!)

    We have changed the download from Applescript to curl - this fixes the problem.

    FogBugz 28082 - Strange names for downloaded icons

    When downloading images for the icons of the Product Pool, strange and possibly not rule-compliant file names are generated, e.g:


    We create an MD5 hash from the URL and try to add the file extension of the URL to this name. But we overlooked the fact that the URL can have additional information in the component. This is fixed (and in the above example png will now be used as file extension).

    FogBugz 28072 - Clicking the cloud symbol of the Web Images

    If you click on the warning symbol of changed images in the document, the image is automatically updated. Is it possible to do something like this with Web Images too when the cloud icon is clicked?

    Yes, this is now possible by double clicking on the cloud:

    • Green cloud : Check image

    • Yellow and red cloud : Update the image

    FogBugz 28057 - No web image if the server does not accept empty UserAgents

    Web servers sometimes check the UserAgent of the client of course. But some web servers are so extremely stupid that they only check if the UserAgent is not empty. If it is empty, they reject the query. If it is not empty, nothing matters.

    It is not difficult to trick these servers (it was more difficult to find the problem.) : We now send the UserAgent " " (blank). This solves the problem (and reasonable checks certainly include the blank).

    FogBugz 28056 - Wrong infos in Web-Image tags in case of redirects

    Web Images with redirects receive incorrect ETag info for status checking. Apparently the info from the first call is used instead of the info from the resolved address. In the example, text/html is used as Coent-Type instead of image/tif:

    HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
    	Server: nginx
    	Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2020 14:55:06 GMT
    	Content-Type: text/html
    	Content-Length: 162
    	Connection: keep-alive
    	Expires: Thu, 31 Dec 2037 23:55:55 GMT
    	Cache-Control: max-age=315360000
    	X-UA-Compatible: IE=Edge,chrome=1
    	HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    	Server: nginx
    	Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2020 14:55:06 GMT
    	Content-Type: image/tiff
    	Connection: keep-alive
    	content-disposition: attachment; filename="2_34875.tif"
    	Expires: Thu, 31 Dec 2037 23:55:55 GMT
    	Cache-Control: max-age=315360000
    	X-UA-Compatible: IE=Edge,chrome=1

    This is fixed now and the last information are used.

    FogBugz 28045 - Cloud symbol of Web Images is partly hidden

    The new cloud symbol of the Web Images is partly hidden by the frame edges.

    Okay, okay, I moved the cloud symbol a little bit ...

    FogBugz 28131 - Get Document Display Name in cScript

    I’m looking for a way to get the display name of the current document via cScript. (I want to use it in a showmessage to the user about the document). I’ve found the document::set_display_name function, but it does not look like there’s a “get” version. We did find the ‘name’ function (document::name) but that returns the physical file name (doucmentID.indd).

    To do this, I just implemented the function document::get_display_name.

    v4.1.8 R27567


    InDesign® 2021 Support

    All priint:comet plug-ins are available for InDesign® 2021 and InDesign Server® 2021 now. Test plug-ins are available from our support.

    FogBugz 2837 - Lot of '#Cannot compile regular expression' messages in log

    In the log file I can see a lot of error messages like this:

    #Cannot compile regular expression ...

    What does that mean?

    This error is fixed.

    FogBugz 28035 - English docu shows the link "Suche"

    The search in the documentation shows the German text "Suche" in the English version.

    We change it to Find. See the upper right corner of this document.

    FogBugz 28030 - cscript function document::select by name

    A function to set the front document by path/name would be a fine thing.

    Okay, we are nice : document::select_by_name makes the desired.

    FogBugz 28029 - cscript function to get a list of open documents

    Yes, I know, we already have the functions document::count and document::get_nth. But document::get_nth returns 'only' the path or name of the document. Can I also get the ItemRef?

    We have added an additional optional parameter to document::get_nth in which the document reference is returned.

    FogBugz 28020 - Select document in InDesign® Server

    Is there a way to extend document::select for InDesign® Server? Up to now the error notForServerErr (1273) is always returned. But the function would actually be quite useful.

    We have extended the function so that it also works for InDesign® Server.

    Note : In Javascript the document can be brought to the foreground by calling app.comet.documentOpen again.

    FogBugz 28017 - Get front layer does not work for InDesign® Server

    I call layer::select on InDesign® Server. But even if I execute layer::front_name directly afterwards, the name of the current layer remains empty.


    FogBugz 27973 -  Comet Reader requires license

    Sorry, I'll be back: The reader asks for a license in the new release as well.

    One of 12 versions was still broken: InDesing® CC 2019/Mac. That's fixed.

    FogBugz 28003 - Priint:adjust frame list panel : Display errors in ID 2021

    In the priint:adjust Frame List panel, the status field on the right is cut off in InDesign® 2021.


    FogBugz 28007 - Select multiple Web-Image frames by panel

    Using the panel entry of a Web Image I can select the corresponding frame in the document. The current frame selection will be replaced then. Can I add the frame to the current frame selection?

    Hold down the SHIFT key to extent the current selection :-) By holding down the ALT key you can remove the frame from the current document selection. We added a tooltip with these information to the 'GoTo' link now.

    FogBugz 28006 - Web-Image adornment covers large image parts

    The colored band at the top of the Web Images unfortunately covers a good part of the image. Couldn't this be done a bit more discreetly?

    We have removed the URL from the display and  only show the small cloud symbol as it is used in the panel now.

    FogBugz 28005 - Check / Update Web Images by clicking the entries in panel

    It would be very nice if I could check or update the Web Images by clicking into their panel entries. Currently I always have to find the frames in the document first and can use the context menu then.

    Checking and updating the Web Images can now be done by double-clicking the clouds buttons on the panel.

    FogBugz 27994 - Web Image update is not complete for multiple images

    I have several frames with the same Web Image. When I check one it, the other frames remain unchanged. Shouldn't these frames correct their status as well?

    Yes, it is done now. The same applies to reloading.

    FogBugz 27985 - Checking Web Image state changes the frame always

    Even if the status of a Web Image does not change, obviously the frame itself is changed (or an info behind the frame). You can see this when you check the status of an image: Even if the status of the image remains unchanged, the document is marked as changed.

    This has been changed accordingly. Frames are no longer changed if the Web Image status remains the same.

    FogBugz 27984 - Undo impossible after checking the web images

    I have a document timer (started by timer::document_start) that checks the Web Images of the document every 10 seconds. After the check is done, it is impossible to do an undo in the document. In the Undo menu there is always the command "Set script tag" - but not my actions anymore.

    Fixed. Undo is possible again.

    FogBugz 28009 - Web Image Error state in case of time-outs

    If the server is busy, a timeout may be sent when checking a Web Image. The image is then marked as faulty - although everything is actually in order.

    In case of a timeout we try the test again with an increased timeout value now. We only give up after 100 timeouts.

    FogBugz 27897 - Document timer for front document only

    The new timer function timer::document_start is very nice. Could you add an option that the timer is only executed for the current front document. This could take a lot of load out of the program.

    The function now has a corresponding additional parameter.

    v4.1.8 R27515


    FogBugz 27894- Comet Reader requires license

    When I install CometReader with the installer on the Mac, CoreService [XML] is installed (instead of CoreServlett) - and unfortunately this requires a license.

    It is correct that CoreService [XML] is installed here, wrong was the license request. This is fixed.

    The Reader still requires no license.

    FYI: The reader also works with CoreServlett. But unfortunately the Mac installer must not contain an object called CoreServlett. Apple rejected to notarize the software in this case.

    JIRA PLUG-8 - Support prefs::enable_panel for URL Link panel

    We need prefs::enable_panel for URL Link panel please.

    FXD, use kPanelURLLink (421) to disable/enable this panel.

    JIRA PLUG-62 - New templates disappearing

    When I created the template, saved, and in the meantime Tomasz did the same, after refresh my template disappeared (or Tomasz’s one), probably depending on who saved first. It means that two (or more) people cannot work at the same time, at least if we mean templates.

    It only happens, if

    • on both work stations, the "New Template" dialog is shown at the same time

    • in this case, the user who submits last wins

    Fixed now.

    FogBugz 27956 - Script Error : Symbol table full

    Unfortunately, my AfterLogin script already reaches a size that causes the error

    Symbol table full

    raises. Apparently the default size of the script buffer is too small.

    We have increased the size of the script buffer a bit to1 -16 MB. So the default size is 8 times larger than before. This should be enough.

    FogBugz 27957 - run_applescript not working with InDesign® 2020

    The run_applescript function results in an infinite loop if the AppleScript should do something in InDesign® itself:

    tell application "Adobe InDesign 2020"
    end tell

    This is all strange - it is also not an infiniteloop. If you drink a coffee, the call is finished afterwards - but it hasn't done anything (and doesn't return an error). After we had to change the behavior of run_applescript for CC 2019 (see case 24688), 2020 can use the previous implementation again. Apple only knows why.

    FogBugz 27958 -  CometTest for AppleScript not running for InDesign® 2020

    I have a CometTest for AppleScript there the keyword $$APP$$$ is used. Unfortunately this key is translated into Adobe InDesign® CC 2020, but the program is called Adobe InDesign® 2020 only (without CC) and my test fails.

    Indeed, thats wrong. The bug is fixed now.

    JIRA PLUG-52 - Placeholder Panel: Tool Tip shows description

    As InDesign® user I want to see the description of a placeholder. This should help me to select the right placehoder during my template work.
    It would be very helpful, if I see the first 255 characters of the description in the tooltip of the comet placeholder panel.

    As creator of the plugins I implemented the requested tooltips

    The descriptions can be translated into the current InDesign® language using the usual translation mechanisms (e.g. message_enDE.xml).

    <br> within the text is translated to system-typical line separators.

    FogBugz 27777 -
    Javascript app.comet.use does not respect client parameter on direct login

    When the Javascript command app.comet.use a direct login is possible by providing server address, client etc.. directly in an option string.

    The client parameter however seems to be ignored.


    FogBugz 27842 - AEM
    Error on image drops

    AEM image drop down does not work nearly every 10th time. In the log file I can see, that the error 401 (authentification error) occurs.

    A small but serious error in the random encryption of the password. The bug is fixed now.

    FogBugz 27853 - AEM
    404 Not Found

    AEM does not return error 404 for syntactically incorrect URLs. Instead, an HTML file with the content 

    404 Not found

     is returned. This error is apparently not detected when downloading XML files.

    Oh, my goodness. I fixed this error.

    FogBugz 27918 - Reader version writes log file

    If I had installed a full version and the logfile was activated, then the reader version also writes logfiles (and I can no longer turn it off).

    This is fixed. Reader will not write log messages any more.

    FogBugz 27917 - Empty submenu 'Logfile' in Reader Plugins

    In the reader version the following two menus are available but empty:

    Plug-Ins -> Logfile ->
    Plug-Ins -> Publishing Server Configuration ->

    We have removed these menus from the reader version now.

    FogBugz 27843 - View -> URL Link -> Show Frame Markers

    The URL Link panel is now called Web Images. But in the View menu the entry is still called URL Link.

    The entry is now renamed to View -> Web Images State.

    FogBugz 27825 - What is the = button of the ToDoList panel?

    What is the = button of the ToDoList panel?

    This is the "Overwritten" button: The placeholder can have a different content than in the data pool. As long as the placeholder text and the value in the data pool remain the same, the placeholder is no longer marked as 'Changed' in the ToDo panel. Only placeholders with the default sync action -1 can be overwritten. Placeholders marked with blue cannot be overwritten. There are further hints in the tooltip of the button.

    FogBugz 27824 - Sync-ID in ToDo list

    How can I see the sync-actions IDs action in the ToDo panel?

    Sync action IDs are shown in the tool tips of the entries now. Additionally, the names of entries with their own Sync Action unequal -1 are highlighted in blue.

    FogBugz 27812 - Last column of ToDo List too small

    The last column of ToDo List is a little bit too small.

    We have made this column a bit wider and corrected the column headings a bit.

    FogBugz 27833 - Duplicate adjust properties

    Is there a way to transfer the priint:adjust properties of one frame to another frame?

    Yes, there is the button for this at the bottom of the panel. Unfortunately the clipboard of the button could not be reset. This is fixed. Additionally implementations:

    • Nails are now also transferred (but magnets are still not transferred for obvious reasons).
    • For the three actions Copy/Paste/Reset of the button there are now menu commands
      • Panel Fly-Out -> adjust Properties -> Copy ...
      • Plug-Ins -> priint:adjust -> adjust properties -> Copy ...

    FogBugz 27799 - TT-Export with Placeholders over several paragraphs

    I have a placeholder that goes over several paragraphs. This text is exported as tagged text. Then the tagged text is edited a bit and imported again. After that, each paragraph has its own placeholder - so one placeholder has become many placeholders.

    Yes, character properties above paragraph boundaries are realized in the TT by restructuring the line delimiter (see here for more information). But that stands in a conflict to the autocorrection of the line delimiters by the priint: comet text import. To solve the problem, we have introduced two pseudo-tags:


    See here for more information.

    v4.1.8 R27405


    Interactive PDFs

    FogBugz 27234 - How to create an interactive PDF using cScript?

    Is there a way in cScript to create interactive PDFs?

    The script commands document::pdf_export and document::export_ have been extended so that they can now also create interactive PDFs.

    FogBugz 27773 - disable "Cache Publishing Server Configuration"

    I have come to understand that with the 4.1.7 R27017 Comet Plugins a new “feature” (Case 27247) was added to the plug-ins menu called “Cheche Publishing Server Configuration”. The idea was that it would speed up log-in to the publishing server. The release notes for that comet version state It requires a 4.1.8 server otherwise it has not effect.

    I request this feature be turned off by default and we rethink how this is implemented.

    We've set the default to "off". The menu is now implemented as a sub-menu with the three entries

    • Write
    • Show in Finder
    • Delete

    FogBugz 27747 - AEM passwords with äöü... not working

    Unfortunately I cannot log in to the AEM with a password containing German umlauts like äöü.


    ATTENTION: Nevertheless, it is not possible to use arbitrary Unicode characters in passwords. Passwords may only consist of characters from the Windows Ascii character set 32-255 with the exception of the @.

    FogBugz 27736 - Missing tool hint on Product Pool

    How does a template change work in panel Product Pool? Unfortunately I can't find any hint in the tooltip - but somehow it works?

    The answer is ALT-SHIFT click to the status button of the product. But my tooltip was too long and InDesign® limits the text for tool hints to 255 characters. I shortened the hint accordingly now.

    FogBugz 27735 - Layout rule : Has Frame Label

    It would be nice if there were a layout condition for checking a frame tag.

    There is now the Layout Condition 'Has Frame Tag' in the standard conditions

    FogBugz 27729 - Menu More Log Output

    What does this menu mean? What 'more' log messages are written?

    Until v4.1.8 R27362 additional information about frame::fit and frame::fit_better was written with it.

    Since now:

    • Additional information about frame::fit and frame::fit_better
    • Additional information about importing tagged text with priint:comet features

    See also prefs::set_logstate. The setting is reset when InDesign® is restarted.

    FogBugz 27708 - Where is my log file?

    Is there any way I can find out where my log file is?

    Use the new menu

    Plug-Ins -> Logfile -> Show in Feder/Windows Explorer

    This command shows the log file in the OS (Finder resp Windows Explorer). For more Information see here.

    FogBugz 27706 - How to set a customized folder for the log file?

    How to set a customized folder for the log file?

    The new menu 

    Plug-Ins -> Logfile -> Write...

    sets the log file path to the default /Users/name/Documents/idlog_cs15.log. If the menu command is executed with the ALT key, you will be asked for the folder. For more Information see here.

    FogBugz 27705 - Mac styled line delimiters in Logfiles

    Line delimiters in log files are always in Mac format only (\n). It's a bit difficult to read that on Windows. Could Windows use Windows line delimiters (\r\n) instead?

    Yes, we changed that. Under Windows, \r\n is now always used as line delimiter in log files.

    Attention : Also line delimiter within single text pieces sent to the log are converted.

    FogBugz 27703 - Menu to clear the log file

    It would be nice if I had a menu command to reset the log file.

    This is now possible with the new menu

    Plug-Ins -> Logfile -> Clear

    For more Information see here.

    v4.1.8 R27350


    Combo Box Search Fields

    FogBugz 27619

    The search fields of the product search can now also be configured as combo boxes. To do this, the start search value in the find statement must only contain line separators. Each line of this value becomes an entry in the combo box. See here for more information.

    Document Idle Timer

    FogBugz 27646

    With the new script functions timer::document_~ you can add idle time functions to documents.

    Filter Publications

    FogBugz 27868

    Next to the search methods there is a new search field now. This search field is used to filter the results after getting the list of publications from the server:

    Only results whose name begins with the value given in the search field are included in the list. Use an asterix (*) at the beginning for "containing".

    Here's a screeshot:

    URL Link panel renamed The URL Links panel is now called Web Images. We hope that this name is less technical but easier to understand.
    Recent Entries

    FogBugz 27686

    The following panels now can show the recently used entries by ALT clicking the magnifier glass . See here for more information.

    FogBugz 27685 - Templates panel : Execute search immediately

    In the Templates palette I can limit the search to one area. After that I have to press the magnifying glass to get the result. Can the list not be loaded immediately?

    Sure you do. We now perform the search directly after the domain has been changed.

    FogBugz 27677 - URL drop response

    Draging an image from a Web browser over a document doesn't draw any response. Couldn't you somehow mark the frame in which the image will be inserted?

    The target frame under the mouse is now selected in the document.

    FogBugz 27573 - URL-DragDrop above text frames

    I have a text frame. Above the text frame (Z-Order) is an image frame. Now I place want to an image from a web browser by drag and drop in the frame (see Palacing URLs). Unfortunately no image is inserted. Instead, the image URL is inserted as text into the text frame at the back.

    Yes, the problem is known at Adobe since at least 2018 - and can only be solved by Adobe. See here for mofre information. But finally we have succeeded in implementing a workaround. So now you can insert web images into image frames via text frames.

    ATTENTION : But you can no longer insert URLs as text by drag and drop.

    FogBugz 27670 - Packing a document with dialog

    I need a function for packing documents that shows the normal dialoges for packing. I know that with document::export_ (.., "package", ...) I can set all options of this dialog. But combining the settings would result in at least eight different scripts. I would like to avoid that.

    The function document::export_ was extended accordingly.

    FogBugz 27667 - cscript function to ask for a new file

    Is there a function that I can use to get the path and name for a new file?

    file::select_file has two new (optional) parameters now :

    • askForNew : Should I be asked for a new file?

    • suggestion : Suggestion for the name

    Please note, the function is called select_file. But what you do with the received path is of course determined by your script. The path can also be used for folders.

    FogBugz 27654 - Name missing for checked out publications

    In the Publications panel, you can display the documents that you have just checked out. Unfortunately, only the name of the local document is shown here - that's the string ID of the publication usually. It would be nice if we could also see the name of the publication there.

    Newly checked out documents now also show the name of the publication.

    FogBugz 27647 - set_urllink_timeout failed if no parameter is given

    The documentation says that the time parameter of prefs::set_urllink_timeout is optional (and is then set to 300). But if I omit the parameter, I get an error. With time parameter everything is fine.

    The problem is fixed (and the default is of course 3 but not 300).

    FogBugz 27625 -Template preview not updated

    With CMD+ALT I can change the preview of a template only. This works. But unfortunately I only see the new preview after reloading the complete panel.


    FogBugz 27451 - InDesign® crashes when using Comet Notes

    If you try to to resize a note in the document after moving it, a wait wheel appears briefly, then InDesign® crashes.

    The problem was caused by a very special frame setting and is fixed now.

    The table describes the features and bug fixes of the priint:comet 4.1.7 plug-ins. Bugfixes and features of 4.1.6 are automatically integrated into 4.1.7.

    Revision    Case Description

    v4.1.7 R27305


    Mac Installer

    The installers for Mac OS have been completely revised and are all notarized now. Die folgenden Installer stehen zur Verfügung

    • InDesign® CC 2017 - 2020
    • InDesign® CC Server 2017 - 2020
    • Illustrator® CC2019, 2020
    Lists of Search Values

    FogBugz 27312

    The search fields of the panel Product Pool can now be pre-filled with pop-up lists. See here for more information.

    FogBugz 27565 - Message "Cannot edit script" shows wrong license

    The message that you can only edit scripts with a developer license is showing a wrong current license.


    FogBugz 27566 - Reorganize only one page

    Is it possible to reorganize only the page on which a certain frame is placed by cscript?

    Yes, of course. You just have to specify the page in thisPageOnly of productlist::reorganize. With the (new) page specification -2 the page number can now be calculated internally.

    FogBugz 27563 - Reorganize page can duplicate products

    I have the following constellation:

    • A total of 3 products fit on the page

    • There are 4 products on aleft side.

    • 1 product has the fitting template for the left side

    • 3 products were moved from right to left manually and have the template for right pages

    Now I reorganize this one side only.

    The page is reorganized correctly. The overcounted product is moved to the next page. So far everything is correct. But unfortunately, the other two products on the page remain and are also moved to the next page. So the products with the 'wrong' templates are doubled.

    Wow, very special. Fixed now.

    FogBugz 27561 - Basic License

    Some things fixed for the priint:comet ID plugins basic license.


    FogBugz 27560 - Reorganisation no longer works

    Unfortunately, the reorganization seems to have stopped working for some time now. The last working version is R26535. Comet groups that are moved to another page type lose their content. Only the new template will be inserted and linked - but existing content from the old products will no longer be transferred.

    Surprisingly, the error has existed for half a year - and nobody has noticed it.

    The reorganization is now working again.

    FogBugz 27555 - Incorrect expiry date in license order

    The expiry date of license orders is sometimes "Today".

    We now check if the date is syntactically correct and larger than "Today". Additionally, the input fields of the license order have get tooltips describing the expected input.

    Please note that time unlimited licenses are usually LIMITED to 3 YEARS when ordering!

    This limitation will in no way reduce the period of validity of the licences you acquired. It serves exclusively for quality assurance purposes and you will be able to get a new license at any time after expiration.

    FogBugz 27554 - URLLink shows a list even without a license

    The list of Web Images is loaded even without a valid license. The entries are disabled, but actually the list should remain empty, like all other lists, right?

    Yes, sure. Without a license, the list remains empty now.

    v4.1.7 R27224


    Excel Query

    The new language excelquery to support Excel queries is available.

    Here's an example

    select "Our price %s%s<cPosition:Superscript>%s<cPosition:>" with
        tt "My Sheet"!B1 int and
        tt "My Sheet"!B1 value "." and
        tt "My Sheet"!B1 cent   	

    See here for more information.

    Excel Fonts

    All 500 Excel fonts used at our machines checked and the FontDB was extended accordingly. See here for more information.

    v4.1.7 R27181


    Notarization of Tools

    The tools are also notarized well now and accepted by the Mac OS gatekeeper:

    • crpt
    • soapzilla
    • soapquery
    • xmlquery
    FogBugz 27365 - run_applescript doesn't return any result anymore

    run_applescript doesn't return any result anymore, but it used to work before.

    It's going to be all right now again.

    FogBugz 27342 - Wildcard paths in xentities

    In xentities.xml I can make different settings for xmlquery queries. I can specify that a property (e.g. the data type of an XML-attribute) should be valid for either for all or only for a certain file. Can I also make a selection with wildcards or something comparable, e.g. all files that start with data_ follwoed by a number (data_1.xml, data_456.xml, ...)?

    You can use regular expressions as file names here now. Please note, the syntax of regular expressions is different from console wildcards. In the above example, the specification would be data_[0-9]+.xml.

    FogBugz 27340 - file::setdatafile should only change the active entry

    file::setdatafile should only change the active entry. Is there any way to do that?

    You may do that by using the id of the entry. But the function also has a corresponding parameter now that can be used to specify that exactly the active entry should be changed.

    FogBugz 27339 - file::setdatfile fails if there are several entries with the same name

    file::setdatfile fails if there are several entries with the same name in datafiles.xml. Unfortunately, there are often different paths to one alias name (e.g. for changing data files).

    This is fixed.

    v4.1.7 R27144



    The plugins for Mac OS are now completely notarized by Apple. The statement

    sudo spctl --master-disable

    to switch off the checking of third-party software (gatekeeper) is no longer required. Please choose App Store and identified developers in your Security & Privacy of the System Preferences:

    The Gatekeeper requires an active Internet connection the first time new plugins are started. Unfortunately, the so-called staple procedure (with which the gatekeeper can check new software even without an Internet connection) can not be performed with plug-ins because stapeling is not supported for plug-ins by Apple.

    Alternatively the plugins can be fetched from quarantine with the following instructions:

    cd "/Applications/Adobe InDesign 2020/Plug-Ins/priint.comet version revision"
    sudo xattr -r -d *

    Please note: The process of notarization is very complex and can take up to 4 days. Hot fixes and intermediate builds can therefore not notarised. Similarly, plug-ins that you receive before the actual release date may not yet be notarized.

    FogBugz 27264 - Error when checking in publications

    When checking in publications, errors occur from time to time. The local documents are completely valid. But after check-in and check-out the documents again , the documents are corrupt. The error occurs only with documents from certain volumes and only on the Mac.

    This is a server side problem. Apparently not all unzip applications can properly handle archives created by the Mac. The errors always occur when documents are stored on a hard disk partition not formatted with Mac OS Extended or Mac OS Journaled (e.g. Mac OS AFS+, Mac OS APFS, but also all Windows or Linux partitions).

    To work around this problem, we have changed the ZIP procedure in the plugins. With the changed implementation, the problems no longer occur. The changes also affect the cScript functions file::zip and file::unzip

    v4.1.7 R27017


    Crash while starting plug-ins

    With the latest plug-ins R26955, InDesign® 2020 on the Mac crashes immediately.

    That's fixed.

    Cache SOAP Configuration

    FogBugz 27247 - Cache SOAP configuration data

    The Plugins for InDesign® and InDesign Server® and the pdf renderer now support client side caching of SOAP configuration data.

    Note: this requires PublishingServer version 4.1.8. With previous versions of the PublishingServer, this option has no effect

    With InDesign® Desktop, caching can be activated by choosing 'Cache Publishing Server Configuration' from the Plugins menu. If clicked while the Shift key pressed, the cache folder used for the current connection is shown. If clicked while the Ctrl key is pressed, the cache folder of the current connection is deleted.

    With InDesign Server®, caching can be activated by adding the option "config-cache:true;" to the option string passed to the use method call.

    With pdf renderer, caching can be activated by the command line argument '-config-cache true'. Also, the cache (aka 'Xcache') path should be specified starting with a bang (!) character in this case. This ommits creation of a folder for this distinct process and allows the cache folder to be found, when pdf renderer is run for the next time. See the PDF renderer reference for details.

    Optimization / Performance

    Beside caching, a number of improvements help to speed up login process, particularly to SOAP services such as the PublishingServer:

    • reduce string.lower() operations in xmlquery
    • lazy initialization of panels, particularly the "Detail search" of the Publication panel
    • processing of custom translations (labels shown in UI and translated via cscript function call)
    • call the login method of SOAP service based on the "old" specification as second choice (also reduces error reports on server side)

    v4.1.7 R26955


    FogBugz 27212 - Server option -cometlic not evaluated

    License files specified by the -cometlic server option are not found.

    The problem happened with the implementation of the new licenses and is now solved. If the license is not found at this point, the search will now continue at the standard locations:

    • All w2~.lic files in the folder of the priint:comet plug-ins
    • All w2~.lic files directly in folder Plug-Ins
    FogBugz 27213 - Little Helper 'xmlquery' extensions

    It would be nice if the xmlquery program could also display the structure of an XML file.

    That can now be done with the command describe. Additionally, ls (or dir) can be used to list the contents of the current XML folder. For more information see here.

    FogBugz 27203 - 'Little Helpers' license mismatch

    The 'Little Helpers' (xmlquery, soapquery, soapzilla and crept) only accept the old licenses, but not the new ones.

    The programs now also accept the new priint:comet pro and comet:pdf licenses.

    FogBugz 27205 - The little helper xmlquery on Windows cannot open xmlfolder

    The little helper 'xmlquery' does not work on Windows because it cannot open the XML folder.

    That's fixed now.

    FogBugz 27193 - Unicode characters in xmlquery not working

    According to the XML specification, the names of elements and attributes may contain any Unicode letters and hyphenations. This is apparently not supported by xmlquery. Obviously only a-zA-Z are allowed here.

    The names may contain now  any Unicode letters and hyphenations in xmlquery too. Please note, that names with hyphenation characters and periods must enclosed by `..`. (but names that only consist of letters are not). For more information see here.

    FogBugz 27192 - xmlquery and '.' in names of elements

    Since the period (.) is used as to be the path delimiter in xmlquery, the period can not be used in the names of attributes or elements of the XML. 

    To support periods (.) in names, the names of elements and attributes can now be enclosed with ` (Accent Grace) in calls to xmlquery. For more information see here.

    v4.1.7 R26928


    priint Resources

    Starting with this release we support Excel and CSV files (see below) as data sources for placeholders. (See the new script functions datapool::excel::~ and datapool::csv::~ for more information.)

    The necessary additional software is directly integrated in the plug-ins for Mac OS. No additional software is necessary.

    Windows does not support this solution. The necessary additional software is provided in the new folder priint Resources here. This folder must be located in the same directory as the priint:comet plug-ins. Without the priint Resources folder, the plugins cannot be started. If the folder is missing, an error message is displayed at the end of the startup process.

    Again : Under Windows the folder priint Resources must be installed, otherwies the plugins will not start anymore!

    Export PDF Notes For the export of Comet Notes as PDF Comments and the import of PDF Comments as Comet Notes (see here), the special plugins CometXML[PDF].pln resp. Comet[PDF][Server].pln were required previously under Windows. These plugins are no longer needed. PDF comments are now supported by the standard plugins on Windows too.
    Excel and CSV Support

    We can now read and write the contents of Excel and CSV files using cScript. For more infos see Excel functions and CSV functions.

    FogBugz 27190 - soapflags.ini folder

    Is it possible that the file soapflags.ini can also be placed directly in the Plug-Ins folder (as w2.lic recently did). Then wewouldn't have to take extra care of it for new installations.

    Yes, it's possible. The file may now also be located directly in the Order Plug-Ins.

    FogBugz 27119 - Panel Web Images sometimes doesn't store headers

    Sometimes the panel Web Images fetches headers correctly but stores a quasi-empty file in the 'etags' folder next to the document.

    This happens when the keys in the header are in lower case, e.g.

    'last-modified', 'etag', etc...

    This causes the file to be downloaded on each update even though it may still be up to date.

    We now do case-insensitive checking for header data.

    FogBugz 27168 - Slow AEM login on Mac through curl and ipv6

    When downloading the files on Mac on an AEM connection, curl first tries to resolve the name via ipv6 until a timeout occurs and then tries ipv4. This of course makes the download quite slow. Is there a way to suppress the ipv6 attempt?

    To do this, the entry ip-resolve can now be defined in soapflags.ini.


    FogBugz 27187 - Check for missing entries in font DB It is always quite difficult to add missing font definitions to the FontDB. Is it possible to support this a little bit on the plugin side?

    We have implemented a new script command system::fontdb_check - this command may help you.

    FogBugz 27179- Sometimes Web Images with password do not work

    Sometimes Web Images with password do not work, but I can't reproduce it. With the same password it works sometimes and sometimes not.

    The problem was that we encrypt passwords internally and the character @ can occur in the encrypted password. But this is the separator between the credentials and the address of th link - and then the address of the URL was determined wrong. This is fixed.

    FogBugz 27167 - Wrong result for val with large numbers

    The following simple script will show a wrong result for the second wlog:

    int main()
    	int 		i = 2147483647000990000;
    	char 	* 	j = "2147483647000990000";
    	wlog("", "%d\n", i);
    	wlog("", "%d\n", val(j));
    	return 0;

    With smaller numbers the script will work.

    This is fixed.

    FogBugz 27165 - Unicode letters in XML elements not supported

    Unicode letters in XML elements not supported.

    Here is an example:

    		Amselweg 14

    We have always felt that this is not XML compliant. Well, obviously it is. We now also support Unicode letters in element and attribute names of XML.

    FogBugz 27161 - Missing italic font face in font DB  leads to unknown 'Regular'

    If the font DB contains no entries for italic, the unknown style [Regular] is used.


    FogBugz 27159 - License mismatch : Cannot create pages with no plugins

    With the new licenses, no new pages can be created under Windows. Not even if the license is OK and accepted.

    Oh, big mistake! fxd

    FogBugz 27156 - HTML to Tagged error if only the font face is changing

    If an HTML text only contains a style change (like <b>) but does not set a font, HTML2Tagged will fail.


    FogBugz 27142 - HTML to Tagged failed if current font face does not exist

    An HTML formatted text with a font is to be inserted. But at the insertion pointa fnt styles is set that is not defined HTML font then this font will be inserted with an incorrect style.

    Here is an example: At the insertion point a font with the cut BdIt is used. But the font in the  HTML does not have this style (and does not set one itself), then the HTML font with the unknown style [BdIt] is inserted.


    FogBugz 27098 - Repeating Element members get wrong comet group

    When creating repeating elements e.g. through document::place_items, the repeating element members get one comet group each. The expected results is them all belonging to the same comet group.


    FogBugz 27096 - Wrong license message

    A granted license that is about to expire (min. 7 days) creates a wrong information in the "About" section.

    It was just a mistake in the display. The licenses worked fine. The display error is fixed.

    FogBugz 27041 - PDFlib licence file outside werk2 plugins folder

    The PDFlib license for PDF annotation support must be located in the same folder as the plugins. If I reinstall it, this license must also be reinstalled. It would be nicer if the license (like the w2.lic) could be placed directly in the Plug-Ins folder.

    The PDFlib license may now be located directly in the Plug-Ins folder.

    v4.1.7 R26755


    New License Numbers

    FogBugz 26664

    The time has come: After more than 15 years we are changing to new license numbers. All old license numbers become invalid!

    There are now four license types:

    • Grace Period : 30 days. Building/Reorganizing products is limited to one page. priint:comet cannot create new pages.
    • priint:comet basic : Building/Reorganizing products is limited to one page. priint:comet cannot create new pages.
    • priint:comet pro : Full functionality
    • priint:comet developer : Full functionality + Script editing is possible

    We recommend the Pro license. Licenses can be ordered using the menu

        InDesign -> About Plug-Ins -> Order Software ....


    • License files must be located in the same folder like the priint:comet plugins or directly in the folder Plug-Ins of your InDesign®. We recommend the folder Plug-Ins.
    • InDesign Server now also has a grace period of 30 days.

    For more information please contact

    SOAPServer Name Identification

    FogBugz 26770 - SOAP Connection Error in Proxy

    We have a strange problem connecting from the Comet Plugin to our Webserver when there is a proxy in between. Looking at the issue I suspect the client does not support SNI which is causing issues with proxying through Cloudflare as you are currently presenting SSL certificates that are SNI only.

    The problem was firstly a faulty SSL library in Mac OS X. We replaced this library and included it statically into our plug-ins (or in other words : you don't need to replace this lib at your site). And secondly, the gSOAP implementation was missing a few important lines on server name recognition. With these changes the SOAP connection should also work under the conditions mentioned below.

    Dialog Framework

    The cscript dialog framework now supports fully dynamic dialogs. Also, some flaws have been fixed when closing a dialog by hitting the ESCAPE or ENTER key.

    For details and examples, refer to the dialog class documentation.

    FogBugz 26989 - Limitation of shown placeholders

    The list of placeholders is obviously limited to a certain number of entries, right?

    Yes, folks, there are actually people who have more than 3000 placeholders! Imagine that! And take this as an example of the enormous intellectual power behind it.

    We bow down!  And ashamedly we remove the previous limit of 3000 entries!

    FogBugz 26960 - Colors of imported PDF notes

    The color of PDF notes exported from InDesign® Comet notes is taken from the INDD file. This is very nice. Does it work backwards? That the comet notes get the color from the PDF?

    This is now supported now. But please note, the colors of the labels of Comet Notes are indexed colors of a built in color table. For the labels we are using the index color best matching the given color from the PDF.

    For more information see here.

    FogBugz 26961 - Postion of imported PDF notes

    The anchor position of PDF notes exported from InDesign® Comet notes is taken from the INDD file. This is very nice. Does it work backwards? That the comet notes get the anchor position from the PDF?

    This is now supported for page notes and new notes. Frame notes and group notes are still positioned relative to the frame/group (i.e. they remain unchanged).

    For more information see here.

    FogBugz 26965 - Opacity of PDF notes

    Notes in PDF can be displayed transparently. Can this property be taken over (and returned) from/to the Comet notes?

    This is being done now.

    FogBugz 26915 - Cannot open page template

    I cannot open the page templates of an XML folder from the panel and no error message is shown.

    This error only happens under Windows and whenever the destination path of the intermediate file in the XCache becomes longer than 255 characters. InDesign® cannot open files with a path longer than 255 characters under Windows. We cannot fix this issue, but we now show an error message in this case now.

    FogBugz 26877 - keyvalues::release missing

    The documentation of keyvalues::alloc refers to keyvalues::release. But this function does not exist (or the documentation is missing).

    Yes, I forgot the documentary. FXD.

    FogBugz 26906 - Background color of changed placeholders in ToDos panel

    Background color of changed placeholders in ToDos panel is very har to see: The first text change is mark red on (nearly the same) red background.

    It looks better now :-)

    Editing #includes locally

    FogBugz 26918 - Editing cScript includes from PubServer

    Is it possible to edit the includes of pub server scripts locally?


    Yes. it is possible now. But don't forget: All changes will be lost at logoff!

    FogBugz 26792 - W2ML import bullet characters wrong

    When configuring a paragraph bullet list to use a glyph from a certain font as the bullet character, the .w2ml sometimes contains the glyph in escaped hex form, e.g. <0x0019>. This fails on import and the bullet character is wrong.


    FogBugz 26820 - frame::reimport_all does not work with inlines

    frame::reimport_all does not work with inlines.


    FogBugz 26819 - Definitions of fontdb ignored

    I have installed a new font and extended my fontdb.xml for this font. Unfortunately these settings are completely ignored. The error occurs only under Windows. If I do the same on a Mac, it works.

    The problem is solved.

    FYI: The problem was this: Before we accept extensions to fontDB, we check if the font is actually available. On the Mac, InDesign® answered this question correctly with "Yes, is installed". On Windows, the answer (somewhat confusing) is: "Font was re-installed". We now interpret this statement as "Yes, okay" :-)

    The table describes the features and bug fixes of the priint:comet 4.1.6 plug-ins. Bugfixes and features of 4.1.5 are automatically integrated into v4.1.6.

    Revision    Case Description Date

    v4.1.6 R26666


    New License Numbers

    With v4.1.7 new license numbers are required. All previous plugin and comet_pdf license numbers will not work anymore!

    To ensure a smooth migration to the new licenses, you can order new licenses from today on. To do so, open the order dialog while holding down the Shift key. In the appearing order dialog you can now order new licenses:

    • priint:comet ID desktop basic : Full access but only one document page can be created at a time and the creation of new pages via comet functions is blocked.

    • priint:comet ID desktop pro : Full access

    • priint:comet ID desktop developer : Full access including the editing of scripts

    • priint:adjust ID desktop : In addition to the always available nails and magnets, entire documents can be adapted in their page sizes.

    • priint:xcell : Transfer contents from Excel tables without changing the table layout

    Select Server in the order dialog to obtain licenses for InDesign® Server. To ensure that the license contains the correct license code, you must either be on the same computer as InDesign® Server or enter the license code of the server in the order.

    The newly obtained licenses can be copied next to the existing license in the Plug-Ins folder and will be used automatically if they are needed by new plugins.

    FogBugz 26637 - itemlist::revert of no consequence

    The function itemlist::revert obviously does nothing.


    FogBugz 26723 - system::time_diff doesn't work on Windows

    system::time_diff doesn'n work on Windows.


    FogBugz 26653 - cScript - install_image

    The function prefs::install_image seems to stop working.

    Yes, the function was implemented for CS6 but was not prepared for the different colored UIs of CC. Instead of 2 images, 12 images are needed now.

    The function can now work with CC, more information can be found here.

    Infos1 & Infos2 in Products

    The placeholder attributes Infos1 and Infos2 can now be defined directly in products and via the product pool. When building or placing the products, these values are transferred the automatically to the placeholders of the product template. The values are set before the placeholders are loaded and can be used for loading therfor. You can find further information here and in function product::set (search for Infos1 there).

    FogBugz 26700 - Plugin Order Dialog : Preset the email by the AdobeID

    In the order dialog of the licenses I have to enter a valid email address. Couldn't you preset this with my AdobeID account?

    This is how it's done now.

    FogBugz 26691 - Anchor Cursor after re-connecting a Comet Note

    I try to connect a Comet Note with a new frame or Comet Group. To do that, I select the destination type in the panel Comet Notes. The cursor is now changed to an anchor. Then I should click the destination frame in the document. IF I do that this way, everything is okay. BUT if I miss that, the anchor cursor is retained until InDesign® is restarted.

    But can't you remember two steps to work, hm? Okay, we fixed it. You don't have to anymore.

    FogBugz 26649 - Dirty redraws of Comet Groups

    Comet groups are sometimes not drawn completely. When moving frames, artifacts of the old group frame remain. This is not bad, but it looksa bit nasty. You can reproduce it that way:

    • Turn on Show Comet Groups",
    • Turn Off
    • TurnOn again
    • Now move a frame of a Comet group.


    FogBugz 26644 - Selected page element is not scrolled into view

    When I select a frame of a page template in the document, the corresponding entry is selected in the list of page elements. Unfortunately, the list is not scrolled to this entry and the entry may remain invisible.


    FogBugz 26624 - Crash while renaming page template elements

    For Briefing&Planning I want to give names to the elements of page templates. But if I do that, InDesign® crashes reproducible: Select an element, rename it, select the next element without leaving the text edit field -> CRASH.

    This is fixed.

    FogBugz 26639 - Apple SF fonts missing in font db

    I use the SF fonts from Apple in HTML. But if there is a <b> there for example, a stronger font should be used in the tagged text. That works too - but for this I have to extend my local font database. Couldn't you please insert these fonts into the default font DB?

    Done :-)


    v4.1.6 R26620


    FogBugz 26577 - Checking company license fails

    On the Mac, the company license check no longer works.

    That's fixed.

    FogBugz 26542 - Javascript function whether a document is a template document

    Is there a Javascript function with which I can determine whether a document is a page template or not?

    We have newly implemented the following functions:

    FogBugz 26541 - HTML To Tagged is sometimes wrong

    %!TT_html_<span style="font-family:Arial.ttf;font-size:14pt;">AAA <b>BBB</b> CCC

    If I insert this text with frame::replace into an empty frame at position 0, everything is correct. In a non-empty frame, CCC is displayed in the wrong font and font size.

    This is fixed now.

    FogBugz 26546 - legal_notes.html not found by plug-ins

    The About dialogs of the plugins say that the legal notes can be found in the folder


    But they are not there.

    And the menu command Help -> More Help -> Legal Notes points to a website ( for which you need a password.


    FogBugz 25402 - CScript Dialog Function: Addtional Features

    First of all: thank you for this awesome feature to design customized dialog windows!

    The text field option is currently limited to one-line text fields. An additional possibility to create multiline text fields would be great in some cases. Moreover, a scrollbar will be helpful, if the content doesn't fit in the defined dialog window dimensions, for sometimes it is not possible (or advisable) to enlarge the dialog window.

    It would be great if you would considering these two ideas.

    We added multi line widgets and automatic scrollbars to the dialog framework.

    FogBugz 26241 - Unexpected  warning 'EmbeddedLinkLink.InDesign® Plugin missing'

    Documents created with the priint:comet plugins will show a warning that the Embedded Link plugin is missing when opened without plugins sometimes.

    This problem is fixed.

    Please note: The solution means that new documents will no longer show the "EmbeddedLink Missing" message. Old documents will still show the warning!

    Please also note: When editing priint:comet placeholders without priint:comet plugins installed, placeholder information of the document can be destroyed!


    v4.1.6 R26535


    Performance improvement

    The optimizations made for comet_pdf also affect the plugins. The increase in performance is not quite so obvious here, but it can be as much as 10%.

    FogBugz 26480 - frame::textframe result crashes InDesign®

    The frame you get from frame::textframe causes InDesign to crash when used in frame::fit_better, for example.

    Yes, the reference obtained here points to an object whose geometry must not be changed directly. Since this object is for internal use only, the function frame::textframe is now marked as DEPRECATED. Please use the function frame::parent instead.


    v4.1.6 R26477


    FogBugz 26439 - German Umlauts like ä, ö, ü in login history are displayed incorrectly

    I have saved the username "Närrisch" in a login. If I want to use this login again, I get the name "Nörrisch".


    FogBugz 26422 - Suppress log messages in app.comet.eval

    Using cScript wlog in a Javascript will create a lot of

    < Result : 0

    messages in th log file. Is there any way to suppres this?

    You can now set the new option suppress-log in app.comet.eval and app.comet.exec :-)

    FogBugz 26416 - refpointx ans y not used in frame::rotate refpointx ans y not used in frame::rotate obviously.

    The parameters can now be used.

    FogBugz 26415 - docu for frame::rotate : What does refPointInInnerCoordinates mean? In the docu for frame::rotate, what does refPointInInnerCoordinates mean?

    What do you think that means? RefPoint surely, doesn't it? The documentary is corrected.

    FogBugz 26424 - Images are lost during page sync After the page sync by document::sync:pages sometimes images are missing in the updated version.

    Yes, this always happens when a frame protrudes beyond the spread at all four corners. InDesign® then tries to assign the frame to the 'nearest' page. But that changes when you sync pages. This may cause the image to end up on a page that will be deleted later.

    The problem can also be reproduced manually. The spread A | A (striked through red) was deleted from the master So we move the all pages before the first A. But in the last screen shot we see that the grey picture frame falls on spread A | A - and the pages of this spread are deleted immediately.

    The problem was solved with a lot of work.

    FogBugz 26414 -  document::sync::pages destroys document sections After the page sync by document::sync:pages the sections of the document are destroyed.


    FogBugz 26413 - Empty pages of the variant are deleted, although they are contained in the master. Empty pages of the variant are deleted, although they are contained in the master.

    Pages with pages in in the master document are no longer deleted, even if the page in master is empty. See here for more information.

    FogBugz 26412 - Text frames with automatic size adjustment are marked as locally changed always

    Text frames with automatic size adjustment are marked as locally changed always.

    Yes, the problem is that the automatic resize also sends resize events. Unfortunately, it is not possible to distinguish these events from other resize events. Therefore we suppress the setting of local geometry changes completely for text frames with automatic size adjustment.

    If a resize is to be registered anyway, the CMD key must be held down during resize.

    See here for more information.

    FogBugz 26403 - frame::scale with negative values is wrong I would like to reduce a frame by 50%. Therefore I get the current scaling of the frame with frame::get_scale. Then I use these values *0.5 to rescale the frame with frame::scale. This works great with normal scaling factors. But if the frame has a negative scale, it is then mirrored in the corresponding direction.

    Yes, frame::scale does a scale by. We therefore implemented a frame::scale_to.

    FogBugz 26377 -  Cannot select Comet Notes by panel clicks

    The Comet Notes panel shows all notes of the document, but when I click on an entry in this list, the note is not selected in the document. I'm sure it worked in the past.

    Yes, the bug is in all plugins from v4.1.6 R26010 (24.9.2019, about 1/4 year ago).

    The error happened as a side effect of the fix of case 25852 and is fixed now.


    FogBugz 26351

    document::sync::remove_empty_layers also deletes layers defined in the master

    document::sync::remove_empty_layers also deletes layers defined in the master. But layers that are defined in the master should not be deleted in the variants.

    Layers which are defined in the Master are not deleted anymore in the variants. Not even if they are empty.


    FogBugz 26350

    document::sync::pages goes wrong if the document is not allowed to re-shuffle pages

    If the document is not allowed to rearrange pages, document::sync::pages also goes wrong. The pages all end up in the first spread. And because a spread may have a maximum of 10 pages, it ends after 10 pages.

    Oh my God. What do you want?! Reorder pages but forbid reordering!

    Okay, we work around this situation now. FXD


    FogBugz 26349 -

    dcument::sync::pages fails for pages without master page

    Yes, there is such a thing : Pages without set master page. You can (but don't have to.) Anyway, these pages are erroneously deleted at document::sync::pages.

    This is fixed now.


    FogBugz 26297 - crpt, soappzilla et al. not running under Catalina

    Under Mac OS Catalina, the utilities crpt, soapquery, soapzilla and xmlquery no longer run.

    Yes, all four Mac versions of the applications were still 32Bit applications. That's changed. All four applications are now 64Bit.


    v4.1.6 R26400


    FogBugz 26306 - HTML To TaggedText writes things like <cTypeface:@Weight700Italic>

    Although the current font is known, HTMLToTagged writes things like <cTypeface:@Weight700Italic> to the tagged text at <b> and <i>. This will be replaced by the plugins later, but you could also write it into the output.

    Done now.

    But please remember: If no font is specified in the HTML, the key @Weight700 will still be used. This key will then be replaced by the name of the Bold font of the current font.

    FogBugz 26324 - HTMLToTagged : Wrong replacement of &#xa;

    HTMLToTaggedText incorrectly replaces &#xa; characters or does not replace them at all.

    Yes, we had that implemented for uppercase letters only. The error is fixed.


    FogBugz 26333 - Missing information in Placeholder Values Options

    The following information cannot be queried in the Placeholder Values Options panel:

    BuildUsage, FunctionVariables, HashValues, ImageInfos, LayoutRules, StaticLink

    These values are now also supported. The entries are also supported in the functions placeholder::change_tags and placeholder::get_value.

    As you can see: The functions for determining the values of a placeholder have not been renamed.

    Placeholder Options

    FogBugz 26317 - 'Placeholder Values' panel name change to 'Placeholder Options'

    At the request of priint Americas, the Placeholder Values panel was renamed to Placeholder Options in the English version of the priint:comet plug-ins.

    Here is the complete story:

    Please consider the following change request to the following Comet InDesign® panels:


    The priint Americas team is formally requesting the “Placeholder Values” and “Placeholder Values-Info” panels be renamed in the US English localization of the Comet plug-in GUI.


    While working on refining the US English localization of the plugins, we began looking at the panel names to make sure they accurately convey what the panel is and it’s intent. We feel the current names of these panels is misleading to the average user. In an effort to bring greater usability, clarity and remove ambiguity, the names should reflect what the panel does. In consultation with both Gabi and Paul, we confirmed that these panels do not actually show what the user would colloquially understand as “the value”. Paul pointed out that the panel shows the ‘value’ of the placeholder which in this context is different from the ‘content’ (in other words, the value/content the user sees on the page. In this case, the two terms would be understood to be synonyms in common American English vernacular.).

    Paul also pointed out it would not be accurate to say the “Placeholder Values” panel is for configuration of the placeholder as there are a number of configuration tasks that are done in ISON. With that in mind, we propose “Placeholder Values” becomes “Placeholder Options” as the pane allows the user to view and set a number of options about the placeholder. At the same time, we recommend the “Placeholder Values-Info” panel change to simply “Placeholder Info”. (Both names follow “Title Case” where each word is initial cap.)

    Again, the intent is to convey information to the user without introducing ambiguity. Changing the name the names of these two panels does that — especially for non-technical users in InDesign®.

    The panel itself and its content and behaviour remain unchanged.

    Please contact Andrew Mannone if you have any problems or questions about the renaming.

    FogBugz 26332 - Placeholder Values : Slot info truncated

    In the Placeholder Values panel, the individual values of the placeholder can be displayed at the bottom. Unfortunately the text is cut unnecessarily - it could be shown up to the right edge of the panel.

    This is done now.

    FogBugz 26334 - Invisible frames in AreaBuild chains have no blue frame edges

    The frames for the build area of repeating elements can be made invisible. This is a good idea. Unfortunately, the frames are so completely invisible that the (blue) edges and placeholder adornments cannot be seen either. In short, not only the frame is invisible, its meta-info is also invisible.

    Is there anything you can do about it?

    Yes, we can. The Adornments and the (blue) handle frame now remain visible.

    FogBugz 26318 - BuildArea Chain : Sequence number only poorly visible

    The frame chains of the repeating elements are sorted by a sequence number. This number can be made visible at the top left of the frame. But unfortunately this is almost invisible.


    FogBugz 25221 - Area Build Overset Warning

    If the area of an area build placeholder is too small to hold all assigned templates, only part of the templates are build.

    Currently there is no notification about the missing elements. The placeholder status might show this (then a new sync state is needed), or another way, but the user in InDesign® should be notified somehow.

    After placeholder sync, incomplete repeating elements are given the status "Changed": 

    In addition, a red mark with the number of missing elements is now displayed at the last frame of the chain:

    Further information see here.

    FogBugz 26296 - frame::doclink::get_path returns wrong path sometimes

    The result of function frame::doclink::get_path is wrong for links to text frames. In these cases I always get the path "1287684" or something like that.

    Yes, that's wrong, of course. We now return the empty string in case of text frame links.

    Please note: The additional internal link of type 0 that InDesign® creates for each text frame link gets the UID of the text frame as path (as string or char*!). 

    FogBugz 26295 - frame::doclink:: get_frame  returns wrong results sometime

    Text frame links have an additional internal link in addition to the actual link. I also get this link by calling document::get_links. But if I ask these links for their frame, the result always is 203 - but this frame does not exist.

    Yes, these links have no frames of course. The function frame::doclink::get_frame now returns a 0 for these links.

    FogBugz 26294 - How to get the type of a doclink using cScript

    There are at least two different types of document links:

    1. Normal images
    2. Text Frame Links created with the menu Edit -> Place and Link

    Both link types can be contained in the list of links of document::get_links. Can I ask the entries in this list for their types somehow?

    Now you can: frame::doclink::get_type

    64Bit Helper Apps

    FogBugz 26297 - crpt, soappzilla et al not running under Catalina

    Under Mac OS Catalina, the utilities crpt, soapquery, soapzilla and xmlquery no longer run.

    Yes, all four Mac versions of the applications were still 32Bit applications. That's changed. All four applications are now 64Bit.

    FogBugz 26274 - file::unzip does not work for paths with "

    Quotation marks in the path disable unpacking of a ZIP archive, e.g. when checking out publications.


    FogBugz 26281 - Template Editor Enhancements

    Please consider the feature request(s) below:

    1. Remove All Nails; Magnets: As a bucket template creator (or editor) I would like the ability to remove 1. all nails, 2. all magnets, or 3. both all nails and magnets from a template.
    2. Template editor preferences: As a bucket template creator (or editor) I want the template editor to remember my settings or have a preference method to set my settings to:
      1. Remember my setting for “color placeholders”
      2. Remember my settings for “Template Behavior” visibility
      3. Remember my settings for “Nails and Magnets”  visibility

    Very charming call, huh?

    Point 1 : Use the ground button of panel Nails & Magnets to reset all nails an magnets.

    Points 2.1 and 2.3 : Done now.

    Point 2.2 : This is a frame setting, not a document setting. In the template editor, the display is still activated for all frames. And you can't even praise me as much as I get insulted by others when I change that. However, in the future the presentation will be more discreet:

    The black highlighted number is the sequence number, the red one is the frame label. Please remember:

    • The Sequence number is used for the order in which the frames are loaded.
    • The Frame Label is used for the order in which the layout rules are executed, which are not executed while creating or load inga the frame
    FogBugz 26040 - Problem when unzipping a document during checkout

    Sometimes a server-side packaged (zip) document cannot be unpacked by the plugins at checkout. The error only occurs under Mac.

    We investigated at such a ZIP. We use the Apple standard tool ditto for unpacking zip files, which is also used in Safari or when double-clicking on Zip file in Finder. This program is certainly beyond any doubt about its functionality. I'm sure you'll agree? But if I take the zip from you and try to unzip this file with ditto, ditto will reply with the message:

    ditto -x -k /Users/paul/Desktop/ /Users/paul/Desktop/qqq
    ditto: 537263540.indd: No such file or directory
    ditto: Couldn't read pkzip signature.

    After a long search we found out that the error is caused by the ZIP of the PubServer. There, a Java implementation is used for packaging, which is obviously not completely error-free. The PubServer development has to take care of that.

    On the plugin side, we were able to implement a workaround: If we encounter the error Couldn't read pkzip signature during unpacking, we start a second unpack attempt with the tool unzip. That works then. This does not solve the error, but does not lead to errors on the plugin side.

    FogBugz 262278 - The magic thing in string::compare

    Today I find a magic thing in function string::compare() and want share with you.

    I have a very simple like this

    #include "internal/text.h"
    int main()
    	String	strTest	= string::alloc ();
    	int 	result;
    	string::set(strTest, "hello")
    	result = string::compare("hello"strTest);
    	wlog("", ":::Result ==> %d\n", result);
    	return 0;

    Maybe you guessed it , the result I expected is 0.
    However actual result is -3

    Yes, see old docu: The first parameter must be String (not a char*, but "hello" is a char*), the second can be both, String or char*.

    But anyway, I fixed it.

    FogBugz 26095 - Page templates of type "Spread" deprecated Because there are unfortunately no unique answers to the questions that arise during product building, page templates of the type Spread are no longer supported. 19.11.2019
    FogBugz 26234 - HTML import does not correctly unescape all entities

    When using the cscript function html::to_tagged et al., some HTML entities like "&OpenCurlyQuote;" etc.. are not properly replaced and stay like they are.

    We now support replacement of all html entities listed at

    FogBugz 26268 - Turn off cscript dialog checkbox

    In the dialog framework of cScript I can also define checkboxes. But for some reason checkboxes initialized with the value 0 (i.e. to be disabled) are shown with a minus (unclear state).

    That's fixed now.

    Script Support for Notes

    FogBugz 25219 - cscript commands for create, edit and delete of notes

    For a better integration of Comet notes into the Planner there are some new functions for the treatment of Comet Notes:

    FogBugz 26270 - Recently created note is not displayed in Comet Notes panel.

    When you create a note in the comet plug-ins, it should automatically be visible in the Comet Notes panel, even if the panel is only opened after the note has been created.

    See also JIRA PLUG-56

    That's how it is now. In addition, if a note is selected in the document at this moment, this note is also selected in the panel and its settings are displayed.

    FogBugz 26267 - textmodel::select ignores the length of the selection

    It is nice that the function textmodel::select exists. But the length of the selection is unfortunately ignored.

    Fixed. There is also an additional parameter that can be used to specify whether the new selection is to be placed in the visible window area.

    FogBugz 26257 - SYNC : Moving a page marks all frames as "locally changed"

    If a page is moved in a variant, all page frames between the start and destination positions of the page are marked as locally changed. These frames will of course no longer be updated during subsequent synchronizations.

    When moving pages, InDesign® fires a lot of geometry changes. These have been misinterpreted as local changes. The bug is fixed.

    FogBugz 26252 - Error in the evaluation of XPATH statements

    In the documentation is an example for XPATH (cscript/xmlquery.html#send). When I execute this, I get a different result than described in the documentation. Obviously it is not right that you can make queries for incomplete elements.

    That's okay now.

    But please note : Elements can only be returned in columns (| operator) if all elements have exactly the same parent node in the XML file.

    FogBugz 26249 - Export of template generates error message

    When I export one or more templates in InDesign® desktop via the palette menu ("hamburger" menu), I get an error message for every template that is exported, it states that an xxx.shapes file cannot be downloaded (see screenshot). After clicking ok, the export continues an it looks complete.



    v4.1.6 R26314


    FogBugz 26203 - Wrong characters in placeholder values with German Umlauts

    Placeholders with umlauts in the tagged text get a wrong ID in the document. Instead of äöü we get √%√#√$ and something like these.

    The error occurs only with the option 'Do NOT use placeholders from tagged text'. Unfortunately the StringID is converted twice here - once too many. The bug went unnoticed since v3.4 R8567 (Aug 1, 2015) and is now fixed.

    FogBugz 26232 - document::sync removes non-empty layers

    My document contains layers that are only used by master pages. Unfortunately these layers are deleted by document::sync::remove_empty_layers during synchronization.


    FogBugz 26222 - Placeholders not loaded

    This is a serious bug : Placeholders in TaggedText have not been loaded in R26111 and R26262.

    Oh, the error is a copy/paste error during fix of bug 26011. The error is fixed now.

    FogBugz 26221 - Sync multiplies gradients

    A frame of my sample document has an object style that uses a gradient color. When syncing styles, this gradient is duplicated each time:

    • Gradient 
    • Gradient 1
    • Gradient 2
    • Gradient 3

    After a while you can have a lot of gradients.

    Thanks to InDesign® - a bug again :-( But we found a workaround: Please call document::sync::cleanup before you finish the synchronization.

    FogBugz 26220 - document::sync::swatches does not sync gradients

    document::sync::swatches does not sync gradients.

    This is a very difficult problem. We have solved it.

    FogBugz 26115 - Removing Frame Tag is not undoable

    Removing Frame Tags in panel Frame Tags is not undoable.

    It's all right now

    FogBugz 26212 - Removing the script tag priint_syncChanged will not change the frame

    I want to remove the marking of a local geomtry change of a frame. Therefore I delete the entry priint_syncChanged in the panel Frame Tags. But this does not reset the marker. It only works if I remove the content of the tag priint_syncChanged.

    Removing the marker now works even if the tag is deleted.

    FogBugz 26111 - SYNC : create_variant takes the 'locally changed' setting from the master

    However that could happen: A master document contains frames that are marked with a local change. (This cannot actually happen. Documents defined as patterns cannot enter local changes.) But somehow it happened.

    However, if a variant is created for such a document, the marks of the changes are also entered there. And that's really not good.

    This seems to be a user error when creating the master. However, we no longer transfer such markers to the variant (if you using document::sync::create_variant).

    FogBugz 26210 - SYNC : Master items with Column Titles are marked as to be changed after sync always

    My master pages contain column titles that adapt to the current content of the pages. When such a document is synchronized, the column titles always automatically get the marker that they have been changed locally (and are then not updated again).

    An idle timer changed these frames again AFTER synchronization. Because synchronization was already complete, this change was incorrectly marked as a local change. This bug has been fixed.

    FogBugz 26207 - document::sync::pages does not delete pages deleted in the Master

    document::sync::pages does not delete pages deleted in the Master.

    That's what's being done now. Pages that have been deleted in the master are now also deleted in the variants.

    Please note. The pages will be deleted even if they contain local changes or locally created frames!

    FogBugz 26205 - Show frame UID in panel

    It would be a great help if the current frame UID could be displayed directly somewhere.

    The frame UID is already shown in the panel Layout Rules. To make it easier, we now show the UID in the panel Plug-Ins -> Comet Admin - >Comet as well.

    FogBugz 26202 - document::sync::styles does not work for files with ä, ö, ü, ... document::sync::styles does not work for files with ä, ö, ü, ... .


    The problem was a bug in InDesign®-Javascript: Umlaute like ä, ö, ü in paths of documents are given as so-called combining characters (for instance a o is given as the o itself followed by two above dots). But the names are given as UFT8.  In string comparisons these two strings are different of course.
    We were able to avoid this error.

    FogBugz 26201 - document::sync::styles only works if exactly ONE document is opened

    The functions document::sync::styles, document::sync::masterpages and document::sync::remove_empty_pages are only working, if exactly one document is opened.



    v4.1.6 R26262



    FogBugz 26110 - Crash while importing TaggedText with "Read placeholders from TaggedText"

    Importing the attached text using the "Read placeholders from TaggedText" option will crash InDesign®. The error occurs on Windows only. Mac is okay.

    Crash log says:

    ... thousands of times

    We were able to find a workaround around this problem. The import now also works under Windows.

    FogBugz 26147 - document package does not work anymore

    document package does not work anymore for CC2017 since R23666 (21.8.2018)

    This is a side effect of case 23660. Fixed

    FogBugz 26090 - function document::set_pasteboard not work

    The function document::set_pasteboard always returns error 1272 and seems not to work.

    document::set_pasteboard and document::set_pasteboard_size are deprecated now. Please use document::set_pasteboard_gutter.

    FogBugz 26064 - Comet notes: Cursor anchor symbol does not disappear

    If I create a new note in InDesign® and then assign it to a frame in the "Comet Notes" palette, for example, the cursor is permanently assigned the anchor symbol. The anchor symbol disappears only after an InDesign® restart.


    FogBugz 25943 - Comet Plugin Panel Names

    This is a feature request for the Comet Plugin. In the English version, we would like to see the panel names standardize on capitalization. There are a few panels which already follow the English language convention of Title Case, such as “Product Pool” and “Layout Rules”. However there are a number of panels which follow an Initial cap convention, like “Page template” and “Template behavior.”

    We would like all panel names, menu items, and tool names to standardize on the Title Case capitalization method. This is the standard used in rest of the Adobe InDesign® UI in English.

    Additionally, we would like to have the word “Placeholder” standardized as a compound word in English. It is treated as both two words and as a compound word in the entire Comet. For example, the “Place Holder Values & -Info” vs the “Placeholder” panel names. Also in the Placeholder panel, the word is written as “place holders” in the UI Element check-box “Show place holders in flat list”. 

    The translations were completely revised by native speakers.


    v4.1.6 R26111


    FogBugz 25731 - linklist:: delete_toc_entry missing

    The formerly undocumented cscript function linklist::delete_toc_entry didn’t work like (not) documented: all placeholders were deleted except of only placeholders contained in the placeholder list provided as parameter. Now the function is documented (see linklist::delete_toc_entry) and allows to delete only toc entries of certain placeholders.

    CAUTION: This also affects the behavior of linklist::insert_toc_entry. In former versions, calling linklist::insert_toc_entry caused deletion of all toc entries of the actual document, now only table of content entries based on placeholders contained in the list provided as parameter are deleted.

    To achieve the former behavior, cscripts must be adapted e.g. like follows:

    LinkList placeholders =linklist::alloc (1);
    // delete all toc entries of the current document before inserting
    // new ones by providing _empty_ list:
    linklist::delete_toc_entry (placeholders, kDesignateDocument);
    // insert placeholder Ids of interest:
    linklist::insert (placeholders, 123456);
    linklist::insert (placeholders, 789101);
    // insert new toc entries based on certain placeholders
    linklist::insert_toc_entry (placeholders, kDesignateDocument);

    CAUTION II: Filtering by placeholder Ids requires PublishingServer 4.1.6 >= build #2611 or PublishingServer 4.1.7

    Function variable definitions in placeholder.xml

    Function variable definitions and settings for a placeholder can now be exported with the placeholder.xml. To activate, add the option "function-variables:true" to the appropriate function call (e.g. priint::create_metadata or server::get_placeholders). Default is false, except for metadata generated for templates and page templates, when activated by prefs::add_metadata_to_templates.

    Metadata package for templates and page templates

    The meta data of templates and page templates can now optionally be saved with templates, see prefs::add_metadata_to_templates for details.

    Meta data of a template is a zipped folder containing a couple of XML files (placeholders.xml, elements.xml etc.) and previews. To enable or disable, use prefs::add_metadata_to_templates or prefs::add_w2ml_to_templates (typically in login script). Default is disabled.


    Document synchronization

    A new script based document synchronization was developed. See here for more information. To get the script discussed, please contact our support.


    FogBugz 25999 - itemlist:: chained does not work correctly in loops

    If the given frame of itemlist::chained is a graphic frame, it has, of course, on text chain. But in this case, the function tries to take current script frame. And if this frame is different from the given frame, the function may returnthis (wrong) chain.



    FogBugz 25991 - item:: define not working for undefined UIDs

    If I try to set an ItemRef to an non-existing UID, the function will fail. That seems fair to me. But isn't there still a way to set an unknown UID? I need this to search later in another document.

    The new checkIfNotExists parameter can override the UID check.


    FogBugz 25982 - Error message on menu "Select frames"

    When executing the menu "Select Frame" of panel Product Pool  I get an error message about a stackoverflow in the script engine.

    It's not an error. You must use thepanel Windows -> Comet Admin -> Comet to increase the script buffer. Then everything will work.


    FogBugz 25977 - page:: get_size - parameter for document missing

    page::get_size will only work on the current front document. Can you please provide us an additional paramter for a document?

    Yes we can :-) See current documentation.


    FogBugz 25974 - Name of variable or function in cScript

    Is there any way to get the name of a given variable or function in cScript at runtime? We could need this for error messages.

    Try symname :-)


    FogBugz 25972 - We need the UID of a given page in cScript

    We need the UID of a given page in cScript.

    page::get_uid will do the job.


    FogBugz 25971 - Search for an entry of an idtypelist

    I know I can go through the list. But is there an easier command to find an entry in an idtypelist?

    I would suggest idtypelist::get_pos. But what he really wants is a function, that searches for an ID1 and find the according ID2. So he can use the IDTypeList as some kind of mapping.

    For this we have idtypelist::find and idtypelist::find_id2 now.


    FogBugz 26002 - Unlink a frame from a text chain

    Is there a way to resolve a text chain?

    If you set the destination frame in frame::link to 0 now, then the text string is resolved.


    FogBugz 26010 - Red text '# Empty or wrong style names ...' while importing TaggedText

    Backslashes in paths of <in> tags will lead to an error in the currently released version.

    Yes, aslo an error on auto-converting <in> tags into <w2inline>. This is fixed.


    FogBugz 26047 - URL redirects

    Is there a way that URLLink can also load Web Images from redirects? 

    Yes, you can do that now.

    ATTENTION: The links generated by the Google image search, for example, are not redirects. The links usually point to the PAGE that contains an image, not to the image.


    FogBugz 25950 - Document relative paths in inlines

    Is there a way to specify the image paths in inlines relative to the document?

    Yes, you can do it now. Relative path (e.g. paths not beginning with /) are resolved relative to the current document,


    FogBugz 26011 - Error in placeholders in tables imported via TaggedText

    FogBugz 26012 - Red text '# Empty or wrong style names ...' while importing TaggedText

    Placeholders in tables are no longer created correctly in the last release. This error occurs in particular if the table contains merged cells.

    Yes, as maybe everyone knows, Adobe does not support inline tagged text

    Inlines are a feature of the priint:comet plugins and defined by <in:> tags in the past. To avoid import errors due to this unknown tag, the <in:> tags must be removed from the tagged text before the import and are inserted individually after the import. In order for this to work correctly, we must first deduce the expected text position from the tagged text. But the contents of table cells are placed internally at the end of the actual contents (see image below). The text positions therefore depend on the length of the whole text and the length of the table anchors. Unfortunately the text anchors get different and unpredictable lengths.

    To solve this problem, there is an elaborate workaround. Unfortunately, some other InDesign® bugs came to light over time:

    All of this is solvable - but not with the original <w2:> tags approach.

    About ten (sic!) years ago we implemented the possibility to read placeholders directly from the tagged text.

    Read place holders directly

    Apparently, no one noticed. But if you turned on this option, every thing works fine! You can activate this option in two ways:

    Extra treatment of placeholders

    To avoid problems with older projects, the old implementation is still available. The above mentioned fixes and extensions are no longer available here.

    • De-activate menue Plug-Ins -> Comet ->Read PlaceHolders from TaggedText
    • cScript function prefs::set_tags_readable (0);

    v4.1.6 R26010


    FogBugz 25893 - Additional #'s while importing <in:> tags

    If inlines are created via TaggedText, it sometimes (but not always) happens that a # occurs before the inline. The problem occurs only in tables and the probability increases with the number of inlines.


    Responsibles for Comet Notes

    FogBugz 25801 - Responsibles for Comet Notes

    We are working with Comet Notes for our project. We see you can assign the note to a person. However, this is just a text box and leaves a lot of room for human error when trying to type a user name.

    Is there a way to change the text box to a drop-down list of users to pick from?

    At the same time, is it possible to assign a note to more than one users? Or to a team of users?

    Next to the field Assigned To of the Comet Notes panel there is a small circle button now. This button opens a dialog with a list of defined names. The selected name is entered in the field Assigned To. If Assigned To is not empty, the new name is appended comma-separated.

    To fill-in the list of available names, you can use the new cScript function idtypelist::get_responsibles.

    For more information, see here.

    FogBugz 24995 - Comet Check-In | No save warning.

    There is a bug in comet plugins for PC and Mac, at least revision R24777, possibly older.

    Under the right circumstances, Comet will not display a warning to the user a document has not been saved prior to check in, thus the user will lose all work done on the document.

    Steps to reproduce:

    • Check out document from Publications Panel; perform changes.

    • Change the “Search Method” dropdown from “Tree Search” to “Checked out documents”

    • Click the Magnifying Glass to find checked out documents

    • Click the red check-in arrow.

    • Document will check-in without prompting the user doing so without saving will lose work done in the document.

    The issue does not present if you leave the search method alone. In that case, attempting to check-in a document without saving your work with show the appropriate dialog warning.


    FogBugz 25924 - < and > in <w2inline:>tags lead to errors when creating the inline

    I have a <in:> tag with pointed brackets in the StringID. As a <in:> tag this value also arrives correctly in the document. If I use the same StringID in a <w2inline:> tag, the inline no longer gets a StringID.

    Yes, the problem is, that <w2inline:> is directly read by InDesign. And Indesign does not allow un-escaped < and > in TaggedText, even not in strings. The same works for the <in:> tag, because this tag is filtered out by the Priint:comet plugins before, InDesign will never see it.

    The solution is, escape the < and >. But we now do this automatically: All previously not escaped < and > in w2inlines are now automatically escaped.

    FogBugz 25920 - Incomplete texts in table cells, error with hidden cells

    Since R25777 my table cell texts are incomplete after importing a table using TaggedText.

    Yes, the problem is a direct side effect of the fix of bug 25837 : Hidden cells must be handled in a very very special way. We fixed this problem now. 

    But plz note:

    Surprisingly, InDesign adds the content of invisible cells as a new paragraph to the contents of the anchor cell. Apparently the merges are done after the actual import.

    The problem is that we can then no longer decide whether an empty paragraph at the beginning of the anchor cell came from a hidden cell or was an error of InDesign. Therefor, if an anchor cell is empty, the contents of its subcells will not be imported. See here for more information.

    FogBugz 25917 - Additional trailing characters in log

    I have a simple wlog in my script:

    wlog ("", "'%s'\n", str);

    If str is longer than 32765 bytes, I will get additional trailing characters in the log file:

    'ÿðcontent of str'

    The trailing characters are random. Shorter strings are logged correctly. 

    Yes, its was a simple problem in the log function and is fixed now.

    Frame UUID

    FogBugz 25909 - Frame UUID

    We strongly need globally unique framework UUIDs. These UUIDs may be based on the document ID.

    Okay, if you want. Here are some new functions for that:

    FogBugz 25902 - Move a master page

    We need a cScript function to re-order the master spreads shown in panel 'Pages'.

    We implemented the new function document::move_masterpage to do that.

    FogBugz 25901 - Remove a master spread

    Is there any way to remove a master spread from a given document by cscript?

    You can use the new function document::remove_masterpage to do that.

    FogBugz 25900 - Get master pages sorted like in document

    Using document::get_masterpages returns the list of requested master spreads in a very comfortable way: Entries are sorted by 'based on', that means, masters that are based on other masters are always later in the list.

    Unfortunately I need the result list sorted by their positions in the 'Pages' panel.

    You may do that now. document::get_masterpages has now the new (optional) parameter sortedByBasedOn. Setting this parameter to 0 will sort the result list according to the panel 'Pages'.

    FogBugz 25898 - Get unused mastermages

    Would it be possible to get a list of unsused master spreads of a document?

    You can use the document::get_masterpages for that now. If you set the new parameter unusedOnly to 1 you will get only the unused master spreads.

    FogBugz 25897 - Import all mastermages

    Using document::import_masterpage I can import a given master spread from another document. You are kind enough to import all 'based on's as well. But if I would like to import ALL master spreads, this could mean, that a lot of masters are imported multiple times.

    So is there any way to import ALL master spreads in one single call?

    document::import_mastermages will do what you want.

    FogBugz 25927 - Get UI color of layers

    Is there a way to get the current color name (Stock Color) of a given layer by cScript?

    layer::get_ui_color will do the task.

    FogBugz 25891 - return value of frame::store_magnet_distance

    Is it possible that the documentation for frame::store_magnet_distance is not correct? According to the documentation, the return value should be 0 if successful.
    For me it looks as if he was 1.

    No, I made a small mistake in the function itself. The return value is always 1 (error). This is fixed.

    FogBugz 25877 - How to set import options for PDFs?

    How can I set import options for PDFs in my scripts?

    There are very many import options for the individual formats. We don't plan to support all these options via cScript. But this is easy to do with Javascript, see frame::image for an example.

    FogBugz 25855 - <nl:> leads to always out-of-synced placeholders

    The tags <nl:> and <snl:> in the tagged text of a placeholder cause the placeholder to always be shown as out-of-sync in the task palette.

    This is fixed now.

    FogBugz 25853 - Textselection not set after creating a new Comet note

    In the ToDos panel I can choose to set the text focus to the new frame after creating a new note. But that doesn't seem to work.

    FXD. The text focus is now set to the new note, if you choose this option.

    FogBugz 25852 - Crash while creating new Comet Note

    InDesign® may crash while creating a new Comet note:

    1. Create a new note

    2. Login into database or PubServer

    3. Create a second new node -> Crash

    Very surprising that no one has noticed that :-)


    FogBugz 25844 - Crash while importing W2ML into Indesign®

    InDesign® crashes while importing a specific W2ML.

    This is a very strange behavior of the C++-STL on the Mac. We were able to fix the problem on our side.

    FogBugz 25843 - Deactivate XML folder

    Is there another way to remove the XML folder setting from the plug-ins than moving or deleting the folder? And unfortunately theXML order is not deactivated permanently - the same message appears again when restarting.

    Yes, that the message is shown at every restart should not be. I have fixed this error now. To bypass the automatic connection to a previously set data folder, there is unfortunately no other way than to make the folder physically inaccessible.

    Since today you can reset the XML folder permanently directly in InDesign®:

    • Menu Data folder ... + ALT : Show the current XML path

    • Menu Data folder ... + ALT + SHIFT : Reset current XML folder


    v4.1.6 R25777


    svn 25700

    FogBugz 25837 - auto-correction marks %1TT and %2TT interpreted wrong

    The auto-correction flags %1TT, ... %9TT are obviously evaluated incorrectly. 1 and 2 do not work at all, the rest is always 1 too small.

    Furthermore, the flags do not work correctly if a table cell contains a single <ParaStyle:...>. In this case, InDesign® sometimes inserts an additional paragraph separator into this empty cell. Of course, this is an error of InDesign®. But we want to correct that mistake.


    FogBugz 25836 - Get/Set the current applications transform settings

    Are there script functions for getting and setting the default settings for frame scalings?

    Since now, yes:

    FogBugz 25814 - frame::get_size does not consider scaling

    The frame::get_size function always returns only the 100% size of frames.

    We have checked that and can confirm your statements. However, we are of the opinion that this correct - i.e. scaling should not be included in the determination of the actual frame sizes. Yes, InDesign® actually displays the values including the scaling. The skew angle is also included in the size calculation. However, rotations on the other hand are then strangely ignored.

    If you need the displayed frame size, you can easily do this with frame::get_scale.

    FogBugz 25782 - cScript - wrong prototype for server:: count_session_args

    The prototype for server::count_session_args in header/server.h is wrong:

    class server
    		public :
    			static int 	count_session_args (char * option);

    According to the docs, the method does not take any parameter.

    Thanks for the remark. This is fixed for the next release.

    FogBugz 25745 - Error in function frame::create

    If a double page document uses different settings for the inside and outside margins, the frame on the left side of the double page is not docked to the margins using function frame::create.



    v4.1.6 R25678


    FogBugz 25689 - Table module groups with Unicode letters are not activated automatically

    If a Table modules group name of a table cell contains any Unicode letter like ä, the group is not activated on re-importing an IDMS snippet containing this table.


    FogBugz 25688 - I urgently need the ability to determine the current milliseconds of the system.

    If I set at least ONE of the table module string attributes (e.g. a group name) to a value containing < or >, InDesign® will crash, if I re-import the TaggedText of this table.


    FogBugz 25688 - < and > in group names of cell groups of table module will crash InDesign®

    If I set at least ONE of the table module string attributes (e.g. a group name) to a value containing < or >, InDesign® will crash, if I re-import the TaggedText of this table.


    FogBugz 25687 - table::cell ::set_info1 wrong escaped

    If I set Info1 of a table cell by table::cell::set_info1 to a text containing for instance an ä, the Info1 in table will get √$ instead.

    Same applies to


    FogBugz 25608 - string:: unescape seems to be wrong

    I have a string containing an UTF8 ä. If I send this string to string::unescape, this letter is changed into √$ on the Mac.

    Yes, this was an error.


    FogBugz 25682 - Fast XML parser as default

    The standard XML parsers from Apple and Microsoft contain some errors which we unfortunately cannot correct. Therefore we have integrated another parser some time ago, which fixes these bugs and is system independent.

    It would be nice if this parser is set as default. 

    Yes, the Rapid XML-Parser (aka fast parser) is the default XML parser for InDesign®, InDesign® Server, comet_pdf und Illustrator.

    See here for more information.

    FogBugz 25660 - xmltree - different result for attributes and elements

    XML entities in the text of XML are returned differently, depending if they are given in attributes or in elements. The error only occurs on Mac using the XML parsers Classic or Optimized.


    FogBugz 25612 - ToDo List fails on placeholders with single quotas

    If a text placeholder contains a single quota, this placeholder will always appear in the ToDo List panel.



    v4.1.6 R25555


    FogBugz 25602 - Missing cScript function to query currently opened books I miss some function to query the currently opened books in cScript.

    You should do this by using JavaScript. But because we are nice, we have implemented the following functions:

    FogBugz 25610 - Error with placeholder variantes

    I have a strange behavior on plaecholder variantes:

    • Connect to data pool
    • Create new document
    • Create a text frame with a few lines of text
    • Load placeholder list ("Show placeholders as flat list" and "Show variants" activated, search for name "key" - for simplification)
    • Open Placeholder Values Panel
    • Set a placeholder variant, for example, "Product Name
    • The values of the function variables are not displayed, even when a placeholder is loaded, they are not defined (or set to default setting). And, strangely enough, when changing the text selection, the correct placeholder variant is still selected in the placeholder panel.


    FogBugz 25605 - Need target machine of batch as global variable

    In my batch jobs I strongly need the current setting of the target machine. Is there any way to get it?

    You now can use the global variable gBatchMachine to get the target machine of the batch job.

    Please note: gBatchMachine is read only and only defined in batch jobs.

    FogBugz 25598 - Dialog with only int edits not possible

    How do you do? I just tried to create my own dialog with the class "dialog". On this dialog only int-entry fields are used. However, these are not displayed to me.

    FXD. int edits are visible now also in the case you only have int edits.

    FogBugz 25596 - Crash on book::close if booRef is not a book

    The function book::close may crash InDesign® if the given reference does not point an InDesign® book.


    FogBugz 25526 - URL Link panel not updated after Copy/Paste The URL Link panel is not updated after Copy/Paste.


    ATTENTION: Unfortunately, we cannot react to Undos. Unfortunately, the InDesign® API doesn't give that away. In these cases a reload is mandatory. To reload the panel, please use the reload button at the lower left corner of the panel.

    FogBugz 25535 - Set xml parser type by cScript

    Is it possible to set the XML parser with cScript?

    Not before, now yes:

    FogBugz 25525 - InDesign® crashes when check in a document

    When checking in a document with multi columns of text, InDesign® crashes. The same document with single-column text works fine.

    The error occurs when creating the metadata. The multi-column text used here has a property that tens of thousands of other similar texts did not have. We fixed that.

    FogBugz 25531 - Script function frame::get_group 2nd parameter not optional

    The documentation says the second parameter of frame::get_group is optional. But I have to specify it anyway, otherwise I get an error during execution.


    FogBugz 25530 - Script function textmodel::get_insets missing

    In cScript ew have the function textmodel::set_insets. But I can't find the function textmodel::get_insets?

    Now you have it. See textmodel::get_insets.

    FogBugz 25529 - Script function textmodel::scale_text should scale the insets too

    The function textmodel::scale_text can adjust text very nicely to the current frame size. But an additional parameter for scaling the insets would be nice. 

    Done now, see here.

    FogBugz 25528 - Layoutrule "Scale Text" should scale the insets too

    With the "Scale Text" layout rule, text can be adapted very nicely to the frame size. It would be nice if the insets could also be scaled.

    The "Scale Text" layout rule now has a corresponding option for setting this.

    FogBugz 25515 - Missing documentation for autoload=on/of

    Description of %!TT prefix ‚aotoload‘ is missing in the English version of documentation.

    Done now, see here.

    FogBugz 25485 - Fallback folder for URL images Normally you can customize you URLLinks download folder by defining a script in panel statement 141. Unfortunately, this panel statement is not supported by ISON/Pubserver for now. What can we do in this case.

    Waiting for the implementation in ISON?

    But we also implemented a work around: Use the new function prefs::set_urllink_folder. 

    Please note : The path set by this function is only used if panelstatement 141 is empty and is reset to "" on logoff time always!

    Temporary $ALIAS

    FogBugz 25508 - Temporary setting of a path definition

    In my project I have to define the alias definition $MYIMAGES differently in server and desktop. How can I do that?

    The function file::setdatafile has a new optional parameter for the stage of defined alias names like $MYIMAGES. One option is the temporary creation of your own definitions. See here for more information.


    v4.1.6 R25444


    FogBugz 25459 - Float values in panel settings always marked as to be changed (displayed in red color)

    Float numbers are always shown in red color (means 'changed') in the Settings panel, Furthermore, float numbers with integer values like 14.000 are shown without the zeros behind the decimal point (e.g. like 14. only).

    Not a big fault, hm? But fixed now.

    FogBugz 25446 - Placeholder always out of sync

    If a placeholders text contains a <0x0020>, it is always marked out of sync in the ToDo panel.

    Yes, that's true, because <0x0020> is not a supported TaggedText letter! Only letters with an Unicode greater 127 have to escaped and \n and \r can be escaped, the blank (<0x0020>) not. But anyway, we support the escaped blank in sync now.

    FogBugz 25220 - cscript commands to create a guide line

    For InDesign® Desktop magnetic users guidelines can be very helpful. We would like to create them via a cscript command.

    We implemented a set of functions supporting the guide lines, see page::guides::add ff.

    FogBugz 25437 - cScript function to crypt and decrypt strings

    Are there some string function to crypt and decrypt strings (passwords) without having the password inside an URL?

    We implemented the following function for you now

    Please note: For security reasons, decryption by cScript is not supported.

    FogBugz 25436 - Missing cScript function file::create

    I cannot find a cScript function to create files :-(

    Yeah, you can't find a function because there isn't one.

    We now implemented file::create to do that.

    FogBugz 25434 - Infinite loop on URLink check/update

    I have downloaded some assets from my local AEM running on a VM. Thats okay.

    The problem is,  if I change the network settings of my computer, the VM will get a new IP. In this case I run into an infinite (or very long) loop, when I try to check or update some URL-Links because the original URL is no longer valid.

    Yes, CURL has a connection timeout of 300 seconds. So every check of an URL image will take at least 300 seconds. Too long, hm?

    We therefor set a timeout of 2 seconds for the connection. The download time is left untouched. 

    There is also a new function, prefs::set_urllink_timeout, to locally set your own connection timeout.

    FogBugz 25358 - W2ML import does not import alternating cell colors for table styles correctly

    When importing a W2ML which has table styles with alternating cell fill colors defined, the first fill color is not imported at all, and the second one has the supposed value of the first.


    FogBugz 25356 - W2ML import contains wrong bullet list characters for paragraph styles

    When Importing a W2ML which paragraph styles which define a bullet list character, these properties are not properly imported but contain scrambled characters and wrong fonts.

    W2ML import should now properly import bullet characters and their fonts.

    FogBugz 25352 - W2ML import crash

    There is a scenario when the W2ML import crashes:

    • Create a new document

    • Create a frame on a master page containing a simple table (can be 1x1)

    • Override this frame on a normal page

    • Export to W2ML

    • Import from W2ML

    -> Crash


    FogBugz 25345 - W2ML import error when default style changes

    When importing a W2ML with a default paragraph style which is not the "Basic paragraph style", inherited styles may be wrong. Additionally, a style called "NormalParagraphStyle" is created which shouldn't be there.

    The 'is_default' was wrongly interpreted during W2ML import, leading to wrong style resolution order.


    v4.1.6 R25345


    FogBugz 25327 - Saving continuing templates only

    Saving continuing templates only (fn/caps lock on Mac, space key on Windows) will work in 'normal' document windows only but not in template editors.

    Template editors are opened by double clicking an entry of the Templates panel and mark by little icons in the upper left corner of the pages:

    Holding down the fn/Caps lock key (Mac) or Space bar (Windows) will now update the continuing templates only in template editors too.

    Please note: In 'normal' document windows the behavior is like this:

    • Currently selected frames are on a left page : Update left continuing template
    • Currently selected frames are on a right page : Update right continuing template
    • Currently selected frames are on both pages : Update left continuing template
    End of life cycle CS5.5 / CS6

    Adobe prohibits further support for InDesign® CS 5.5 and InDesign® CS 6, so this release is the first that does not provide priint:comet plugins for these versions of InDesign® anymore!

    FogBugz 25304 - Manually overwritten sync status does not work for images

    Manually overwritten sync state does not work for images.


    FogBugz 25297 - HTML -> Tagged Text default Parastyle should be empty

    When converting HTML -> TaggedText any paragraph nodes (<p>) not containing an explicit class attribute (style) get the "NormalParaStyle" attribute in the result text (<ParaStyle:NormalParagraphStyle>).

    This leads to the problem that the para style at the insert position is not used, but always the default style.

    We should use an empty para style tag and let the plugins determine the style at insertion time (<ParaStyle:>).

    We now always write <ParaStyle:> when no style is explicitly set.


    FogBugz 25307 - Comet plugin image placement changed (R24700 vs. 25255)

    Serious bug!

    As far as I can say it now, the images are not placed into the frame as they are (autoscaled) rather than placed with factor 1.0.

    This is a serious bug!

    The error is a side effect of the fix of bug bug 25106 (image::clippath). Who would have thought that? The bug is fixed.

    Check Function Variables

    FogBugz 24833 - Two placeholders unintentionally merge to form one

    I have two identical text placeholders that differ only in the values of their function variables. Unfortunately, these two placeholders are always merged into one placeholder.

    Yes, that's right, see here. However, we have now added an additional check that ensures that the same placeholders with different function variables are treated as different placeholders.

    Please note: This test is experimental for the time being!

    FogBugz 25296 - String comparison script does not work

    I tried to implement a string compare script of an auto-sync placeholder. I created the attriibute styleid in my table placeholder and set its value to my action - but I cannot see the action in the placeholder.

    Sorry, the documentation was wrong here, the name of attribute must by CharacterStyleID in case of ODBC. I fixed this in the documentation.

    FogBugz 25244 - Wrong distances in composition with justified page elements

    The distances in vertically justified page elements are not calculated correctly.

    The vertical distances in 1:N elements are now calculated correctly. 

    FogBugz 25286 - Crash while building into justified 1:N page elements with bigger min distances

    If I choose an 1:N page elements with 'Vertical justify center' and bigger minimum distance, say 20mm, InDesign® will crash.

    This is fixed now.

    FogBugz 25284 - Show page elements in build trace

    Would it be possible to show the page elements too in build traces? This would be very helpful.

    Choosing the option "Show frame UIDs" is renamed now to "Show frame UIDs and page elements" and will exactly do that.

    FogBugz 25283 - BuildTrace not completely deleted before creating next build trace

    The recording of the product building sometimes still contains old images.



    v4.1.6 R25255


    End of life cycle CS5.5 / CS6

    Adobe prohibits further support for InDesign® CS 5.5 and InDesign® CS 6, so this release is the last that provides priint:comet plugins for these versions of InDesign®.

    XPATH with attributes XPATH implementation now supports attriutes in XML elements. 21.05.2019
    FogBugz 25225 - cScript dialog framework does not respect interface scaling

    When creating custom dialogs using the cScript dialog framework, the dialog size (if any) is not properly set when UI scaling is active. This can lead to dialog options being cut off because the heigth or width cannot be properly set for every configuration.


    FogBugz 25233 - W2ML Import loses style dependencies

    When importing W2ML with multiple styles which depend on a single style, the style dependencies may be lost.

    There was a partial fix implemented for case #22803. Unfortunately that fix did not hold for more complicated situtations. Should be fixed now.

    FogBugz 25244 - Composition with justified page element leads to unexpected result or to a crash

    The composition with 'Build products' leads to an unexpected result. It seems as if the bug just happens when the page template uses horizontal or verctical justifications.


    FogBugz 25216 - Packaging files fails with exception 2204

    If a document contains any other InDesign® document with images, the function document::export_ with error 2204 while packing.

    Yes, the problem are the images inside the placed InDesign® document insode the document. This is fixed now.

    FogBugz 25193 - Error message 'Missing shape file' while exporting templates

    Using the export provided by the Templates panel will cause the error

    downloading data for .... 345.shapes

    when exporting templates from a SOAP service.


    FogBugz 25185 - Error while using stringlist::from_xml

    Using the fast XML parser, the function stringlist::from_xml does not work. If I use the classical XML parser, all works correctly.


    ATTENTION: The same error affects other functionalities such as the evaluation of the program options of comet_pdf and the calculation of product lists from items.xmls in the product structure. It is therefore a serious error.

    FogBugz 25184 - Actions in XML Offline folder are always encrypted

    Actions of an XML offline project are always encrypted. Is there a way to decrypt the scripts without editing them in InDesign®?

    Yes, you can use the app bin/crpt inside the documentation folder.

    In addition, you now add the hint

    #pragma plain

    at the very beginning of your actions to prevent them from encryption. See here for more information.

    FogBugz 25140 - Barcodes in inlines

    In a script a insert some tagged text containing an inline. The inline is linked against an image placeholder and this placeholder use image::barcode to place an EAN barcode inside the inline. In the log I can see, that the Postscript code of barcode is created well - but no barcode is inserted into the inline.

    FXD. image::barcode now also works on inline frames.

    FogBugz 25159 - W2ML import does not apply frame scale

    FXD, scaling should now be properly applied

    FogBugz 25158 - Script error message : Wrong line number

    The script error warning also contains a line number where the error occurs. Unfortunately this line number is wrong in most cases.

    Scripts are translated into a fast executable intermediate code before execution. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to determine the correct line number from the intermediate code. Therefore, we will omit the line number now.

    FogBugz 25152 - New Left Page on Smart Template creates empty page between first page and second page of product

    I have a smart template, which should always start on a left page. Unfortunately, new pages are also created with each continuation, so that each continuation starts on a left page too. This is unexpected: we do not need that empty page, the comet group should only be on two pages.

    Yes, it also seems to me that this is an error. I fixed that in this next release. I'm not quite sure whether this bug was exploited in some projects. But that's the job of QAD, ProfServ and Help Desk :-)

    FogBugz 25135 - Scale Text doesn't work on texts completely in overset

    Scale Text doesn't work on texts completely in overset.

    It works in versions prior v4.1 R24333. But unfortunately this implementation contains an error (see case 23466). When fixing this error, the error with the completely invisible texts happened as a side effect

    This is fixed now.

    FogBugz 25110 - When reorganizing, the Z-Order of the frames sometimes changes.

    When reorganizing, the Z-Order of the frames sometimes changes.

    No, the problem was an inline frame of a text frame with no intersections with other frames. Such text frames do not have any Z order. In the case of reorganisations, frames have to be moved back and forth between layers several times. Since the frame does not have a defined Z-order, the Z-order cannot be used here as a criterion for the processing sequence. We therefore use a different sort criteria that solves the problem.

    FogBugz 25106 - image::clip path does not return any result in some cases

    image::clip path does not return any result in some cases.

    Yes, this happens whenever the frame is adapted to the clipping path (clip frame to content). In this case, the clipping path is the same as the frame. In this case we now return the bounding box of the frame.

    FogBugz 25105 - image::setalpha2 not working on InDesign® Server

    The function image::setalpha2 works properly on InDesign® but unfortunately not on InDesign® Server.

    Yes, we had slightly changed the behavior of the function. Unfortunately, the server variant of the function was not changed. The problem is fixed.

    FogBugz 25107 - Placeholder variantes not shown in panel Placeholders

    The new feature of the placeholder variants does not seem to work yet. If I want to show the variants, nothing happens.

    Ooh, the feature was commented out until release. We forgot to reactivate it. It's fixed now.


    v4.1.6 R25152


    FogBugz 25083 - W2ML import crashes

    Under specific circumstances the W2ML import crashes when the the W2ML import file is not well formed and contains inline frames in table cells.

    The import no longer crashes, but the result will of course be wrong when the input is malformed.

    FogBugz 25004 - InDesign® crash in image::barcode

    InDesign® crashes with image::barcode and a wrong EAN-13 code.

    Yes, we do not check the validity of the barcodes! And we never promised that either. The wrong barcode apparently returns a Postscript code that later causes InDesign® to crash. But, as described in the documentation, we do not assume any liability for the generated Postscript code.

    Nevertheless, we have now implemented a check for the very common EAN-13 code. Erroneous EAN-13 codes now lead to an error of the image::barcode function, but no longer to a crash of InDesign®.

    FogBugz 25015 - Comet++ panel of wrong height

    The Comet++ palette is rarely used. But if it is, it is still too flat. Unfortunately, some fields of the palette are invisible.


    v4.1.6 R25000


    FogBugz 24940 - * at position of w2inline

    Inserting a w2inline with pageitemID != 0 creates the inline correctly but always adds a * to my text.

    This only happens if the option "Read placeholder from TaggedText" is deactivated.

    FXD now.

    FogBugz 24748 - fitframe in frames with rounded corners

    I have a frame with one line of text and a rounded top right corner. The frame is to be fitted to its content. To do so I use the layout rule fitframe. Strangely enough, the rule only works sometimes. This depends on the XY position of the frame. Sometimes it works, sometimes the frame just gets very very wide.

    Yes, this is an InDesign® bug (one more in the big collection of fitframe bugs). In the screenshot you see the frame in its orirginal size:

    In th second screenshot you can see the result of a double click into the left top corner:

    If you don't believe me, ask me for the document (

    Fortunately I was able to find a workaround so that the problem at least in our fitframe does not occur anymore.

    FogBugz 24870 - pStyle "styleName" in placeholder pre/postfixes doesn't work

    pStyle "styleName" in placeholder pre/postfixes doesn't work. It seems that this information is simply ignored.



    v4.1.6 R24987


    FogBugz 24941 - W2ML export always converts UTF8 letters in function variables to <0xXXXX> tags

    I have some text placeholders with function variables with values like:

    max . 20°

    If I export this to W2ML, the string max 20° is converted into

    max. 20<0x00B0>

    Generally, this is no problem. BUT if I try to load the placeholder, the placeholders load command will use exactly this string - and is therefor executed wrong, because the database (or PubServer, or XML-query) expects exactly  max . 20°, and not  max. 20<0x00B0>.



    v4.1.6 R24942


    See also v4.1 for a lot of changes and fixes
    FogBugz 24876 - FuncVars in panel PlaceholderValues are always reset to "Custom" after scrolling

    Every time I scroll my function variables in panel Placeholder Values, all changed values are loosing their even set values and reset to "Custom".


    FogBugz 24878 - Cannot set alternated magnets on some frame frames

    Bit confusing, but sometimes I can't put alternative magnets on a frame. It also doesn't help to reset all magnetic properties. We always have to create new frames in the template.

    This behavior is now also corrected when resetting the magnet properties.

    FogBugz 24867 - pageitemID in Findstaments

    Is it possible to access the template ID of the parent entry in Findstatements?

    Since now one can use <pageitemID> to do that.


    v4.1.6 R24777


    Start of live cycle 4.1.6

    End of life cycle 4.1.5


    The table describes the features and bug fixes of the priint:comet 4.1.5 plug-ins. Bugfixes and features of 4.1 are automatically integrated into v4.1.5.

    Revision    Case Description Date

    v4.1.5 R24777


    New and fixes from 4.1, see above 18.02.2019
    SOAP bugfix

    Fixed a bug which caused wrong translation of numerical entities (such as &#13;) to InDesign® Tags in results from soap requests.

    These entities are now translated to normal characters (utf-8 encoded, if required). If a application relies on InDesign® Tagged Text translation, this can be activated adding the line entities-to-tags=true to the soapflags.ini file in your Plugin installation folder.

    Note: this bug is also fixed in 4.1, in 4.1 the default behaviour is to use (fixed) Tagged Tags translation.

    ToDo Panel fixes

    Several fixes in the ToDo Panel:

    • use correct function variable definitions for loading / comparing old value

    • use correct function variable for new value display in panel

    • compare encrypted URLs for images inserted with URLLink

    Also, for custom compare scripts, 2 new cscript functions to encrypt resp. decrypt URLs containing credentials are available.

    Scripting Extension new option

    The option parameter of all scripting commands now supports a key to apply XML attributes to the document before running the command.

    Format of the parameter is a XML string using the KeyValue schema.


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

    v4.1.5 R24700


    XPATH in v4.1.5 Comet plugins and comet_pdf now support XPATH as query language for XML. See here for more inforamtions. 14.01.2019
    FogBugz 24404 - Close documents immediately

    We have (on a trial basis) implemented a possibility to close documents immediately. Further information can be found here.


    v4.1.5 R24333


    FogBugz 24162 - C-Script encode_base64

    The C-Script function encode_base64 currently only processes strings up to the terminating zero. If you read binary data and want to encode it, it doesn't work properly. It would be desirable to have a second parameter which can be used to specify the string length / size in order to also cover these use cases.

    encode_base64 and decode_base64  now have additional parameters for handling binary data.

    cScript Dialog framework

    You can now build and show simple modal dialogs using a new set of cScript functions in the dialog class.


    v4.1.5 R24142


    New and fixes from 4.1, see above 20.11.2018

    v4.1.5 R23666


    New and fixes from 4.1, see above 21.08.2018

    v4.1.5 R23532


    New and fixes from 4.1, see above 23.07.2018

    v4.1.5 R23456


    New and fixes from 4.1, see above 13.07.2018

    v4.1.5 R23333


    New and fixes from 4.1, see above 18.06.2018

    v4.1.5 R23231


    New and fixes from 4.1, see above
    FogBugz 23158 - Set placeholder visibility by script

    Is there any possibility to change the placeholders visibility by cScript?

    In the past unfortunately no.

    Now we have two new script functions:


      v4.1.5 R23000


      Manually trigger layout rules

      FogBugz 23044

      Currently there is only one menu for executing the reorg rules:

          Plug-Ins -> Product pool -> Layoutrules -> Apply ...

      But you can write your own panel action using frame::apply_layout_rules for this. 

      There are some more menu commands:

      • Execute Layout rules
        •   Selected Frames
          • Update
          • Create
          • Build
          • Reorganization
          • Geometry changed
        • Whole document
          • Update
          • Create
          • Build
          • Reorganization
          • Geometry changed

      Menus are available here:

      1. Plug-Ins -> Product Pool
      2. Flyout of panel Product Pool
      3. Context menu for frame selection
      4. Context mentor document 

      Paste image path to clipboard

      FogBugz 23042

      It would be very helpful to have a menu command that copies the path of the selected to the clipboard.

      Here it comes:

      • Edit -> Paste image path
      • Layout Context Menu -> Paste image path

      For more information see here.


      Menu to insert images by path

      FogBugz 23041

      It would be very helpful to have a menu command to insert the Comet images with or without $ALIASNAMES  directly from the clipboard into the document.

      Here it comes:

      • Edit -> Copy Comet Image
      • Layout Context Menu -> Copy Come Image

      For more information see here.


      Menu to insert %!TT-text

      FogBugz 23040

      It would be very helpful to have a menu command to insert the Comet -%!TT-text directly from the clipboard into the document.

      Here it comes:

      • Edit -> Copy Comet Text
      • Text Context Menu -> Copy Come Text

      For more information see here.

      Folder with update data

      Update placeholders without a data connection. See here for more information.
      FogBugz 22905 - Wrong sync state if placeholder is not defined in data pool

      If a placeholder is not defined in the current data pool, the ToDo panel indicates that the text/frame should be deleted.

      The ToDo panel now shows an "Validation error".

      v4.1.5 R21600


      FogBugz 22730 - Get function variables of linklist::collect results

      Is it possible to get the function variables of a link retrieved by linklist::collect?

      We have two new cScript functions implemented for that:



      The table describes the features and bug fixes of the priint:comet 4.1 plug-ins since the last release of priint:comet plug-ins 4.0.5. A full list of features and bugfixes of v4.1.5/6 the priint:comet plug-ins you will find here.

      Revision Fall Beschreibung Datum

      v4.1 R24942


      FogBugz 24878 - Cannot set alternated magnets on some frame frames It's confusing, but sometimes I can't put alternative magnets on a frame. It also doesn't help to reset all magnet properties. We have to re-create such frames in the template each time.. 26.03.2019
      FogBugz 24867 - pageitemID in Findstaments

      Is it possible to access the template ID of the parent entry in Findstatements?

      Since now one can use <pageitemID> to do that.

      FogBugz 24802 - Documents un-saveable after saving a template Documents un-saveable after saving a template.

      We had this serious bug since R24701. I'm realy surprised no one noticed.


      FogBugz 24599 - fitframe does not really work on frames of a text frame chain with a single table only.

      Adjusting the height works correctly. But the frame width is unfortunately not adjusted. The logfile also states that the frame is not a single liner - therefore, the frame width will probably remain unchanged.


      FogBugz 24798 - How to get the last frame of text chain containing text

      Is there a way to find out in which frame of a text chain the text ends?

      The function frame::overset has an additional parameter that contains this information now.

      FogBugz 24609 - ToC Enteries are not collected and written to the database.

      ToC Enteries are not collected and written to the database.

      The used document does not only contain frames that are invisible, but some of these invisible frames are also completely in the workspace. This was probably not intentional, but we had unfortunately overlooked this situation as well.

      You now can use flags to control whether these frames should also be processed.

      FogBugz 24688 - run_applescript not work for CC2019 Mac

      cScript function run_applescript does not work for CC2019 Mac.


      FogBugz 24687 - file::upload does not work on CC2019 Mac

      cscript function file::upload does not work on CC2019 Mac.


      FogBugz 24683 - Can't check-out documents in CC2019

      I’ve encountered a major blocking issue with InDesign® 2019 and Comet 4.1.5 R24700 on MacOS. I cannot check out any document (Publication files or Master Documents). I get two error messages, screen shots of the error message attached below. Please help ASAP.

      Unpacking the metadata is done with AppleEvents and unzip. Unfortunately in the MacOS SDK, which we have to use for CC2019, all AppleEvent functions have been removed. Therefore we had to rewrite the execution of AppleEvents completely. Unfortunately I made a small mistake here.



      v4.1 R24777


      FogBugz 24616 - Get InDesign® instance id in cScript

      I have a question regarding cScript an InDesign® server: is it possible to get the server’s instance ID in cScript?

      You could use $CACHE and file::uncertain to get a unique path.

      In the next release (see below) there will also be the following new functions :

      FogBugz 24603 - Cut tables in templates

      I have a text chain with a table that runs across multiple frames. If I save this text chain as a template, the table will be "cut" into several parts: The table parts of the individual frames become individual tables in the template.

      It is very surprising that the error only occurs in pubserver and ODBC connections. In an XML offline everything is fine.

      Yes, that's very surprising. But the behavior is not due to the data connection. Here, an InDesign® bug described in prefs::set_preserve_color_profiles has another devastating effect. You can solve the problem with a


      in the After-Login script (Panelstatement 92). 

      This call will no longer be necessary in the next release. The plugins then set prefs::set_preserve_color_profiles (1) by default.

      FogBugz 24499 - cScript: missing documentation for table::remove_cols

      The cScript API documentation lacks an entry for table::remove_cols.

      Documantation is added now.

      FogBugz 24426 - priint:adjust license

      I have a valid license for priint:adjust. But I still get the message that I don't have a Comet license.

      Yeah, that's right. You also need a Comet license to work with priint:adjust. If you do not have this license, please contact our support, you will get it for free (if you have a valid priint:adjust license!).

      FogBugz 23930 (2)- German Umlaute (äöü...) in PanelStatements do not work correctly

      In the publication panel, search strings immr are truncated to length 1. "tgö" yields "T", "ö" even "<0x00D6>". The error occurs in Unicode ODBC connections only. In UTF8-ODBC everything is as it should be.


      FogBugz 24511 - %!TT_html_ without content is errorneous

      When inserting text content with the %!TT_html_ prefix and the content is actually empty, only '_html_' is inserted into the document.


      Placeholder at text position

      FogBugz 24573 - Placeholder at a certain text position

      Is there a way in cScript to query the placeholder at a certain text position?

      Not yet (except with a complex programming and linklist::collect).

      From now on the new function textmodel::get_placeholder can be used.

      FogBugz 23904 - W2ML format problem with multiple tables with inline images in one text frame

      If a text contains more than one table with inline frames, the W2ML generated by comet_pdf may not be opened in InDesign®. InDesign® crashes when you try to open the W2ML.

      The reason was inlines in the tables. We're pretty close to the limits of what's possible - inlines are not supported by InDesign® in TaggedText-Export/Import: Instead of inlines, only spaces are exported. And all this in a rather idiosyncratic combination with additional ParaStyles. So that we can support inlines in the renderer, we have to calculate their positions in the tagged text over and over again. Unfortunately, this sometimes goes wrong because of the additional (and unexpected) line breaks that InDesign® comes up with. This is a very unfortunate problem.

      That's why I re-implemented the complete export/import of inlines both in InDesign® and in the renderer. This should prevent the problem from occurring again in the future.

      BUT: It is important to exchange plugins as well as renderers and create the W2MLs again!

      FogBugz 24529 - W2ML import crashes on embedded images in master pages

      W2ML files with embedded images in master page frames crash InDesign®. Embedded images in normal page frames work. Thanks by the way for that - it was definitely a lot of work, hm?

      Yeah, that did a lot of work. Now embedded images in master page frames also work. In addition, we could do without the previously created intermediate file for embedding the image.

      FogBugz 24519 - Top half of example / class links in the class index of the documentation are broken

      Strangely enough, in the index.html of the cScript docu the links of the upper half of the page do not work. Links below work. The error only affects the English version of the documentation. The German version works.


      FogBugz 24518 - "Go back" does not work in cScript docu in various browsers

      "Go back" does not work in cScript docu in various browsers. It works in Safari, but not with any other browser.

      FXD. Try it out here.

      FogBugz 24498 - cScript Bug: table::remove_rows() crashes InDesign

      There is either a bug in the cScript method table:: remove_rows() or its documentation. The documentation states:

      Tables must have at least one body row. The functions are save to this condition and reduces the number of rows to delete if neccessary. Errors will occur even when no row is deleted.

      If I create a table with exactly one row and try to remove this row with table::remove_rows(t, 0, 1), then InDesign® crashes. From the documentation, I would expect this one row to remain and the method return an error message.

      I've adjusted the documentary of table::remove_rows accordingly. And of course I changed the line count check so that InDesign® doesn't have to crash anymore.

      FogBugz 24481 - Error when inserting the delimiter texts placeholder

      If a postfix text and a prefix text of two placeholders are placed directly behind each other in the document, the separator texts can no longer be updated correctly.


      Depending on which placeholder updates, it deletes the separator text of the other placeholder.

      Yes, it'a serious problem. But fixed now. See here for an example.

      FogBugz 24480 - gStart, textmodel::start and textmodel::length wrong in scripts for delimiter texts of placeholders

      In scripts for place holder pre- and post-fixes the functions textmodel::start and textmodel::length will not return proper values.

      Yes, of course, we are in the middle of the change. But to solve the problem, you may call this functions with the new optional parameter recalc set to 1.

      FogBugz 24456 - Layout rule "Set frame geometry" sets wrong default value

      The Layout rule "Set frame geometry" sets wrong default value for search value

      Search value --> kUseDefault////long text follows


      FogBugz 24349 (2) - image::barcode does not work image::barcode does not work for inline images.



      v4.1 R24700


      XPATH support in v4.1.5 Comet plugins and comet_pdf now support XPATH 1.0 as query language for XML. See here for more inforamtions. 14.01.2019
      FogBugz 24459 - server:: load_placeholder does not replace tags of function variables in the statement

      server::load_placeholder does not replace tags of function variables in the statement.

      FXD. But please note : server::load_placeholder is deprecated, use server::load_placeholder_str instead.

      FogBugz 24458 - server::load_placeholder crashes a crashes if the key/value pairs are strings (and not char*).

      server::load_placeholder crashes a crashes if the key/value pairs are strings (and not char*).

      FXD. But please note : server::load_placeholder is deprecated, use server::load_placeholder_str instead.

      JIRA 1873 - the same handling of documents in idserver like in the desktop

      We have to handlings of document in our system.

      ID Desktop: check-out using soap to download and open the document on the client
      ID Server: the server opens directly the document from filesystem

      Proposal : The ID Server should work exactly in the sam way like Destop Variant.

      Advantages of this solution:

      • the same handling

      • easier to test

      • only one solution to unlock document (for support)

      • we will not lock documents on the server side if the server crashes or freezes

      FXD for InDesign® Server (but not for comet_pdf still now!)

      FogBugz 24457 - frame::create2 crashes when the layer is given as string

      frame::create2 crashes when the layer is given as string (and not as char*). frame::create does that.


      FogBugz 24456 - frame::create crashes when the layer is 0.

      frame::create crashes when the layer is 0.


      FogBugz 24455 - Drawing lines on second or later page fails

      A partner tried to create lines via frame::create2 relative to frames.

      If the frame is on the first page it works.

      If the frame is on the second or later page the position of the lines is off. The grey space around the second page is enlarged but the lines are still (Here the text breaks off. Maybe the door has opened quietly and )


      FogBugz 24332 - cScript Bug: itemlist::chained returns doubled frames

      There is a bug or at least a strange, undocumented behaviour in method itemlist::chained. The method returns each frame of a chain multiple times; specifically: for each text column in the frame, the frame itself is returned once. So, if there are two text columns, the frames are doubled, if there are three, the frames are tripled.

      BTW: itemlist::chained() works correctly on the newly created frames in createChainedFrames(), but not with frames from other sources (e.g. itemlist::allframes() or desktop selection).


      The frames are now only once in the list.

      FogBugz 24332 - cScript Bug: itemlist::chained returns doubled frames

      There is a bug or at least a strange, undocumented behaviour in method itemlist::chained. The method returns each frame of a chain multiple times; specifically: for each text column in the frame, the frame itself is returned once. So, if there are two text columns, the frames are doubled, if there are three, the frames are tripled.

      BTW: itemlist::chained() works correctly on the newly created frames in createChainedFrames(), but not with frames from other sources (e.g. itemlist::allframes() or desktop selection).


      The frames are now only once in the list.

      FogBugz 24331 - Function variables yield wrong string when selecting custom value

      When using a function variable which is set to "custom value" without entering a custom value, the value of the variable is a long string consisting of only spaces. One would expect to get an actual empty string.

      The long string consisting of blanks is a necessary workaround for an InDesign® limitation. Unfortunately it is written into the actual variable value when no value is entered manually.

      This is fixed now.

      Existing placeholders need to be updated.

      FogBugz 24404 - Closing document immediately

      How can I open and close other InDesign® documents within a C script that is started on an InDesign® Server in Publication Planner?

      You have a current document (gDocument) when I start the script, but I want to retrieve information from other InDesign® files.

      Opening the files also works, but the InDesign® files are not closed until the script is closed. So you have partially opened x documents, which are then locked for others.

      Yes, that's a very difficult subject. Unfortunately, InDesign® cannot close documents without errors until the next idle time. Sometimes you have success if the document is closed with Javascript document.close. That's why we have included this option in the cScript functions document::close and document::close_by_name.


      v4.1 R24567


      FogBugz 24380 - table::cell::apply_style doesn't work for style [None]

      table::cell::apply_style doesn't work for style [None].

      Same applie to table::apply_style. Both are fixed.

      FogBugz 24375 - Panel names in Comet Admin not rendering correctly

      All text of panel Layout Rules shown in the english version of the plugins seems to be wrong. Instead of the text I only see funny lables like




      v4.1 R24442


      Placeholder variants The Placeholder panel now supports variants of placeholders with differently configured function variables. See here to learn more. 19.12.2018
      FogBugz 24367 - Frame type changed from 'Undefined' to 'Graphic' while reorganizing

      I have a template with continuation. In the template is a frame of type "Undefined". During building this frame keeps the type ">Undefined". But when I reorganize, the frame type in the continuation (but not in the main template) is changed to "Graphic".

      The difference between initial setup and reorganization is that the frame of the continuation gets the contents of his brother from the main template when reorganizing. For this purpose, the frame is made into a graphic frame beforehand.

      However, this is necessary only if the original frame contains an image. That's why we now only do the conversion if the original frame actually contains an image.

      FogBugz 24342 - Selection changes in Placeholder panel always set the placeholder into the document

      When I click on an entry in the Placeholder palette, this placeholder is immediately placed into the document selection. Is there any way to select the entries without changing the document?

      Click next to the (colored) name of the placeholder - this only selects the list entry.

      FogBugz 24335 - Cannot scroll function variables in Placeholder Values

      The list of available function variables is normally deactivated in the panel Placeholder Values. Only when I open the lock it will be activated. Unfortunately, I can scroll to the lower entries of the list only then.

      FXD. The lock now only affects the value fields in the list.

      FogBugz 24323 - Sort order ignored after "Find" in Placeholder panel

      The entries of the panel Place Holders can be sorted. But when I reload the list, my sorting is gone too.

      That's fixed. The sort order is now applied also on reloads.

      FogBugz 24349 - Cannot import barcodes using InDesign® Server

      The function image::barcode does not work using InDesign® Server. No barcodes are inserted. The same code works with InDesign® Desktop.

      Although the function is a "nice to have" and has no support, here's a fix.

      The problem was that InDesign® Server could not read the generated Postscript. The (internal) error message was "No import provider found for this format". This was surprising for us too that the format can be read by the desktop version but not by the server.

      More by luck I found a way to change the Postscript code so that it can now be read by InDesign® Server.

      This should solve the problem.

      FogBugz 24358 - documentation error for document::has_overset

      the cScript documenation for document::has_overset is erroneous for the cells parameter:

      (out parameter) Overset cells. Every tables entry has exactly one cellsentry.
          column : idtype::id2
          row : idtype::id2

      According to the sample, the column should be retrieved with idtype::id, not id2.

      I've corrected that. Additionally the table UID is now written to the entries. See document::has_overset for more information.

      FogBugz 24357 - import_masterpage should open original document read-only

      I have a problem with cScript method document::import_masterpage().The source document from which the master page shall be read, should be opened as a copy of the original document. I’ve created a script which imports master pages as a batch job on multiple documents, but some of the scripts fail with the following error:

      14.12.2018 22:22:54 :  ERROR on importing page name 'L-Leer': 118 = could not open document

      I suspect that the source document is locked by another InDesign® server instance, which could be avoided with opening it as a copy.

      Other users might just be using the unsaved changes of the source file. If the file is opened as a copy, these changes would not be visible. So we can't just change the function in such a drastic way.

      I therefore added the additional parameter openAsCopy to control this behavior. See document::import_masterpage for more information.


      v4.1 R24333


      FogBugz 24230 - cScript - question regarding document::get_spreadref

      I have a question regarding document:: get_spreadref. If I have a document with two spreads with two pages on each (four pages all in all) then of document::get_spreadref() should return two different objects, depending of whether it’s called on the first two or the last two pages. According to item::getint() the very same object/InDesign® UID is returned.

      This seems fairly ok, as the call of document::get_spreadref() does not take a page argument, but only an index into a spread - so I wonder, whether the method signature of document::get_spreadref() is correct here or if it is missing a page or pageRef parameter?

      I suppose you might try this in connection with the function page::get_spread, because we found a gross error in the cScript documentation:

      1. The return value is not an error code but actually the searched SpreadIndex.
      2. The first two parameters of the function (pg, docRef) are swapped.

      This is fixed now. The docu is corrected and page::get_spread returns -1 in case of errors.

      FogBugz 24225 - Wrong default parameter in documentation table::cell::apply_style

      While testing my cScipts I discovered a tiny mistake in our documentaiton:

      In the function table::cell::apply_style the last parameter has a default value of "1" ( = cell style will use its own para style). Unfortunatelly that's not the case. If this parameter is empty, the para style won't change so the real implemented default value is probably "0".

      Yes, the documentation was wrong. Fixed.

      FogBugz 24224 - table::cell::apply_style crashes with wrong indices

      The cScript Function table::cell::apply_style seems to crash when providing invalid indices. Other functions seem to return ErrorCode 12 (tableIndexErr) in this case.

      FXD. We now return ErrorCode 12 in this case.

      FogBugz 24318 - table::apply_style removes settings of table module

      Calling the cScript function table::apply_style with parameter removeOverrides=1 will remove all settings made my the table module for target table.

      Yes, unfortunately it is not possible to mark these properties so that InDesign® does not use them as style properties. Unfortunately, when you create or change a table style, the current table module settings will always be inserted into the style too.

      If the style is used later, these settings are also applied to the target table. We can't prevent that. But we can remember the current settings and reset them after applying the style.


      This fixes the error.

      FogBugz 24317 - table::cell::apply_style removes settings of table module

      Calling the cScript function table::cell::apply_style with parameter removeOverrides=1 will remove all settings made my the table module for cells, rows and columns.

      Yes, unfortunately it is not possible to mark these properties so that InDesign® does not use them as style properties. Unfortunately, when you create or change a cell style, the current table module settings of the cell will always be inserted into the style too.

      If the style is used later, these settings are also applied to the target cell. We can't prevent that. But we can remember the current settings and reset them after applying the style.

      This fixes the error.

      FogBugz 23466 - Crash while drop a frame with layout rules "Scale text" into the the document

      The DropEvent is used as a geometry change of the layout rules and should scale a text. InDesign® crashes if the frame has a visible edge (stroke). If the frame has no edge, it works.

      The difference is that - well - the frame edge is set. This triggers an additional geometry change. However, Adobe's internal workflow is now such that this event is made BEFORE the text is initialized - so early that all other text properties have not yet been initialized. But one of these properties is the abort criterion for text scaling. The unexpected value of this property has driven text scaling into an infinite loop.

      This error is fixed.

      FogBugz 23978 - Wrong inline positions after opening a W2ML in InDesign®

      Sometimes the position of an inline in a text of a W2ML is wrong when I use InDesign® to read the W2ML.


      FogBugz 24220 - Error in condition replacing of Publications panel for XML-Offline

      The conditions of my customized search in Publication panel appear to be incorrectly included in the final search statement: The first parameter is missing, the second appears first, and so on.

      The error occurs in XML offline connections only and is fixed now.

      FogBugz 24219 - Error while reading document search conditions

      I have configured my own search conditions for the "Publications" panel. Unfortunately I get some XML-query errors while executing the search:

      select value, type node conditions.condition where id = 6
      Node 'type' used in columns not found.

      What am I doing wrong here?

      You have done nothing wrong. The element type must be called typeid by the plugins. The error occurs in XML offline connections only.


      FogBugz 24314 - Crash while importing URL image

      I have the following script:

      #include "internal/types.h"	
      int main ()	
      	ItemRef 	fr 		= item::alloc ();	
      	ItemRef 	fr2 	= item::alloc ();	
      	frame::create (fr1, kRectangle, 0.0, 0.0, 100.0, 100.0, 1);	
      	frame::create (fr2, kRectangle, 0.0, 110.0, 100.0, 210.0, 1);	
      	frame::image (fr1, "");	
      	frame::image (fr2, "");	
      	return 0;	

      The script works fine - if I run it ONCE. Then I delete the downloaded image from the download folder. InDesign® marks the first two frames with a red exclamation mark - because the image is missing now. Then I run the script for the second time - crash!

      InDesign® obviously gets into a time-conflict with the update of the old frames and the (correct) status of the new images. An update of all frames that use the same image directly after the download solves the problem.

      FogBugz 24263 - cScript function to collect all styles of a document

      I need a function to collect all style names (paragraphs, character, ...) of a document.

      Here it comes:

      FogBugz 24255 - Suppress autoloading of place holders

      I have a placeholder that inserts some text placeholders like this:

      %!TTaaa <w2: 40, 1, 0, 0, ''>PLACEHOLDER<w2:> zzz

      If I use cScript to inserted this text, I can suppress loading the content of [PLACEHOLDER] by simply setting the parameter autoload of frame::replace et. al to 0. But how can I suppress autoloading in case of direct statements like

      select "%!TTaaa <w2: 40, 1, 0, 0, ''>PLACEHOLDER<w2:> zzz" from dual

      You can now add a trailing 


      at the very begin BEFORE the %!.. flag of the inserted text.

      select "autoload=off%!TTaaa <w2: 40, 1, 0, 0, ''>PLACEHOLDER<w2:> zzz" from dual

      Please note: The autoload=off hint must be written in exactly this way. It overrides the setting of the autoload parameter in calls to frame::replace et. al.. See here for more information.

      FogBugz 24253 - Layoutrules if-else-end destroyed

      All if-else-end constructions in layout rules seem to have been destroyed - and they no longer function. The error does not occur until R24142. If you open the document with an older release, everything is as it should be again.

      Oh, that's a big mistake! R24142 should therefore not be used!

      The bug happened while porting the plugins for CC2019 and is fixed now.

      Attention: Layout rules with if-else-end that have been configured in R24142 must be reconfigured with another release!

      FogBugz 24243 - Wich application has created a W2ML file?

      In a W2ML I can see the plugin version and release which created the W2ML. Can I see, whether it was created by InDesign® or comet_pdf too?

      The root element psc:elementlist now contains the new attribute creator:

      creator="priint:comet plug-ins"


      v4.1 R24142


      Do not use!

      FogBugz 23930 - German 'Umlaute' in file paths are mis-encoded on Mac

      I have a document with the name "SÖHNE.indd". If I try to compare the documents name (by document::name) with the word "SÖHNE.indd" the result of the string comparidon is "not equal".

      The problem is, that the Mac OS still uses so called combining characters. In this case the Ö is written as an normal ASCII O followed by a ¨ (or in hex 4F CC 88 instaead of C3 96).

      We now normalize file paths we get from the InDesign® API to correct UTF-8. This should fix the problem.

      FogBugz 24160 - Relink a doclink objekt

      Is there any way to relink a doclink object of cScript with a new image? I cannot find such a function in the documentation.

      Yes, you can use frame::image with frame::decline::get_frame as to be the frame and kPlaceLikeExsiting as alignment.

      For your convenience, we implemtend function frame::doclink::relink, that does the same.

      FogBugz 24124 - Layoutrule 'Vertical justification' does not work for 'justify paragraphs'

      The layoutrule 'Vertical justification' does not work for 'justify paragraphs' - it does nothing.

      FXD now.

      FogBugz 24122 - Tool tips for parameters of layout rules

      It would be nice to have tool tips for the parameters of layout rules.

      This is done now, see here for more information.

      Please note: Tool tips are available in the German version now. The other localizations will follow as soon as possible.

      FogBugz 24101 - page::get_size returns amazing values

      If I change the page size of a document, page::get_size return amazing values sometimes. Width and height of the results are okay, but left and top may have any values like (-10.0, 0.0).

      Yes, InDesign® realizes pag size changes not only by normal resizes but changes the origin of the co-ordinates system too. We therfore normalize ther result now to (0.0, 0.0))

      FogBugz 24094 - The setting that a template frame should appear as inline in the text flow is always ignored

      In the panel Template Behavior, I can choose, how a frame is use in textflow buildings:

      1. Text content

      2. Inline

      3. Ignore

      Unfortunately the second option is ignored always for text frames. In case of text frames, always the text content is imported (or the frame is ignored completely) - but inserting the frame as an inline seems to be impossible.


      FogBugz 24093 - The text flow prefix in the Templates metadata dialog is always ignored

      In the meta dialog of the templates I can set delimiter texts, if the template is used for inside a text flow. But unfortunately my changes are always ignored.

      Sorry about this. As a workaround you can set these delimiter texts directly in page items.xml (or table page items) of your data pool, see InDesign/Plugins/extensions.html (searcher textflow there) for more information.


      FogBugz 24084 - Show Comet groups in reader version

      Is it possible, to show the Comet groups in the reader version?

      Not before, but from now on.

      FogBugz 24065 - Crash InDesign® client when check-in document

      We have a problem with the new Publishing Server 4.1.5 and the new Comet plugin 4.1.5. We setup a completely new Publishing server and create a new document in it. When we check-out and check-in that document, the InDesign® client got crashed.

      We are using:

      • Publishing Server version

      • Comet plugin version 4.1.5_R23666

      • InDesign® CC 2018


      FogBugz 24070 - Calculation error with table::get_col_width() * tofloat()

      there is a wrong result when I directly multiply the results of table::get_col_width and tofloat. I attach a test case. It works with a simple InDesign® document that contains a table in a text frame.

      The results on the log output are:

      Test-Multiply_tofloat - minTableWidth single =454.961
      Test-Multiply_tofloat - minTableWidth double =-0.000
      Test-Multiply_tofloat - minTableWidth sparate =909.922

      The value from the second line should be equal to the third.

      Yes, you're right.  The function was marked as INT internally. Therefore, the necessary IEEE conversion of its return value was not made.

      Same applies to 

      • table::get_row_height

      • table::get_row_max_height

      • table::get_row_min_height

      • table::space_before

      • table::space::after


      FogBugz 24066 - Extension of table::broaden_to_frame

      The column broadening is always made relative to the current column width by table::broaden_to_frame. This means that the widest column is enlarged the most. It would be nice if you could widen all columns by the same amount.

      table::broaden_to_frame now has the option -2 for the "col" parameter, which truly distributes any remaining space equally among all columns. This may lead to non-fitting tables should the table width need to be decreased (clarified in documentation)

      FogBugz 24064 - Change statement of FindStatement directly in panel "Product Pool"

      Is there any way to edit the selected find statement of the panel Product Pool? I tried to select the statement with ALT key pressed, but that does not work.

      No, that does not work :-)

      But with SHIFT + ALT-CMD click  on the + -button you now can now edit the statement.

      FogBugz 24063 - Error while creating findstatements in XML offline and SOAP connections

      Something went wrong with FindStatements for offline XML connections: My own find statements are not created .I searched a bit in the log file, and found this.

      select id node findstatements.findstatement where id > 0 ord erby id

      Oh, okay, that's not okay.


      CC 2019 Plugins available

      We are pleased to announce the complete set of priint:comet plug-ins for InDesign® CC2019 with this release.

      FogBugz 24062 - First eye-marking of a CometTest closes the whole tree

      In the CometTest I navigate to one of the tests. But whenever I want to mark the first test, the whole tree is closed. The second time it works. That's not bad, but annoying.


      FogBugz 24061 - CometTest failed if using a newer InDesign® version

      Some of my CometTests use the current file path (for example for images). Of course, these tests will fail if the document is opened in a newer InDesign® version as a converted document without a path.

      We are now duplicating the original into a file with the extension _TMP_. Then the document is saved in the original file.

      At the end of the test, the original file will be restored from the _TMP_.

      This solves the problem.


      This is not possible if the document should remain open after the test. In this case, we could not delete the intermediate version of the file because this file is still in use.

      FogBugz 24059 - Unable to include long cScripts from local filesystem

      When I include a very long file in cscript via include from the local filesystem, the interpreter stops with an

      Scripterror 8 at line 86 : Unmatched : {" (the line varies).

      It seems that there is a limit on the lines of code (about 4154 lines). Can this limit be raised programmatically?

      Yes that's true, unfortunately. After 100000 characters is the end. I fixed that (see below). The length can now be arbitrary (but not more than the heap space).


      You can split your script into several parts. (We have to do something like this in our plugin code too, because the C ++ compilers of Apple and Windows are overwhelmed with the many cases of text attributes, for example.)

      FogBugz 24037 - Write hex numbers in cScript

      Is there a possibility to write hex numbers for the formatted output of String besides %d for normal integers?

      Yes, that already exists. It just was not in the documentation:

      • %x uses lower letters a-f
      • %X uses upper case letters A-F
      FogBugz 23995 - cScript - system::now() with ISO date

      It would be very useful, if the method system::now() would support ISO date and time formats:

      2018-10-27 for date
      23-10-25 or 23:10:25 for time
      and a combination of both (2018-10-27 23:10:25)

      There are some new formatters now for the datetime, see here for more information.

      FogBugz 24033 - Comet Admin -> Comet ignores frames of Indesign groups

      I have some frames with cScripts in their XML elements of the XML structure of the document. Unfortunately these scripts are not executes, if the frames are grouped by an InDesign® group.

      This is fixed. We now execute the scripts of grouped frames too.

      But take care: Inlines are not applied!

      FogBugz 24034 - In which order the frames are handled by panel statements?

      In which order the frames are handled by panel statements?

      So far, InDesign® sets this order. But we do not know it.

      From now on, the list will be sorted by their XY coordinates: from top left to bottom right.

      FogBugz 24032 - Execution order of cscripts in XML structure of document

      In which order the c-scripts of the XML structure are executed?

      So far, InDesign® sets this order. But we do not know it.

      From now on, the list will be sorted by their XY coordinates: from top left to bottom right.

      FogBugz 24031 - What includes do I need in cScript?

      Every time I use a function with predefined key-values, I have to try what internal includes I need for it. Is there an easy way to find it out?

      The docu now states which intenal includes a function needs. Here's an example:


          #include "internal/types.h"

      FogBugz 24023 - Palette Scripts - Other Behavior in New Version (gRun)

      Panel scripts are not applied to frames in InDesign® groups. I'm sure that worked sooner.

      Yes, it works until v4.0.5 R19610. I'll fixed this now again.

      FogBugz 24013 - cScript: placeholder::get_funcvar_val returns wrong values

      In my script the cscript method placeholder::get_funcvar_val() returns wrong values. I have a placeholder with a function variable, two frames containing two instances of the placeholder with different function variable values. The script collects all the placeholders on page and prints the placeholder's text and the function variable value. Despite having different function variable values, the output always prints the same value.

      Oh, indeed, there is a bug in placeholder::get_funcvar_val. The functions ignores its first parameter (the frame) and always takes the current script frame. The same applies to the functions:

      • placeholder::is_valid_funcvar
      • set_funcvar_val

      This is fixed now

      FogBugz 24004 - Wrong pagetemplate while building products

      If the product list contains a page template (except of course at the beginning) AND if the page template has a different successor than itself, then this successor will be used as a new page template, not the new template itself.


      FogBugz 24003 - Crash in panel Comet Admin -> Comet, if the (brown) image frame is selected

      If I try to change the image of a frame by a script of the XML element of the frame, InDesign® crashes whenever I select the image directy (the brown frame). With the normal frame it works.


      FogBugz 23998 - Can apply xml-script only once

      I have an image frame with an cScript added to its XML element in the XML structure of the document. Everytime I set the image of the frame, this frame losts its connection to the XML element. Or, in other words: If the script of the XML element changes the image of the frame, you can apply this script only once.

      I have an image frame with an cScript added to its XML element in the XML structure of the document. Everytime I set the image of the frame, this frame losts its connection to the XML element. Or, in other words: If the script of the XML element changes the image of the frame, you can apply this script only once.

      FogBugz 23975 - table::get_textpos(t, &textPos, &textLen) fails if last cell is merged

      I want to determine the text position of a table using table::get_textpos. Unfortunately, this does not work if the last cell of the table is a cell range (and not an individual cell).


      FogBugz 23969 - Self growing repeating elements are always limited by the size of the page

      I have a self growing area in my chain of areas for a repeating element. The area is increased in the right way when more elements need to be loaded. But unfortunately, the bottom of the page is always used as the lower bound. Should not the page element be the bottom limit?

      Yes, you're completely right. I fixed this now:


      v4.1 R23900


      FogBugz 23860 - file::read_str produces wrong content

      When reading files using the cScript function file::read_str the string contains garbage at the end when the input file exceeds a certain size (>32000 bytes).


      FogBugz 25104 - Frame rule Image color settings will crash InDesign® Selecting the frame rule Image color settings will crash InDesign®. The error only occurs on Mac CC2018.

      Yes, this seems to be a bug in CC2018 Mac on collecting available color profiles. All other versions are working correctly. We just removed the the popup with the available color profiles for this version therefor. The name of the color profile must be given directly in this version.

      FogBugz 23899 - Unexpected white lines in PDFs of comet_pdf

      Sometimes empty lines appear in PDFs of comet_pdf that are not in InDesign®. The ID document only contains a soft return - but in the resulting PDF I get TWO line delimiters.

      The problem is a strange construction inside the exported Tagged text:

      <ParaStyle:abc><0x000A> WITHOUT a newline (\n) character before <ParaStyle:abc>

      We are now removing such constructs from the W2ML export.

      FogBugz 23885 - HTML export does not show any warning about missing fonts in fontDB

      With the help of the fontDB the HTML export tries to translate the font face into CCS attributes. But I cannot see, whether the font face is defined in the fontDB.

      You now get a warning in the logfile:

      # WARNING : No font DB entry found for font style : Helvetica Neue Paul
      # See docu InDesign/Plugins/comet_pdf.html#fontstyle for more information.

      FogBugz 23879 - Growing build area

      Is it possible to have an "auto growing" construction area for repeating elements?

      Since now, yes. See here for more information.

      FogBugz 23872 - Only the first W2Inline becomes visible, all others are not

      Using the following tagged text, only the first W2Inline becomes visible, the second not:

      <w2inline: 10.0, 10.0>W2<w2inline:>B
      <w2inline: 10.0, 10.0>W2<w2inline:>C


      FogBugz 23877 - Cannot open w2ml version of template in InDesign®

      If I create a W2ML via the normal export, I can open this file again on InDesign®. But I can not open the W2ML versions of the templates. Is there a reason for that. Is that on purpose?

      This is fixed now. But please note: You must re-save old templates again to enable opening the W2ML version.

      FogBugz 23874 - Some URLLinks are not updated

      All URL links can be updated through the panel. But if I select all frames of the page, only a portion of the page's URLLiks will be updated.


      FogBugz 23866 - No string version of strreplace_multis available

      There is no string version of strreplace_multis available.

      FXD with string::replace_multis.

      FogBugz 23865 - strreplace_multis always replaces ALL multiple letters

      strreplace_multis always replaces ALL multiple letters, no matter what the second string says. Only the replacement of all multiple blanks works.


      FogBugz 23858 - Checked out documents are deleted at the end of InDesign®

      Checked out documents are deleted at the end of InDesign®. And there is no way to recover the deleted documents - and therefore it's impossible to check in the documents again.

      That is a serious error. The error is fixed now.

      FogBugz 23850 - Wrong or missing created/modfied date of frame placeholders

      In the panel Placeholder values I can see the creation/modified dates of placeholders. Text placeholders are looking fine. But frame placeholder are showing some strange data (12.4.2077 for example) or sometimes nothing.


      Please note: The datetimes are okay for new frames. In old frames we show the current time.

      FogBugz 23803 - Crash while importing Comet notes

      I have a notes.xml eith some strange geometry data: 

      scale_x = -1
      x = 2999.0

      Importing this note causes InDesign® to crash.

      We do not know how you made this note, but yes, this note falls off the pasteboard. This causes InDesign® to crash. We check nwo whether the position is still on the page and, if not, placing the note at the position 36x36 of the page.

      FogBugz 23884 - Positions of notes a little bit wrong after import

      I have a Comet note at position 36x36. After exporting this note and re-importing it, it have the position 35,75x35,75.

      This is fixed now. The re-imported notes will have the same positions like before.

      FogBugz 23839 - Lot of URLLink Errors in the log file

      There are dozens of warnings like the following in my log:

      # URLLink ERROR : Document was never saved. Aborting URL Link...

      What does that mean?

      It's okay - we removed this warning.

      FogBugz 23838 - Unexpected warning about missing fontdb.xml

      When I insert HTML text, I always get the warning, that the file fontDB.xml wasn't found. What does that mean?

      See here for more inforamtions about the font DB. But the file fontDB.xml is not required, so we removed the warning now.

      FogBugz 23837 - frame::check_url_link does not return -1

      In case of some errors, the function frame::check_url_link should return -1, but it returns 4294967295.

      Oops, this is the 32bit version of -1. FXD, you now will get the -1.

      FogBugz 23826 - html::to_tagged mm-units in R27732

      Apparently the units mm, inch, ... work for font sizes but not for table tags.


      FogBugz 23819 - Warning : PDF profile not found : '.joboptions'

      What does that warning mean? I always get a lot of this warning after checking in a document.

      No problem. The warning no longer appears.

      FogBugz 23815 - Language popup of panel "Product pool" is unused

      The language popup of the product pool panel is not used and can therefore be removed.

      Okay - it's removed.

      FogBugz 23762 - BuildTrace is deleted from XCACHE

      BuildTrace is deleted from XCACHE.

      No, this is not an error. We've taken back the changes made in last release. BuildTrace is removed on quitting InDesign® again.

      FogBugz 23800 - Unexpected '*' between inlines created by <in:>

      I have the following tagged text:

      <w2inline:20.0, 20.0, content "aaa">W2INLINE<w2inline:>
      <w2inline:20.0, 20.0, content “bbb“>W2INLINE<w2inline:>
      <in:40.0, 40.0>doof<in:>

      All works fine, if the menu Plug-ins -> Comet -> Create placeholders from TaggedText is activated. But if this option is turned off, an additional '*' appears before the third inline:


      FogBugz 23799 - Tag <w2inline.> is ignored - no inlines are created

      Although <w2inline:> seems to have been created as a generic text attribute of TaggedText, the tag only works if the option

      Plug-ins -> Comet -> Create placeholders from TaggedText

      is enabled. If the option is switched off, no inlines are generated.

      Indeed, thats not right.

      FXD, <w2inline:> is now applied, no matter how the option is set.

      FogBugz 23798 - Droped URL links have wrong state sometimes

      If an URL link from a snippet or a template is inserted into a document, it gets the status from the original. But this status can be wrong because the image is missing or changed.

      Yes, somehow the frame has to be adjusted: either the status has to be recalculated or the image has to be reloaded. We decided to reload the image.

      Attention: Reloading the image can take a while and means that ALL frames with the same URL will also be relinked.

      FogBugz 23785 - Dropped URL links do not appear in the URL panel list

      After droping a snippet with a Web Image, the linked frame does not appear in the URLLink panel.

      FXD, The frame will now appear in the list immediately.

      FogBugz 23784 - URLLink adornment missing on dropped snippets

      If you drop an IDMS snippet with some URL links (Web Images) into you document, the new Web Images will be okay - but you cannot see, that they are Web Images because the colored bar (green, orange, red) at the top of the frame is not visible.


      FogBugz 23783 - Crash if saving a template with Web Images

      If you try to save a template with Web Images, InDesign® crashes reproducibly.


      FogBugz 23773 - Xcell : paths not fully visible

      Long paths in the Xcell's panel list are shorted by ... in the middle. To see the complete path, you have to enlarge the panel. Unfortunately, our paths are very long and the panel becomes uncomfortably large. It would be nice, if the complete path is shown in the tool tips too.

      Okay, we did it that way.


      v4.1 R23732


      FogBugz 23691 - Problems with HTML tables

      HTML tables with empty cells (<td></td>) cause InDesing to crash. Even tables without any body row cause a crash.

      Empty cells are now supported. But please not: InDesign® tables must have at least one body cell. You can not make tables that consist only of headers and footers.

      FogBugz 23726 - When reorganizing, the Z-Order of the frames sometimes changes.

      When reorganizing, the Z-Order of the frames sometimes changes.


      FogBugz 23763 - Read fontDB from current data pool

      For convenience we would like to read the fontDB from the data pool. Is that possible?

      Put the file fontdb.xml inside your XML folder (or at the top level of your SOAP/PubServer configuration) - we read it. Definitions given here are handeled with highest priority and will be reset after logout.

      Please note: ODBC and OCI connections do not support local font DB definitions for now.

      FogBugz 23762 - BuildTrace is deleted from XCACHE

      BuildTrace is deleted from $CACHE when exiting InDesign®.

      FXD. We now take care not to delete this folder.

      FogBugz 23761 - Subfolders in build trace

      Layout rules with a '/' in the name will create sub folders in the build trace. You may try it using the layout rule "Show/Hide".

      Funny 'error'. FXD

      FogBugz 23760 - XDATA is unexpectedly deleted from XCACHE

      The XDATA folder is unexpectedly deleted from $CACHE after some SOAP connection errors.


      FogBugz 23759 - How to show the current XCACHE folder?

      Is there any way to show the current XCACHE path?

      Choose the menue Plug-Ins -> Internal file cache... and press key:

      • Option/Alt : To show the cuurently set XCache path

      • Shift : To set the default XCache path (/Users/name/Documents/XCache/ID_NN)

      FogBugz 23747 - Strange message on PubServer errors

      If there are errors, the pubserver shows very strange error messages. Tis something of "show in AEM" and stuff like that. It is also strange that the error only occurs when you have connected to the server for the second time. After a restart, the messages are okay again - until the second login.

      Yes, the error happened while implementing some AEM functions and is fixed now.

      FogBugz 23727 - <in:> tag missing image position, scale, rotation, and skew

      There seems to be no way to set geometric options like position, scale, ... to inlines using the in or w2inline tag.

      Yes, you're right. But we implemented it now. See here for more information.

      FogBugz 23722 - URL Drop does not support images

      The URL drop exentesions does not support image drops.

      But now :-)

      FogBugz 23700 - Various little problems with the <img> tag

      The HTML tag <img> has several minor bugs:

      • The size is always multiplied by 1.33: Browsers are working with a resolution of 1/92 by default, while InDesign® uses 1/72. This is exactly the difference of 1.33. FXD
      • Double closing <w2inline:> : FXD
      • Images frames are always fittet to their contents, no matter, if with AND height are given or not: FXD
      • Additional <in:>-Tags after <img> will be lost : FXD
      FogBugz 23723 - AEM asset drop downs not working from Internet Explorer

      If I drag and drop AEM assets from Internet Explorer into my document, I only get the text of the URL, not the image of the asset. Droping the same asset from FireFox works fine.

      Yes, the internal drop data are a little bit different in Internet Explorer and FireFox.

      We could solve the problem. Drag and drop of AEM assets is successfully testet now on Mac and Window for the following browsers

      • Safari (Mac only)
      • Internet Explorer (Windows only)
      • FireFox
      • Opera
      • Google Chrome

      and probably will work with other browsers, but they have not been tested.

      FogBugz 23703 - Units of CSS attribute font-size

      The CSS style attribute font-size now can be given in the following units:

      • pt
      • px
      • in (inch)
      • mm
      • cm
      • pc (pica)
      FogBugz 23696 - Long funcvar values are 'ellipsized' in PlaceHolder Values

      Although there is enough place, onger funcvar values are 'ellipsized' in panel PlaceHolder Values.

      Replace tags in functions variables

      FogBugz 23692

      Tags like <ID>, <Record.ParentId> are not replaced in values of function variables.

      This is done now.
      FogBugz 23661 - Empty style names in tagged text cause InDesign® to crash

      Empty style names in tagged text cause InDesign® to crash:


      Yes. This also happens, if you use standard methods to insert TaggedText. You must either remove the additional colons or escape them:


      We cannot change the InDesign® behavior nor we cannot uniquly solve the problem. That's why we insert a warning text:
      FogBugz 23676 - Crash at url drag & drop on images in InDesign® groups

      InDesign® crashes every time, I drag and drop an URL of an image from my browser over an image inside an InDesign® group. If the image is not part of an InDesign® group, everything works fine.

      FogBugz 23670 - A wrong AEM login invokes a long cascade of error messages

      A wrong AEM login invokes a long cascade of error messages- and - even worse - after that you are logged in.

      FXD. Only one error message is shown now. After that the login is aborted.

      v4.1 R23666


      FogBugz 23660 - Cannot pack documents

      document::export_ with format "package" does not work anymore.


      FYI : Adobe changed the parameter of the underlying Javascript function :-(

      FogBugz 23654 - Problems with Unicode letters in AEM assets on Windows I can drag and drop AEM assets from Safari and Firefox. But if the asset name contains Unicode letters like ä, ö, ü, ß, the drop fails.


      FogBugz 23652 - Drag and drop AEM asset from Opera, IE and Edge does not work

      I can drag and drop AEM assets from Safari and Firefox. But if I use the same AEM in Opera, IE, or Edge, it doesn't work. Using these browsers, I only get text frames containing the URLs (as text).

      Opera, IE and Edge do not contain so call flavors of type URL, they only have TEXT flavors. But these TEXT flavors also containing the URL. We now checking TEXT flavors too. This solves the problem.

      FogBugz 23651 - Alignment kPlaceLikeExisting wrong in Web Images

      Using frame::image with URLs and the alignment kPlaceLikeExisting does not deliver the expected result. See also Case 23288.


      FogBugz 23643 - Web Images panel - page number not updated

      In the panel Web Images the page numbers of the frames are showns. Unfortunately these number arenot updated when moving a frame from one page to another.


      FogBugz 23620 - ToDo list errors on image frames with Web Images

      Image placeholders with Web Images always appear in the task palette regardless of whether the image is correct and up to date or not.

      That's exactly the problem: Two tests have to be done here:

      1. The image must be the right one
      2. The downloaded file must be up to date

      And in addition, not the path of the image may be tested, but of course the URL.

      All these is done now and the problem is fixed.

      FogBugz 23545 - html::to_tagged - Number of headers and footers is reversed

      The HTML input

      		<tr><td>Head 1</td></tr>
      		<tr><td>Head 2</td></tr>
      		<tr><td>Body A</td></tr>
      		<tr><td>Foot 1</td></tr>
      		<tr><td>Foot 2</td></tr>
      		<tr><td>Foot 3</td></tr>
      		<tr><td>Foot 4</td></tr>

      creates the tagged text:


      As you can see, the number of headers and footers is reversed in the TaggedText.


      FogBugz 23569 - html::to_tagged should not require a closing semicolon for inline CSS attributes

      When importing html through html::to_tagged currently inline CSS is required to be terminated with a semicolon, e.g.

      <td style="width: 100pt;">

      It should be possible to omit the closing semicolon, e.g.

      <td style="width: 100pt">


      FogBugz 23627 - URLLink crashes if downloaded file is empty

      Sometimes a URL can be loaded, but the file is empty. This happens whenever the server redirects the URL. But InDesign® crashes in this case.


      FogBugz 23626 - Modifier keys not seen under Mac OS X 10.13.6 At least since 10.13.6 the evaluation of the keyboard modifiers (shift, ctrl, cmd) doesn't work. This has far-reaching consequences. For example, the following actions do not work anymore
      • Load place holders from Product panel 
      • Update place holders via toolbar
      • Strore templates


      Plz note, that we cannot catch the SHIFT key anymore on Mac systems. Use Caps Lock, fn, or any key of the numeric pad instead!

      FogBugz 23535 - AEM connection doesn't work with Windows

      AEM connection doesn't work with Windows. Obviously some path delimiters are not converted from \ to /.


      FogBugz 23525 - <img> tag needs to be closed in HTML

      Images in HTML text can be inserted as inlines into the document text. But unfortunately the import expects that the <img> tag also has a closing element (which is not common).

      FXD. The closing tag is no longer required.

      FogBugz 23520 - Position of Comet notes of pages (by index) wrong in PDF

      The positions of page notes are wrong in the destination PDF.


      FogBugz 23512 - Imported notes always created with base opacity of 72%

      Although my notes.xml contains correct opacity values, some notes are given again and again with 72% opacity.

      We are now once again setting Opacity to the desired value. This solves the problem.

      FogBugz 23508 - Incorrect opacity in notes from PDF

      Notes exported to and imported from a PDF always have the opacity -1.


      FogBugz 23507 - Lot of log messages like EEEE 0 (0x83800kDataPanelExportFormatNameKey)

      In the log file I can see a lot of messages like

      0 (0x83800kDataPanelExportFormatNameKey)

      What does that mean?

      :-) Nothing. It was a test only and is removed now.


      v4.1 R23559


      PRIINT-3796 - InDesign® Server previews include layers, which have been hidden in cscript

      If layers are hidden (resp. shown) via the cscript function layer::set_visible, this does not take effect for previews generated for this document until the document has been saved, closed and opened again.


      v4.1 R23532


      AEM Connections

      To connect to an Adobe Experiance Manager (AEM) use the standard PubServer login an add the prefix


      at the beginning of the server URL.

      Please note: The AEM needs some additional definitions to deal as a data server for the priint:comet plug-ins.

      See here for more information.

      Drop images from AEM into InDesign®

      With just two simple scripts, images from an AEM can be dragged and dropped into InDesign®.

      See here for more information.

      TLSv1.2 Support

      FogBugz 23444

      In addition to SSL, the plugins now supporting TLSv1.2 in SOAP connections.

      See here for more information.

      FogBugz 23404 - update_crossrefs also updates all placeholders of inline frames

      document::update_crossrefs also updates all placeholders of inline frames.


      FogBugz 23477 - html::to_tagged does not read inline CSS with font-family set

      When importing HTML via html::to_tagged inline CSS attributes are not properly read anymore when there is a font-family attribute, e.g.

      <span style="font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 8pt;">Font Size 8pt</span>

      This worked before!


      FogBugz 23471, 23359 - Multiple statements warning while loading place holders

      Clicking the magnifier button on panel Placeholders creates a lot of "muliple statements" errors messages from the database. The error occurs on MSSQL databases only.


      FogBugz 23490 - Internal error : uidreflist::sortFramesByPage does nothing

      The internal called function uidreflist::sortFramesByPage does nothing.


      FogBugz 23487 - script function datapool::login chrashes InDesign®

      The script function datapool::login chrashes InDesign®, if the connection is always esablished and one of the function parameter is 0 (not "").


      FogBugz 23486 - datapool::login Shows wrong content in login dialog

      The script function datapool::login shows wrong content in login dialog. The fileds aer left unchanged from the last usage of the dialog.


      FogBugz 23483 - Multiple entries with same name in 'Web Images'

      Sometimes we have multiple entries of the same image in the panel Web Images.


      FogBugz 23482 - Function to prepare URLs from an AEM for download

      We would like to have a feature that prepares the URLs of AEM asset drops and loads the assets.

      Here it is: string::prepare_aem_url

      FogBugz 23481 - Panel 'Frame Labels" contains some entries like 'priint_URLPlacement'

      The panel 'Frame Labels" contains some entries like 'priint_URLPlacement'.

      Yes, they have been removed now. To see all hidden entries, please press SHIFT key while clicking the magnifier button.

      FogBugz 23480 - Internal : Changed method for checking Web Images

      We internaly changed the method for checking whether an URLLink is out of date or not. We now using the etag files next to the images instead of loclal frame data. See here for more information about the etag files. If the etags file is not found, the old behavior continues to be used.

      FogBugz 23479 - Preflight shows missing URL images twice

      Missing images of URLLinks are showing twice in the Preflights panel: Once as 'missing' and once as 'changed'.


      FogBugz 23478 - What is shown in the lines of Web Image panel?

      In the list of shown in the Web Images panel I can see all images of the current document linked againts an image URL. If I open such an entry showing its sub-entries, I can see a list of frames of the document, using this image. But what do the numbers shown in these lines mean?

      These are the UIDs of the frames. Okay, they are not very useful for you. We changed it like this: The main entries show the image name as before. If the image is used multiple times, the number is shown behind it. The sub-entries only showing the page numbers:


      v4.1 R23456


      PDFexport and import of Comet Notes

      FogBugz 23441

      Comet Notes can now be imported into PDFs and exported from PDFs again.This feature has the power to initiate a complete new annotation workflow. See here for more information. 12.07.2018
      FogBugz 23138 - html::to_tagged crashes when table is not valid

      The cScript function html::to_tagged crashes when there is an invalid value in a table for defining colspans or rowspans (e.g. an invalid number etc...)

      We now output an error message to the log file that the html input could not be properly converted and abort the conversion. The crash is also prevented.

      FogBugz 23432 - Generel error while using

      In a layout rule we want to reorganize the repeating elements of a structure. According to the C-Script documentation, the method

          frame :: reorganize_area_build_frames

      can be used. When we call them, however, there is a general InDesign® error.


      FogBugz 23390 - html::to_tagged does not evaluate "<br/>"

      The HTML to Tagged Text conversion by html::to_tagged does not seem to evaluate <br/> HTML tags.


      FogBugz 23388 - Problems with graphic cells in html::to_tagged

      My HTML contains some text like

      <?IDTT \<graphiccell:'C:\tmp\12.png', 5, color 255 128 0\>\\<graphiccell:\> ?>

      But the result of html::to_tagged does not contain this definition.

      Long story to explain. But what you want to know : FXD

      FogBugz 23071 - Crash while executing large cScripts

      Unexpected crashes while executing cScript

      We have fixed a serious error in the script parser. The error caused strings to access unallocated memory.

      FogBugz 23406 - Crash while merging merged cells

      InDesign® crashes while trying to merge merged cells of a table using table::merge.

      Really :-)

      The function table::merge now has an additional (optional) parameter autoExtend. If set to 1, the target area is automatically enlarged. Otherwise, the function will return error 1303 (cannotMergeCellsErr) for range errors. Default is 0.

      FogBugz 23451 - kExportHTMLWithStyles always exports the complete text kExportHTMLWithStyles ignores the given text range and exports the whole text always.


      FogBugz 23449 - Export format kExportRTF does not seem to work

      I used the exotic export format kExportRTF - but that does not seem to work.

      FXD. kExportRTF now returns the exported results.

      FogBugz 23447 - Behavior of kExportHTMLWithStyles

      kExportHTMLWithStyles always exports the CSS styles while kExportHTMLWithStylesAndCSS does not export the CSS styles. It must be the other way around, right?

      Yes, you're right. The behavior now is as follows:

      kExportHTMLWithStyles : Export the text HTML formatted without CSS definitions of styles, surrounding tags like <html>, <body>, <head> are omitted

      kExportHTMLWithStylesAndCSS : Export the text HTML formatted including all necessary CSS definitions of styles

      FogBugz 23442 - Script buffer overflow

      My very long script with more than 6000 lines of code runs in a table overflow error always. I've set the script buffer to 5120 kB already - but thats the maximum.

      The maximum script buffer size now is 8192 kB.

      FogBugz 23437 - font-weight wrong on frame::export_html

      Obviously the name of the font style is used to determine, whether it is bold or not. The same applies to 'italic'.

      Yes, that was our first solution. And it was clear that this is not always right. Now we use the fontDB to find out the font weight, stretch and italic style. This hopefully solve the problem.

      FogBugz 23429 - font-stretch missing in HTML import

      I cannot use font-stretch in html::to_tagged.

      Now you can. The following values are supported:

      • ultra-condensed,
      • extra-condensed,
      • condensed semi-condensed
      • normal
      • semi-expanded,
      • expanded,
      • extra-expanded,
      • ultra-expanded
      FogBugz 23428 - Font face [Regular] after HTML imports

      After importing %!TT_html_ text, the text contain some wrong [Regular] styles.

      The error always occurs when a font does not have a regular style. FXD.

      FogBugz 23426 - %!TT_html_ text sometimes produces @Weight700 styles

      Text imported by %!TT_html_ sometimes contain styles like @Weight700.

      This situation is quite different from the case 23386. The error occurs in style compounds only and is hopefully fixed now.

      FogBugz 23425 - Links in examples of offline docu not working under Linux

      All calls to cScript functions in the examples of the OFFLINE docu are linked to the appropriate function documentation. This very fine! But unfortunately this links are not working on Linux: The links have the extension HTML (In upper cases), but the files have the extension html (inl lower cases).


      FogBugz 23394 - 'Auto prompt' in Comet notes

      The single comments of Comet Note are divided by so called prompts like

      > 7.12.2017, paul

      Is there any way to see the prompt of the last comment, except hiding the note and showing it again?

      You now have two new menus:

      ToDos -> Commit new comments of selected notes
      ToDos ->Commit all new comments

      The menus are available at the fly-out of the panel Comet Notes too. And there is also a button to commit comments at the bottom of this panel.

      FogBugz 23387 - HTML color definitions like 'color:#FF0000' not read by html::to_tagged

      html::to_tagged cannot read hexadecimal color definitions like color:#FF0000.

      Now it can :-)

      FogBugz 23386 - TaggedText with styles like @Width700 is not imported correctly

      From html::to_tagged I get a TaggedText containing styles like @Weight700. As far as I've understood, this means: Look for the bold style of the current font family, whatever the font family is.

      But after importing this TaggedText, the style is still @Weight700.


      FogBugz 23380 - Icons of Comet notes a little bit old styled

      The icons of the Comet notes in the document are a little bit 'old styled'.

      Icons are a little bit modernized now.

      FogBugz 23379 - Role and type of Comet notes cut off

      The little images for role and type of Comet notes are cut off sometimes:


      FogBugz 23360 - Character styles not applied to pre/postfixes

      I have a placeholder with the postfix /r. The placeholder itself has a character style, wich sets the font size to 7 pt. But if the new paragraph is inserted into the document, it has a font size of 27 and the character style of the placeholder is not applied to the new paragraph. I'm sure, the same placeholder in the same situation worked in older 3.4 versions of the plug-ins.

      Yes, you're right. Since v4.0 we always do the import as formatted import (or, in other words, as tagged text). A missing %!TT at the beginning of the pre/postfix is added now by default. That was a bit reckless and we reverted it to the old behavior. Please see the notes about tagged and plain text imports here.

      Attention: If you're pre/postfix needs formatted import, add %!TT at the beginning of the text if it is not already there.

      FogBugz 23362 - Crash while using functions display, format or printf with string as first parameter

      The following script will crash InDesign® Server  immediately:

      int main ()
      	String	fmt 	= string::alloc ("--%s--");
      	printf (fmt, "hallo");
      	return 0;

      Yes, the problem is, that fmt is a String here and not a char*.

      FXD. The script will run successfully now.


      Next style for paragraphs in pre/postfix

      FogBugz 23367 - Cannot not set "next paragraph style" in pre/postfixes

      Is there any way to automatically apply the paragraph style "next style" defined in the current paragraph style in placeholder pre/postfix texts?

      Not now. But since now, you can use /r+ to automaticall apply the next style defined in the current paragraph style.

      FogBugz 23370 - Offline docu 'Search' : Execute search by pressing the return key

      Offline docu 'Search' : Execute search by pressing the return key.

      Yes, of course. Done now.

      FogBugz 23369 - Offline docu 'Search' : Automatically select the search field

      Would it be possible to automatically select the search field of the OFFLINE documentation search when the page is opened?

      Yes, done now.

      FogBugz 23357 - file::exists doesn't work properly in recorded sessions

      If I use file::exists in a replay-session to ask, whether a file exists, I will get the answer 'NO' in most cases, of course. But alle used images are available in the sub-folder _images of the recorded data, so if I ask, whether such an image file exists, I should get the answer 'YES', or not?

      Yes, you're completely right. You will get the expected answer now.

      FogBugz 23355 - Importing recorded images failed

      Data recording exports all used images too. The recorded images are located in the sub-folder _images inside the data folder. Below that folder, the original path is re-builded. This works fine as long as the images are reused on the same operating system. But if we mix Mac and Windows, we will get some trouble:

      Recorded on Windows, replayed on Mac: The image path contains a folder with the drive letter, but the Mac path doesn't have a drive letter.

      Recorded on Mac, replayed on Windows : The image path doesn't contain a folder with the drive letter, but the system path have one.

      In both cases, we cannot find the stored image.

      Quite clear. FXD.

      FogBugz 23349 - Order of layout rule difers in product building and drag and drop

      The apply order of layout rules "After update" seems to be different in drag and drop and while building the product.

      The difference between build and drag an drop is, that the build process loads a template frame by frame while drag and drop loads all frames in one step. And since the layout rules "after update" are executed directly after loading, the order of apply differ.

      I looped loading in drag and drop now, or, in other words, templates are loaded frame by frame in drag and drop now two. This solves your problem.


      Table break bypass

      FogBugz 23352 - table breaks

      Table rows may start at certain places like in the next columns, in the next frame and so on ((menue Table -> Cell Options -> Rows and Columns)). Unfortunately, Adobe forgot to integrate that into the TaggedText and when re-importing a TaggedText, all table breaks are lost.

      To support table breaks directly while importing TaggedText, we defined the tag


      See here for more information.

      FogBugz 23351 - Error while importing TaggedText with line delimiters between tables

      Exporting to tables to TaggedText, will create an output like this:


      Importing this text with the Comet:plug-ins I will get the two tables but delimited by the text pHyphenation:>

      The problem was the unexpected line delimiter after <TableEnd:>


      FogBugz 23350 - timer::dump writes nothing

      Since some time the function timer::dump does not write anything anymore.

      Yes, since R22345 - it is a side effect of the fix of case 23065. FXD too. timer::dump will work now again.

      FogBugz 23346 - Reset table module data of complete table

      Is there any way to remove ALL table module settings from a table?

      You now can press ALT key while clicking the reset cells button - this will remove ALL properties set by the table module from the currently selected table.

      v4.1 R23333


      (svn 23273)

      FogBugz 23338 - Layout rule fit frame may change the paste board size The layout rule "Fit frame" may change the size of the paste board.


      Customizing URLLink image folder Using panelstatement 141 you can customize the download location for URL images, see here for mor information. 18.06.2018
      External URL header data Header data of URL images are now stored directly next to the images in the folder etags. This ensures that images are not loaded multiple times but can always be updated correctly. See here for more information. 18.06.2018
      FogBugz 23296 - Wrong frame positions after fit frame for frames in inlined groups

      If a frame is inside an InDesign® group and the group is inlined inside a text, the layout rule "Filt frame" may change the frames position unexpectedly.

      A very complex problem . Solved.

      FogBugz 23297 - Crash on layout rule 'fit frame'

      If applied to inlines, the layout rule Fit frame may crash InDesign®.

      Yes, indeed. It happens, when the inline is in the overset.


      FogBugz 23291 - No undo for menu commands "Product pool fly out -> Apply Layout rules -> ..."

      If I use Edit -> Undo after Product pool fly out -> Apply Layout rules -> ... something happens, but not an undo of the applied layout rules.

      Now only the changes of the menu are undone.

      FogBugz 23336 - Missing line delimiter if Comet Notes <tagged> content doesn't start with &lt;ParaStyle:&gt;

      Missing line delimiter if Comet Notes <tagged> content doesn't start with &lt;ParaStyle:&gt;

      Okay, okay, ..., FXD too

      FogBugz 23335 - Missing %!TT at the beginning of Comet Notes <tagged> element will remove 4 characters of notes content

      Missing %!TT at the beginning of Comet Notes <tagged> element will remove 4 characters of notes content.

      The %!TT trailer now is optional here.

      FogBugz 23334 - Additional empty line at the beginning of Comet Notes

      New notes coming from the whiteboard always starting with an empty paragraph in InDesign®. After exporting and re-importing such a Comet Note, the empty paragraph disappears. What happens here?

      The Whiteboard uses the attribute <plain> to store the comments of a note while InDesign® uses the attribute <tagged>. For the <plain> text we added extra paragraphs between every comment - and falsely before the first paragraph too.


      FogBugz 23333 - Insets of rectangular Comet notes

      Rectangular Comet notes should have an inside at the top side of at least 10 points. Unfortunately Comet Notes created by the Whiteboard are coming with an inset of 0.0 at every side (or, sometimes, without any inset definintion.)

      The plug-ins now set the insets of rectangular notes to (l, t, r, b) = (4, 10, 4, 4) if all insets are undefined of 0.0.

      FogBugz 23313 - cScript docu searches doesn't find things like frame::create or item::defined

      cScript docu searches doesn't find things like frame::create or item::defined

      That works now - try the search button in the upper right corner of this window.

      FogBugz 23146 (2) - document::open always makes the document to the front document in InDesign® Server

      document::open always makes the document to the front document in InDesign® Server. Is there any way to avoid this behavior?

      FXD in R23000 - But obviously the visibility flag is not used, if the document is already open.

      FXD too.

      But please note: As you probably know, document closing is a very critical process - documents are not closed until the next idle time and there is no way to force an idle time while execution. So an open(visible)-close open(invisible)-close call stack would be very dangerous! See here for more information.

      FogBugz 23281 - cScript function document::open bottom parameter does not work

      The cScript function document::open parameter "bottom" does not seem to work.


      FogBugz 23176 - html::to_tagged ignores text that is not underneath any tag

      When importing HTML through html::to_tagged, text not underneath at least one another tag gets ignored.


      FogBugz 23332 - Inline URLLinks are not updated by document::update_url_links

      Inline URLLinks are not updated by document::update_url_links.


      FogBugz 23331 - Some outdated URLLinks are not updated by "Update all"

      I have three frame with the same URLLink. But if I choose "Update all", only one of them is updated.

      Strange - but fixed now.

      FogBugz 23330 - Cannot open first entry of URLink panel

      I cannot open first entry of URLink panel :-(


      FogBugz 23326 - Updating URLLink doesn't work

      Sometimes, updating URLLink doesn't work. The error always occurs in the folloing circumstances

      1. Create an URLLink

      2. Change the image at server side

      3. Create a second URLLink of the same URL

      Yes, that is a very unpleasant behavior:

      When the second link is created, the image file already exists and we cann not see, if it is outdated or not. The image is taken anyway. We now have an outdated image but with current ETag-information. Since the ETag information are taken to check the image against its original, we will never see necessary updates.

      The only way to fix it, is to store the etag data next to th image, not next to frame. This is done now. See here for more information.

      FogBugz 23305 - URLLinks with user:password are always appear in the TODO list

      Image placeholder with URLLinks will appear in the ToDo list panel always, if they contain name and password:

      Aaargh. The password is encrypted inside the document but not in the data pool. Therefor both URLs are different.


      FogBugz 23304 - HTMLtoTagged writes always all content to the log file

      If I use html::to_tagged, all the html output is written to the log file. I'm sure our customers will not like it that much.

      You're right. We forgot to remove that. 


      To see the resulting html, use prefs::set_logstate.

      FogBugz 23303 - After updating an html-formatted placeholder, the text contains style names like @weight700

      After updating an html-formatted placeholder, the text contains style names like @weight700.

      This is a result of the new <b>/<I> support of html-formatted text too. The error always occurs, if a text begins with a <ParaStyle>.


      FogBugz 23302 - Empty paragraph at the start of html-formatted placeholders

      Since R23232 html- formatted text is inserted always with an additional empty paragraph at the beginning.

      Damn it - it's a side effect of the <b> and <i>support for html-formatted text. This is fixed now.

      FogBugz 23301 - ToDoList shows differences, if text starts with %!TT_html_

      If a text inserted by a text placeholder starts with %!TT_html_, the placeholder always appears as "changed" in the ToDo list panel. The first difference is "_html_".

      Of course :-) This is fixed.

      FogBugz 23288 - Alignments ignored by URLLinks

      frame::image can get an URL as image path since R21212 (Case 22287). This is very nice! But unfortunately all alignment information like right-top and so on are ignored.

      You now can use the alignments 1-10. More alignments may follow in the future.


      v4.1 R23231


      Jira 3276 - Support all cscript product attributes in the Java Product class

      In cscript, a lot of attribute can be set for a product (see cscript documentation). In Java, only attributes used in the product panel are supported.
      Customer requests to support all product attributes, which are available, in Java / CometBridge also.


      • list of missing attributes
      • list of functions / views / panels in InDesign® Plugins, which must be checked, when the interface is changed

      The Java class for comet products (com.priint.pubserver.comet.bridge.entitydata.Product) now supports the following additional attributes:

      • productType: kProductType (ProductType enum: normal, moved, removed, page template)
      • pageType: kProductPageType (PageType enum: left, default, right)
      • preRuleId: kPreRuleid (int)
      • postRuleId: kPostRuleid (int)
      • documentPosition: kProductDocPosition (int)
      • toDelete: kProductToDelete (int)
      • start: kProductStart (int)
      • end: kProductEnd (int)
      • tagId1: kProductTagID1 (int)
      • tagId2: kProductTagID2 (int)
      • preRuleParams: kPreRuleparams (String)
      • postRuleParams: kPostRuleparams (String)
      • adParams: kAdparams (String)
      • snippetAttribute: kSnippetAttr (String)

      This allows e.g. to define page breaks using pagetemplate entries or define target page types for certain products.
      These attributes are supported in the built in cscript functions

      FogBugz 23231 - frame::regrouped in text placeholders does not do anything

      When a text placeholder resolves and recombines an InDesign® group, the placeholder of additional frames from the old group are no longer loaded. Even a frame::regrouped does not help either.

      Placeholder updates are done in two steps: Updating all text placeholders and then updating all frame placeholders. If the document selection is the destination and one of the text placeholders resolves an InDesign® group of the seection, the InDesign® group cannot be selected in the document of course - and in the second step the frames of this (resolved) group are omitted.

      This problem is solved now.

      FogBugz 23235 - document::close doesn't change the front document on ID Server

      After opening and closing a document in a script, I still get the layer names of the currently closed document. The error occurs on InDesign® Server only.


      FogBugz 23234 - Script document wrong after document::open

      In a script I opened a document using document::open with visible=1. Strangely enough, the function document::name continues to return the name of the previously opened document. The behavior only occurs under InDesign® Server. Desktop returns the new name.

      There must be dozens of functions with the same behavior (document::path, document::folder, ...). The error is fixed.


      Using Internet Explorer settings for SOAP

      FogBugz 23228 - Use Internet settings for SOAP

      For SOAP and PubServer connections you now can use the shared Internet Explorer settings. To activate this behavior, please add the following line to you soapflags.ini (and do not add any whitespace around the =):


      See use-ie-options for details.

      Please note, that the option is for Windows only and is ignored on Mac OS X and Linux.

      Support of <b> and <i> in HTML

      HTML text no longer needs a font definition to convert tags <b>, <strong>, and <i> into tagged text with matching fonts. Font face calculation is done the by a so called fontDB, see here for more information.

      Here you can see the same HTML, inserted into an ID document at text positions with different font settings:

      FogBugz 23200 - Close source document after using document::place_indesign

      If you use document::place_indesign with InDesign® Server, the source document will remain open afterwards. The document is not closed until the server is shut down.

      FXD. The document will be closed immediately now.

      FogBugz 23196 - document::place_indesign works for source page 1 only

      document::place_indesign works for source page 1 only. All source page number >1 are ignored and the frames of page 1 are used. The error occurs on Windows only. The Mac version of the function works fine.

      Reason was an unexpected behavior of a C++-STL string constructor.


      FogBugz 23195 - document::place_indesign error while using original position of frames

      The function document::place_indesign fails in the following case:

      • destination is a left page
      • using original page and original xy co-ordinates for destination
      • source is a right page

      In this case nothing is inserted. 

      Since the value "original page" doesn't make sense at all, it is removed. The destination page must contain a page number now. See document::place_indesign for more information.

      FogBugz 23173 - How to insert '<' and '>' in <?IDTT ?> meta tags in HTML formatted text?

      Is there any way to to use '<' and '>' in the <?IDTT ?> meta tag of HTML? I always get the brackets escaped.

      Escaped brackets (\<, \>) in the <?IDTT ?> are now appear as normal brackets in the resulting TaggedText.

      Here's an example:

      <?IDTT \<???\> ?>

      To get escaped brackets, please escape the escape itself again  :

      \\<, \\>

      FogBugz 23172 - Crash while using menu "Insert Comet text"

      I try to use the new menu Edit -> Insert Comet Text. But InDesign® always crashes.

      Sorry, we misinterpreted the text selection index a little bit.


      FogBugz 23169 - <span style="font-size: 23.5 pt;"> ignored

      <span style="font-size: 23.5pt;"> ignored is ignored by html::to_tagged. The resulting TaggedText does not contain any information about size changes. If I change 23.5pt to 23pt, all works fine.


      FogBugz 23168 - <span style="color: rgb(255,0,0);"> ignored

      <span style="color: rgb(255,0,0);"> is ignored by html::to_tagged. The resulting TaggedText does not contain any information about color changes.


      FogBugz 23161 - Wrong frame size in continuations

      If I build some products using continuations, all text frames except the last one are too high. The problem is visible only, if the text contains a table with large rows. Here's a screen shot:

      In this cases we are now running another fitframe and applyMagnets. This solves the problem.


      v4.1 R23000


      Direct HTML import Using the new keyword _html_ directly behind the %!TT trailer you now can import HTML formatted text directly into InDesign®. See here for more information.
      FogBugz 23146 - document::open always makes the document to the front document in InDesign® Server

      document::open always makes the document to the front document in InDesign® Server. Is there any way to avoid this behavior?

      Using InDesign® Desktop you can avoid it by setting the parameter visibility to 0. The same is true for the server now.

      FogBugz 23144 - InDesign® Server crashes if a document was opened twice

      InDesign® Server crashes if a document was opened twice.

      This error occurs since v4.1 22200 (4.4.2018) and is a side effect of the implementation for omitting page repagination when adding documents to books.


      FogBugz 23100 - Flags in the Publication panel

      In the second column of the publications, a batch flag can be set. But if I scroll the list, these flags move to other publications.


      FogBugz 23139 - Function variables not properly read when using autosync (again)

      When using function variables in placeholder which uses autosync (-1), the function variable values are not properly read from the placeholder inside the document, but always use the default value.

      This was fixed for cScript placeholder actions but does not work for direct dataprovider calls.


      FogBugz 23138 - html::to_tagged crashes when table is not valid

      The cScript function html::to_tagged crashes when there is an invalid value in a table for defining colspans or rowspans (e.g. an invalid number etc...)

      We now output an error message to the log file that the html input could not be properly converted and abort the conversion. The crash is also prevented.

      FogBugz 23128 - html::export_frame - export body only

      Is there any possibility to export the body of the html only? If I create the HTML using html::export_frame. I always get the complete file.

      There is a new keyword available for the function doing exactly this:


      And for your convenience we have another one:


      FogBugz 23124 - html::export_frame into out buffer doesn't work

      In html::export_frame one can define an output buffer for the resulting HTML. But that does not seem to work. The buffer always remains empty.


      FogBugz 23105 - Last in-tag of inserted text not loaded

      I have two different in tags to insert some inlines into a text frame:

      	<in: 100.0,45.0, 0, 1,0,0,'', pageitemID 13></in>
      	<in: 100.0,45.0, 0, 2,0,0,'', pageitemID 13></in>
      	<in: 100.0,45.0, 0, 1,0,0,'', pageitemID 13></in>
      	<in: 100.0,45.0, 0, 2,0,0,'', pageitemID 13></in>
      	<in: 100.0,45.0, 0, 3,0,0,'', pageitemID 13></in>
      	<in: 100.0,45.0, 0, 4,0,0,'', pageitemID 13></in>

      In the first case with two inlines everything works correctly. But in the second case, the last inline is not loaded. What happend here?

      The bug is fxed now.


      The very last inline of a text has not been loaded until now. Thats why the forth inline wasn't loaded. The case with the two inlines worked, because the net length of the text is 0 here - only inlines are inserted. So that the placeholder is not lost, a temporary space is inserted - and the second inline isn't the last letter of the text anymore.

      FogBugz 23110 - Error in backslash escaping

      At the first glance, importing the string


      using frame::replace works fine. But if you try to re-open the document, InDesign® will crash. The problem seems to be, that the importer de-escapes \\de8005 into an unexpected surrogate unicode.

      Yes, \ XXXX in input text is automatically translated to the corresponding Unicode character, see here for more information. To suppress this behavior, we now have the new function


      FogBugz 23109 - Crash on document::open

      If document::open try to open a document saved in a newer version (CC 2017 in CC 2015 for example) InDesign® will crash if the parameter appendToRecent is set to 0. With the value is set to 1, everything is fine.



      v4.1 R22422


      FogBugz 23089 - Log messages for URLLinks missing

      Unfortunately, there is nothing in the logfile about linking URL images.

      But from now on ...

      FogBugz 23090 - URLLink return codes

      Linking URL images to a frame always returns kSuccess, even if the URL does not provide an image.

      Linking frames to URLs by cScript will now return error codes like urllinkFileNeverSavedErr. See here for more information.


      v4.1 R22345



      FogBugz 23046 (2) - URLLInks not loaded URLLinks with special characters like &, ? or = not loaded.


      FogBugz 23070 - How to create a reorganization-save page break without adding page templates to the Products of document?

      I have created a new empyt page. With a different page template than on the previous page I create some new products on this page. The result is correct, but when I reorganize the document, the page template and page break are lost :-( What's happening here?

      This is fixed, see here for details.

      FogBugz 22908 - Page elements without size checking should use the page margins as limit

      Page elements without size checking currently using the bleed as page limit. As a result, frames can also reach into the bleed. But, on the other hand, such frames are larger then the margins. Is there any way to limit the page size to the margins?

      For page elements without size check can now be selected whether the page should be limited by bleeds or margins. See here for more information.

      FogBugz 22782 - Resizing a "line" in whiteboard issue
      1. Create a line in an Indesign document
      2. Open this document in whiteboard
      3. Try resizing the line

      Once you try resizing the line you would get the InDesing Server error 11269. Resizing rectangle or any other shape doesn’t cause such a problem.

      11269 is the Adobe error kIllegalDimensionErr. In this case it means, that the Whiteboard not only send the new line length but oviously a new height too - that, in fact, is wrong.

      The plugins now catch this error and the line is only changed in length (even if a new height is specified.) Further information can be found here.

      FogBugz 23062 - Nicht korrekte Fehlermeldung beim Einbuchen von Publikationen

      Beim Versuch des ungesicherten Einbuchens der geänderten Print-Publikation zeigt der Dialog (unter InDesign® CS6: OSX & Win) diesen Dialog:

      „bzw. geben Sie das Dokument frei, indem Sie beim Klicken die ALT-Taste halten.“

      SOLL: Der korrekte Aufruf zur Funktion „Stornieren“ wäre „SHIFT und die ALT-Taste halten“

      Problem: das aktuelle Plugin-Verhalten führt ggf. zu ungewünschtem Einbuchen, wenn der Anwender zusätzlich die Publikation speichert. Zudem könnte der Anwender diese falsche Tastenkombination notieren und somit später Fehler (dh.: Einbuchen, wenn stornieren gewünscht war) generieren.

      Können Sie uns hierzu bitte ein kurzes Feedback zum möglichen Vorgehen geben?

      Danke für die Rückmeldung. Der fehlerhafte Text ist korrigiert.

      FogBugz 23046 - Crash while importing URL

      InDesign® on Windows crashes when importing links such as$base=123/myImage?a&b

      We use the URL as path for the image inside the _Links folder. But the link above contains at least one forbidden letter - the '?'.

      Since this method for the image paths will cause problems in the foreseeable future, the images are now placed directly in the folder DocumentName_Links and getting the MD5Hash of the entire URL as name. And, for better legibility, we append the first word of "name" part of the URL to the local name. So in the example above, "_myImage" .


      Auto repair hyperlinks in TaggedText

      FogBugz 22963 - Crash while importing TaggedText with hyperlinks

      When importing tagged text with hyperlinks, my InDesign® crashes always.

      Hyperlinks in TaggedText require a document wide unique key. To get such unique key, youcan use the new function hyperlink::get_next_unique_key now.

      And since such a function only helps if you can ask the document, TaggedText import can now repair the hyperlinks on its own. To directly turn on the feature in the import text, please see here.

      FogBugz 23054 - Text overset after reorganization

      I have a template with a text frame and a text wrap. The text frame has a fit frame rule after loading. This works fine for buildng the products. But if I reorganize the document, the text frames will become an overset.

      Building and reorganizing will place/move product always on (0, 0) of the page - there, one can assume, is the most space. But if there's a text wrap, of course, fit frames on text frames will grow larger than they would actually have to be later without the wrap:

      Therefore buildups and reorganizations always turn off all text wraps first.

      But in this case, this is not a good idea - because the text wrap is indeed moved with the text frame, or, in other words: The text wrap is part of the Comet group of the product and therefore may not be de-activated.

      This is done now. The problem is solved.

      FogBugz 23065 - Timer functions return the result -1

      The timer functions only work if logfile writing is activated. In case of de-activated log files, the functions always return -1.0. Is there a reason for that? 

      The functions now work even when the logfile is switched off.

      Copy template ID into clipboard

      FogBugz 23036

      We need a menu command to copy the ID of the first selected template to the clipboard. The ID is needed for the scripts in ISON.

      There are now the following menu commands

      • Plug-Ins -> Templates -> Copy ID to clipboard
      • Flyout of Templates -> Copy ID to clipboard
      FogBugz 23064 - Reorganization stops when build trace is on

      I try to reorganize my document with build trace turned on. The progress bar appears - and does not move. All I can do now is shutting down the program.

      When I turn off the build trace again, everything will work again.


      FogBugz 23059 - How to get an unique key for a new hyperlink?

      To create hyperlinks by TaggedText I need unique keys for the hyperlinks and the hyperlink definitions. Is there any way to find out this with cscript?

      No, currently this is not possible.

      But with the new function hyperlink::get_next_unique_key you can get the next unique key of a document.

      FogBugz 23067 - Improvement for string::append

      I have a suggestion to improve the string::append function in cScript. The function should, as in string::set , optionally include%-markers and the corresponding parameters. This could save a lot of awkward temp variables.

      Done, see string::append.

      FogBugz 23051 - The script After -Apply-Script for page templates leads to an end of the product built

      The script After-Apply-Script for page templates leads to an end of the product built.

      The problem occurs every time the script changes the list position of gProducts wich is used by the built process. We therfore reset the list position of gPorducts after executing the script now.


      Reset the list position using productlist::get_pos (gProducts, gProduct, 1) - or any other appropriate function.

      FogBugz 23037 - Why is the PlainCopy about window so plain?

      Why is the PlainCopy about window so plain?

      Forgotten heroes? The about dialog of PlainCopy now looks just like any other Comet plug-in.

      FogBugz 23029 - Crash when creating zero repeating elements

      I have a repeating element, that, for some products, has no elements. Unfortunately, this leads to an InDesign® crash.


      FogBugz 23032 - Some URLLinks marked as "Out of sync" by InDesign® after updating the image

      Every time I update an URL image of the document, all other frames with the same image get an InDesign® warning that the image is changed.

      We now update all necessary images of the document when a frame has been updated. This solves the problem.

      FogBugz 23031 - URLLink always downloads already existing images

      If I import the same URL into multiple frames of one document, the image is downloaded again for each frame.

      Existing images will not be downloaded now.

      FogBugz 23027 - URLLink : images not fit to frame

      If I insert an URL imagein into an empty frame, then the image is always placed in 100% size - thus usually quite large.

      We now scale the image to fit the frame and place it centered. If the frame already have an image, the settings from the existing image are taken.

      FogBugz 23026 - ULRLink does not work on new, unsaved documents.

      I cannot insert URLLinks into a new unsaved document.

      Yes, of course you cannot not. InDesign® must be able to find its images in the local network. To do this, we first download the images in a folder next to document. But if the document is new and unsaved, ther is no "next to" - the document have no file until now.

      The only thing we can do here is writing a little warning. Here's the German version of it:

      FogBugz 23025 - ULRLink adornments visible in preview mode

      The URLLink adornments on the top edge of the frames are not printed. But in the preview mode they are visible. That's a little bit confusing.

      The URLLink adornments are suppressed in preview mode now.

      FogBugz 23022 - URLLink images with blanks do not work

      If an image URL contains any blanks, URLLink will not work. The same applies to special characters such as ä, ö or ß.

      All this letters are URI-escaped now (%20 for blank, ...). This fixes the problem.

      FogBugz 23021 - URLs with port will crash InDesign®

      InDesign® crashes reproducibly when a URLLink contains a port, for example:


      The problem occurs when creating the folder for local file of the image. In this case, this folder will contain the ':' inside its path - but this is not allowed on Mac OS X.

      We now replacing all ':' (except after http, etc) by underscores (_). That solves the problem.

      FogBugz 23020 - Aliasnames with URLs does not work

      Using panel Settings I have an alias name defined like this in my configuration:


      I would have thought that images with such a URL are automatically loaded as URLLinks. But that is not done.

      So far we have only checked if the image path is a URL. Aliases at the beginning of the path will now be replaced before this check is made. That solves the problem.

      FogBugz 23019 - Layoutrule FitImage failed

      My InDesign® always crashes while executing the layout rule "Fit image".

      Hard to reproduce ... but now I found the error:

      Fitting was done with the images center as to be the reference point of the scaling. But if the image is big enough, the image can fall completely outside the frame. Strangely enough, Indesign does not allow that. We therefore use the upper left corner of the image as to be the reference point for the scaling now. That solves the problem.

      FogBugz 23052 - timer::get_seconds returns unexpected high values

      I use timer::get_seconds to log the time consumed by my script actions, and Inoticed that some values are very high. It is noticeable that these are always the values that are labeled "average" in the documentation (what =2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12). The error occurs on the Mac only.

      Ooh yes, a mal-formed internal macro - the case is fixed now.


      v4.1 R22200


      New server option gDestinationPath The server option gDestinationPath for cscript calls via exec() or eval() wasn't evaluated properly. Fixed in 22151 29.03.2018
      Omit page repagination when add documents to books To omit repagination, when adding documents to a book, the book::insert function now supports a 6th parameter:
       book:insert (ItemRef bookRef, 
               char * docPath, 
               int location = -1, 
               int updateCrossrefs = 0, 
               int showProgress = 0,
               int repaginate = 1);

      v4.1 R22144


      FogBugz 22934 - commit of unsaved documents cannot be rejected in checkin script. As a side effect of PRIINT-2210, it was not possible any more to reject committing of unsaved documents in the publication panel / checkin script.
      This can now be solved by calling publication::unsaved_commit(int behaviour) in the login script.
      • publication::unsaved_commit(kRevert): default behaviour, revert unsaved documents to the last saved state, then commit
      • publication::unsaved_commit(kDeny): show a warning dialog and cancel operation
      • publication::unsaved_commit(kAutosave): save and commit the document without any further user interaction
      PRIINT-3180 - InDesign® Server support for server publicatoin scripts To ease integration of publication planner scripts (e.g. creating books etc.) with InDesign® Server , some new options and global variables have been added to the scripting interface:
      • gPublications (option publication-list): PublicationList, null if undefined.
      • gPublicationId (option publicationId): char *, empty if undefined.
      • gDestinationPath (option destination-path): char *, empty if undefined.
      Also, the new script classId 60 has been introduced for server cscripts for publications
      FogBugz 22945 - Double defined translations will lead to errors while executing layout rules.

      I have a locally defined translation:

      k_MY_YES yes

      Unfortunately, all layout rules with a parameter value "Yes" are no longer executed correctly. As an example, the rule "Fill table width" can be used. The parameter "Allow shrinking columns" is obviously ignored in this rule now and tables can no longer be narrowed.

      For multi-language puposes, we are searching for the tranlation key of every parameter value. Normally we find the key "k_YES" for the word "Yes". Now we find the key k_MY_YES ... and that's not k_YES.

      In case of double defined translations we now prefer the standard key. That solves the problem. For more information see description of parameter findKey of function translate.

      FogBugz 22947 - InDesign® crash while loading placeholder

      The folllowing placeholder load script will crash InDesign® immediately:

      int main()
      	char 	* 	str =	lloc (10);
      	*str = '\0';
      	return 0;

      The crash only occurs in v4.1. In v4.0.5 the script works correct. It also works correct, if I replace char * str = alloc (10) by char str [10], that - in my eyes, is the same.

      The problem is an internal script run to calculate possible defined function variables. In this run, all function calls are suppred (to prevent the script from doing anything). Unfortunately, also the call to alloc is supressed in this case and str is left 0 and *str='\0' will change the NULL pointer. A disaster for every application.

      The problem is fixed now.

      FogBugz 22951 - Very long logout time in soap connections in playback mode

      Disconnecting from a recorded SOAP pool will take a very long time, usually more than five minutes. Everyone thinks the program crashed.

      FogBugz 22945 - Layoutrule "Fit table to frame" ignores invisible strokes

      In frames with an invisible stroke of width > 0, tables become too narrow by layout rule "Fit table to frame". Apparently, the width of the stroke is still deducted from the available inner space.

      Who does it? fxd
      FogBugz 22935 - textmodel::paste crashes InDesign®

      textmodel::paste crashes InDesign®.

      FogBugz 22925 - Wrong template in products of document

      I have a product template with some repeating elements. Building the product and its repeating elements works fine. But if I look into the panel Products of document, all products showing a wrong template: Instead of showing the original template, the template of the repeating elements is shown.

      FogBugz 22865 - Error while creating internal hyperlinks

      I try to create different page references within a book with hyperlink :: create_pagedest. Usually this works, but some references are pointing to wrong documents.

      The problem was, that the script chaned the front document while running.


      v4.1 R22000


      FogBugz 22885 - Placeholdervalues don't show newlines in function variables

      The function variables of the placeholder values unfortunately do not show any newlines nor returns in their value popups.

      These characters are filtered out by InDesign®. We therefore replace them first with \r resp. \n.

      FogBugz 22884 - Wrong docu for frame::rmv_magnets The documentary for frame::rmv_magnets is contradictory: The method signature expects an ItemList: but the descriptions wants an ItemRef.

      Of course it must be an ItemRef, for the ItemList you have itemlist::rmv_magnets. Docu is corrected now.

      FogBugz 22876 - html::to_tagged does not properly interpret the inline CSS attribute "font-family"

      When importing HTML via html::to_tagged, the inline CSS attribute "font-family" does not work when there is a comma-separated list of values. In this case all following attributes do not work either.

      e.g. in this case, the font-size attribute is ignored:

      <span style="font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 8pt;">Font Size 8pt</span>

      We only support the first value in the list of font families.

      FogBugz 22875 - html::to_tagged support for inline CSS attribute "text-align"

      The HTML import via html::to_tagged should support the inline CSS attribute "text-align" on <p> nodes.


      FogBugz 22867 - Web Images panel shows state "Needs update", even though the link is up to date

      When checking a link through the Web Images Panel, the state may show "Need update", even though the state should be "Ok". This only happens with linked images.

      There was an issue with finding the path to the locally stored file and comparing it with the path where it should be, triggering a "file not found" error.

      FogBugz 22859 - html::to_tagged does not handle comments well

      When importing HTML via html::to_tagged, HTML comments that start immediately after a line break are not properly handled.


      FogBugz 22834 - html::to_tagged does not properly interpret font-family attribute

      When importing HTML via cScript using html::to_tagged, the font-family attribute is not properly applied when using bold or italic tags.


      FogBugz 22830 - html::to_tagged support for underline and strikethrough

      When importing HTML through the cScript function html::to_tagged we should support inline CSS attributes for "text-decoration: underline" and "text-decoration: line-through" in addition to the native HTML way (<s>, <del>, <strike> for strikethrough and <u> for underline).

      You can now use <s>, <del>, <strike>, <u> and inline CSS "text-decoration: underline" and "text-decoration: line-through"

      Block priint:comet panels

      FogBugz 22858 - Block priint:comet plug-in panels

      One of our customers is asking for the possibility to disable or hide some panels provided by the priint:comet plug-ins. (Templates, Page Templates, and so on.) The reason for that is that users should not change templates nor placeholders. Is there any way to block panels for specific users?

      You can do this by using the new function prefs::enable_panel.

      FogBugz 22829- Wrong result of table::cell::get_stroke

      If a table uses alternating rows/columns, functions using the width of cell strokes may be incorrect:

      Obviously, one of the three functions, provided by Adobe to retreive the width of cell strokes is wrong. Unfortunately we used exactly this method. The problem is fixed now.


      The fix also affects the fill and strokes colors of table cells.

      FogBugz 22818 - W2ML import does not properly assign object styles to frames

      When importing W2ML, object styles are not properly assigned when the object style is not derived from another style.


      FogBugz 22817 - is_default flag for object styles in W2ML export may be wrong

      When exporting W2ML, the flag "is_default" for object styles may be wrong for default styles from an InDesign® document.


      FogBugz 22800 - html::to tagged does not properly import class names with backslashes

      When importing HTML via html::to_tagged and a class name contains a backslash, it is not properly included in the final style name.


      FogBugz 22761 - html::to_tagged generates lots of error messages in logfile

      The cScript function html::to_tagged generates lots of error messages in the logfile ("# Cannot execute regular expression '[\s\r\n]+', bad UTF-8 byte in string"), even though the input string does not contain invalid UTF8 bytes.


      FogBugz 22798 - Alternative Stylename escaping in HTML export

      When exporting text content via the cScript function frame::export_html, the style names get escaped so they are valid in CSS and HTML. However, that impair readability of the style names and may hinder reversal when reimporting. Could we get another method of escaping those style names?

      There is now a new way of escaping style names for CSS and HTML (please refer to the HTML support documentation). For this we implemented a new function called html::export_, the old frame::export_html is now considered deprecated, since the number of parameters is growing too fast.

      FogBugz 22801 - Additional paragraphs in table cells after W2ML import

      My W2ML contains some tables. When importing this file, additional paragraphs are created in some table cells.

      Again: TERRIBLE Tagged Text. InDesign® sometimes adds additinal <ParaStyles> to empty cells. And, also sometimes (NOT always!), this parastyles are are created as paragraphs in the cell. And also sometime, InDesign® adds soe empty paragraph to the content of table cells.We could not find a pattern when this is done.

      Anyway, with a big workoround we could fix this behavior on import.

      FogBugz 22822 - Additional paragraphs in table cells after W2ML import

      Again: TERRIBLE Tagged Text. InDesign® sometimes adds additinal <ParaStyles> to empty cells. And these parastyles are created as empty paragraphs in the cell sometimes. And also sometime, InDesign® adds some empty paragraph to the content of table cells. We could not find a pattern when this is done.

      Anyway, with a big workoround we could fix this behavior on import.

      FogBugz 22820 - If a cell style has no defined ParaStyle, the font used in empty cells is wrong

      If a cell style has no defined ParaStyle, the font used in empty cells is wrong.

      Terrible tagged text. In this case, the font of the surrounding paragraph is used for cell content. Of course, an empty text does not need a font. But the wrong font will change row heights.

      This is fixed by preparing the text before doing the import.

      FogBugz 22803 - Base style of parastyles wrong after W2ML import

      In my W2ML are some parastyle definitions. Some of the styles are based on some other styles. But after importing the W2ML to InDesign®, the style dependencies are lost.


      FogBugz 22802 - Crash while importing W2ML with tables

      In my W2ML there is a table style. This style contains definitions for the propoerties space_before and space_after. This crashes InDesign® reproducible. If I remove the properties space_before and space_after, the import works fine.


      FogBugz 22801 - Crash while importing W2ML with missing object styles

      Importing a W2ML file with incomplete object style definitions will crash InDesign® immediately.


      FogBugz 22792 - Get all script labels by cScript

      Would it be possible to get all script labels of a given frame by cScript?

      Yes, it's possible now. Use the new implemented functions

      FogBugz 22785 - Placeholders with conditional text always appear in the ToDo panel

      Placeholders with conditional text always appear in the ToDo panel.

      This is fixed and works fine for this special circumstances.


      Conditional text is not supported by the priint:comet plug-ins. Hidden conditional texts will lead to serious errors while updating placeholders!

      FogBugz 22784 - Conditional text in placeholders leads to incorrect entries in the ToDo panel

      Conditional text in placeholders leads to incorrect entries in the ToDo panel.

      This is fixed and works fine fot this special circumstances.


      Conditional text is not supported by the priint:comet plug-ins. Hidden conditional texts will lead to serious errors while updating placeholders!

      FogBugz 22783 - confusing index in table::remove

      Sometimes table::remove (gFrame, 0) does not remove the first table of a text but any other.

      InDesign® sorts tables by their UIDs internaly. Therefor the oldes but not the first table has index 0. For better usage of the function, we now use the text positions as sort order.

      FogBugz 22779 - table::remove can crash InDesign®

      Calling table::remove twice right behund each other will crash InDesign®. The following script shall remove the first two tables of the text, but crashes after the first one.

      int main ()
      	table::remove (gFrame, 0);
      	table::remove (gFrame, 0);
      	return 0;

      This is fixed.


      v4.1 R21777


      Placeholders in placeholder pre/postfixes

      You now can add placeholders directly in placeholder delimiter text, see here for more information.

      FogBugz 22772 - Strange behavior when applying postfix text

      I have two text placeholders in a text. The first one simply loads a text, and, if not empty, appends a new paragraph by "/r" as to be the placeholders postfix text. The second placeholder loads an inline.

      But when I load the frame with a product I get TWO inlines. Removing the postfix from the first placeholder, all is done well (but the inline is in the same paragraph like the first placeholder).

      The problem depends on the fix of Bug 22697 and is fixed now.

      FogBugz 22768 - Basic CSS support for html::to_tagged

      The html to tagged text conversion should be able to handle basic inline CSS attributes like font-size, color, etc...

      We now support some basic inline attributes on <p> and <span> tags:

      font-family, font-size, font-weight, font-style, color

      FogBugz 22767 - <thead>, <tbody> and <tfoot> support

      The function html::to_tagged should support table structures which consist of <thead>, <tbody> and <tfoot> nodes.

      HTML tables may now also be constructed using <thead>, <tbody> and <tfoot> tags. Please note that these tables have to be constructed in a valid way, e.g. you may not use <tr> tags directly under the <table> tag when using <tbody> etc...

      FogBugz 22738 - key_value_mapping failed

      The key_value_mapping dialog no longer returns the key values.


      FogBugz 22766 - Sort order of linklist::insert_toc_entry

      The results of linklist::insert_toc_entry are apparently not sorted - at least not for page numbers.

      Yes, its true. And for backward compatibility we didn't change the standard behavior of the function. But we added a flag to the function to sort the entries by page numbers xy positions, and text positions.

      FogBugz 22765 - linklist::insert_toc_entry ignores inline frames

      Placeholders around and in inside frames are completely ignored by linklist::insert_toc_entry. Is there any reason for that?

      No, of course there is no reason for that. In order to leave the previous behavior of the function unchanged, we have added an (optional) flag to the function. If this flag is activated, inlines will also be included in the result list.

      FogBugz 22764 - Problem with linklist::insert_toc_entry

      linklist::insert_toc_entry exports too few entries.

      Yes, unfortunately this is true: Each time the function encounters an inline frame, it stops. This is fixed.


      Since inlines are not yet included in the results, don't inlude them into the search list!


      Safer FrameLink plug-in

      FogBugz 22735 - Packaging a document will crash InDesign®

      Packaging a document will crash InDesign® immediately. It does not matter if the packaging is done via the menu, Javascript or cScript. The error occurs on Mac only.

      The error was caused by the plugin FrameLink and is fixed now.

      Attention: The same error occurs while exporting a document to IDML or exporting frames to IDMS!


      Documents can be packed if no IDML is generated.

      FogBugz 22366 - Cannot drag/drop page templates to right pages

      Every time, I drag and drop a page template to a right page, the according left page is changed. But the right side itself is left unchanged.

      fxd. You now can set page templates to right page by drag and drop too.

      FogBugz 22757 - list::reload does not reload subentries

      list::reload does not reload subentries of opened publications - only top level entries are reloaded correctly.

      The same applies to the products panel. fxd

      FogBugz 22117 - cScript function for determining the layout frame a frame was placed into

      We should implement a cscript function which ascertains which layout frame an element frame was placed during an area build process.

      Implemented as frame::get_area_build_placed_into

      FogBugz 22717 - Wrong documentation for run_javascript

      Some parameters are missing in the documentation for run_javascript.


      Conditional Text

      FogBugz 22711 - Conditional text is always visible after importing TaggedText

      I try to write the errors from load actions of placeholders into the document. To do this, I define a Condition inside the document and import a conditinal text with an error description into the document:

      <cConditionalText:ERRORCODE>{ERR 2}<cConditionalText:>

      These works fine, except for a small exception. As you can see in the above TaggedText, the condition is hidden. And the condition itself is still hidden in the Conditions panel (that means: It isn't eye-marked). But the text in the document is visible. Only if I toggle th eye-mark of the condition, the conditional text becomes invisible.

      If I import the same tagged text directly via InDesign®, the conditional text is hidden immediately. Therefor I assume that the wrong behavior depends on the Comet text import.

      Nice idea, really! We could fixed it by adding some lines of code to our text import machine.

      For an example of Conditional Text see here.


      Anyway, conditional text is not supported by the priint:comet plug-ins. Hidden conditional texts will lead to serious errors while updating placeholders!

      FogBugz 22703 - Names of panels "Page Templates" and "Page elements" are reversed in French version

      Names of panels "Page Templates" and "Page elements" are reversed in French version.


      FogBugz 22702 - Templates panel : Size should be given in pt not in pixel

      In the Templates panel the size of the templates is given in pixel. Should that not be called pt?

      Yes, of course. It's done, see below.

      FogBugz 22701 - Templates panel : Cannot read size if entry is selected in the list

      In the Templates panel the size of a template is shown:

      But if I select the entry in the list, the size becomes unreadable because the font color is the same like the selection color.

      This is fixed now.

      FogBugz 22700 - rules and overridden values in w2 tags ignored

      I want to create a w2 text placeholder with some text layout rules defined. But I cannot find a way to define this rules inside the <w2:...> tag.

      This is implemented now, see here for more information. The same applies to the overridden state of placeholders, see here.


      Autoloading inner placeholders

      FogBugz 22697 - Infinite loop while loading placeholder

      In a text place holder I create a TaggedText containing some w2 tags. This construction will crash InDesign® reproducible.

      Yes, this is an unsupported case Inner placeholder are not allowed in text placeholders, see documentation of textmodel::insert/replace.

      To provide a work around, we enhanced the loading of placeholders and you can now load inner placeholders under special circumstances, see here for more information.


      Minimum template sizes

      FogBugz 22622 - Minimum template sizes for page building

      If building pages with productlist::establish, using page elements for n products, the template size is used to decide whether a template fits in the remaining space in the current page element.

      This is a problem if the template can result in a much small comet group for some products.

      For example if the template consists of many frames which are variable in size.

      It is possible to shrink the frames to their minial size in the template but this is very inconvenient. It would be more convenient if the minimal needed size for the template can be set elsewhere, for example on templates in two special fields, minHeight and minWidth.

      Currently a cutomer has a very variable template in height, so one of developers asked me about that.

      We implemented a so called "Estimated minimum size" for the templates. This minimum size can be set in the Metadata dialog of the  templates.

      For more information see here.

      FogBugz 22673 - Wrong frame size while building repeating elements

      It's amazing: some frames of my repeated elements get a wrong size.

      After hours of searching, we found the problem: At the point where the element is inserted into the document (point (0, 0) of the current page) there is a frame with text wrap. Therefore, the text is wrapped and fitframe is made with the wrong text size. To fix the problem, all text wraps of the current page are turned off temporarily while builing repeated elements.


      Build repeating elements while drag/drop

      FogBugz 22671 - Placing products by drag and drop will not build all repeating elements

      I have a repeating element with a flexible size for one of the layout frames (black triangle in panel Template behavior) The flexible area is filled properly, if I place the product by the normal product building. But if I place the product by drag and drop or by document::place_items, the flexible area is left blank.

      Drag and drop and document::place_items also taking care of the flexible sizes now. In the screen shot you can see a template with a flexible layout area and a product, placed by drag and drop using this tempate.

      FogBugz 22669 - Placing product will left the repeating element empty

      When I place a product with place_items or drag and drop, the repeating elements are left blank, if there are too much elements: I have, say 12 elements but place only for 9 elements. In this case I will get NO elements. It would be better, to get the nine elements instead. The ToDo panel can give me a warning later in this case.

      So we do it now. Better 9/12 as nothing.

      FogBugz 22668 - Crash while inserting product with repeating elements

      Building a product with repeating elements can cause InDesign® to crash. InDesign® seems to crash whenever it can not place all repeated elements. Last message in log is:

      # Build rolled back, some frames are leaving the page or their layout area.

      This problem is fixed now. 


      v4.1 R21600


      FogBugz 22663 - Seitenadaption CC2015 funktioniert nicht mehr wie gewünscht

      In CC2015 habe ich das Problem, dass die Seitenadaption nicht korrekt ausgeführt wird, sobald das Dokument in der Breite mehr als 5mm wächst. In der InDesign-Version CC2014 Plugin 12321 hat es aber noch problemlos funktioniert.

      Das Problem besteht darin, dass InDesign® bei Änderungen der Seitengröße standardmäßig auch schon Rahmenverschiebungen macht und wir diese Verschiebungen bei den Adaptionen berücksichtigen müssen.

      Offenbar hat Adobe von CC2014 auf CC2015 diese automatischen Verschiebungen verändert. Unser Code an dieser Stelle ist seit R1831 (April 2010 (!!)) unverändert. Ich habe das jetzt entsprechend angepasst - damit sollte der Fehler behoben sein.

      FogBugz 22656 - Crash on PlaceholderValues

      InDesign® can easily crash on panel PlaceHolderValues. To reproduce the crash, please follow these steps:

      1. Open panel PlaceHolderValues
      2. Connect to SOAP or PubServe
      3. Open a document with placeholders NOT DEFINED in the current SOAP service
      4. Click into some placeholders

      After a while, InDesign® crashes.

      This happens:

      1. The mouse click will change the text focus.
      2. A new text selections needs a reload of PlaceHolderValues
      3. PHV asks for the script To determine the function variables, PHV asks for the scripts of the placeholder.
      4. The first missing script leads to a warning alert.

      The warning alert will take the current focus. Now you close the warning alert and the problems arise - the focus went back to the document and we are again at point 1. That is a contradiction, because there some more things to do by current step 3.

      The problem is fixed now.

      FogBugz 22664 - cscript: product::gets(0, kStringID)) returns old value

      Calling the cscript method product::gets(0, kStringID)) with a null pointer as product argument returns the value of the previous call (if any). I would expect it to return a null pointer or an empty string.

      The docu says, that product p of method must not be 0 - so the result of the method is undefined in case of p==0 (and returning the result of its last call is as good as every other result). Anyway, we changed the function so that it return an empty string in case of any error.

      FogBugz 20772 - Abgeschnittener Text in String-Parametern von Java-cScript-Funktionen

      Uns ist ein Problem aufgefallen, wenn String-Parameter aus cScript heraus an eine cScript-annotierte Java-Funktion übermittelt werden. Hier wird der Text mitunter abgeschnitten. Meine Vermutung ist, dass es ein Problem beim Berechnen der zu übertragenden Bytegröße gibt, wenn der Text Multi-Byte-Zeichen enthält. Hier ein Beispiel-Text, der nur abgeschnitten übermittelt wird:

      <p>Эффективная, надежная и гигиеничная подготовка аппетитного салата и свежих овощей. Преимуществом является простота работы и очистки.</p>

      In der Java-Funktion kommt lediglich folgender Text an:

      <p>Эффективная, надежная и гигиеничная подготовка аппетитного салата и свежих

      Der Fall wurde geprüft, ebenso wie Fall 17282 ist das - soweit für uns nachvollziehbar - seit Juli 2017 gelöst, es sollte also auf eine neuere Version des PubServers aktualisiert werden (​​​​​>= 4.0.5 #3254 bzw. 4.1 #4133).

      Wichtig ist: Die einzig gültige Kodierung für cscript Code ist UTF-8. Wenn im Zusammenhang mit Sonderzeichen / Nicht Ascii-7bit Zeichen weitere Probleme auftreten, sollten die jeweiligen Einstellungen im ISON / Eclipse Editor überprüft werden.

      FogBugz 22656 - W2ML Import fails when character styles contain slashes in name

      The W2ML import fails when character style names have slashes ('/' or '\') in their name.


      FogBugz 22624 - Object style support in W2ML import

      Currently, when importing a W2ML file into InDesign®, object styles are not imported. We should support the import of object styles.

      implemented basic object style import support.

      For now, all attributes supported by comet:pdf are supported aswell.

      FogBugz 22600 - Graphic cell support in W2ML import

      Currently when importing W2ML files into InDesign®, the import fails when the W2ML contains tables with graphic cells. We should support graphic cells in W2ML.


      FogBugz 22600 - Function variables not properly read when using autosync.

      When using function variables in placeholder which uses autosync (-1), the function variable values are not properly read from the placeholder inside the document, but always use the default value.

      We now use the function variables from the load action when using autosync.

      FogBugz 22581 - W2ML Import does not import frame hyperlinks

      The W2ML Import does not import frame hyperlinks, although it should.

      Currently, the W2ML export does not export text anchors or hyperlinks to pages in other documents. To support these types we need to expand the export first.

      The W2ML import now supports frame hyperlinks to URLs, files, emails and pages in the same document.

      Links to text anchors and pages in other documents are not yet supported.

      FogBugz 22579 - W2ML Import misses frame fitting options

      During import of W2ML files, the frame fitting options for images are not respected.


      FogBugz 22218 - The script tags panel should update when a script tag is changed through cScrip

      When the script tags panel is open, it should properly update when a cscript command changes a script tag (frame::set_script_tag)


      FogBugz 22652 - URLLinks always marked as "Changed" in ToDo list

      All my Web Image-based images frame are shown in the ToDo list as "changed" already. The problem seems to be, that the requested path is the URL but the imported imaged is a local path of course.

      The ToDos panel now supports URL images too. And in addition, the panel not only checks, whether the right image is used. The panel also checks, whether the download exists and is up to date.

      FogBugz 22651 - Image placeholders with URLs should create an Web Image automatically

      I have an image placeholder like this:

      select ipath, 5 from images where id = <ID>

      It works fine. But what if ipath is not a file but an URL. Will it work or do I have to change my placeholder action into a cScript script and import the image using frame::link_url there?

      No, you do not have to change the action anymore. The plugins now decide for themselves whether a normal image import is sufficient or whether a Web Image must be made.

      FogBugz 22650 - Preflight the Web Images

      Would it be possible to check the URL images in the built-in InDesign® Preflight?

      Yes. it's done now :-)

      FogBugz 22649 - Store Web Images with complete path

      The local downloads of URL images are always stored in a folder next to the document. But the files are stored directly in this folder, not in sub folders. This is a problem if two URLs using the same file names.

      We use the path of the URL now to save the images.

      FogBugz 22648 - Cannot update URL images

      I have a document with some images created by the URL Link plugin. Very pretty, works wonderful. Then I moved the document to another computer. Of course, the images are not there. To download the images again, I choose the context menu "Web Images -> Update". But nothing happens.

      If I empty the image frame before, then it works.

      Yes, you're right. Thats not the intention we had in mind. We fixed this behavior. You now can update non-empty image frames too.

      FogBugz 22631 - direct login with app.comet.use

      Is there a way in javascript to connect directly to a database without using a defined connection from connections.xml? It is very annoying to always defined the connection in a connections.xml first. In addition, InDesign® always has to connect to an XML offline at first.

      Yes, you're right. The first parameter of app.comet.use can now be used to fully describe the connection. For more information see here.

      FogBugz 22630 - Data recording : Export images to the recorded data

      It would be nice, if the data recording stores all used images too.

      Yes, that will be done now. But please note, this only applies to images imported during recording.

      FogBugz 22629 - Data recording : Customize the output folder

      Would it be possible to set a customized folder for data recording? Background is that the PubServer should ship the data automatically after the recording.

      Yes, it's possible now. For more information see here.

      FogBugz 22616 - InDesign® crash after removing elements from the documents XML structure

      InDesign® crashes reproducibly when I've deleted multiple entries from the structure of the document's XML elements.

      Follow this steps to reproduce the crash:

      • Provide a frame with an XML element.
      • Duplicate the frame about 20 times
      • Go into the XML structure of the document and remove the elements without deleting the frames

      The crash happens the first time you change the document view after removing the elements.

      This is fixed now.

      FogBugz 22611 - app.comet.elementTransform with fix points

      Is there a way to set fix points for each transform in the javascript



      Now yes :-) See here for more information.

      FogBugz 22610 - frame::scale refpointX and ~Y

      frame::scale provides the ability to set a distance to the fixpoint by using the parameters refPointX and -Y. It is working. Somewhat surprising, however, is that the new scaling is included in this distance. So, if I use the distance 20.0 and the scale 0.5, it creates a distance of 10pt.


      FogBugz 22609 - frame::scale reference point missing

      There is no way to set a fix point in frame::scale. Scalling is always done from the left top corner of the bounding box.

      frame::scale now has a new (optional) parameter for the reference point.

      FogBugz 22608 - Surprising position on frame::rotate

      Using frame::rotate with reference point values != 0.0 always moves the frame to amazing positions.

      frame::rotate is fixed now: Instead of using uncomfortable reference values  you now can use reference points to rotate a frame for instance around its right bottom corner.

      FogBugz 22590 - frame::image placement
      -kPlaceTopLeft moves the frame

      I use frame::image with the placement -kPlaceTopLeft. The image is imported and placed correctly, but the image frame changes its position.

      Since R21111, image frames can be automatically deleted if the image is not found (case 22089). The bug is a side effect of this feature: On negative placements (Fit frame to image after placing the image) kPlaceRemoveIfNoExist is interpreted incorrectly. This is fixed now.


      v4.1 R21456


      Customized sync for repeating elements

      FogBugz 22508

      You now can cutstomize the sync checks for repeating elements. See here for more information. 03.01.2018
      FogBugz 22578 - Repeated elements are always marked as "Changed" in ToDo list

      I have built an repeating element and although I have not changed anything on the element, it appears in the ToDo list.


      FogBugz 22574 - Memory leak while build repeating elements with cScript

      I use a cScript to collect my data for an repeating element. Everything works fine. But it seems as if this will increase the memory consumption more and more.

      Yes, unfortunately that is true. The error is fixed.

      FYI : Here you can find more information how to collect repeating elements by script.

      FogBugz 22563 - Message about missing test definitions

      On start InDesign® always shows a message that the file containing the test definitions is missing or incorrect.

      The message is now removed. Missing or incorrect test definitions are now shown directly in the panel CometTests.

      FogBugz 22501 - InDesign® crashes when using a local function as a parameter in a cScript function.

      InDesign® crashes when using a local function as a parameter in a cScript function.

      Here is an very simple example.

      int myFunc (char * txt)
      	return 12;
      int main ()
      	wlog ("", "Value is %d\n", myFunc ("any"));
      	return 0;

      That's an a very serious error. The problem depends on the automatically recognizing of the data type of strings - char * or String. In the example this concerns the first two parameters of wlog.

      We are moving here on the edge of the inhabited world. Behind it there are only ice and wolves. And the wolves are hungry. But we were able to feed the wolves. More than 990 feeding places were needed. That solves the problem.

      FogBugz 22567 - frame::moveto fails if the frame is completely on pasteboard

      frame::moveto fails if the frame is completely on pasteboard.


      FogBugz 22549 - Palette "Area build" - Offsets nicht korrekt gespeichert

      In der Palette "Area build" werden die eingegebenen Offsets, vermutlich durch die Konvertierung in Pt, verfälscht.

      Wenn ich 1,5 mm eingebe und aus der Textbox rausklicke, wird es zu 1,499mm. Wenn ich auf Punkt umstelle und 4,252 eingebe, wird es zu 4,25.

      Die Angaben werden jetzt mit einer etwas höheren Genauigkeit (8 Nachkommastellen) gespeichert. Das behebt das Problem.

      FogBugz 22555 - Using items.xml will lead to an infinite loop while building products

      I'm using an items.xml to build my products, but starting the build process will lead to an infinite loop:

      # New page created : 2, reason 'pagetemplate needs a new page'
      # New page created : 99, reason 'pagetemplate needs a new page'

      The items.xml contains information about the desired page type (attribute pageType). This is often initialized by -1. InDesign® now tries to create a page of page type -1. But that does not succeed - not even in a hundred years.

      The product build ignores such page type information now. This fixes the bug.


      Translation of panel script names

      FogBugz 22482

      Is it possible to translate the names of the panle scripts according to the currently available translations?

      Yes, that is possible now.

      FogBugz 22553 - Cannot load two table place holders in one step (establish or 'build' button)

      I have to products to build. Each of them has a table place holder. But only the table placeholder of the first product is correctly replaced by a table. If I import the products one by one, both tables are created.

      Oh, that's a serious bug. It only occurs if the template containing the table is from an older InDesign® version. The error depends on the fix of case 22062.

      fxd now

      FogBugz 22552 - Droping items.xml into "Products of document" failed

      I have an items.xml. To buld the products of this file, I drop it into the Products of documents. But all I get is a Beep.

      You probably use a file with an old format with classID, ..., which is no longer supported. We now support the old formats again.

      FogBugz 22551 - CometTest : Error description in tool tips not translated

      The tooltips of failed CometTests containing a brief description of the error. This description is not translated partly.

      Done now :-)

      FogBugz 22550 - All my CometTests fail since, Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra) only

      Since upgrading to Mac OS 10.13 (High Sierra), all my CometTests reporting bugs. The number of generated pages in the test are supposedly wrong. But when I check the previews, they're all there.

      Yes, strange. To compare the previews, the available images are collected first. Apparently, however, the order in which we receive the files of a folder has changed since High Sierra. We used to get the files sorted by name. This is obviously not the case anymore.

      We now sort the list of received files ourselves - this fixed the bug.

      FogBugz 22526 - publication::revert_by_id missing

      I miss a function like publication::revert_by_id.

      Function is now available: publication::revert_by_id

      FogBugz 22511 - Wrong order of objects in list::alloc

      I use list::alloc to get all selected entries of the Publications panel. This works fine - except that the order of the entries is not correct.


      FYI: The same behavior in the following panels is fixed too:

      • Product pool
      • ToDos
      • Templates
      • Previews
      • Placeholder
      FogBugz 22503 - Editing scripts via PlaceholderValues does not change the contents of panel scripts in the Publication panel

      In the lower part of the panel PlaceholderValues one can edit scripts. However, when I edit a publications panel script, the changes are not reflected in the panel. At least not, as long as you have not opened the flyout of this panel at least once.

      Amazing behavior. fxd

      FogBugz 22449 - Placeholdervalues actions list : Label "Double click Document panel"

      In the lower part of the panel PlaceholderValues is a popup menu with all special actions defined in the current data pool. The entries of the popup are divided by some headlines describing the types of the actions, and there's something about the documents panel twice.

      The panel was renamed into "Publications" long time ago. The "bug" is fixed now.

      FogBugz 22490 - No distinction between local and global entries in the translation panel - Mac only

      In CC2018 there is no distinction between local and global entries in the translation palette. Since CC2017 local entries are shown in italic font.

      Yes. Until CC2017 the local translations coming from messages.xml in the plug-ins folder are shown in italic font. Since 2018, the Italic font does not seem to work anymore.

      The same is in other panels like Placeholder Values - all italic labels are shown in plain font since CC2018. 

      We have therefore sent a bug report to Adobe.

      So the only thing we can do here is : waiting. The good news is - the error only occurs on Mac.

      Adobe has now classified this as an error and passed it to the development. We can only wait.


      v4.1 R21349


      FogBugz 22467 -

      <in:> tags misplaced in case of merged cells and autocorrection of parastyles

      <in:> tags misplaced in case of merged cells and autocorrection of parastyles.



      Autoreplace <in:> tags by <w2inline:>

      FogBugz 22448

      In tags can now be converted to w2inlines automatically before inserting the TaggedText.

      For more infomations see here.

      FogBugz 22447 - Crash on w2inline in tables

      Sometimes w2inline tags in table cells crash InDesign®.

      The error always happens when InDesign® extends the temporary inline tag beyond the cell boundary. But why InDesign® does that is not clear.

      We can handle this situation now without crashing InDesign®.


      v4.1 R21212


      French localization Fixed some UI things:
      • Build products dialog
      • Products of Dokument
      • Comet Notes
      • Placeholder Values
      • To Dos
      • Table module
      FogBugz 22357 - Comet notes : Wrong behavior of checkboxes 'show connection' and 'use prompt'

      The two checkboxes "Show connection" and "Use prompt" can only be selected together. And no matter what setting you make, the prompt is always applied.



      FogBugz 22323 - document:: prepare_translations should not change the content of Comet notes

      document::prepare_translations should not change the content of Comet notes.


      FogBugz 22313

      Comet notes for pages are not imported if the page UID is not found in the document

      Comet notes for pages are not imported if the page UID is not found in the document.

      If the page given by the UID is not found inside the document, the the page index defined by is taken by default now.

      See here for details.

      FogBugz 22312

      Comet notes without a layer are always placed on the lowest layer

      Comet notes imported without a layer are always placed on the lowest layer. Therefore, the notes are often covered by other frames.

      Notes without a layer are now always created at the top layer. Or, in addition, if


      is not empty, the notes are placed on this layer. If the layer does not exist, it will be created as the top layer.

      Attention: If the layer already exists, it will not be moved.

      See here for details.

      FogBugz 22308

      Base path of data recording

      Data recording with InDesign® Server writes a file called synopsis.jsx. In this file a base path is defined to the also saved InDesign® document. To run the script later, this path needs to be updated.

      The base path is now determined by the script itself ($.filename), and references to the backed up document are specified relative to this script:

      var basepath=File($.fileName).parent.fsName+"/";

      So basepath does not have to be adjusted anymore.

      FogBugz 22294

      Wrong links to url functions in docu

      In the the OFFLINE docu some of the examples and links for URL functions are incorrect. The corresponding functions are partly not available at all.


      FogBugz 22292

      frame::link_url : progress while downloading file

      If a URL image is loaded manually (Context menu URLLink -> Create of frames), a progressbar for the download appears. But the script command frame::link_url does not have a progress bar.

      There is a new script function that can be used to control this:



      Embedded images in <in:> tags

      FogBugz 22291

      Would it be possible to embed pictures in <in:> tags as well (and not only to take image links)?

      With the new keyword embed_image in the <in:> tag inline images can now also be embedded. See here for more information.


      <in:> tags with Web Images

      FogBugz 22290

      In <In:> tags you can specify the destination path of a desired image. Of course, this only works for local images. With the Web Images you could perhaps specify URLs here, right?

      Okay, if the image path is a URL (http, https, ftp, ftps) now, a URL-linked image will be created automatically.

      Attention: This automatism is valid only for inlines (<in:> and <w2inline:>) for now!


      FogBugz 22289

      Scroll to page on URLLink selections

      When I click the Go To button of an entry of the Web Images panel, the document should also be scrolled to the page of the frame.

      Done now.


      FogBugz 22288

      Select Web Image linked frame

      When I click the Go To button of an entry of the Web Images panel, the corresponding frame is selected in the document. But this works only if the frame selection tool (black arrow) is active. If the text selection is active, the frame is not selected.

      The selection tool is now automatically switched to frame selection. This solves the problem.


      FogBugz 22287 -  frame::link_url, local files and URLLink plugin

      With local images frame::link_url behaves exactly like frame::image. With one exception: if the plugin URLLink is not installed, the function throws an error in BOTH cases. At least for local images that would not be necessary.

      frame::link_url and frame::embed_url will work now for local images even if the plug-in URLLink is not installed.


      FogBugz 22279 -  Note label in document does not show special characters like ∃ or ∉.

      Note label in document does not show special characters like ∃ or ∉.

      The font Arial Unicode MS is now used to display the name of the note. This font supports significantly more characters.


      v4.1 R21111


      French localization

      Thanks to Marie DaSilva we can present the complete french localization of th priint:comet plug-ins today.

      Here's a screen shot of the Placeholder Values panel:


      FogBugz 22257 -  The references of Menu Help->More help point to local files only

      The references of Menu Help->More help point to local files only. But almost nobody installs the documentation locally.

      If the documentation is not installed locally, the documention installed on is now shown. The same applies to the help that is shown directly on the panels.

      Attention: The plugin documentation is available in German and English. In the French and Japanese versions of the plugins, the English version of the documentation is shown.


      FogBugz 22256 -  Menu Help -> More Help partly outdated

      The Help -> More Help menu contains a number of unnecessary or obsolete entries and would need to be cleaned up.

      The menu is now a bit tidier and contains only current entries. The entries appear in the localized language of the plugins.

      Attention: The plugin documentation is available in German and English. In the French and Japanese versions of the plugins, the English version of the documentation is shown.


      FogBugz 22237

      Changing a page template should change "Products of Document" too

      If I change the page template of the first page of the document, this change should also be shown in the list of Products of the Document, right?

      Okay, wird jetzt gemacht.

      But take care! Switching the page template is a product feature! Page templates changes within the document are therefore not necessarily displayed in the list.


      FogBugz 22236

      "Products of Documents" ignores new frames

      The list of "Products of Documents" is updated when a frame is deleted from the document. But when a frame is created, the list is not updated.

      The list is now also updated when a frame is created.


      FogBugz 22235

      Undo brings 'Products of Documents' out of sync

      Undos in the document cause the list of "Products of Document" to no longer correspond to the document. With the reload button you can recalculate the list. But forgetting that, it can easily happen that the document is reorganized with a faulty list.

      fxd. Undos will reload the list of of "Products of Document" now.


      FogBugz 22215 -  cScript function html::to_tagged yields wrong results for tables with merged cells

      When an HTML document which contains tables with rowspans and colspans greater than one is converted to tagged text using the cScript function html::to_tagged, the content of the resulting cells may be wrong and contain superfluous linebreaks.



      FogBugz 22213 -  cScript function html::to_tagged does not set cell styles

      The cScript function html::to_tagged currently does not apply cell styles set into html table cells via the "class" attribute.



      FogBugz 22208 - Support for <thead>, <tbody> and <tfoot> in html::to_tagged

      The cScript function html::to_tagged should be able to support the HTML tags for table header, footer and body rows (<thead>, <tbody> and <tfoot>).



      FogBugz 22089 -  Removing image from Image Placeholder

      I have a seamingly simple scenario that I cannot get to work : If I select a product with an image it works fine, but if I select a second product with no image the previous image is not removed. My data mapping returns an empty list of string when there is no image for the product.

      Is there a simple way to do this without CScript ?

      No, currently there is no way to remove an existing image if the path is empty or the image file does not exist. To do this you need a script.

      For your convenience, I've implemented another placement option now:

      Simply add 0x400000 = 4194304 to the placement info of the statement. In this case, any existing image is automatically removed if the new image path is empty or not existing Here's an example

      select "this_is_not_a_love_song.png", 4235264 ....
        = 0x40A000
        = 0x400000 + 0x00A000
        // 0x400000 - auto remove existing image, if new image doesn't exist
        // 0x00A000 - kPlaceCentered

      For more information see here.


      v4.1 R21000


      Web Images Panel We proudly present the first beta of the Web Images panel.

      <w2inline:> tag

      The tag is the same as the <in:> tag, except that it is integrated into the default import /export of TaggedText, so it can be used in more deeply nested tables.

      If your previous implementation works well with <in:> tags, there's no reason to change that. For new implementations, we strongly recommend using the new <w2inline:> tag.

      Graphiccells in TaggedText

      FogBugz 21979 - Graphikzellen im TaggedText

      Since CC2015 InDesign® supports so-called graphic cells. This is actually very handy and you can avoid the inlines in the cells. Unfortunately, Adobe offers no way to somehow define the graphics cells through the TaggedText.

      There is also no standard for the inlines, but we have the WERK II tag <in:>. Could you do something like that for the graphic cells?

      We now have the new tag

         <graphiccell: ... >

      See here for more infarmations.

      Graphic cells support The graphics cells introduced in InDesign® CC2015 are now fully supported by the plugins as well:

      Attention : Graphic cells are not supported by comet_pdf for now.


      Frame fitting in <in:> tags

      FogBugz 21978 - Frame fitting options in <in:> tag

      Is it possible to extend the <in:> tag to set the InDesign® frame fitting options of the new inline frame?

      Yes, it's possible now. See here to learn more.


      Fogbugz 21806 - cScript Funktion system::controlkey funktioniert nicht

      Die cScript Funktion system::controlkey funktioniert unter Windows nicht.



      Fogbugz 22150 - HTML Import stellt Stilnamen nicht korrekt wieder her

      Der HTML import per cScript Funktion html::to_tagged stellt Stilnamen nicht wieder richtig her. So ist z.B. der Stilname aus dem HTML Dokument


      nach dem Import zu

      "Abstand nach 0x002B5mm".

      Offenbar werden also Hex-Zahlen im Namen nur dann richtig zurück-übersetzt, wenn Sie nur Zahlen aber keine A-F enthalten.



      Fogbugz 22165 -

      html::to_tagged escaped einige Zeichen in Stilnamen nicht korrekt

      Die cScript Funktion html::to_tagged escaped einige Zeichen in Stilnamen nicht korrekt mit einem slash, z.B. Underscores, Klammern, @, etc...



      Fogbugz 22195 - Sonderzeichen wie #, :, % in Stilnamen führen zu fehlerhaftem %!TT-Import

      Enthalten Stilnamen im TaggedText Sonderzeichen wie #, : oder % und sind diese Zeichen (syntaktisch korrekt) escaped mit \, werden diese Stile im Import leider nicht angewendet.



      JIRA 2668 - publication::checkin_by_id does not work in all conditions

      If the publication panel has not yet been initialized, the publication::checkin_by_id call just does nothing. Depending on the checkin script (Panelstatement 115), also errors can be logged.

      Todo: all publication functions, which require a "publication"-connection, should try to initialize this connection, if not already available.



      JIRA 2171 - Converted documents are not checked out properly

      If an outdated (e.g. CS6) document is checked out with a newer InDesign® version, a warning dialog is shown, that this document might get unusable (for older InDesign® versions), if it is edited with this version and checked in again. This is okay. But it seems, that in this case the publication::aftercheckout events are NOT executed. The effect is: documentId etc. are not updated, which (most probably) will cause consequential errors e.g. when generating pages for this document or query for document planning.

      For converted documents, after confirming the dialog, the document is now backed up, closed, and reopened to ensure that all document event and publication scripts are executed properly


      JIRA 2171 - Converted documents are not checked out properly

      There are now two new options for app.comet.documentOpen:
      • require-native (true / false): must the document be in "native" format (ie: InDesign® + correct CC version)
        • true: Function is terminated with error (kDataPanelRequiresConversionErrorCode, 538662) if the document needs to be converted
        • false (=default): The document will be opened in the same way as before.
      • auto-convert (true / false): Convert old documents automatically
        • true: Old document are automatically converted (ie: saved, closed and reopened)
        • false (=default): Old document are not converted

      JIRA 2210 - Wrong preview if unsaved changes in document check-in

      To get the wrong preview:

      1. check-out a document to InDesign®
      2. add something to the document but do NOT save
      3. check-in
      4. answer the warning message about the unsaved changes with "ok"

      Now go to planner and show the preview of the document. The change you did to the document is shown in the preview! But if you open the document again, whiteboard or check-out to InDesign® Desktop, the change is not there, the preview is wrong.

      Checking in unsaved documents is changed now: Before generation of the metadata, the document is now reverted and reopened so that the generated metadata (XML and previews) match the current document state.


      Fogbugz 22138 - Better password encryption for login history

      Since Comet 4, passwords of the login history can be saved. The passwords are written encrypted in the xloginhistory.xml. For security reasons, this encryption now contains a fingerprint of the current computer and the encrypted password can only be decrypted on this computer.

      Old encrypted passwords can still be decrypted.


      Fogbugz 22147 - productlist::establish ignores the page number

      productlist::establish ignores the page number, if the current layout view of the document displays frames within a 1:N page element. In this case, the productlist :: established products are always inserted in the 1: N page element, not the specified page.


      Attention: Because the page number was ignored here, scripts could use wrong page numbers in the past. If your layout suddenly produces strange page breaks, you should check this page number first!

      See logfile for messages like:

      # Using page num 7 in 1:N element
      here due to fix of error FB #22147


      Fogbugz 22144 - Page breaks are lost when product lists are placed in 1: N elements

      Page breaks are lost when product lists are placed in 1: N elements: I have some products inside a 1:N page element. If I try to place some page template delimited products inside this element, the the page breaks are lost.

      Hard but true. This is resolved now.


      Fogbugz 21701 - Crash in Publications panel (Mac only)

      If you try to unfold a publication in Publication panel (red marked in the screen shot), InDesign® will reproducible crash on Mac.



      Fogbugz 22110 - Error while creating smart template

      The following procedure:

      1. Template for right side is created, + button on template palette

      2. Template is opened in the template editor.

      3. Frames are created in the other three template parts (left side, both continuation pages).

      4. Template is saved.

      The template changes correctly to a continuation template, but:

      If you click on the magnifying glass in the template palette, suddenly two "MyTemplate" are displayed. The first is a continuation template, the second is not. If you open the continuation template with the template editor, the left side of the template is empty. If you open the second "MyTemplate", you will find the content of the left side there.

      Yes, unfortunately that is so. The problem is that it is quite expensive to find out from the open smart template which sub-template was already there and which ones have to be recreated. The procedure for creating a smart template is therefore:

      • Create the left side

      • Open the template with a double-click

      • Create of variants (possibly using the template behavior panel)

      • Save template

      This is also described in the documentation and in the help text of the + -button of the template panel.

      To avoid these mistakes, I did the following :

      • In the metadata dialog of the templates you can now only select the following page types:

        • Any
        • Left handed
        • Neutrale
      • The pop-up page type also has a corresponding help text
      • The sub-menus for selecting the sub-templates (left, right, continued) are removed (because this is done via the template editor anyway).

      Here's a screen shot:


      Fogbugz 22104 - Show invisibles in text by default in Template Editors

      It would be nice if the template editor showed the hidden text characters when opening.

      Okay, because of me.


      Fogbugz 22101 - cScript function for "show invisibles"

      It would be nice to have a function that lets you show and hide the invisible characters in the document.

      Here it comes : document::set_pagetype


      Fogbugz 22098 - Incorrect evaluation of parameter * size * in frame :: fit_image

      Incorrect evaluation of parameter size in frame::fit_image (or boundingBox in frame::image). This information is apparently incorrectly used as maximum scaling.

      Of course that was not right and is fixed now.


      Fogbugz 22097 - Crash on cscript function run_applescript

      InDesign® crashes reproducibly with the run_applescript function.

      The error only happened if resultStr is empty (0) and is fixed now.


      Fogbugz 22084 - New options for Layoutrule "Fit image"

      The layout rule "Fit image" has two new methods now:

      • fit to frame width

      • fit to frame height

      For those who need it ...


      Fogbugz 22083 - Layoutrule "Fit image - fit proportionally" does not work

      The layout rule "Fit image  - fill proportionally" should scale the image so that the image frame is completely filled. But the image is fitted into the frame.



      Fogbugz 22087 - Image Position kFitContent does not work together with placements

      Our tests shows that images imported with kFitContent and placements like kPlaceCentered are not placed correctly in the frame with CC 2017. Thedouce says "Fit content to frame. Normally this action changes the image proportion." but still the image is not deformed to fit the frame. This I would expect reading the documentation.

      This is not a CC 20ANY problem. The image has the same size like the frame in this case and it does't matter on which corner the image is placed on. This task therefore is not implemented.

      For completeness, I now filter the image placements out in case of kFitContent and the complained situation is solved hereby.


      Fogbugz 22067 - Crash bei Verwendung älterer Templates

      Verwendet man beim Produktaufbau Templates einer älteren InDesign-Version, kann InDesign® beim Aufbau mehrerer Produkte abstürzen.

      Ja. Das Problem hierbei ist, dass die Template-Datei des älteren InDesigns als neues ungesichertes Dokument geöffnet wird. Wird das gleiche Template beim nächsten Produkt wieder benötigt, könnte das jetzt bereits geöffnete Dokument verwendet werden - aber weil es neu und ungesichert ist, hat es keinen Dateiverweis und wird deshalb in der Liste der geöffneten Dokumente nicht gefunden. Also wird es neu geöffnet.

      Und dann ist irgendwann der Arbeitsspeicher voll ...

      Beim Öffnen von Templates aus älteren InDesign-Versionen bekommen die geöffneten Dokumente jetzt eine Markierung, über die auch diese Dokumente gefunden werden können. Das hat zwei Vorteile:

      1. Deutlich weniger Speicherverbrauch

      2. Deutlich schnellerer Produktaufbau. Der Testfall (ODBC) war doppelt so schnell.

      Aber ACHTUNG: Wie gesagt, Die Verbesserungen greifen nur, wenn Templates älterer InDesign-Versionen verwendet wurden.


      Fogbugz 22039 - <TableStart:>-Tag Syntax

      InDesign® exportiert das Tabellenstart-Tag <TableStart:> in folgender Schreibweise:


      In der Doku für TaggedText von Adobe steht aber diese Schreibweise


      Wir haben uns bei den Intergritätstest und Autokorrekturen des TaggedText bisher an die erste Schreibweise gehalten. Da die PubServer-Funktion HTML2TaggedText aber die zweite Schreibweise verwendet, werden jetzt bei Intergritätstest und Autokorrekturen beide Schreibweisen unterstützt.


      FogBugz 22026 -  Seitentemplate - Musterseite wird nicht angewendet

      Ich habe eine Produktliste, wo ich bei vielen Produkten ein eigenes Seitentemplate (kGridid) und Template (kPageitemid) definiere. Bei jedem Seitentemplate wurde in der Palette "Seitenelemente" eine Musterseite definiert.

      Wenn ich via productlist::establish() mit dem Flag kPreferProductPT alles aufbaue, sind die Musterseite jedoch nicht gesetzt.

      Ja, die Musterseiten der Seitentemplates werden in diesem Fall leider nicht angewendet (und übrigens auch nicht, wenn die Seitentemplates direkt in die Produktliste eingefügt werden). Erst durch expliziten Einfügen der Seitentemplates in die Liste UND der Angabe

          product::set (p, kMasterpage, masterpage);

      funktioniert das Setzen der Musterseiten. Das ist natürlich nicht ganz richtig. Die Unterlassung ist jetzt gefixt und der Aufbau inkl. angewendeter Musterseiten sollte jetzt funktionieren.

      ACHTUNG : Seitentemplates mit definierten Musterseiten können zu einem anderen Ergebnis des Produktaufbaus führen als in früheren Plugin-Versionen.


      FogBugz 22041 - CometTest [Server] plug-in missing for CC2017/18 Mac

      CometTest [Server] plug-in missing for CC2018/18 Mac

      Plug-ins are available now


      FogBugz 22036 -  Inlines in templates will crash in CC2018 while building products

      My project is running well while using CC2017 but crashes with CC2018. We examined the project more closely and found that it works if we remove all inlines from our products.

      Problem is solved now (internal note : see GetOwnerPageUID)


      FogBugz 22034 - German text "Tabellenzellen" in panel Comet Admin -> Comet

      The panel Comet Admin -> Comet shows some German text (Tabellenzellen) in the English version of the plug-ins and some English text in the German version (run ends at).


      FogBugz 22033 - Hint to legal notes in French version

      The hint to the legal notes for third party software used in priint:comet plug-ins refers to the frFR folder of the OFFLINE documentation. But there is no folder frFR inside this documentation.

      Well, you're right. We have it only in German and in Engllish. The link now refers to the English version (enEN).


      FogBugz 22013 -  Notiz-Import langsam

      Ich habe eine Notizen-XML mit über 200 Notizen. Der Import dieser Notizen in ein Dokument klappt zwar gut - dauert aber fast 1 Minute.

      Für den Import der Notizen sind eine Vielzahl von Aktionen und insbesondere eine Vielzahl von Abfragen der XML-Datei nötig. Das dauert leider in der Summe eine gewiße Zeit. Trotzdem ist es uns gelungen, den Import deutlich zu beschleunigen. Im Testfall sind es jetzt nur noch 12 Sekunden. Der Import ist damit mehr als viermal schneller geworden.

      Vielleicht noch eine Bemerkung am Rande: 200 Notizen sind ja auch keine Kleinigkeit mehr. Besonders wenn man bedenkt, dass die Notizen Arbeitshinweise sind. Mglw. sollte man an so einer Stelle auch mal den Workflow überdenken. Ist nur als HINWEIS gedacht, aber Notizen als Datenbank-Ersatz sind vielleicht doch überdenkenswürdig.


      FogBugz 22007-  Crash with floatlist::add_all

      Bei Verwendung der Funktion floatlist::add_aLl stürzt InDesign® am Ende des Skriptes ab.

      Das Problem lässt sich (als Workaround) so lösen:

          floatlist::add_all(prices_sorted, prices, 1);

      Hintergrund ist ein fehlerhaftes "double free", wenn ein Eintrag in eine andere Liste übernommen wird. Mit dem deleteFromSource=1 werden die Doppler vorher entfernt.

      Das Problem ist gefixt.


      FogBugz 22003 -  Skriptfunktionen für Grafikzellen

      Für die Arbeit mit Grafikzellen in Tabellen gibt es zwei neue cScript-Funktionen:


      FogBugz 21977 - Magneten funktionieren nach document::place_indesign nicht mehr

      Wenn man eine InDesign-Datei mit place_indesign platziert, werden die Magneten visuell richtig angezeigt, aber sie bewirken (teilweise) nichts mehr.



      FogBugz 21817 -  CoreService [Oracle] startet nicht

      Das nur für den Mac verfügbare Plugin CoreService [Oracle] mit einer nativen Oracle-Verbindung (OCI) startet leider in den CC-Versionen nicht.

      Das Problem lag hauptsächlich an zwei Dingen:

      1. Einer veralteten OCI-Library im Plugin

      2. Fehlende oder falsche Installation von OCI auf dem ausführenden Rechner.

      Die CoreService [Oracle] Plugins wurden gefixt. Und in der Offline-Doku finden Sie eine aktualisierte Beschreibrung was wo auf dem ausführenden Rechner installiert werden muß, damit OCI funktioniert


      FogBugz 21618 -  infos1 und infos2 werden über IN-Tag nicht gesetzt und separierte Platzhalter über w2-Tags gelingt nicht

      Der Fix von Fall 21618 in R20300 funktioniert leider noch nicht ganz: In in-Tags werden die Infos nicht gesetzt.

      In in-Tags aus Templates hat der Fix leider nur funktioniert, wenn das Template eine InDesign-Gruppe war. Das hab ich jetzt gefixt.


      FogBugz 21860Integritätstest der Tabellen im TaggedText

      Tabellen, die über TaggedText aus dem PubServer in Dokumente eingefügt werden, sollten vor dem Einfügen einem Integritätstest unterzogen werden können. Der Test sollte insbesondere die Anzahl der Zeilen, Spalten und Zellen prüfen und sicherstellen, dass Zellbereiche nicht zu groß sind oder sich überschneiden.

      Bei Fehlern darf die Tabelle nicht importiert werden. Es soll statt dessen ein Fehlertext ins Dokument eingefügt werden.

      Der Integritätstest ist jetzt implementiert und kann in den Funktionen zum Einfügen von Text (texmodel::insert, frame::insert, textmodel::replace, frame::replace, ...) aktiviert werden. Mehr dazu hier.


      FogBugz 20868 -  W2ML Import :  Schriftarten fehlen wenn nicht auf System installiert

      Wenn in einer W2ML Datei Schriftarten in Stilen definiert sind, die auf dem System nicht installiert sind, werden diese beim Import in InDesign® durch die Defaultschriftart ersetzt.

      Es ist in InDesign® nicht möglich Schriftarten zu setzen die auf dem System installiert sind. Das schränkt uns beim W2ML import sehr ein.

      Die Suche nach einem Workaround hat einen katastrophalen InDesign-Bug aufgedeckt ohne dessen Behebung wir hier nichts machen können. Adobe ist informiert.

      Wir geben aber jetzt eine Warnung aus, wenn Stile im W2ML definiert sind, die nicht installierte Schriftarten verwenden.


      FogBugz 21842 -  document::notes::import ignoriert Flags

      In document::notes::import kann man über ein Flag steuern, ob Notizen komplett ersetzt werden sollen oder ob die importierten Notizen im Dokument hinzugefügt werden sollen. Das Flag wird aber offenbar ignoriert und die Notizen werden immer ersetzt.

      Das Flag wird jetzt richtig ausgewertet. Damit können jetzt auch Notizen hinzugefügt werden.


      Fogbugz 21864 - Platzhalterwerte Trenntexte - Fehlermeldung bei Klick auf Büroklammer

      Ich habe eine Standard-Installation vom Publishing-Server und bekomme eine Fehlermeldung, wenn ich bei den Trenntexten auf eine der vier Büroklammern klicke.

      Das wurde bereits in v4.0.5 R20222 mit Fall 20991 gefixt. Offenbar hat unsere SourceCode-Verwaltung hier einen Fehler gemacht und die Änderung nicht in 4.1 übernommen.



      Fogbugz 21875 - xml::
      get_document_attribute returns 1 but worked

      xml::get_document_attribute should return 0 if the document attribute was read without problem. In comet plug-in 4.1 R20456 with ID CC 2017 Windows
      the returned value is 1 instead : The document variable was read fine, and can be used but in "good" scripts this return value will be used to ensure correct reading. The return value was 0 before, I think. At least in out project we used the return value for verifying.



      FogBugz 21837 -  Missing plugin FrameRules im Reader

      Ich habe ein mit 41er Plugins aufgebautes Dokument mit wiederholenden Rahmen. Dieses Dokument  wird weitergegeben an einen Arbeitsplatz, an dem nur die Reader-Plugins installiert sind. Beim Versuch, das Dokument dort zu öffnen, erscheint dann die InDesign-Meldung "Missing plug-ins : FrameRules". Was geht denn da schief?

      Leider waren einige Daten, die der Aufbau der wiederholenden Elemente mit Hilfe des Plugins FrameRules ins Dokument schreibt, nicht so markiert, dass sie beim Fehlen von FrameRules ignoriert werden können. Das wird jetzt gemacht - und die Meldung im Reader erscheint nicht mehr.

      ACHTUNG: Dokumente, die mit Plugins vor R20635 erzeugt wurden, provozieren die Warnung natürlich weiterhin (es sein denn, man löscht alle Rahmen mit wiederholenden Elementen und alle wiederholten Elemente und baut sie neu auf).


      v4.1 R20632


      publication::get_document-_product_planning soll Planungsdatensätze unterstützen

      Die cScript Funktion publication::get_document_product_planning ermittelt die Planungsdatensätze eines Dokuments und liefert die verplanten Buckets als Produktliste.

      Je nach Anwendungsfall wird jedoch die ID des Planungsdatensatzes selbst benötigt.

      Das geht jetzt über den optionalen vierten Parameter int mappingFlag:

      • 0 (default): verwende die Bucket ID
      • 1: verwende die ID des Planungsdatensatzes
      • 2: verwende die ID des Buckets und als parent die ID des Planungsdatensatzes

      ACHTUNG :  Soll diese Funktion verwendet werden, muss nach Aktualisierung der Plug-Ins auch auf Publishing Server v4.1 >= Build #4635 aktualisiert werden - auch dann, wenn die neue Option nicht verwendet wird.

      HTML Import

      Die per HTML-Export exportieren Daten können jetzt auch wieder importiert werden.

      ACHTUNG: Diese Funktionalität ist derzeit noch in der Entwicklungsphase und nicht Teil des Werk II Supports!


      v4.1 R20456


      Fogbugz 21659 -server::load_placeholder_str sollte Funktionsvariablen verwenden können

      Die cScript Funktion server::load_placeholder_str holt zunächst ein Platzhalterstatement vom Pubserver, führt einige Ersetzungen durch und schickt das Statement dann zurück zum Ausführen.

      Es wäre toll, wenn in diesem geholten Statement auch die Funktionsvariablen des ausführenden cScripts verwendet werden könnten.

      Das geht jetzt.

      ACHTUNG : Die Anweisung, die im Skript ausgeführt wird, darf nur Funktionsvariablen verwenden, die im umgebenden Skript auch definiert sind. DieAnweisung selbst darf keine weiteren Funktionsvariablen definieren.

      ACHTUNG :  Erfordert Aktualisierung auf Publishing Server v4.1 >= Build #4635.


      v4.1 R20289


      Wiederholende Elemente im Aufbau

      Wiederholende Elemente mit vorgegebener Zielfläche verbrauchen beim Produktauf viel Platz, wenn die Zielflächen nicht gefüllt werden. Das liegt daran, dass für die Zielflächen keine variable Größe angegeben werden kann und die Flächen leer bleiben, wenn nicht genügend viele Elemente vorhanden sind.

      Die Zielflächen für die wiederholenden Elemente können deshalb jetzt variable Größe haben: Bevor die Elemente aufgebaut werden, wird die Zielfläche dabei zuerst auf die vom Seitenelement vorgegebene Maximalhöhe vergrößert. Dann werden die Elemente geladen und danach die Fläche auf die Größe der geladenen Elemente verkleinert. Wurde kein Element in die Fläche geladen, bekommt der Rahmen die Höhe 4 pt.

      Mehr Informationen dazu finden Sie hier.


      Fogbugz 21394 - xmlquery : file, path, ... aus einem String ermitteln

      Ein XML-Query ermittelt aus den Daten verschiedene Dateipfade. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit, aus diesen Daten direkt den Dateinamen und/oder Pfad zu ermitteln?

      XML-Query unterstützt jetzt neben substr, rsubstr, ... auch die Funktionen folder, filename, shortfilename und extender. Damit geht das dann.


      v4.1 R20222


      Bugfixes aus Comet 4.0.5. übernommen 12.09.2017

      v4.1 R20104


      Fogbugz 20841 - URL basierte Bilder cScript Funktion String kompatibel

      Die cScript Funktionen für URL basierte Bilder sollten String kompatibel sein.

      Sind sie jetzt.

      Fogbugz 20813 - Bereichsaufbaupalette Einstellungen funktionieren nur wenn Rahmen zu Cometgruppe gehört

      Wenn man Layoutrahmen für die Wiederholenden Elemente über die Bereichsaufbaupalette konfigurieren möchte, funktioniert dass nur wenn der selektierte Rahmen zu einer Cometgruppe gehört. Zu Templatingzwecken sollte das auch funktionieren wenn noch keine Cometgruppe erzeugt wurde.



      v4.1 R20002


      Bugfixes und Features aus Comet 4.0.5. übernommen 24.07.2017

      v4.1 R19610


      Bugfixes aus Comet 4.0.5. übernommen 13.07.2017

      v4.1 R19501


      PRIINT-654 und PRIINT-2065

      Bei mittels linklist::insert_toc_entry angelegten Verzeichnis-Datensätzen wird jetzt der Platzhalter-Inhalt sowie das Anlagedatum mit gespeichert.



      Neue cScript Typen

      • Element / ElementList

      • Planning / PlanningList

      In cscript werden zwei (bzw. 4 inklusive der jeweiligen Listen-Typen) neue Datentypen sowie zugehörige Funktionsbibliotheken unterstützt:

      • Planning / PlanningList: siehe Modul publication, dieser Datentyp dient der leichteren Integration der Planungs- / Briefing Funktionalitäten in cscript.

      • Element / ElementList: siehe Modul element bzw. Modul elementlist. Die unlängst eingeführte Unterstützung von cscript für Wiederholende Elemente ist damit noch bequemer umzusetzen. Näheres hierzu siehe Dokumentation von placeholder


      v4.1 R19100


      FogBugz 20418 - cScript Funktion um an Strings anzufügen?

      Es sollte eine cScript Funktion geben um an String Objekte anzufügen.

      Implementiert als string::append, außerdem kann string::insert jetzt mit position = -1 das Gleiche

      Wiederholende Elemente per cScript

      Das ermitteln der Daten zum Aufbau eines wiederholenden Elemente Platzhalters kann jetzt auch durch eine cScript Action passieren. Mehr dazu in der Dokumentation von placeholder

      String statt char*

      cScript Funktionen die bisher Variablen vom Typ char* als Parameter benötigten, akzeptieren jetzt auch Variablen vom Typ String. Wenn ein solcher Eingabeparameter zurückgeben wird, behält dieser seinen Typ, ist also auch entweder char* oder String

      Für diese Kompatibilität mussten immerhin fast 600 cScript Funktionen angepasst werden.

      Natürlich können aus Gründen der Rückwärtskompatibilität weiterhin char*- Variablen verwendet werden, aber mit String wird aufgrund der automatischen Speicherverwaltung vieles einfacher.

      String Encodings

      Die cScript Klasse string hat eine Reihe neuer Funktionen um Strings aus verschieden codierten Daten zu erzeugen und in diese Encodings zu konvertieren.

      Achtung: String Objekte werden intern als UTF8-kodiert erwartet, weshalb ein Konvertieren in ein anderes Encoding nur einen char* zurückgibt, welcher nicht für String Objekte verwendet werden darf.

      FogBugz 20341 - cScript Funktion file::read_str sollte Parameter haben um encoding anzugeben

      Die cScript Funktion file::read_str kann Dateiinhalte direkt in einen String lesen, aber man sollte auch das Encoding der Quelldatei angeben können



      v4.1 R18333


      FogBugz 20238 - cScript Funktion string::get_netweight ist inkonsistent mit Rest der Klasse

      Die neue cScript Funktion string::get_netweight braucht einen Zielstring, während die anderen Funktionen der Klasse einen statischen String zurückgeben.

      Die Funktion erwartet jetzt keinen Ausgabeparameter mehr und gibt stattdessen einen statischen String zurück

      Achtung: Dadurch ändert sich natürlich die Semantik der Funktion und Scripte, die diese Funktion verwenden, müssen angepasst werden. Da die Funktion sehr neu ist hab ich das trotzdem geändert.

      FogBugz 20229 - cScript "String oder char*" Parameter funktionieren nur mit manuell allokierten Variablen

      cScript Funktionen die als Parameter einen String oder char* erwarten, funktionieren nur korrekt, wenn man einen manuell allokierten Parameter mitgibt:

      String 	str1 	= string::alloc("str1");
      String 	result 	= string::alloc():
      string::set(result, str); 				// Funktioniert
      string::set(result, string::md5(str1));	// Funktioniert nicht

      Na das war mal ein fieses Problem. Das Ganze musste immerhin an ca. 600 Stellen gefixt werden.

      Hintergrund war, dass im cScript zur Unterscheidung des Datentyps (String oder char*?) der Typ des Symboles der Variable gefragt wurde.

      Wenn die Variable kein Symbol hat (also keinen Bezeichner, z.B. wenn Sie aus dem direkten Aufruf einer anderen Funktion kommt), konnte die Unterscheidung nicht getroffen werden.

      FogBugz 20202 - Comet Test für string::decode_base64

      Nach dem Dekodieren eines Textes mit string::decode_base64 sind zusätzliche Zeichen am Ende des Strings zu sehen.


      FogBugz 20201 - Comet Test für string::md5

      Das Resultat von string::md5 ist leer.


      FogBugz 20200 - Comet test für string::get_netweight

      Der Test von string::get_netweight fürt zu einer fehlerhaften Anzeige wenn der String,vor der Ausgabe,  nicht in einen char* gecastet wird.


      FogBugz 20196 - Comet test für string::token_count

      Der Test von string::token_count fürt zu einer fehlerhaften Anzeige wenn der String,vor der Ausgabe,  nicht in einen char* gecastet wird.


      FogBugz 20203 - cScript Funktion string::from_float funktioniert nicht mit default Parameter

      Die cScript Funktion string::from_float funktioniert nur wenn man den "format" Parameter explizit angibt, und auch dann nur wenn er vom Typ char* ist (und nicht String)


      FogBugz 20198 - Comet Test für String::from_float

      Nach dem folgenden Aufruf ist der Zielstring leider immer noch leer:


      Kleiner Scriptfehler. Es muß heißen

      str1 = string::from_float(value);

      Die Doku wurde entsprechend geändert.

      FogBugz 20197 - Comet Test für String::from_int

      Nach dem folgenden Aufruf ist der Zielstring leider immer noch leer:


      Kleiner Scriptfehler. Es muß heißen

      str1 = string::from_int(value);

      Die Doku wurde entsprechend geändert.


      v4.1 R18200


      Seiten-ToDos beim Scrollen anpassen

      Läßt man in der Aufgaben-Palette die Platzhalter der aktuellen Seite zeigen und hat die Einstellung "Liste anpassen" gewählt, wird diese Liste jetzt automatisch beim Scrollen durch die Dokumentseiten angepasst und ganz allgemein bei Seitenwechseln angepasst. Bisher musste man zum Aktualisieren der Liste immer mind. einen Rahmen der Seite auswählen. (FogBugz 20126)

      Achtung : Bei CS6 wird die Liste erst aktualisiert, wenn das Scrollen beendet ist.

      FogBugz 20124 - ToDoList - Popup der Suchbasis ändert lädt Liste nicht neu

      In der Aufgaben-Palette kann im obersten Popup eingestellt werden, in welchem Bereich nach Platzhaltern gesucht werden soll (gesamtes Dokument, Seite, Ebene, ...). Wenn ich diese Einstellung ändere, wird die Liste der Platzhalter aber nicht sofort neu geladen. Ich muss dazu erst die Dokumentauswahl ändern. Schöner wäre es aber, wenn die Liste sich sofort aktualisieren würde.

      Die Liste wird jetzt der Auswahl im Popup sofort angepasst.

      FogBugz 20123 - Platzhaltergruppen-Darstellung

      Die Gruppenzugehörigkeiten von Platzhaltern wurden in der Platzhalter-Palette durch kleine farbige Quadrate dargestellt. In v4.1 wurden die Quadrate durch (ja was eigentlich?) ersetzt. Das sieht unter Windows eher wie ein Farbklecks aus.

      Der "Farbklecks" sollte eigentlich ein Kreis sein. Auf dem Mac ist er das auch, unter Windows sieht der Kreis aber tatsächlich eher verunglückt aus.

      Wir malen das jetzt anders. Jetzt sehen die Kreise auch unter Windows gut aus:


      v4.1 R18122

      do not use


      FogBugz 19856 - cScript Funktion frame::insert_crossref / textmodel::insert_crossref funktioniert nicht mit default Parametern

      Die cScript Funktionen frame::insert_crossref und textmodel::insert_crossref haben laut Doku drei benötigte Paramter, der Rest ist optional und mit Default-Werten belegt. Wenn man nur die drei benötigen Parameter angibt, gibt die Funktion einen Fehler zurück.


      FogBugz 19933 - cScript Funktion um Dateiinhalt in einen String zu lesen

      Im Zuge der neuen cScript String Funktionen sollte es eine Funktion geben um Dateiinhalte in einen String zu lesen.

      implementiert als file::read_str


      v4.1 R17771

      do not use


      FogBugz 19978 - Crash mit cScript Funktion document::split Die Version 4.1 R17002 stürzt ab, wenn man die cScript Funktion document::split verwendet.



      FogBugz 19927 - Gruppenzugehörigkeit von Platzhaltern wird nicht vollständig angezeigt

      In der Platzhalter-Palette können den Platzhaltern Gruppen zugeordnet werden. Die Gruppenzugehörigkeiten werden durch farbige Quadrate hinter dem Platzhalternamen angezeigt. Leider können in v4.1 aber nur 1 1/2 Farben dargestellt werden, der Rest wird durch den Namen verdeckt.


      Es können jetzt bis zu zehn Gruppenzugehörigkeiten gezeigt werden. Die Quadrate sind jetzt Kreise.


      FogBugz 19903 - Anzeigenreihenfolge der Platzhalter

      Die Domain-Einträge der Palette Paltzhalter erscheinen in einer für mich nicht nachvollziehbaren Reihenfolge.

      Die Sortierung der Domains wird über die ID der Domains gemacht. Offenbar liefert Ihr Service die Domains aber ohne IDs (bzw. mit der ID 0) aus. Damit können die Domains natürlich nicht sortiert werden und erscheinen in der Reihenfolge ihres Auftretens in der vom Service gesendeten placeholder.xml.

      Ich habe die Sortierung jetzt geändert und Domains werden ebenfalls nach ihrem Name und case insensitive sortiert. Zusätzlich werden bei der Sortierung Nummerierungen am Anfang der Namen berücksichtigt. Hier ein Beispiel:


      v4.1 R17002

      do not use


      Bugfixes aus Comet 4.0.5. übernommen

      FogBugz 19703 - cScript String Funktionen

      Es gibt eine ganze Reihe an cScript Funktionen die mit char * Strings umgehen. Die Klasse String ist dagegen etwas mager bestückt - könnte man diese um die gleichen Funktionen erweitern?

      Es gibt jetzt in der Klasse String 17 (!) neue cScript Funktionen zur Verwaltung von String-Objekten. Mehr dazu in der cScript-Dokumentation.

      v4.1 R16511


      Bugfixes aus Comet 4.0.5. übernommen


      v4.1 R16123


      Bugfixes aus Comet 4.0.5. übernommen


      FogBugz 19476 - Rekursive Wiederholende Elemente

      Ist es möglich, wiederholende Elemente rekursiv zu laden (also wiederholende Elemente, die wiederum wiederholende Elemente einsetzen usw...)?

      Mit der neuen Formatstring Option "post=autobuild" für das "Build" Script eines wiederholenden Elemente Platzhalters werden die eingesetzten Rahmen analog zu "post=autoload" auf wiederholende Elemente Platzhalter überprüft und aufgebaut.


      v4.1 R16004


      Bugfixes aus Comet 4.0.5. übernommen


      v4.1 R15678


      Repeating elements in panel Area Build

      The panel "Area build" has got a second list with all repeated elements now. See here for more information.


      v4.1 R15111


      Bugfixes aus Comet 4.0.5. übernommen


      v4.1 R14678


      FogBugz 19214 - Fehlerhafte Auswertung der Parameter von Gestaltungsregeln

      In 4.1 scheinen die Gestaltungsregeln nicht richtig zu funktionieren. Was immer ich z.B. beim Bildpositionieren einstelle, das Bild wird immer oben links platziert.

      Merkwürdig, dass das unbemerkt blieb. Das war ein Fehler in unseren internen Übersetzungslisten. 



      Neues Server-Plugin

      FrameRules [Server]

      Zur Unterstützung der neuen Wiederholenden Elemente wird für InDesign® Server das Plugin FramesRules [Server] benötigt.



      Neuauflage der wiederholenden Elemente

      Die wiederholenden Elemente wurden komplett überarbeitet und mit zahlreichen neuen Funktionalitäten erweitert. Die Einstellungen zum Bereichsaufbau werden in der neuen Palette Bereichsaufbau gemacht. 20.01.2017

      v4.1 R14477


      FogBugz 19108 - Skriptbefehle zum Lesen und Setzen der Werte von Funktionsvariablen

      Gibt es Skriptbefehle, mit denen die aktuellen Werte von Funktionsvariablen ermittelt oder geändert werden können?

      Es gibt jetzt die neuen Skriptbefehle

      ACHTUNG: set_funcvar_val hat keinen Einfluß auf die Werte der im aktuellen Skript verwendeten Funktionsvariablen - Änderungen der Werte werden erst im nächsten Aufruf des Skriptes wirksam.

      Beispiel: Im Ladenskript eines Platzhalters ist die Funktionsvariable stLanguage definiert. Im Platzhalter sei diese Variable mit dem Wert "deDE" definiert. Das Skript verändert mit set_funcvar_val den Wert von stLanguage zu "enEN". dadurch wird im Platzhalter eingetragen, dass stLanguage beim nächsten Aufruf des Skriptes den Wert "enEN" bekommen soll; der Wert der Variable stLanguage im Skript bleibt aber unverändert "deDE".


      FogBugz 19107 - Funktionsvariablen über w2- und in-Tags setzen

      Können die Werte von Funktionsvariablen auch über w2- bzw. in-Tags gesetzt werden?

      Ja, das geht geht jetzt. Mehr dazu siehe hier.


      FogBugz 19097 - Funktionsvariablen werden nicht angezeigt

      Funktionsvariablen werden nicht angezeigt.



      v4.1 R14303


      Bugfixes aus Comet 4.0.5. übernommen


      v4.1 R14200


      Bugfixes aus Comet 4.0.5. übernommen


      v4.1 R13831


      FogBugz 18567 - Funktionsvariablen können nicht gelesen werden

      Ich habe in meinem Skript mit 

      #pragma var ...

      einige Funktionsvariablen definiert. Aber offenbar können die nicht gelesen werden - in den Platzhalterwerten tauchen diese Definitonen jedenfalls nicht auf.

      Der Fehler tritt immer dann auf, wenn im Skripttext Mac-Zeilentrenner (\n) verwendet werden. Mit Unix-Zeilentrennern (\r) und Windows-Zeilentrennern (\r\n) geht es.

      Der Fehler ist gefixt.


      Klar - andere Zeilentrenner verwenden.


      Vordefinierte Objekte in run_javascript

      Wenn Sie aus cScript ein Javascript aufrufen, wollen Sie dort in aller Regel irgendein Dokument-Objekt bearbeiten. Das Objekt selbst kennen Sie aber nur über seine cScript-spezifische ItemRef. Im Javascript hilft diese Referenz nicht weiter. Hier benötigen Sie ganz andere Objekte. Mit Hilfe des neuen Parameters itemRefs der Funktion run_javascript können ItemRefs aus cScript automatisch in Javascript-Objekte "übersetzt" werden.


      v4.1 R12021


      Bugfixes aus Comet 4.0.5. übernommen


      v4.1 R11811


      Variablen im Tabellenaufbau - Skripte für mögliche Werte

      Die möglichen Werte für Funktionsvariablen können jetzt auch mit Hilfe von Actions geladen werden. Mehr Informationen finden Sie hier. 10.06.2016

      Variablen im Tabellenaufbau - Sprachvarianten der Werte und Variablenamen

      Die möglichen Werte und ihre Variablennamen können jetzt sprachabhängig lokalisiert werden. Mehr Informationen finden Sie hier. 10.06.2016

      Variablen in Platzhaltern - Skripte für mögliche Werte

      Die möglichen Werte für Funktionsvariablen können jetzt auch mit Hilfe von Actions geladen werden. Mehr Informationen finden Sie hier. 10.06.2016

      Variablen in Platzhaltern - Sprachvarianten der Werte und Variablenamen

      Die möglichen Werte und ihre Variablennamen können jetzt sprachabhängig lokalisiert werden. Mehr Informationen finden Sie hier. 10.06.2016
      v4.1 R11511


      FogBugz 17362 - Absturz beim Beenden von InDesign® mit v4.1

      Beim Beenden von InDesign® stürzt das Programm zu guter Letzt ab. Das passiert nur unter Mac und erst seit v4.1. 



      v4.1 R11011


      Bugfixes aus Comet 4.0.5. übernommen


      v4.1 R10822



      Plugin zur Unterstützung von Platzhaltern im InDesign® Preflight

      Beschreibung folgt ...


      Comet Test Server

      Das Plugin CometTest ist jetzt auch für InDesign® Server verfügbar.


      Comet Test-Skriptfunktionen

      Steuern von CometTests über cScript, mehr dazu siehe hier.


      Comet Test Bildvergleich

      Sanfter Bildvergleich der Ergebnisse von CometTests. Die Bild-Ergebnisse werden jetzt nach ihrem Aussehen, und nicht mehr bitweise verglichen. 09.04.2016

      in Platzhaltern

      Variable Platzhalter-Anweisungen helfen Ihnen, den Konfigurations- und Pflegeaufwand für Ihre Projekte deutlich zu senken. Mehr Informationen finden Sie hier. 09.04.2016

      im Tabellenaufbau

      Analog zu den Variablen in Platzhalter-Anweisungen können Variablen auch in den Anweisungen des Tabellenaufbaus verwendet werden. Anweisungen des Tabellenaufbaus können damit für ganze Klassen von Tabellen verwendet werden. Mehr Informationen finden Sie hier. 09.04.2016

      Lokale Platzhalteränderungen

      Platzhalter können mit dem neuen = - Werkzeug der Aufgaben-Palette einen lokalen Änderungsstatus erhalten. Beim Prüfen dieser Platzhalter wird der Platzhalterstatus, auch bei eigentlich geändertem Dokumentwert, solange auf "OKAY" bleiben, wie der Datenbankwert unverändert bleibt. 09.04.2016